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Flash CS5 Illustrated Instructor s Manual Page 2 of 12. OBBJJEECCTTIIV, Students will have mastered the material in Flash Unit B when they can. Understand vector and bitmap graphics Copy and transform an object. Create a new document Use design panels,Set tool options and create a shape Create text. Reshape an object Modify text,Select and modify a shape. Unnddeerrssttaannddiinngg V,Veeccttoorr aanndd BBiittm. Grraapphhiiccss,LECTURE NOTES, Explain that vector and bitmap graphics are used on the Web.
Emphasize that Flash animation is best applied to vector objects. Discuss the differences between vector and bitmap images. Explain how resolution affects image quality,Discuss the Flash drawing modes. FIGURES B 1 B 2, 1 Quick Tip Other Adobe programs such as Photoshop primarily use bitmap graphics Illustrator. uses vector graphics and Fireworks uses both types with great effectiveness. 2 Quick Tip Vector graphics are resolution independent You can edit them without losing image. quality Bitmap images are resolution dependent Resizing them strongly affects image quality. 3 Quick Tip You draw in Merge Drawing mode by default To select Object Drawing mode click a. tool then click the Object Drawing button at the bottom of the Tools panel to select it. TEACHER TIP, Remind students that the choice of whether to work in Merge Drawing mode or Object Drawing. mode is determined by how they want multiple objects to interact Use Merge Drawing mode to. combine or merge objects and Object Drawing mode to retain the individual attributes of multiple. CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES,1 Group Activity, Break students into small groups and ask them to obtain bitmap and vector images and compare. their quality as they enlarge them Students can obtain images from their computer the Internet. a digital camera or scanned media When downloading from the Internet students should always. assume the work is protected by copyright Remind them to check the Web site s terms of use to. determine if they can use the work for educational personal or noncommercial purposes. Flash CS5 Illustrated Instructor s Manual Page 3 of 12. 2 Quick Quiz, a True False The border of an object is also known as a stroke Answer True.
b True False In Merge Drawing mode you can modify overlapping objects without affecting. either object Answer False, c What is degree of clarity sharpness and detail known as. d resolution,2288 CCrreeaattiinngg aa N,wDDooccuum. LECTURE NOTES,Explain how to create a new Flash document. Show how to save a document with a new name, Demonstrate how to modify a document in the Document Settings dialog box. Explain rulers guides and the grid,Describe the function of Snap Align.
FIGURES B 3 B 4 B 5, 1 Quick Tip You can also press Ctrl 2 Win or 2 Mac to fit the Stage in the window. 2 Quick Tip Objects will snap to the grid even if the grid is not displayed. 3 Clues to Use Understanding view tools, In addition to adjusting magnification on the Stage using the View list arrow in the Document. window you can use the Zoom Tool When you select the Zoom Tool you can also zoom in or. zoom out by selecting one of the zoom buttons that appears at the bottom of the Tools panel and. then clicking the Stage To focus in on a particular area you can select the Zoom tool and drag a. zoom bounding box on the Stage and the magnification will increase based on the size of the. selection box To resize the Stage to 100 quickly double click the Zoom Tool on the Tools. panel You can use the Hand Tool to move a particular part of a large or magnified object into. view if the object is too large to fit completely in the current magnification To switch to the. Hand Tool temporarily when another tool is selected press Spacebar Neither tool affects the. actual size of objects in your document they simply allow you to manipulate your view of the. TEACHER TIP, To quickly show or hide rulers press and hold Ctrl Alt Shift R Win or option Shift R. Mac Students may feel overwhelmed by the number of aligning options available on the View. menu Make sure they understand rulers guides the grid and snapping options. Flash CS5 Illustrated Instructor s Manual Page 4 of 12. CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES,1 Quick Quiz, a True False The grid and guides will be visible when you publish a Flash movie. Answer False, b True False When Snap to Grid is turned on an object snaps to the closest intersection on the.
grid Answer True, 2 Which alignment tool do you drag from the ruler onto the Stage Answer guide. LAB ACTIVITIES, 1 Ask students to create a new document and then show the grid Have them change grid settings. and make a note of the settings they prefer,3300 SSeettttiinngg TTooooll O. Oppttiioonnss aanndd CCrreeaattiinngg aa SShhaappee. LECTURE NOTES, Explain how to select a color in the color pop up window for strokes and fills. Explain how to select tools in a tool group on the Tools panel. Demonstrate how to create a shape on the Stage, Discuss the complement of drawing and painting tools as shown in Table B 1.
FIGURES B 6 B 7 B 8, 1 Quick Tip You can adjust the transparency of a color by decreasing the percentage of the Alpha. setting or not set any color by clicking the No Color icon. 2 Trouble If the Rectangle Tool is not visible on the Tools panel click and hold the visible tool. then click the Rectangle Tool, 3 Quick Tip To create a perfect square or circle select the Rectangle Tool or Oval Tool and then. press and hold Shift as you draw the shape on the Stage. 4 Clues to Use Aligning objects on the Stage, Flash provides several options for aligning objects shown in Figure B 6 Snap Align displays a. dotted line when you drag an object within a defined distance of another object or the Stage edge. Snap to Grid aligns an object s center or edge to a grid intersection Snap to Guides aligns an. object s center or edge to a guide dragged from the ruler Snap to Objects snaps an object along. another object s edge Snap to Pixels moves objects one pixel at a time To turn a snapping option. on or off click View on the menu bar then click an option To adjust snapping options click. View on the menu bar point to Snapping click Edit Snapping and then adjust options in the Edit. Snapping dialog box, Flash CS5 Illustrated Instructor s Manual Page 5 of 12. TEACHER TIP, The scope of Flash CS5 Illustrated did not allow for an exploration of every tool on the Tools panel.
Students will enjoy experimenting with the Deco Tool and Spray Brush Tool located with the Brush. Tool among others To become familiar with these tools perform a search for them in Help or. navigate to http tv adobe com where the search results contain video tutorials. CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES, 1 Assign a Project Break the class into groups and distribute several vector shapes that have already. been created Assign each group several alignment options with which to experiment Have each. group demonstrate what they have learned to the class. 2 Quick Quiz, a True False A small arrow in the bottom right corner of the tool icon indicates that other. tools are available in that tool group Answer True. b True False Hexadecimal is a color system that uses numbers and letters to define color. Answer True, c With the Ellipse tool selected which key do you press to draw a perfect circle. Answer Shift or Shift,3322 RReesshhaappiinngg aann O. Obbjjeecctt,LECTURE NOTES, Explain how to change the magnification of the Stage using the Zoom Tool.
Demonstrate how to use the Selection Tool to alter a shape s contour on a corner point. Demonstrate how to use the Selection Tool to create a curve in a shape. FIGURES B 9 B 10 B 11, 1 Quick Tip You can deselect objects on the Stage by pressing Ctrl Shift A Win or. Shift A Mac, 2 Trouble If the curve pointer is not visible as you point to the edge of the triangle redo Step 3 to. create a perfectly straight line,3 Clues to Use Understanding guide layers. A guide layer is a layer that contains a shape you can use to trace or align objects or to create a. motion path for an animated object First you create the shape or path on the guide layer then. you use it as a template for objects in the layers above it For example say you want to show an. airplane circling in the sky You could draw and modify an oval shape on a guide layer and then. use it to create the motion path of an airplane graphic flying in another layer You can also. import or copy a graphic to a layer and then convert it to a guide layer. To create a guide layer right click Win or control click Mac a layer in the Timeline then. click Guide A guide layer icon appears on the layer Because a guide layer appears in the. Timeline but is not visible in a published movie it is an efficient design tool. Flash CS5 Illustrated Instructor s Manual Page 6 of 12. 4 Clues to Use Understanding primitive tools, You can create the same shapes using Rectangle Primitive and Rectangle tools or the Oval. Primitive tools and Oval tools The difference lies in their shape type and editability after you. create them The shapes you draw with the primitive tools are separate objects similar to objects. you draw in Object Drawing mode using regular shape tools With the regular shape tools you. set the shape options before you create the shape After you create the shape you cannot alter. shape options such as corner radius value for a rectangle and start and end angles and inner. radius values for an oval In contrast you can edit any of these settings with a primitive shape. and reset the shape to default settings With the Rectangle Primitive tool you can even change a. corner radius as you are creating it by dragging the mouse on the Stage To so do press the Up or. Down arrow keys on the keyboard,TEACHER TIP, Encourage students to zoom in on objects when they manipulate them.
CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES,1 Quick Quiz, a True False A snap ring disappears as you approach a snapping point Answer False. b True False When adjusting a shape the Selection Tool pointer changes to either a corner. pointer or a circular pointer Answer False,LAB ACTIVITIES. 1 Ask students to create different shapes select the Selection Tool and then practice altering their. shapes workspaces using the Workspace switcher,3344 SSeelleeccttiinngg aanndd M. Mooddiiffyyiinngg aa SShhaappee,LECTURE NOTES, Explain the importance of the Selection Tool to modify shapes. Show how to change a shape s stroke color,Show how to change a shape s fill color.
Review the options for Selection Tools as described in Table B 2. FIGURES B 12 B 13 B 14, 1 Quick Tip To quickly select an entire object or multiple objects click the Selection Tool then. drag a selection bounding box around the objects you want to select. 2 Quick Tip You can double click any part of the stroke to select it in its entirety. 3 Quick Tip For objects created in Object Drawing mode you can double click the object and then. individually select a fill or stroke, Flash CS5 Illustrated Instructor s Manual Page 7 of 12. TEACHER TIP, The Properties panel always identifies the currently selected object animation sound and so on at. the top of the panel,CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES,1 Quick Quiz. a True False To select a shape s entire stroke double click anywhere along the edge. Answer True, b What pattern is visible when an object is selected Answer dot pattern.
3366 CCooppyyiinngg aanndd TTrraannssffoorrm,miinngg aann O. Obbjjeecctt,LECTURE NOTES, Explain the different ways you can transform an object refer to Table B 3. Explain that there are several ways you can copy an object. Explain how to rotate an object,FIGURES B 15 B 16 B 17. 1 Trouble Depending on your monitor and zoom level your pasted object may not appear in the. same location as the one shown in the figure, 2 Quick Tip To flip objects horizontally or vertically or to rotate objects 90 click Modify on the. menu bar point to Transform then click a flip or rotate command. 3 Trouble You may need to drag slowly or increase magnification to see the line. 4 Clues to Use Understanding paste and drag options. After you copy an object you can use commands on the Edit menu to paste it in various locations. Paste in Center Ctrl V Win or V Mac pastes the object in the middle of the visible. Stage Paste in Place Ctrl Shift V Win or Shift V Mac pastes the object directly. on top of the original You use Paste Special when you have copied a selection from another. program and Duplicate to paste a copy at a 10 pixel offset from the original To use the keyboard. to drag and copy a duplicate from the original select the object s press and hold Alt Win or. option Mac then drag the copy anywhere on the Stage. TEACHER TIP, The lesson shows students how to use the Paste in Center command which is also how Flash applies.
the typical Ctrl V Win or V Mac keyboard command Also point out the Paste in Place. option which pastes the object directly on top of the copied object on the same layer and for. Windows users the Paste Special option which allows you to paste the image as an uneditable. Flash CS5 Illustrated Instructor s Manual Page 8 of 12. CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES,1 Quick Quiz, a Which tool allows you to rotate a selected object Answer Free Transform Tool. b True False Pressing and holding Shift constrains the rotation to 45 increments. Answer True, c Which of the following is not an option that transforms. Students will have mastered the material in Flash Unit B when they can Understand vector and bitmap graphics Create a new document Set tool options and create a shape Reshape an object Select and modify a shape Copy and transform an object Use design panels Create text Modify text

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