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Happy Times,These are Happy Times, He is risen He is risen indeed Alleluia This is definitely a. happy time of the Church Year Flowers and animals and even. insects bring life to springtime Even more we celebrate the life. we have in Jesus who died and rose for us all, Help your children see that Easter is something we. celebrate long after Easter Day We have a whole season of. Easter We celebrate every Sunday We celebrate every day. Enjoy these Easter activities for weeks to come,God bless your Happy Times as you all grow in Him. Happy Times in Jesus,Lisa Clark Editor,Happy Times is dedicated to young. children and their parents and other,caregivers Our goals.
Share the Good News of Jesus our In the Next Issue. Savior through stories activities Tell us what you like about of Happy Times. poems and projects Happy Times at,CPH org HappyTimesSurvey A Windy Day Walk. Provide practical useful Parent Talk Or send us an email at. and other resources to help parents Red Is for Pentecost. magazines cph org,nurture faith and growth Ava s Devotion Bag. We d love to hear from you,Encourage children and parents in. worship and Bible learning, HAPPY TIMES USPS 234 880 vol 56 no 4 Copyright 2020 by Concordia Publishing House 3558 S Jefferson Ave St Louis MO 63118 3968 Call toll free. 1 800 325 3040 or go to www cph org All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any. form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of Concordia Publishing House Au. thor Carrie Hartwig Artists Kathryn Mitter pp 3 8 10 13 20 21 23 24 Bill Clark pp 14 17 Editors Pam Nummela and Lisa M Clark Designer Chris John. son Cover photo iStock Scripture ESV Published bimonthly by Concordia Publishing House 3558 S Jefferson Ave St Louis MO 63118 3968 Subscription. rates 1 year 17 00 quantity rates are available on a bimonthly and an annual basis Single copy 3 50 Periodicals postage paid at St Louis MO and at. additional mailing offices POSTMASTER Send address changes to HAPPY TIMES 3558 S Jefferson Ave St Louis MO 63118 3968 Manufactured in the United. States of America Effingham IL 036670 720443 01,Insect Parade.
I m outside in my garden and what do I see,A parade of insects all around me. Ants are marching with their friends going,Beetles marching to and fro in the bright. I m outside in my garden and I am marching,Praising Jesus for this day He is the King of. me and you, Parent When the weather turns warm we all want to spend time outside Small children. become fascinated with the insects that are suddenly everywhere Learn about the. Talk creatures God made and teach your children about them Remind them of the Palm. Sunday parade We can praise Jesus outside too 3,A Big Surprise.
Alex and Emma loved helping Mom in the garden Yes Mom said those are caterpillars I planted. They loved the warm sun and the smell of the spring this milkweed plant just for them If we watch closely. flowers One day they noticed something small we will see something exciting These caterpillars are. crawling all over a plant an amazing part of God s creation. Mom yelled Alex There are a bunch of bugs What will happen Mom Emma asked. on your plant Watch wait and see replied Mom,Talk about it. Ask your child Have,you ever seen a,caterpillar Can you. predict or guess what,exciting thing will, Mom Alex asked can we touch the bugs their hand Emma giggled It tickles Alex laughed. Yes just be careful with them Put them back on too Then they carefully put them on the plant. the plant when you are done she answered I really wonder what is going to happen Alex said. Alex and Emma each let a caterpillar crawl onto,Talk about it. Have you ever held a,bug or a caterpillar,What does it feel like.
Can you pretend to be,a caterpillar How does,it move on the leaves. of the milkweed plant, A few days later Alex and Emma helped Mom Are they dead Mom They look dead Alex said. water the plants They noticed something new on the worried. milkweed plant No they aren t dead The caterpillars are changing. Mom Emma shouted The caterpillars are inside there We will wait a couple of weeks then. gone There are weird green things all over the plant something else amazing will happen. Mom smiled and said Those weird green things, ARE the caterpillars That is called a chrysalis It is. part of the special thing that is happening,Talk about it. Did you expect the,caterpillars to change,What do you think is.
going to happen next,Let s wrap ourselves up,in blankets and pretend. we are in a chrysalis too, Alex and Emma went outside every day to check after they go in their chrysalides Aren t they. on the caterpillars and it seemed like forever before beautiful. anything changed One day though they went outside Oh yes Emma said What a great surprise. and found a wonderful surprise Alex and Emma spent the day in the garden. Butterflies they both shouted watching the butterflies and celebrating the wonderful. Yes Mom said Caterpillars become butterflies surprise from God s creation. Parent Butterflies remind us of Jesus our Savior Something that seems ordinary a caterpillar goes. into its chrysalis and looks dead Then out of what seems dead something beautiful comes. Talk Jesus seemed like an ordinary man He really died and was put in a tomb On Easter Sunday. He came out of the tomb alive Jesus was not just a man but also truly is God Jesus gives us. the wonderful gift of forgiveness for our sins and salvation through His death on the cross. and His resurrection We praise Jesus our Savior 7,Holy Week Symbol Snacks. To begin wash your hands We use a lot of symbols to remind us of what Jesus did. with soap and water, iStock during Holy Week Go to pages 12 and 13 for some examples. This snack will be a hands on way to learn more about those. WHAT YOU NEED symbols,1 tube of 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon.
refrigerated butter melted sugar,breadstick 1 teaspoon Baking sheet. dough cinnamon,Have an adult help you open the tube of. breadsticks Separate the breadsticks onto a,floured surface. Shape the breadsticks into the symbols of Holy,Week like a palm leaf a butterfly or a cross. Put a little flour on your hands if needed,3 Put your shapes on the baking sheet Bake as.
directed on the dough tube,4 While the breadsticks are baking stir the. cinnamon and sugar together in a small bowl,5 Remove from oven brush with butter and. sprinkle with cinnamon sugar Allow to cool,slightly and enjoy. While You Wait,While you wait for the breadsticks to bake. see if you can remember all the days of Holy,Week Ask an adult to help you as you tell the.
story of Jesus going to the cross When you eat,your breadsticks remember how sweet it is that. we have salvation because of Jesus death and,resurrection. T he seven days we call Holy Week,began on the Sunday before Passover. when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a,donkey Crowds gathered around Him. shouting Hosanna On Thursday,Jesus and His disciples celebrated the.
Passover meal in an upper room Jesus,shared the bread and wine with them in. a special meal we call the Lord s Supper,But this Holy Week was more than just a. parade and a meal On Thursday night,Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane. to pray to His Father People came and,took Him to the leaders of the people. The crowd yelled Crucify Him On,Friday morning soldiers put Jesus on.
the cross There He died and paid for the,sins of the whole world Jesus was placed. in a tomb On Sunday Jesus rose again,to give us forgiveness of sins and eternal. When you read about Holy Week,look in the story for the breadstick. shapes you made A cross reminds us of,Jesus death A palm leaf reminds us of. how He rode into town on the donkey,on Palm Sunday The sweet taste of the.
snack can remind us of the wonderful,morning when Jesus rose to give us. forgiveness of sins life and salvation, Parent The narrative of Holy Week is the most important story you can share. with your child Whether you read it from a Bible story book tell it from. Talk memory or read it directly from the Bible you are giving your child a. wonderful gift by telling them about Jesus our Savior. To see more Arch Books with Bible stories told in this enjoyable easy to. remember way visit cph org archbooks,Draw a Line, When something is the same on both sides of a line it is called symmetry Butterflies. are symmetrical Look at these other things from God s creation Draw a line through. them so that they have two sides that are the same That s symmetry. Pattern Fun, A pattern is a design that repeats Look at the three rows below Each one is a pattern. Draw the missing picture at the end of each pattern. Parent Recognizing symmetry and patterns is beneficial for reading and math concept. development On a walk or a car ride encourage your child to notice and point out things. Talk that are symmetrical While playing with toys or blocks set them in a pattern for your child. to recognize and then continue Playing together helps children to learn and it s fun too 11. Holy Week S, During Holy Week we see changes in how our church looks as we remember what happened in Jesus.
life and how our lives changed thanks to Jesus death and resurrection When you go to church on the days. of Holy Week take your Happy Times and see if you can find the colors and symbols below When you find. a color trace its name When you find a symbol color it in It may take the whole week to be able to see all. of the colors and symbols, Parent Holy Week can be a busy time It may be difficult to get ou. important for them to hear the whole story of what Jesus. Talk find the symbols and colors here to connect them to the w. 12 better read it to him or her from the Bible or a Bible story. Matthew 26 17 28 10 Mark 14 12 16 8 Luke 22 7 24 12. Symbol Hunt Cup and Bread These are part,of the Lord s Supper the special. meal Jesus gave to His disciples,on Holy Thursday He gives us this. special meal too,Palm Leaf People waved,palms to celebrate as Jesus. rode by on Palm Sunday,Cross Jesus was,hung on the cross.
on Good Friday,Crown of Thorns The,soldiers put this on Jesus head. and called Him the King of the,Jews Jesus is our Savior King. Butterfly This symbol reminds,us of the new life we have in. Jesus because He died and rose,again for us, ur children to worship several times in one week but it is. did for us Engage your child in worship and help him or her. worship service Also tell your child the story at home or even. y book like The Story Bible The story of Holy Week can be found in. and John 18 1 20 23 Palm Sunday is in Matthew 21 1 11 13. Good Question, David loved to ask questions He asked why how It was four blocks high and then it fell over Daddy.
what who and when questions suggested that David build on the flat table and he. One evening David and his father were playing built it ten blocks high Then David gave Daddy a. before bed How high can we build with my blocks turn and he built it to be twenty one blocks high. David asked before it fell over Then it was time for bed We. Good question Let s find out said Daddy found out that we can build a tower twenty one. David built a tower with blocks on the carpet blocks high said David. Talk about it,How high can you,build with blocks,Does it make a. difference where,you build Find out, The next day David and his father were outside What s. in the dirt asked David,Good question Let s explore said Daddy. Daddy gave David a shovel to dig in the dirt David put. what he found in a box I found rocks sticks a roly poly. bug grass a small seed and a wiggly worm said David. That s awesome said Daddy Let s carefully put our, discoveries back in the ground Then we re going fishing. Talk about it,What s in the dirt,where you live,Explore What.
Flowers and animals and even insects bring life to springtime Even more we celebrate the life we have in Jesus who died and rose for us all Help your children see that Easter is something we celebrate long after Easter Day We have a whole season of Easter We celebrate every Sunday We celebrate every day Enjoy these Easter activities for weeks to come God bless your Happy Times as you

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