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Editor Ashley Dodge,Development Editor Barbara A Heinssen. Marketing Manager Jessica Quazza,Program Manager Erin Bosco. Project Coordination Text Design and Electronic Page Makeup Integra Chicago. Cover Designer Jennifer Hart Design,Cover Photo Shanna Baker Getty Images. Manufacturing Buyer Mary Ann Gloriande,Printer Binder LSC Communications Inc. Cover Printer Phoenix Color Hagerstown, PEARSON ALWAYS LEARNING and REVEL are exclusive trademarks in the United States.
and or other countries owned by Pearson Education Inc or its affiliates. Unless otherwise indicated herein any third party trademarks that may appear in this work. are the property of their respective owners and any references to third party trademarks logos. or other trade dress are for demonstrative or descriptive purposes only Such references are not. intended to imply any sponsorship endorsement authorization or promotion of Pearson s. products by the owners of such marks or any relationship between the owner and Pearson. Education Inc or its affiliates authors licensees or distributors. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Names Ember Carol R author Ember Melvin author Peregrine Peter. N Peter Neal 1963 author, Title Anthropology Carol R Ember Melvin Ember Peter N Peregrine. Description Fifteenth edition Hoboken N J Pearson 2018 Includes. bibliographical references and index, Identifiers LCCN 2017017994 ISBN 9780134732879 ISBN 9780134734132. Subjects LCSH Anthropology,Classification LCC GN25 E45 2018 DDC 306 dc23. LC record available at https lccn loc gov 2017017994. Copyright 2019 2015 2011 by Pearson Education Inc All Rights Reserved Printed in the. United States of America This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be. obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction storage in a retrieval system. or transmission in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording. or otherwise For information regarding permissions request forms and the appropriate con. tacts within the Pearson Education Global Rights P ermissions Department please visit www. pearsoned com permissions,Rental Edition,ISBN 10 0 134 73287 1. 1 18 ISBN 13 978 0 134 73287 9,Revel Access Card,ISBN 10 0 134 73103 3.
ISBN 13 978 0 134 73403 3,Books la Carte Edition,ISBN 10 0 134 73413 0. ISBN 13 978 0 134 73413 2,Instructor s Review Copy. ISBN 10 0 134 89901 6,www pearsonhighered com ISBN 13 978 0 134 89901 5. A01 EMBE2879 15 SE FM indd 2 01 12 17 11 09 AM,Brief Contents. 1 What Is Anthropology 1 14 Communication and Language 269. 2 Research Methods 15 Getting Food 300,in Anthropology 15.
16 Economic Systems 319,3 Genetics and Evolution 41. 17 Social Stratification Class, 4 Human Variation and Adaptation 61 Ethnicity and Racism 351. 5 Primates Past and Present 81 18 Sex and Gender 375. 6 The First Hominins 102 19 Marriage and the Family 399. 7 The Origins of Culture and the 20 Marital Residence and Kinship 428. Emergence of Homo 119,21 Associations and Interest Groups 453. 8 The Emergence of Homo sapiens 140,22 Political Life Social Order. 9 The Upper Paleolithic World 155 and Disorder 471. 10 Origins of Food Production and 23 Religion and Magic 499. Settled Life 170,24 The Arts 523,11 Origins of Cities and States 193.
25 Health and Illness 541,12 Culture and Culture Change 210. 26 Practicing and, 13 Culture and the Individual 244 Applying Anthropology 561. A01 EMBE2879 15 SE FM indd 3 01 12 17 11 09 AM,Box Contents. Applied Anthropology Global Issues, There Is Nothing Like Evidence to Shake Mistaken Beliefs 25 Refugees Are a Global Social Problem 10. Who Owns Your DNA 50 Do We Need to Fear Genetic Engineering 54. The Use of Race in Forensic Anthropology 73 Endangered Primates 84. Studying Biodiversity 94 The Illegal Trade in Antiquities 185. Facial Reconstruction 124 War Is Destroying Ancient Sites 196. Who Were the First Americans 164 Accelerating Climate Change Will It Accelerate. Culture Change 238,The Archaeology of Environmental Collapse 189.
The Effects of Climate Change on,Development Programs and Culture Change. Food Getting Strategies 311,A Bedouin Case Study 230. Deforestation and Climate Change 348,Schools Values and Expectations 260. Inadequate Housing and Homelessness 358,Can Languages Be Kept from Extinction 276. Global Inequality 363,The Effect of Food Getting on the Environment 315.
NGOs Powerful National and International Interest,Unequal in Death African Americans Compared. Groups in the Modern World 467,with European Americans 368. Democracy and Economic Development 480,Economic Development and Women s Status 389. Terrorism 486,From Cross Cultural Research to Archaeology. Reconstructing Marital Residence in the Ethnic Conflicts Ancient Hatreds or Not 496. Prehistoric U S Southwest 443 The Spread of Popular Music 530. Rock Art Preserving a Window into the Past 525 Impact of Violence on Children s Mental Health. Exploring Why an Applied Project Didn t Work 545 and Well Being 553. Eating Disorders Biology and the Cultural Worldwide Sea Level Rise and Effects on Human Societies 569. Construction of Beauty 556, General Motors Creating a Better Business Culture 572 Perspectives on Diversity.
Women in the Shell Mound Archaic 34,Current Research Are There Only Two Sexes 64. Researcher at Work Alyssa Crittenden 6 Physical Differences Between Natives and Immigrants 77. Researcher at Work Timothy Bromage 8 You Are What You Eat Chemical Analyses of. Evaluating Alternative Theories 20 Bones and Teeth 114. Molecular Anthropology 57 Mother Infant Communication and the Origin of Language 147. Environmental Change and Evolutionary Depictions of Women in Upper Paleolithic Art 161. Consequences in Hominins 105 Why Are Mother Tongues Retained and for How Long 278. How Do We Reconstruct Ancient Environments 134 Do Some Languages Promote Sexist Thinking 294. Studying Ancient DNA 150 Food on the Move 307, Was Cahokia a State 201 Working Abroad to Send Money Home 346. How Much Can Government Change Culture Why Do Some Societies Allow Women to Participate. A Look at China 224 in Combat 385, Emotional Expressiveness What Accounts for Women s Electoral Success on the Northwest Coast 387. Cultural Differences 257,Arranging Marriages in the Diaspora 414. Does Communal Ownership Lead to Economic Disaster 323. Variation in Residence and Kinship What Difference. Love Intimacy and Sexual Jealousy in Marriage 419 Does It Make to Women 438. One Parent Families Why the Recent Increase 423 Do Separate Women s Associations Increase. Do Neolocality and Rebellious Teenagers Go Together 445 Women s Status and Power 466. Why Do Street Gangs Develop and Why Are New Courts Allow Women to Address Grievances. They Often Violent 462 in Papua New Guinea 490, Religion A Force for Cooperation and Harmony 508 Colonialism and Religious Affiliation 516.
Do Masks Show Emotion in Universal Ways 532 Women and Development Programs 564. A01 EMBE2879 15 SE FM indd 4 01 12 17 11 09 AM, Box Contents iv Perspectives on Diversity Women in the Shell. Mound Archaic 34,Preface xi,Putting It All in Context 35 Dating the Evidence. About the Authors xviii from the Past 35,Ethics in Anthropological Research 37. 1 What Is Anthropology,Summary and Review 39 Think on it 40. What Is Anthropology 2 3 Genetics and Evolution 41. The Scope of Anthropology 2 The Evolution of Evolution 42. The Holistic Approach 3 The Principles of Natural Selection 44. Anthropological Curiosity 3 Observed Examples of Natural Selection 45. Fields of Anthropology 4 Heredity 46, Biological Anthropology 4 Cultural Gregor Mendel s Experiments 46 Genes The.
Anthropology 5 Conveyors of Inherited Traits 47, Current Research Researcher at Work Alyssa Applied Anthropology Who Owns Your DNA 50. Crittenden 6,Sources of Variability 51,Current Research Researcher at Work Timothy. Genetic Recombination 51 Mutation 52,Bromage 8 Genetic Drift 53 Gene Flow 53. Applied Practicing Anthropology 9 Global Issues Do We Need to Fear Genetic. Specialization 10 Engineering 54, Global Issues Refugees Are a Global Social Problem 10 Hybridization 54. The Relevance of Anthropology 11 The Origin of Species 55. Summary and Review 13 Think on it 14 Speciation Versus Creation 55. Natural Selection of Behavioral Traits 56, 2 Research Methods in Anthropology 15 Current Research Molecular Anthropology 57.
Explanations 16 Summary and Review 59 Think on it 60. Associations or Relationships 16, Theories 17 Why Theories Cannot Be 4 Human Variation and Adaptation 61. Processes in Human Variation and Adaptation 62,A Brief History of Anthropological Theory 18. Acclimatization 62 Influence of the Cultural, Early Evolutionism 18 Race Theory 19 Environment 63. Boasian Anthropology 19 Ecological, Approaches 19 Physical Variation in Human Populations 63. Body Build and Facial Construction 64,Current Research Evaluating Alternative.
Theories 20 Perspectives on Diversity Are There Only Two Sexes 64. Interpretive Approaches 20 Skin Color 65 Adaptation to High. Altitude 66 Height 67 Susceptibility to Infectious. Evidence Testing Explanations 21,Diseases 69 Sickle Cell Anemia 70 Lactase. Operationalization and Measurement 21 Deficiency 71. Sampling 23 Statistical Evaluation 23,Race and Racism 72. Applied Anthropology There Is Nothing Like,Race as a Construct in Biology 73. Evidence to Shake Mistaken Beliefs 25,Applied Anthropology The Use of Race in Forensic. Types of Research in Anthropology 25,Anthropology 73.
Ethnography 26 Ethnography as,Race and Civilization 74 Race Conquest. Source Material 28 Within Culture,and the Role of Infectious Disease 75. Comparisons 28 Regional Controlled,Race and Behavior 75 Race and. Comparisons 29 Cross Cultural,Intelligence 76,Research 29 Historical Research 30. Perspectives on Diversity Physical Differences,Studying the Distant Past 31.
Between Natives and Immigrants 77,Artifacts 31 Ecofacts 32 Fossils 32. Features 32 Finding the Evidence The Future of Human Variation 78. of the Past 33 Summary and Review 79 Think on it 80. A01 EMBE2879 15 SE FM indd 5 01 12 17 11 09 AM,vi Contents. 5 Primates Past and Present 81 Homo erectus 129,The Discovery of Homo erectus 130 Physical. Common Primate Traits 82 Characteristics of Homo erectus 130 Homo. The Various Living Primates 83 floresiensis 132 The Evolution of Homo erectus 132. Global Issues Endangered Primates 84 Current Research How Do We Reconstruct. Ancient Environments 134,Prosimians 84 Anthropoids 85 The Hominoids. Apes and Humans 87 Lower Paleolithic Cultures 135, Distinctive Hominin Traits 89 The Acheulian Tool Tradition 135 Big Game.
Eating 136 Control of Fire 136,Physical Traits 89 Behavioral Abilities 90. Campsites 137 Religion and Ritual 138,The Emergence of Primates 92. Summary and Review 138 Think on it 139,The Environment 93. Applied Anthropology Studying Biodiversity 94,8 The Emergence of Homo sapiens 140. What in Particular May Have Favored the, Emergence of Primates 95 Early Eocene The Transition from Homo erectus to.
Primates Omomyids and Adapids 96 Homo sapiens 142, The Emergence of Anthropoids 96 Homo heidelbergensis 142 Neandertals Homo. Oligocene Anthropoids 97 sapiens or Homo neandertalensis 143. The Emergence of Hominoids 98 Middle Paleolithic Cultures 145. Early Miocene Proto Apes 98 Middle Miocene Tool Assemblages 145 Homesites 146. Apes 98 Late Miocene Apes 99 Perspectives on Diversity Mother Infant. The Divergence of Hominins from the Other Communication and the Origin of Language 147. Hominoids 100 Getting Food 147 Funeral and, Summary and Review 100 Think on it 101 Other Rituals 148. The Denisovans 149, 6 The First Hominins 102 Current Research Studying Ancient DNA 150. The Emergence of Modern Humans 150,The Evolution of Bipedal Locomotion 103. Theories About the Origins of,Theories for the Evolution of Bipedalism 104.
Modern Humans 150,Current Research and Issues Environmental Change. What Happened to the Neandertals 153,and Evolutionary Consequences in Hominins 105. Interbreeding 153 Genocide 153,The Costs of Bipedalism 106. Extinction 153,The Transition from Hominoids to Hominins 108. Summary and Review 154 Think on it 154,The First Definite Hominins 109.
Australopithecines 111 9 The Upper Paleolithic World 155. Perspectives on Diversity You Are What You Eat, Chemical Analyses of Bones and Teeth 114 The Last Ice Age 156. Paranthropoids 114 Upper Paleolithic Europe 158, One Model of Human Evolution 117 Upper Paleolithic Tools 159 Upper. Summary and Review 117 Think on it 118 Paleolithic Art 160. Perspectives on Diversity Depictions of Women, 7 The Origins of Culture and the in Upper Paleolithic Art 161. Language 162,Emergence of Homo 119,Upper Paleolithic Cultures in. Early Hominin Tools 121 Africa and Asia 163, Early Hominin Lifestyles 121 The Earliest Humans and Their Cultures in the.
Applied Anthropology Facial Reconstruction 124 New World 163. Stone Tools and Culture 124 One Model for Applied Anthropology Who Were the First. the Evolution of Culture 125 Americans 164, Trends in Hominin Evolution 126 The Paleo Indians 165. Expansion of the Brain 126 Reduction The End of the Upper Paleolithic 167<. Fifteenth Edition Carol R Ember Human Relations Area Files at Yale University Melvin Ember Peter N Peregrine Lawrence University and the Santa Fe Institute 330 Hudson Street NY NY 10013 A01 EMBE2879 15 SE FM indd 1 01 12 17 11 09 AM PEARSON ALWAYS LEARNING and REVEL are exclusive trademarks in the United States and or other countries owned by Pearson Education Inc or its affiliates

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