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38 Ryszard Kujawski, of his work He presented detailed case histo tal disorder with anxiety obsessional behaviour. ries and he comprehensively reviewed the cur and irrational fears Moniz was the first to use. rent literature to give theoretical support to his the term psychosurgery In 1949 Moniz was. new approach The monograph would at least awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology and. have provoked a debate but the response was Medicine 7 In 1936 neurologist Walter Free. poor and Burckhardt was forced to abandon his man 1895 1972 and neurosurgeon James Watts. work Burckhardt works was remained in 1912 1904 1994 began to treat patients with depres. by Bechterev and Puusepp They wondered how sion in the USA using bilateral frontal leucot. anyone holding a medical diploma could under omy In this operation a burr hole was made in. take such folly 5 In 1930 Walter Dandy 1886 each temporal region through which a leucoto. 1946 performed the first bilateral frontal lobec my knife was swept up and down in an arc sev. tomy because of brain tumors Changes in the ering the frontal cortical subcortical connecting. patient s mental state were assessed by Richard white matter and making large lesions of varia. Brickner 1896 1959 This operation had tremen ble size The blind freehand operation and its. dous influence on the development of psycho many modifications were used over the next 20. surgery Brickner described the inability of syn years The transorbital leucotomy technique de. thesis of thoughts and feelings of recognizing veloped by Freeman was widely used and par. the situation at a glance and lack of initiative ticularly controversial Ice pick lobotomy in. apathy easy burst of emotions and instincts volved inserting an instrument under the eye. over emphasizing his own person Brickner as lids through the roof of the orbit and into the. sumed problems boiled down to difficult syn orbito frontal cortex A quick sweeping motion. thetic recognition of the situation 6 Studies of cut the cortical tissue and related fronto thalam. this patient were presented at the Second Inter ic tracts It was essentially a non sterile proce. national Congress of Neurology in London July dure could be performed with minimal anesthe. 29 August 2 1935 The conference was attend sia often two electroconvulsive treatments were. ed by Egas Moniz 1874 1955 who introduced used and was widely adopted 7 There were. a work on cerebral angiography Moniz was im modifications of the prefrontal lobotomy among. pressed by the papers that describe the behav them procedures under visual control Lyerly. ior of the Dandy s patient Joe A after bilateral 1939 Poppen 1948 Yegorov 1949 In 1946. frontal lobectomy and a description of Fulton the first operation of a limited cut outs of the. and Jacobsen chimpanzee behavior after a sim cerebral cortex topectomia prefrontalis Heath. ilar operation Both of these lectures have con Pool was performed Since 1947 work began on. tributed to the idea of implementing a loboto the different types of topectomy and less rad. my in mental disorders in humans which Al ical treatments gyrectomia prefrontalis Pan. meida Lima 1903 1985 and Moniz performed field thalamotomia Spiegel Operations which. for the first time on November 12 1935 At the didn t remove the cerebral cortex such as topis. London Congress in 1935 Moniz met with Wal chaemia praefrontalis 1950 1951 Ziemnowicz. ter Freeman Some authors believe that the idea constituted progress. of frontal lobotomy in Moniz was born before,attending the London Congress in 1935 Just a. three month interval between the London con The connections between Polish. ference and the first psychosurgery treatment psychiatry and neurosurgery in the first. may suggest that the lectures at the Congress half of the twentieth century. could assert rather Moniz in his counsels than to, be their inspiration Moniz and Lima first oper In the twentieth century the first Polish rela. ated on four patients two with chronic depres tionship between psychiatry and neurosurgery. sion and two with paranoid schizophrenia us had begun Between 1911 1912 Polish psychia. ing alcohol injections into the depths of the fron trist and neurologist J zef Handelsman 1883. tal white matter on each side Later they used 1964 together with Victor Horsley 1857 1916. instrument a leucotome In the first year they performed experiments with a range of opera. treated 20 patients with intractable severe men tions within the pituitary gland in animals They. Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2012 4 37 47. Neurosurgery for mental disorders in Poland 1947 1951 39. gained fame in literature In 1911 Handelsman of Neurology Psychiatry at the Jagiellonian Uni. published the article Preliminary note of Exper versity In 1950 the department obtained the. imental Investigation of the pituitary body in rank of an independent Chair and Department. the British Medical Journal In 1912 appeared of Medical University in Krakow 10. the work Experimental studies on the pituitary,gland in the Polish Neurology Handelsman. gave two lectures on research on the pituitary THE POLISH EXPERIENCES ON A LEUCOTOMY. gland at The Physiological Society in Oxford HOPES A CRITICISM AND A LONG TERM. Horsley and Handelsman 1912 studied the ef EVALUATION. fects on the animal organism causes partial or to, tal removal of the pituitary gland Horsley and Before The Second World War psychosurgery.
Handelsman said contrary to the Cushing that operations were not performed on Polish ter. the removal of the anterior pituitary gland did ritory 11. Jerzy Bidzi ski in article concern, not cause the death of the animal Also separat ing Jerzy Chor bski wrote that operation of. ing the pituitary from the funnel did not cause the prefrontal leucotomy especially in schizo. death 8 Aleksander Domaszewicz 1887 1948 phrenia was then widely applied in the world. a Polish psychiatrist and neurologist was also Performing of these operations began Chor b. involved in neurosurgery 9 Scientific activities ski in 1942 12 The author did not recall in. of Aleksander Domaszewicz as psychiatrist in the article about the cooperation of Chor bski. cluded works on shock treatment of schizophre with Korzeniowski and about their publication. nia Results of treatment of schizophrenia with on the leucotomy 1949 Topics. on psychosur, insulin Zeitschrift f r die Psychiatrie und Neu gery did not appeared in the published discus. rologie Gesamt 1932 A combined treatment of sions of Polish psychiatrists until 1948 Leuko. insulin cardiazol Zeitschrift f r die Psychiat tomia przedczo owa i jej znaczenie dla leczenia. rie und Neurologie Gesamt 1933 On the pos chorob psychicznych Prefrontal leucotomy. sibility of distinguishing correct insulin from and its implications for the treatment of men. spontaneous improvement in schizophrenia tal illness was published by psychiatrist Luc. Rocznik Psychiatryczny 1938 Lvov before jan Korzeniowski 1897 1984 in 1948 discuss. The Second World War was in the Polish bor ing the results of the first nine operations which. ders In 1930 in Lvov Domaszewicz organized opened a history of psychosurgery in Poland. a neurosurgery ward which was part of neuro They were made at the Department of Neuro. logical and psychiatric unit Domaszewicz con surgery in Warsaw in the period from October. ducted neurosurgical operations Since the mid 25 1947 to November 8 1948 Treatments were. thirties of the twentieth century in Poland there carried out by neurosurgeon Jerzy Chor bski. were only two centers of neurosurgery neuro 1902 1986 Korzeniowski has evaluated the. surgery department in Lvov led by Aleksand results of treatments in terms of mental disor. er Domaszewicz 20 beds and Department of ders First patient was lobotomized on Octo. Neurology and Neurosurgery at Warsaw Uni ber 25 1947 After three weeks two more op. versity led by Jerzy Chor bski 25 beds At the erations were performed November 17 1947. turn of 1944 45 was created Department of Neu In 1948 Chor bski made six leucotomies The. rosurgery of the Medical Faculty of Warsaw Uni operations were performed by Moniz method. versity organized by Domaszewicz He taught Among the nine patients eight were surgically. psychiatry at the same time Domaszewicz as a treated for schizophrenia with one diagnosed as. psychiatrist and neurologist was the first pro epilepsy obsessive state Korzeniowski in pre. fessor of neurosurgery in Poland Since 1947 de paring the results evaluated 33 parameters 12. velopment of the Department of Neurosurgery age constitution the duration of the disease. in Warsaw having a decisive influence on the light headedness after the operation atti. shape of Polish neurosurgery was associated tude to the family before and after surgery. with Jerzy Chor bski In Krakow in February autism before and after surgery negativism. 1946 was launched on the neurosurgery ward before and after surgery aggressiveness be. organized by Adam Kunicki at the Department fore and after surgery excitement before and. Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2012 4 37 47. 40 Ryszard Kujawski, after surgery stupor before and after surgery warto lecznicza i teoretyczna dla psychiatrii. hallucinations before and after surgery delu Psychosurgery its therapeutic and theoretical. sions before and after surgery dissociation be value in psychiatry which was published lat. fore and after surgery decreased attention af er on 14 Bornsztajn could not explain why. ter surgery impaired planning after surgery Moniz repeated the monkey experiment on the. lack of initiative after surgery the defects of human brain He summarized two major lec. intelligence after surgery sexual arousal be tures on prefrontal leucotomy that delivered at. fore and after surgery puerilism before and the International Congress of Psychiatry in Par. after surgery abnormal eating after surgery is in September 1950 Jo o Henrique de Baraho. pollution in the urine before and after surgery na Fernandes 1907 1992 and Walter Freeman. bedsores neurological complications the ability 1895 1972 Fernandes spoke about the patient s. to discharge home after surgery a big improve personality changes after neurosurgical proce. ment mean improvement little improvement dures which depend on the location and ex. with no improvement deterioration death due tent of surgery pre morbid personality and the. to surgery death of distant type of psychosis He cited a psychopathologi. The article reviewed the contemporary knowl cal and functioning figure of patients undergo. edge of the neurophysiological studies anato ing leucotomy By the coined term early syn. mo psychopathology relations of individual tonisation Freeman emphasized social adjust. parts of the brain According to Korzeniowski ment adaptation after the operation environ. there was not known theory of the psychosur ment Proper location of the cut was to remove. gery treatment He believed that the sympathet abnormal mental activity and so change the per. ic nervous system disturbances were associated sonality to achieve a satisfactory return to effec. with the pathogenesis of schizophrenia Korzen tive social existence The personality change is. iowski referred to the work of Polish psychia needed to achieve further improvement Born. trist Adolf Falkowski 1886 1965 Schizophre sztajn criticized psychosurgery especially in the. nia 1929 in which the author of the sympa treatment of neuroses These are patients with. thetic nervous system disorder saw the essence a subtle sensitivity of great moral conscientious. of schizophrenia Korzeniowski believed that ness often endowed with artistic and literary tal. leucotomy seems to be an experience that can ents Bornsztajn asked whether there were only. resolve many issues and concerns relating to putting them under the surgeon s knife This can. schizophrenia Korzeniowski wrote about the result in improved less feeling of anxiety or ob. three big improvements two medium improve sessive passion but leads to a change valua. ments one lack of improvement one worsening ble often outstanding personality By leucoto. Leucotomy was according Korzeniowski a ma my believed Bornszajn evaluates the individ. jor step forward in the treatment of mental ill ual subtle sensitive full of delicacy of feeling. nesses It allowed for significant improvement in robots human puppets similar to patients. even in those cases where all other methods of with schizophrenia in the final stages The. treatment had failed Leucotomy applied to pa hour when the practice will be able to rely on. tients who were considered incurable and stayed the theory and with it agree to our mental clock. in the hospital for years He postulated the care have been unfortunately not struck Psycho. ful selection of patients not with the blunting surgery resulted from faulty theoretical premis. affect and for whom other treatments had not es materialistic mechanistic direction which. helped Korzeniowski believed that lobotomy echoed Leucotomy violates medical guiding. seemed retune personality towards syntony Ef principle primum non nocere Psychosurgery. forts should be made for a comparative study of should be abandoned as a therapeutic procedure. personality in the pre psychotic period and after in psychiatry. the psychosurgery 13 In 1955 Ewa Broszkiewicz published Ocena. On the meeting of the Warsaw Branch of wynik w leukotomii przedczo owej w choro. The Polish Psychiatric Association in April bach psychicznych na podstawie bada klinic. pioneer of modern surgery Jan Mikulicz Radecki 1850 1905 who in the 90s of the XIX century in Wroclaw had been investigating the remov al of epileptic foci by scarification of the senso ry cortex 2 Swiss psychiatrist Gottlieb Burck hardt 1836 1907 in 1891 reported 3 on six pa tients described as demented and aggressive undergoing bilateral cortical excision Two pa tients

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