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Exploring Jordan The Other Biblical Land,Exploring Jordan. The Other Biblical Land,2008 Biblical Archaeology Society. Exploring Jordan The Other Biblical Land,About the Biblical Archaeology Society. The excitement of archaeology and the,latest in Bible scholarship since 1974. The Biblical Archaeology Society BAS was founded in 1974 as a nonprofit nondenomina. tional educational organization dedicated to the dissemination of information about archaeol. ogy in the Bible lands, BAS educates the public about archaeology and the Bible through its bi monthly magazine.
Biblical Archaeology Review an award winning web site www biblicalarchaeology org and. books and multimedia products DVDs CD ROMs and videos It also sponsors a wide variety. of seminars tours and cruises that bring leading scholars to general audiences. The articles in this collection were assembled as a service to those planning to visit that. country and also to those who want to learn more about this ancient land which is so rich in. Biblical history,Publishing Excellence, BAS s flagship publication is Biblical Archaeology Review BAR BAR is the only magazine that. connects the academic study of archaeology to a broad general audience eager to understand the. world of the Bible Covering both the Old and New Testaments BAR presents the latest discov. eries and controversies in archaeology with breathtaking photography and informative maps. and diagrams BAR s writers are the top scholars the leading researchers the world renowned. experts BAR is the only nonsectarian forum for the discussion of Biblical archaeology. BAS produced two other publications Bible Review from 1985 2005 and Archaeology. Odyssey from 1998 2006 The complete editorial contents of all three magazines are available. online in the BAS Archive www basarchive org The BAS Archive also contains the text of five. highly acclaimed books Ancient Israel Aspects of Monotheism Feminist Approaches to the. Bible The Rise of Ancient Israel and The Search for Jesus The BAS Archive is available through. various colleges universities churches and other institutions Individual users may access the. same extensive body of materials in the BAS Library www biblicalarchaeology org library. Widespread Acclaim, The society its magazine and its founder and editor Hershel Shanks have been the subject of. widespread acclaim and media attention in publications as diverse as Time People. Civilization U S News and World Report The New York Times The Washington Post and The. Jerusalem Post BAS has also been featured on television programs aired by CNN PBS and the. Discovery Channel To learn more about the Biblical Archaeology Society and subscribe to. Biblical Archaeology Review go to www biblicalarchaeology org. The articles in this collection originally appeared in Archaeology Odyssey and Biblical. Archaeology Review,2008 Biblical Archaeology Society. Exploring Jordan The Other Biblical Land,Introduction 1. Steven Feldman,Where John Baptized Bethany beyond the Jordan 3.
Rami Khouri,West Side Story 13,Rabbath of the Ammonites 14. Timothy P Harrison,The Amman Citadel A Century of Excavations 20. A Voice of Their Own Ammonite Inscriptions 23,Philadelphia of the Decapolis 26. Alastair Northedge,Moab Comes to Life 34,P M Mich le Daviau and Paul Eug ne Dion. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Kemosh,But Were Afraid to Ask 46.
When People Lived at Petra 49,Joseph J Basile, The Lost City Johann Ludwig Burckhardt Rediscovers Petra 63. Burnt Offerings New Discoveries from the Petra Scrolls 65. 2008 Biblical Archaeology Society,Exploring Jordan The Other Biblical Land. INTRODUCTION,Exploring Jordan,The Other Biblical Land. Steven Feldman, elcome to Jordan the other Biblical land Other than Israel no country has as. many Biblical sites and associations as Jordan Mount Nebo from where. Moses gazed at the Promised Land he could not enter Bethany beyond the. Jordan where John baptized Jesus Lot s Cave where Lot and his daughters sought. refuge after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Madaba home of a stunning. mosaic map of the Holy Land the lands of the ancient kingdoms of Ammon Moab and. Edom and many more, We ve put together this e book of articles on ancient Jordan to introduce readers to.
this ancient land Each article is written by an expert who is able to act as a virtual tour. guide sharing the depth of their experience and knowledge This vicarious journey. brings to vibrant life the Biblical world in the other Holy Land and acquaints us with. magnificent sites and legendary stories, We begin with Where John Baptized by Rami Khouri a longtime archaeology jour. nalist Khouri takes us to a site on the east bank of the Jordan River and about 7 miles. north of the Dead Sea that is believed to have been Bethany beyond the Jordan. where the New Testament says Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist As Khouri. explains the site became available for archaeological study only in recent years it had. previously been closed off by the Jordanian army as a military zone Khouri recounts. the New Testament description of Jesus baptism and then examines ancient maps and. the writings of ancient travelers to explain why the site is indeed the ancient Bethany. beyond the Jordan He then walks us through the site describing the remains of an. impressive Byzantine era monastery featuring at least four churches one of which is. built around a cave that ancient pilgrims called the cave of John the Baptist Most. 2008 Biblical Archaeology Society 1,Exploring Jordan The Other Biblical Land. intriguingly the site contains the remains of stone vessels of the type known from first. century A D Jewish sites and which are likely the kind used at the wedding at Cana. where Jesus is said to have turned water into wine. Next we visit Rabbath of the Ammonites with Timothy P Harrison Today the area. is known as the Citadel and overlooks modern Amman but during the Biblical period. the site was the capital of one of ancient Israel s great enemies the Ammonites. Harrison traces the history of this ancient city and at the same time reviews the. Biblical era animosities between Israel and Ammon that often brought the two king. doms into armed conflict Rounding out this survey is a sidebar by Harrison on the his. tory of excavations at Rabbath Ammon and another by epigrapher a specialist in. writing P Kyle McCarter that describes the numerous examples of Ammonite inscrip. tions that have survived into modern times, Our immersion in the history of Amman continues with Philadelphia of the. Decapolis by Alastair Northedge which examines the city s history in the period just. before during and after the New Testament era Northedge guides us through the new. areas to which the city expanded in the third century B C and describes it during the. early Roman period when it was part of the Decapolis a league of ten cities mentioned. in the New Testament Northedge then brings to life the many glorious structures built. here during the Roman period and during the era of Muslim rule. We then travel further south to explore the kingdom of Moab east of the Dead Sea. In Moab Comes to Life P M Mich le Daviau and Paul Eug ne Dion introduce us to. another important kingdom with which ancient Israel interacted during the Biblical. period Daviau and Dion describe the gods of ancient Moab and then recount the exca. vation of the first Moabite temple ever discovered by archaeologists The temple was. found complete with gates altars and an industrial area Our introduction to Moab is. rounded out with a sidebar discussing the enigmatic Moabite god Kemosh. We conclude this virtual tour with a history of Jordan s most stunning site and one. of the most spectacular places on earth Petra Joseph J Basile describes When. People Lived at Petra the site in southern Jordan whose amazing rock cut facades. were made famous in the Indiana Jones movies Basile begins in pre historic times but. quickly brings us to the second century B C when the Nabateans established a king. dom in the area It was the Nabateans who carved the imposing structures for which. Petra is known Supplementing the main article on Petra are two sidebars one on the. 19th century European rediscovery of Petra and the other on a group of burned scrolls. from Petra that are being painstakingly reconstructed. This collection of articles can only serve as an introduction to the rich history of. Jordan We hope it inspires you to learn more about this important Biblical land. 2008 Biblical Archaeology Society 2,Exploring Jordan The Other Biblical Land. Where John Baptized,Bethany beyond the Jordan,By Rami Khouri.
t may or may not be the spot in the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized. Jesus but Byzantine Christians seemed to think it was. And it s not on the western shore of the river but on the eastern shore in modern. When it comes to locating places mentioned in the Gospels the Byzantine Christians. are often worth taking seriously The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built on the. supposed site of Jesus tomb only in the fourth century A D and for many years its. identification was thought to be improbable if not fanciful because it was deep inside. Jerusalem s Old City walls In ancient times graves were typically outside a city s. walls But the Byzantine identification has now been confirmed archaeologically a. For a long time the archaeological evidence for the place of Jesus baptism could not. be explored because it was in a Jordanian military area Now since the Jordan Israel. peace treaty of 1994 the Jordanians have painstakingly cleared nearby mine fields and. Jordan Tourism Board,The remains of a Byzantine era. 324 638 A D monastery complex,form part of Jordan s new Baptism. Archaeological Park which runs,along the Wadi el Kharrar visible just. above the ruins and abuts the,Jordan River Author Rami Khouri. explains how evidence recently found,at the tell including ample signs of.
Roman era 37 B C 324 A D settle,ment identifies the site as Bethany. beyond the Jordan where John,baptized Jesus,2008 Biblical Archeology Society 3. Exploring Jordan The Other Biblical Land,Garo Nalbandian. The photo shows pilgrims gathering on both banks of the Jordan River to mark the baptism those. standing on the left are in Israel those on the right are in Jordan Until the 1994 peace treaty. between the two countries the Jordanian side was hemmed in with land mines making it off limits to. archaeologists and pilgrims alike, the area is once again accessible to archaeologists pilgrims and tourists It is this new. archaeological evidence that suggests we have indeed located the site called Bethany. beyond the Jordan in the Gospel of John,With its new visitor center the site is.
fast becoming a major destination for,Christian pilgrims from around the. world Located about 7 miles north of,the Dead Sea it is easily reachable. from both Jordan and Israel It is about,a 40 minute drive from Amman and two. hours by car from Jerusalem,In the Jubilee Year 2000 Pope John. Paul II visited this site during his pil,grimage to the Holy Land and it has.
been designated by the Catholic bish,ops of the Middle East as one of five pil. grimage sites in Jordan b,In the Gospel of John Pharisees from. Jerusalem visit John at the place where,he is baptizing They want to know. whether John thinks of himself as the,Messiah or perhaps as Elijah who will. return to announce the Messiah,2008 Biblical Archeology Society 4.
Exploring Jordan The Other Biblical Land, John answers them I baptize with water Among you stands one whom you do not. know the one who is coming after me I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandal. This took place in Bethany beyond the Jordan where John was baptizing John 1 26 28. This Bethany beyond the Jordan should not be confused with the Bethany on the. Mount of Olives in Jerusalem which was the home of Mary Martha and Lazarus. In a later incident Jesus escapes from hostile Pharisees in Jerusalem and again goes. across the Jordan to the place where John at first baptized John 10 40 This site too. appears to be located on the east bank of the Jordan it is across the river if you are. coming from Jerusalem and seems to be the same place earlier called Bethany beyond. the Jordan, In the first chapter of John s gospel in the paragraph immediately following the refer. ence to Bethany beyond the Jordan the text describes the descent of the Spirit on Jesus. And John the Baptist testified I saw the Spirit descending from heaven. like a dove and it remained on him I myself did not know him but the one. who sent me to baptize with water said to me He on whom you see the. Spirit descend and remain is the one who baptizes with the holy Spirit. And I myself have seen and have testified that this is the Son of God. John 1 32 34, This passage represents the first and perhaps the only explicit Biblical reference. to the manifestation of the Holy Trinity The Baptist describes what he saw and heard. when he baptized Jesus In this description the Father speaks from Heaven the Son is. baptized and the Holy Spirit descends in the form of a dove. Here too John first calls Jesus the Lamb of God John 1 29 35 and Jesus attracts. his first disciples from among John s followers John 1 34 51. We conclude this virtual tour with a history of Jordan s most stunning site and one of the most spectacular places on earth Petra Joseph J Basile describes When People Lived at Petra the site in southern Jordan whose amazing rock cut facades were made famous in the Indiana Jones movies Basile begins in pre historic times but quickly brings us to the second century B C when the

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