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What is Access to Bristol 2 Film and Theatre 18,Benefits of Access to Bristol 3 Geography 19. Who we are looking for and how to apply 4 Historical Studies 20. Timeline and term dates 5 Law Access to HE 21, Subject streams and Pathways Law Pathways to Law 22. to the Professions 6 Liberal Arts 23,Animal Sciences 8 Mathematics 24. Archaeology and Anthropology 9 Modern Languages 25. Biological Sciences 10 Philosophy 26,Biomedical Sciences 11 Physics 27. Access to Bristol Chemistry 12 Politics 28, UK Student Recruitment Childhood Studies 13 Psychology 29.
University of Bristol Earth Sciences 14 Religion and Theology 30. Howard House Economics Finance and Management 15 Social Policy and Criminology 31. Queens Avenue Engineering 16 Sociology 32, Bristol BS8 1SN English Literature 17 Pathways to the Professions 33. Tel 44 0 117 394 1527,Email access to bristol bristol ac uk. bristol ac uk access to bristol 1, What is Access to Bristol Benefits of Access to Bristol. Aimed at local students studying towards On completion of the scheme you will be invited. AS and A levels or equivalents the Access to a graduation ceremony in the grand setting. to Bristol scheme gives you a taste of life as of the Great Hall in the Wills Memorial Building. a student at the University of Bristol This will be an occasion for you to celebrate your. successful completion of the scheme with invited,Access to Bristol offers 26 subject streams. friends and family as well as giving you a taste of. reflecting the variety of academic activity at the. what a university graduation ceremony will be like. University You will take part in academic taster,sessions within a subject giving you an idea of.
what it is like to study at the University,It s great to see students complete the. As well as developing your subject knowledge Access to Bristol scheme and then go on. on one of the subject streams our student to successfully gain a place at university. support session will introduce you to other Access to Bristol is about giving students an. aspects of university life at Bristol For example exciting and challenging experience which. visit the Students Union learn about what our helps them make an informed decision. careers service can offer you and hear about about university. study abroad opportunities at Bristol Doug Jennings Widening Participation. and Student Recruitment Manager,University of Bristol. What can Access to Bristol If you complete the Access to Bristol. offer you scheme you will also have access to the,following benefits. First hand experience of what it s like to, study at one of Britain s top universities Guaranteed offer. Successful completion of the Access to Bristol, Additional support with your A level studies scheme will guarantee you an offer from the.
from our world class teaching staff University of Bristol provided that you meet the. A boost to your CV and UCAS application entry requirements of the course you apply for If. a course holds interviews or auditions as part of,The chance to meet local students from a. the selection procedure you will be guaranteed,range of backgrounds. an interview or audition,Access to Bristol Bursary. Watching students on Access to Bristol If you successfully complete Access to Bristol. apply themselves in a subject that they and firmly accept your offer to study at the. enjoy showing that they are capable of University of Bristol you may be eligible for the. university level study is so rewarding For Access to Bristol bursary This includes a full. many students the scheme helps them to tuition fee waiver for your first year and a cash. make that final decision about the subject maintenance bursary of 3 750 for each year. they wish to study and see that university of your course To be considered you need to. is a viable option have a household income of 25 000 or below. Liam Dowson Access to Bristol co ordinator and be resident in England. University of Bristol, 2 bristol ac uk access to bristol bristol ac uk access to bristol 3. Who we are looking for Timeline and term dates,and how to apply.
Access to Bristol is designed for students who The scheme is very popular and there is high Sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons. have the grades motivation and potential to demand for places If a subject stream is. succeed at a Russell Group university The oversubscribed your application will be subject at the University of Bristol between 2 pm and. scheme is open to students who meet all of to a selection process where priority will be 4 30 pm on the following dates. the following criteria You must be given to those who meet all or most of the. following criteria, in your first or second year of A level study Please note there is no session during half term. or equivalent with the exception of the law have the academic ability to study at the. stream which is a two year programme and University of Bristol meeting the GCSE entry. therefore open to students in Year 12 only requirements for their chosen subject stream Autumn term Spring term. resident in a BA BS or other local postcode are part of the first generation in their family. within an hour s journey from the University to go to university 12 October 2016 25 January 2017. of Bristol,live in a Low Participation Area LPA,attend a state school or college. attend a contextual school college,19 October 2016 1 February 2017. 2 November 2016 8 February 2017,9 November 2016 22 February 2017. How do I apply 16 November 2016 1 March 2017,If you would like to take part in.
Access to Bristol apply online at 23 November 2016 8 March 2017. bristol ac uk access to bristol, 1 to 23 September 2016 30 November 2016 15 March 2017. We recommend that you, discuss the scheme with your 7 December 2016 22 March 2017. Head of Sixth Form, 4 bristol ac uk access to bristol bristol ac uk access to bristol 5. Subjects streams and Pathways,to the Professions,Stream Term Page Stream Term Page. Animals Sciences Autumn 8 Law Pathways to Law Two year programme 22. Archaeology and Anthropology Autumn 9 Liberal Arts Autumn 23. Biological Sciences Spring 10 Mathematics Autumn and Spring 24. Biomedical Sciences Autumn and Spring 11 Modern Languages Autumn and Spring 25. Chemistry Spring 12 Philosophy Spring 26,Childhood Studies Spring 13 Physics Autumn 27.
Earth Sciences Autumn 14 Politics Autumn 28, Economics Finance and Management Autumn and Spring 15 Psychology Spring 29. Engineering Autumn and Spring 16 Religion and Theology Autumn and Spring 30. English Literature Autumn and Spring 17 Social Policy and Criminology Autumn 31. Film and Theatre Autumn 18 Sociology Autumn 32, Geography Autumn 19 Pathways to the Professions n a 33. Historical Studies Autumn and Spring 20 Sociology Social Policy and Politics Spring 28 31 32. Law Access to HE Autumn 21, 6 bristol ac uk access to bristol bristol ac uk access to bristol 7. Term Autumn Term Autumn,Animal Sciences Archaeology and Anthropology. This stream is suitable for students studying This stream is suitable for students. at least two sciences or Mathematics A levels studying any A level subjects. If you are interested The University s Department of Archaeology If you are inquisitive and enjoy a challenge. in this course you and Anthropology houses a young friendly archaeology and anthropology will appeal to. may enjoy Pathways international community It is well equipped with you These subjects encompass a huge array. to The Professions laboratories and IT resources and even has its of skills and are suitable for anyone studying. page 33 own fleet of Land Rovers World leading experts a wide range of A level subjects including. will run the sessions on this stream and you will history biology classics and of course. gain hands on experience working with artefacts archaeology and anthropology. These are exciting subject areas that encourage,Access to Bristol has been a great insight.
you to question and evaluate all that you,into my chosen course of archaeology. see around you as you explore the history,and anthropology along with university. of humankind You will work with our staff to,life itself I also really enjoyed gaining. see how we can uncover the past using both,hands on experience of archaeology with. practical and theoretical perspectives,our field trip to Stanton Drew along.
You will have the opportunity to learn the with engaging in interesting discussions. basic skills involved in archaeological and with like minded people. anthropological research including visits to,Julia Access to Bristol student. laboratories and museums and a field trip,to an archaeological site near Bristol On this. practical programme you will also gain access,to our outstanding facilities. The Animal Sciences stream is run by members On the Animal Sciences stream you also have. of staff from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the opportunity to explore medical sciences. will give an overview of studying animal related such as anatomy physiology and biochemistry. courses at university These courses include which are crucial to the study of animal sciences. Veterinary Science Veterinary Nursing and at university You will find out more about these. Bioveterinary Science and Zoology degree courses and see for yourself how these. clinical based subjects are taught at Bristol,Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science. and Veterinary Science are designed to equip,you with an understanding of animal science.
The Animal Sciences ambassadors were,alongside the practice of animal treatment. really friendly and chatty They were really,You will learn in clinical environments which. informative and helped me understand what,have first class facilities and you will gain an. a typical day is like for a vet student and what,understanding of the day to day experiences of. the assessments and exams are like,professionals working in animal science careers.
Karla Access to Bristol student, 8 bristol ac uk access to bristol bristol ac uk access to bristol 9. Term Spring Term Autumn and Spring,Biological Sciences Biomedical Sciences. This stream is suitable for students studying This stream is suitable for students studying. two sciences or Mathematics A levels two sciences or Mathematics A levels. The Biological Sciences stream will give you a You will take a wide range of undergraduate. flavour of the variety of study areas in biological practical classes as well as sessions related. sciences at the University of Bristol The directly to our research areas We aim to give. new state of the art undergraduate teaching you a flavour of as many different aspects of If you are interested. laboratory will be your home for these sessions biology as possible in this course you. while you delve into the fascinating natural world may enjoy Pathways. All of the sessions will be practical based,in which we live to The Professions. with any necessary theoretical aspects being, The stream will be taught by leading experts in taught alongside page 33. their field who are extremely enthusiastic about,working alongside Access to Bristol students.
You will be able to question them about their It has never been so important ever for. own research fields and the career pathways human beings to understand the workings. that led them to where they are today of the world which is our home. Sir David Attenborough speaking at the official,opening of the Life Sciences Building in 2014. The Biomedical Sciences stream is run jointly The sessions on this stream will give you a. by schools from the Faculty of Health Sciences deeper understanding of biology and a feel. and Faculty of Biomedical Sciences Subjects for what it is like to study medicine dentistry. covered include human anatomy physiology medical sciences or biochemistry at university. pathology pharmacology biochemistry You will be given the opportunity to ask. medicine and dentistry You will learn more about questions and find out about the wide variety. the human body its structure and function what of related career options. can go wrong and how drugs work,Biomedical science underpins and shapes. Access to Bristol has given me a very,modern medical processes and procedures. positive outlook on the University of Bristol, The principles we discover in the lab are put into. because of how friendly the students were,practice so we can gain an understanding of how.
to me and the fact that every student I,the body works at a molecular cellular organ and. encountered said they enjoyed what they do,whole body level This helps us to understand. Access to Bristol was organised supportive,disease and to develop new treatments. and fun to be a part of making me love the,University of Bristol even more. Rei Access to Bristol student, 10 bristol ac uk access to bristol bristol ac uk access to bristol 11.
Term Spring Term Spring,Chemistry Childhood Studies. This stream is suitable for students studying This stream is suitable for students. Chemistry and Mathematics at A level studying any A level subjects. This stream introduces participants to the BSc This stream aims to introduce you to policy. Childhood Studies degree offered by the School topics that will develop your understanding. for Policy Studies while offering deeper insight into issues that cut.

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