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2 AFTTP3 42 71 27 AUGUST 2014, medical system that can provide specialized care to a population at risk PAR over 6 500 Air. Combat Command ACC is the Manpower and Equipment Force Packaging MEFPAK. Responsible Agency MRA,Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 5,1 1 Purpose 5. 1 2 Background 5,Chapter 2 CAPABILITIES 7,2 1 Mission 7. 2 2 Scope of Care 7,2 3 Assumptions 7,2 4 EMEDS Health Response Team HRT 8. 2 5 EMEDS 10 12,2 6 EMEDS 25 13,2 7 Air Force Theater Hospital AFTH 15.
2 8 Augmentation Unit Type Codes UTCs 15,2 9 Collectively Protected EMEDS CP EMEDS 16. 2 10 Initial Operational Capability IOC 16,2 11 Full Operational Capability FOC 17. 2 12 EMEDS Functional Area Descriptions 18,Chapter 3 OPERATIONS 24. 3 1 EMEDS Unit Type Code UTC Posturing 24,3 2 Deployment Planning 24. 3 3 Deployment 24,3 4 Employment 26,3 5 EMEDS Redeployment 31.
Chapter 4 COMMAND AND CONTROL C2 RELATIONSHIPS 32,4 1 Command and Control C2 of Medical Teams 32. 4 2 ACC SG Responsibility 32, 4 3 Air Expeditionary Task Force AETF Structure 32. 4 4 Joint and Multinational Operations 33, Chapter 5 COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS 34. 5 1 EMEDS Communications Equipment 34,5 2 Network Operations 34. 5 3 Help Desk Support 35,5 4 Software Applications 35.
5 5 Information Assurance IA Policy 36,Chapter 6 INTEGRATION AND INTEROPERABILITY 37. 6 1 Integration and Interoperability with Other Systems 37. 6 2 Expeditionary Combat Support Base Operating Support ECS BOS. Requirements 37,AFTTP3 42 71 27 AUGUST 2014 3,Chapter 7 SECURITY AND FORCE PROTECTION 39. 7 1 Security Roles and Responsibilities 39,7 2 Medical Convoy Protection 39. 7 3 Operations Security OPSEC 39,7 4 Security of Weapons and Ammunition 39. Chapter 8 TRAINING 40,8 1 Medical Readiness Training Requirements 40.
8 2 EMEDS Unit Type Code UTC Training 40, 8 3 Joint Operations Medical Managers Course JOMMC 40. 8 4 Vehicle Operation Training 40,8 5 Weapons Training 41. 8 6 Communications and Information Systems Training 41. Chapter 9 LOGISTICS 42,9 1 Expeditionary Medical Logistics EML System 42. 9 2 Supplies and Equipment 42,9 3 Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repair 43. 9 4 Equipment Upgrades and Modernization 43,Chapter 10 DOMESTIC CIVIL SUPPORT 44.
10 1 Purpose 44,10 2 Mission 44,10 3 EMEDS Operations 45. Chapter 11 HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE AND DISASTER RELIEF. HA DR OPERATIONS 47,11 1 Purpose 47,11 2 Mission 47. 11 3 Operational Assumptions 47,11 4 Medical Planning Factors 48. 11 5 Command Relationships 49,11 6 Standard of Care 49. 11 7 Patient Movement 49, 11 8 Interoperability with Host Nation and Partner Providers 50.
Attachment 8 EXPEDITIONARY COMBAT SUPPORT ECS,REQUIREMENTS 71. Attachment 9 EMEDS HRT LAYOUT 75,Attachment 10 EMEDS 10 LAYOUT 76. Attachment 11 EMEDS 25 LAYOUT 77,Attachment 12 58 BED AFTH LAYOUT NOTIONAL 78. Attachment 13 EMEDS HRT POWER GRID 79,Attachment 14 EMEDS 10 POWER GRID 80. Attachment 15 EMEDS 25 POWER GRID 81,Attachment 16 58 BED AFTH POWER GRID NOTIONAL 82.
Attachment 17 EMEDS HRT NETWORK CONFIGURATION 83,Attachment 18 EMEDS 10 NETWORK CONFIGURATION 84. Attachment 19 EMEDS 25 NETWORK CONFIGURATION 85,Attachment 20 EMEDS HRT TRANSITION PLAN 86. AFTTP3 42 71 27 AUGUST 2014 5,INTRODUCTION, 1 1 Purpose This publication provides general operational and planning guidance on. Expeditionary Medical Support EMEDS and Air Force Theater Hospital AFTH capabilities. These capabilities are designed to support Air Expeditionary Forces AEFs during major. combat contingency humanitarian assistance HA disaster relief DR defense support of civil. authorities DSCA and stability operations This publication provides a source document for. developing standardized policies operating procedures training programs and allowance. standards AS Operation plans OPLANs and regional guidance provide more specific. information that amplify and tailor the guidance contained in this publication. 1 2 Background In September 1999 the United States Air Force Surgeon General. USAF SG approved the Concept of Operations CONOPS for the EMEDS AFTH Since then. EMEDS has been the main deployable ground medical asset for a variety of contingency. operations, 1 2 1 Early Development In February 1998 the 366th Medical Group at Mountain Home. Air Force Base AFB developed a requirements based medical package to support. Operation DESERT SCORPION This 24 person assemblage consisted of two squadron. medical elements SMEs a mobile field surgical team MFST a critical care air transport. team CCATT as well as dental medical command and control C2 and preventive. medicine personnel It served as the basis for the current EMEDS concept. 1 2 2 Operation ENDURING FREEDOM OEF In late 2001 using the EMEDS. configuration the Air Force Medical Service AFMS was among the first functional areas to. deploy to Southwest Asia in support of OEF The AFMS reengineered its tents medical. equipment and supply packages in a continuing effort to reduce the EMEDS footprint and. improve response timelines By 2002 the EMEDS 25 configuration was one third the. weight and size of the typical 25 bed Air Transportable Hospital ATH of the Gulf War era. In January 2007 the Air Force assumed operational control OPCON of the U S Army. combat support hospital at Bagram Airfield and began operating the newly opened Craig. Joint Theater Hospital that spring The 50 bed facility includes a four bed trauma bay three. operating rooms and a dental clinic and is one of the most advanced hospital facilities in the. 1 2 3 Operation IRAQI FREEDOM OIF From March 2003 to December 2011. EMEDS capabilities were deployed to multiple locations in support of OIF In 2004 the Air. Force assumed operational control of the trauma care mission at Joint Base Balad from the. U S Army The AFTH at Balad was a Role 3 trauma center and served as the theater s. surgical trauma hub In 2007 operations moved from an Army tent hospital to a new. approximately 100 000 square foot facility with 20 critical care beds 40 medical ward beds. and 8 operating tables The Air Force operated the AFTH at Balad until November 2011. 6 AFTTP3 42 71 27 AUGUST 2014, 1 2 4 Support for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief HA DR In 2005 the.
Secretary of the Air Force directed the USAF SG s Office to organize a medical centric. capability to respond to global disasters and humanitarian crises The Humanitarian Relief. Operation Operational Capability Package HUMRO OCP which included EMEDS. contingency response group CRG and base operating support BOS components was. approved in 2006 and exercised in 2008 in Pacific Lifeline In October 2009 Pacific Air. Forces PACAF deployed a tailored version to support earthquake relief efforts in Padang. Indonesia In January and March 2010 tailored EMEDS 10 packages were deployed to. support earthquake relief efforts in Haiti and Chile. 1 2 5 Current Initiatives Based on lessons learned from operations in Indonesia Haiti. and Chile EMEDS capabilities have been reengineered to better support the full range of. military operations and improve operational timelines Validated through rigorous testing. during a force development evaluation in February 2011 and exercises in Trinidad and Peru. the EMEDS Health Response Team HRT replaces EMEDS Basic as the first increment of. EMEDS capability EMEDS HRT adds a specialty care module that includes internal. medicine obstetrics gynecology OB GYN and pediatrics It adds international health. specialist IHS support Pharmacy and radiology manning from the EMEDS 10 shifts to. EMEDS HRT New quick erect shelters significantly decrease setup time and can connect to. the existing Alaska small shelter system Packaging improvements include a man portable. functionally packed supply system prioritized load plans standardized packing lists and. secure weather proof containers See Attachment 20 for more information on the transition. AFTTP3 42 71 27 AUGUST 2014 7,CAPABILITIES, 2 1 Mission EMEDS and AFTH packages provide individual bed down and theater level. medical services for deployed forces or select population groups The primary mission is to. provide forward stabilization resuscitative care primary care dental services and force health. protection and prepare casualties for evacuation to the next level of care The modular and. scalable design allows the Air Force to deploy medical capabilities ranging from small teams that. provide highly skilled medical care for a limited number of casualties to a large medical system. that can provide specialized care to a population at risk PAR over 6 500 EMEDS capabilities. are grouped into distinct medical support packages that provide an incremental buildup of. capability EMEDS HRT EMEDS 10 and EMEDS 25 AFTHs are built by adding medical. specialty and augmentation unit type codes UTCs to an EMEDS 25 foundation See. Attachments 2 3 for more information on EMEDS and AFTH UTC build up. 2 2 Scope of Care EMEDS facilities and AFTHs provide essential care deferring definitive. care as dictated by the theater medical CONOPS Deployed medical facilities normally do not. provide reconstructive surgery or rehabilitative services. 2 3 Assumptions Mission capabilities and tactics techniques and procedures TTPs are. based on the following assumptions, Transportation is available to move personnel equipment and supplies. Expeditionary Combat Support ECS or BOS is available See Chapter 6 for more. information on ECS BOS requirements, In combat operations the PAR consists of the military population emergency essential. civilians and contractors additive forces and mobilization augmentees on base and. excludes local nationals In HA DR and stability operations patient throughput. projections are based on estimated injury and regional disease rates. Deployed medical forces cannot depend on host nation medical support. The supported U S military population has received pre deployment medical screening. prophylaxis immunizations Self Aid and Buddy Care SABC training and applicable. reporting instructions, Military personnel are either returned to duty or evacuated in accordance with IAW. theater policy During HA DR and stability operations medical personnel will. coordinate movement of civilian patients with host nation and local hospitals. Members will deploy with or have pre positioned adequate chemical warfare defense. ensembles CWDE IAW reporting instructions,8 AFTTP3 42 71 27 AUGUST 2014.
2 4 EMEDS Health Response Team HRT EMEDS HRT is the first increment of EMEDS. capability It can stabilize and hold four patients three of which can be critical for 24 hours. Designed for rapid mobility and efficient setup EMEDS HRT can deploy within 24 hours of. notification establish emergency room ER capability within 2 hours operating room capability. within 4 hours and critical care capability within 6 hours It can reach full operational capability. FOC within 12 hours of arrival Its primary goal is to stabilize patients and prepare them for. movement to the next level of care Patient evacuation within 24 hours is critical to mission. success EMEDS HRT is designed to support the early phases of military operations and. requires reinforcement of personnel and equipment for operations longer than 10 days It. includes specialized personnel and equipment UTCs that can be tailored in or out depending on. the mission EMEDS HRT is a Role 2 medical facility as defined in JP 4 02 Health Service. 2 4 1 Combat Operations EMEDS HRT supports a PAR up to 3 000 and generally. deploys with medical C2 and support services surgical and critical care flight medicine. dental bioenvironmental engineering BE and public health support The initial equipment. package provides an estimated 10 days of supplies depending on patient volume. 2 4 2 HA DR and Stability Operations Medical support focuses on estimated throughput. and is not linked to a PAR EMEDS HRT can triage and treat 350 patients per day with a. surge capacity of 500 The preexisting health status of the affected population and the scope. and severity of the event will impact patient throughput and supply duration Due to. anticipated high patient volumes the estimate for initial supply duration is 5 days EMEDS. HRT generally deploys with medical C2 and support services surgical and critical care. primary care dental BE public health IHS and specialty care support OB GYN. pediatrics internal medicine, 2 4 3 Personnel UTCs EMEDS HRT provides a maximum of 40 personnel organized in. the following personnel UTCs See Table 2 1 for the manpower detail. 2 4 3 1 FFEP1 Critical Care Team FFEP1 provides internal medicine and. emergency medicine personnel to stabilize and prepare patients for movement to the next. level of care The team can stabilize and maintain four patients three of which can be. critical for 24 hours, 2 4 3 2 FFEP2 EMEDS C2 and Administration Team FFEP2 provides medical C2. by order of air force tactics techniques the secretary of the air force and procedures 3 42 71 27 august 2014 tactical doctrine expeditionary medical support emeds

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