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TABLE OF CONTENTS,What is e Licensing 3,Registration 3. Outdoors Card 3,Licence Format 3,Universal Tag 4,What can a vendor do in e Licensing 4. Getting Started 5,Search for Client 9,Registration for Outdoors Card 12. Update Profile 20, Change of Name Date of Birth Address or Contact Information 20. Update Training Qualifications 22,Purchase a licence 26.
Purchase an Angling Licence 26,Purchase a Hunting Licence Draw 33. Print a Licence Replace a Licence 39,Cancel a Licence Draw Application 42. View Active Licences 45,Add Additional Tags to a Salmon Licence 47. Apply for Resident Moose Draw 50, Purchase a Non Resident Bear or Moose License using an Outfitter Code 55. Purchase a Non Resident Bear Party Member Licence 59. Client Residency Validation 61,Session Time Out 65.
Troubleshooting Errors Issues or Discrepancies 65,What is e Licensing Table of Contents. e Licensing is an electronic web based system that enables residents of New Brunswick and non. residents to purchase licenses and apply for draws for angling hunting and trapping from vendors at. Service New Brunswick centres and online,Registration. Information such as name address and contact information will be collected once when a customer. accesses e Licensing for the first time A customer may simply want to register or may do this when. purchasing a licence Once the customer is registered in e Licensing they will be assigned an Outdoors. Card number This number uniquely identifies the customer in e Licensing and will always be displayed. on their licences There is no charge to the customer for registration. Table of Contents,Outdoors Card, An Outdoors Card number as mentioned in previous section will be printed on a card that will be sent. to the customer by mail six to eight weeks after registration The number card can be used anytime. when the customer wishes to access e Licensing or to identify themselves at a vendor or SNB centre. There is no charge to the customer for the Outdoors Card. Table of Contents,Licence Format, All licences bought in e Licensing will be printed on a standard 8 x 11 sheet of paper If your. customer purchases multiple licences they will all appear on the same sheet This new licence design. allows easy and accessible printing,Table of Contents.
Universal Tag, The universal tag has two parts consisting of an adhesive label and metal wire Tagging instructions are. found on the back of the adhesive label, It s necessary to activate tags in e Licensing when selling a licence which requires tags This is done by. entering a tag number in e Licensing during the sale of a licence The tag number will be displayed next. to the relevant licence on the printed 8 X 11 licence format. What can a vendor do in e Licensing Table of Contents. A vendor will be able to carry out the functions listed below with the exception of those identified with. Functions identified with must be carried out in a Service New Brunswick centre. Search for Client,Client Registration,Update Profile. Purchase a Licence,Print Licence Replace Licence,Apply for a Draw. Cancel Licence Draw Application,View Active Licences.
Add Additional Tags to Salmon Licence,Apply for Resident Moose Draw. Change Name and Date of Birth,Replace tags,Getting Started Table of Contents. All staff members must be registered in Identity and Access Management IAM in order to use the e. Licensing system Staff members must Self Register at www snb ca iam and follow these steps. Click Self Registration, Click Accept at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions page. Complete the Self Registration Profile screen then click Next. Complete the 5 Security Questions and click Next Note that you are not able to use the. same answer for more than 1 question nor can the answer be a word that is in the question. Once this step has been completed you will receive a confirmation email advising it was. successful and providing you with your Account Number. Forward your account number confirmation email to your Client Administrator to get assigned. the proper role for access to e Licensing system,Table of Contents. Once a staff member has been assigned access to the e Licensing system by the Client Administrator. they can sign in to e Licensing by clicking on the e Licensing Login link located on the ERD Vendor e. Licensing page at the following website www snb ca dnrvendor. Click the e Licensing Login link,to access the e Licensing system.
A secure login page will open, The user must enter their username and password on the secure login page in order to gain access to. the e Licensing system,The user must enter their,Username and Password to gain. access to the e Licensing system,This username and password. must not be shared with any,other employee,If your login attempt is successful. the Client Search screen of the,e Licensing system will open You.
are now ready to begin working, You are now ready to begin working in the e Licensing system. Table of Contents,Search for Client,Table of Contents. Description Search for an existing customer s profile. Search for a customer to verify that they do not already have a profile before. registering them for an Outdoors card, How to 1 If Client Search screen is not already displayed click Client Search top left. 2 There are 2 search options see Example 1, a Option 1 enter date of Birth and the Outdoors Card number. b Option 2 enter the date of birth and 2 other fields note that the. first and last name count as 1 field,3 Click Search.
4 Client Search Result screen will be displayed Validate information on the. screen with the customer to confirm that the correct profile has been found. see Example 2, 5 If an incorrect result is found simply click Client Search to refresh your screen. and begin again, 6 If no result is found see Example 3 the customer will have to be registered. see Registration for Outdoors Card, Additional Information It is very important that you do not disclose information on the screen to the. customer Always ask the customer to give you the information and validate the. information on the screen to confirm the correct customer profile has been. Date of Birth and,Outdoors Card Number if,existing e Licensing customer. Click Search,Date of Birth,And 2 of the following,First and Last Name.
Phone Number,Postal Code Zip Code,Click Search,Vendor to confirm customer information. is correct,If a search result is returned the vendor. will be able to do the following,Purchase a licence for. Update customer profile,Add tag numbers,Reprint licence. Cancel licence must be within,60 minutes of original.
If no search result is returned a message,will be displayed Double check customer. information and try searching again by,clicking Client Search to refresh your. search screen,If no match found the customer will,need to be registered by clicking on the. Client Registration link see,Registration for Outdoors Card section. Registration for Outdoors Card Table of Contents, Description Customer needs to register for an Outdoors Card.
Required Documents For Residents A valid New Brunswick Driver s Licence or New Brunswick. Photo Identification Card Note If the customer has neither he she must. register at a Service New Brunswick Centre to provide proof of residency. For Non Residents ID must be shown, How to 1 Search for customer to ensure they are not registered see Search for Client. 2 Click Client Registration, 3 Indicate if customer is a NB Resident or a Non Resident see Example 4. To qualify as a NB Resident customer must show New Brunswick. Driver s Licence or New Brunswick Photo Identification Card. 4 Click Next, 5 Complete Client Details screen and click Next see Example 5. Enter the customer s name as it appears on their Driver s Licence. Note If the customer has a separate mailing address uncheck the. Same as Home Address box If there is a PO Box number put it in. the Address Line 1 field, 6 Complete Identification and Preferences screen and click Next see Example 6. For residents who have a NB Driver s Licence NB Photo. Identification card complete the Identification and Proof of. Residency section with their NB Driver s Licence NB ID card. number The system will validate the number and date of birth. For residents who are unable to provide a NB Driver s Licence NB. Identification they must go to Service New Brunswick to register. 7 Complete Training Qualifications screen and click Next see Example 7. Example 7 1 Example 7 2, This may be completed at a later date if the customer is not.
applying for a hunting licence at the time of registration. 8 Review information on Confirmation screen with customer. Click Edit button to make necessary changes see Example 8. Once changes are complete click Return to Summary see Example. 8 1 Example 8 2, 9 Once registration is complete Registration Complete screen will appear see. 10 If client is purchasing a licence see Purchase a Licence for more information. Customer Receives Printed record of their Outdoors Card Number if customer does not plan to. purchase a licence or if customer is purchasing a licence the Outdoors Card. Number will be displayed on the licence, Additional Information ERD will mail the Outdoors Card to the customer in 6 8 weeks. NOTE All fields marked with,indicate a mandatory field that. must be completed to proceed,Select whether customer is a NB. Resident or Non Resident then click,Make sure first and last names as well.
as date of birth are entered correctly,same as they appear on NB Driver. Licence or NB Photo ID card as once,registration is complete these can only. be updated at a Service NB centre,Enter customer Postal Code. Then click Address Look up button,Then enter customer s Civic. Number street to complete,Email must be an individual email.
address and not shared with other,family members,You must enter at least one phone. number where customer can be,Then click the Next button. Residents must have a valid NB Driver s Licence,or NB Photo ID card. Note If customer has no NB Driver Licence or,NB Photo ID card they must visit a Service New. Brunswick Centre to prove residency in order to,register as a NB Resident.
The NB Conservation Ed ERD Client is,an optional field This information can be. entered during registration or updated at,a later time. You must select a preferred language of,communication and preferred method If. email is selected a unique email address,must be captured. NOTE New Brunswick training is,automatically populated by ERD s.
Conservation Education Database If there,is information missing the customer must. contact their local ERD District office,Example 7 1. If applicable Out of Province Training can be,entered here Click the green icon to add. additional lines Click the red X icon to,remove a line. Energy and Resource Development ERD Fish and Wildlife e Licensing System Vendor User Guide July 2016

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