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Everything You Need to Know About,Eighth Grade Graduation. Kindergarten Graduation,Office of Education,Rocky Mountain Conference. Table of Contents,Introduction 3,Before We Get Started 4. Difference Between K Graduation and 8th Graduation 5. Timeline 7,Planning Details 9,Funding 19,Sample Printed Programs 20. Sample Aims Mottos Texts 22,Written by Jodie Bell Aakko.
Sample Aims Mottos Texts submitted to circle org by various teachers as listed. Everything You Need to Know About,Eighth Grade Graduation. Kindergarten Graduation,Office of Education,Rocky Mountain Conference. Introduction, Graduation is an important moment in life to celebrate accomplishments prepare for. new experiences and begin a more personal walk with Jesus Graduation is a big step in. anyone s life declaring a spiritual sense of purpose hope and faith For the SDA Christian. educator graduation is the public moment we acknowledge God s plan for His children For I. am confident of this very thing that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the. day of Christ Jesus Phillipians 1 6, This booklet contains suggestions for planning a successful meaningful graduation. program The details mentioned in this booklet are not policy nor are considerations made for. local school customs interests or needs For further information please contact the Rocky. Mountain Conference Office of Education,Before We Get Started.
Graduation is more than just an event In addition to event planning a general understanding. of five fundamental facts is vital, 1 The graduates and their family members consider graduation to be the year s most. important event, 2 Teacher communication and organization are essential to a successful graduation. 3 Sometimes a graduate or family member can feel anxious or stressed about the idea of. graduation so share your positive energetic attitude towards graduation as much as. possible For example a graduate may have nothing appropriate to wear or divorced. parents will be in conflict Lend regular support and encouragement. 4 Expectations and opinions will come from several different groups such as the. graduates the family members and the school board Therefore it is important to. balance priorities and respect each group s perspective. 5 Graduation is a celebration but more so the event is formal academic and of sacred. nature An ideal graduation has an appropriate balance of fun and seriousness. Carefully done a graduation program that includes a bit of creative fun can be. memorable and meaningful, Difference Between Kindergarten Graduation and Eighth Grade Graduation. The timeline described on the following pages describes the eighth grade graduation A. kindergarten graduation is different in several ways. The length of time is much shorter Refer to the sample kindergarten graduation. program to notice omissions, There are typically more songs and most songs if not all are presented by the. kindergarten students Songs will often have visuals objects which the students wave or. hold up Ideal recorded music for the slideshow includes songs such as Let Them Be. Little by Billie Dean children songs by Steve Greene or Michael Card or instrumentals. The processional and recessional selection is younger sounding in nature For example. the processional may be Jesus Loves the Little Children and will seldom if never be. the traditional graduation march, Overall the kindergarten graduation is presented by the graduates rather than a.
program for the graduates, Kindergarten graduates typically wear a home made graduation cap signed by. classmates The homemade graduation cap is an adorable keepsake Girls wear a. church dress and boys wear a dress shirt and tie, The diploma presentation and tassel switch moved in any direction is presented by. the kindergarten teacher and the school principal The kindergarten teacher will read. the names and present the diploma and then the principal will switch the tassel. Kindergarten graduations do not include boutonnieres and corsages As the only. flowers graduates will present a homemade flower to their parents after their What I. Learned speech The homemade flower includes a keepsake photo of the graduate. with a thank you poem or a growing up poem attached Students of divorces. parents make two flowers, Kindergarten graduations exclude a graduation address Class aims and mottos seldom. used are simple such as Jesus loves me etc, Optional The kindergarten teacher may present each student with a certificate. recognizing classroom achievement or personal growth Some kindergarten teachers. present a career award such as Super Star Nurse Awad based on each student s. personality interests abilities and gifts, Two excellent websites for kindergarten poems songs and graduation craft ideas.
http www hummingbirded com end of year html,http www littlegiraffes com graduation html. School Registration Parents should be notified of the graduation date This event will. be listed on the school year calendar, Eight to Six months prior September to December Graduation speaker is selected If. your speaker is a local individual such as a pastor then the speaker does not need to be. selected this early Elect class officers if desired Conduct parent information meeting. concerning fundraisers and wardrobe expenses, Three months prior Beginning of February Time and location of event is selected A. save the date announcement is placed in church bulletins and school newsletter. Invite a group or individual to have special music Secure a pianist or instrumentalist for. the processional etc or plan to use recorded music Give school board a summary of. the graduation plans and get approvals if necessary. Ten weeks prior Mid March Graduation gifts are ordered Diploma order is placed. with the conference office Order printed invitations if desired Order caps and gowns. if desired, Eight weeks prior Beginning of April Jobs are assigned to volunteers including. reception coordinator Students select class colors text aim motto and class gift. Eighth grade skip day plans are finalized announced and approved Parents are asked. to collect baby photographs for the slide show as well as collections for a memory. book Select individuals for welcome opening prayer closing prayer etc Print. reminder in parent newsletter that student accounts must be cleared to receive diploma. and report card, Six weeks prior Mid April Announcement is printed in church bulletins and school.
newsletter inviting all to attend Announcement prints each week until the event has. passed Instruct students on class speeches Mail printed invitations if desired If. planned tell each parent to have a three minute speech prepared. Four weeks prior End of April Cake is ordered florist order is placed Assistants are. selected for cake server punch server greeters PA operator and clean up crew. Three weeks prior Beginning of May Wardrobe is approved Decorations are. purchased All baby photographs are given to the slide show producer Current and. past years photos are collected from school events One color 5x7 photo is printed and. framed of each graduate Slide show begins production. Two weeks prior Memory books are finalized Oral announcement is made in church. for the next two weeks Slide show is finalized Preview class speeches and edit as. One week prior Printed programs are created Remind floral coordinator to arrive ten. minutes early to pin corsages and boutonnieres on delegates and graduates Remind. stage delegates to arrive ten minutes early in order to receive corsages and. boutonnieres, Three days prior Floral coordinator confirms order with florist Reception coordinator. confirms cake order with baker, Two days prior Chairs tables stage projector projector screen and PA system are set. up Program is rehearsed, Day of Florist order is picked up cake and reception food are picked up Location is. decorated reception tables are set Stage is prepared Podium materials are placed. Programs are placed on chairs unless handed at door. Following Reception Assist seventh grade students in clean up. Day After Thank you cards are written to speaker reception coordinator and. Planning Details, Cake The cake is the focal point of the reception The cake is usually a decorated sheet cake. with a message such as Congratulations Graduates or Congratulations David Josh Sarah. and Megan each student name If ordering more than one cake you can have different. names or messages on each cake with different flavors and fillings The baker is told the class. colors so that the cake will match nicely Leftover cake should be sent home with the graduate. families Order enough cakes to serve each guest one average slice Estimate your number of. guests based on the average number of guests at previous school events plus a little more per. graduate because more relatives attend graduations than they do other school events The. number of guests attending also depends on whether or not the K 7 students are singing. special music for the event Most schools order from King Soopers Costco or Sams Students. should have a say in cake choice If the cake is made by a friend make sure the taste and. appearance match professional quality Be sure to contact baker three days ahead of pick up. time to confirm order has not been lost whether using a professional or a volunteer. Church Communication A printed invitation should appear in the bulletin for six Sabbaths. or less preceding the kindergarten and eighth grade graduations Example ending with the. class motto David Jones Josh Smith Sarah Evans and Megan Meyers invite you to attend. their eighth grade graduation on May 26 2011 at 7 00 pm in the Crestview SDA Elementary. School gymnasium Reception following Come help us celebrate our accomplishments and. wish us continued success in our next educational journey Joy is knowing you are exactly. where God wants you to be The students or a teacher should give enthusiastic oral. announcements for two preceding Sabbaths or more, Class Colors Students pick two class colors for their eighth grade graduation unless they are.
instructed to use school colors or unless they must use existing school graduation decorations. For students the most exciting part of the graduation event is the right to select their own. colors The class colors will determine the color of decorations flowers printed programs. reception supplies and wardrobe Even though students select what may seem poor color. choices by the time decorations are place the color choices will look fine. Class gift If funding is available the class purchases a gift for the school This item can be. something inexpensive such as a DVD player computer software PE equipment or something. more expensive such as hand bells computers projectors etc At most schools classes are not. required to purchase a gift The class chooses the item with teacher leadership Kindergarten. classes do not select a class gift for the school, Class Officers Optional Depending on the class size three or more and dynamic students. elect class officers such as president vice president secretary treasurer and pastor Class. officers are usually elected in late September although some elections are held later in the. year The class president makes a five minute approx speech at graduation for the purpose. of speaking on behalf of the class The president speech includes appreciation for teachers. parents and classmates a summary of the value of the elementary Christian education a. summary of how the class has grown spiritually academically and emotionally and a report of. their desire to continue in Christian education The class president should have a solid. character and possess integrity as a school leader All student speeches should be previewed. edited and approved by the teacher, Class or Parent Speeches Options of Student and Parent Speeches include. A Class president speech see above, B A speech by each student in alphabetical order These three minute speeches are. similar to the president s speech and are usually followed by each student presenting. their family members with flower stems, C Parent speeches in alphabetical order Each parent one parent per graduate or both. parents in case of divorce gives a short speech to their child followed by each student. presenting family members with flowers Parent speeches are not previewed but are. limited to three minutes each The parent speech is for the purpose of congratulating. their child sharing memories expressing love and giving advice Very Important If. parent speeches are given make sure each graduate has a parent speaking. Note Base the speeches choice on class size A class of one or two should choose B and C A. class of three to five can choose A and B or A and C A class of six or more should stick to. Class Text Aim and Motto Students choose an aim and a motto or a class text or all. three See attached list of information found on circle adventist org. Class Trip Please refer to the Union Education codebook and consult your superintendent. for instructions concerning overnight trips Most schools particularly small schools do not take. overnight trips every school year, Clean up Crew In honor of the graduates the clean up crew does not include graduate.
families Graduate families enjoy an evening ending in fellowship celebration or relaxation A. simple solution to clean up needs is to create a tradition of seventh grade clean up crew. Graduation is more than just an event In addition to event planning a general understanding of five fundamental facts is vital 1 The graduates and their family members consider graduation to be the year s most important event 2 Teacher communication and organization are essential to a successful graduation 3 Sometimes a graduate or

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