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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Description Page,FCC Certification 3. Warranty Information 3,Package Checklist 4,Features 4. Specifications 5 6,Key Pad Function 7 8,Charging the Battery 9. Turning your ESP On and Off 9,Home Screen 9 10,Inserting and removing Memory Cards 10 12. View and Copy Files from Memory Card 13 14,Connecting the ESP to the Computer 15 16.
Managing Files and Folders On the ESP Using Your Computer 16 18. Unplugging the ESP From the Computer 18,Operating the ESP in Stand Alone Mode 19. Music Play Mode 19,Picture Play Mode 20 22,Video Play Mode 22. Audio Recording Mode 23,Video Recording Mode 24,FM Radio 24. Option Mode 25,System Functions 25,Display Settings Version 26. Formatting ESP Hard Drive 27,File and Folder Operation 27 28.
Replacing the Battery 28,Reset Button 28,Firmware and Manual Updates 29. Technical and Warranty Support 29,Appendix A Playlist I Tune Support 30. FCC Certifications, This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits of a Class B digital device pursuant to. Part 15 of the FCC Rules These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful. interference in a residential installation, This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in. accordance with the instructions may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation If this equipment. does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception which can be determined by turning the. equipment off and on the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the. following measures,Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Warranty will be void if mishandled Please take care in handling the Wolverine Device. Do not drop or handle too aggressively as it may cause damage to the device. Do not allow the device to come into contact with water or other liquids In the event that water or. other liquids enters the interior immediately turn off the device Continued use of the device may. result in fire or electrical shock Please consult your product distributor or the closest support center. Do not handle with wet hands Doing so may cause electrical shock and damage the unit. Do not place the device close to any equipment generating strong electromagnetic fields Exposure to. strong magnetic fields may cause malfunction or corrupt data. Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures humidity or vibrations which may cause damage to. the device, Do not open the outer case If battery needs replacement please follow the instructions in this manual. on how to replace the battery and take caution not to damage the components inside the unit. Do not move or disconnect the device from the computer while the device is reading writing data. This may cause damage to the data and or the device. Under no circumstances should the user try to repair the device Doing so may cause electrical shock. and void the warranty,IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION. WOLVERINE DATA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL. DAMAGES INCLUDING LOSS OF DATA ALWAYS BACK UP ALL DATA. FOR FULL WARRANTY STATEMENT CONTACT WOLVERINE DATA. Wolverine Data has no obligation to repair replace or issue refunds without a Return Merchandise. Authorization RMA number and the receipt of the defective product. Repairs or replacement service will not be offered to Products that were misused repaired without. authorization or by other reasons beyond the range of intended use. Products replacement may be either new or refurbished provided that it has functionality at least equal to. that of the product being replaced, Wolverine Data is not responsible for any data stored on the returned Product please backup any data prior. to shipping the unit, The limited warranty for accessories included battery is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. All OUT OF WARRANTY repairs maybe subject to a normal repair fee Please contact your dealer or. Wolverine Data for current charges,1 PACKAGE CHECKLIST.
Audio Video cables,User s guide, CD ROM containing digital copy of this manual and Windows 98 and Mac 9 x Drivers. Power Adapter 100 240V auto switched,2 FEATURES, Store and play thousands of music video photos digital recordings and save any. computer data on the Wolverine ESP portable mass storage device. 3 6 high resolution TFT LCD Color display to view picture video and manage. Transfer digital pictures directly to the ESP through the built in 7 different type of. Memory Cards reader write without a computer,1 Compact Flash Type I II CF. 2 Smart Media SM,3 Memory Stick MS,5 Secure Digital Card SD MMC. 6 MicroDrive, Read additional type of cards using adapters not provided Mini SD RS MMC MS.
Duo MS Pro Duo,NTSC PAL TV out, Use it as an External Hard Drive to backup all your computer data or as a memory. card reader writer, Battery powered high capacity rechargeable and replaceable Li ion internal battery. allows up to 15GB of memory cards data transfer or 8 hours of music playback. continuous with the screen turned off or 3 hours of photo or video playback on a. single charge, Copy Paste Delete and organize files without a computer. High speed USB 2 0 connection backward compatible with USB1 1. Convenient universal AC DC 100V 240V adapter,System Compatibility. PC MS Windows 98 ME 2000 XP,Mac OS 9 x OS 10 x,Linux 2 4x.
Warranty 1 Year,Dimensions LxWxH 5 25 x 3 00 x 1 00 inches. Weight 10 3 oz, Optional Record directly from a TV or DVD using the optional cradle and firmware. upgrade not included with base model,3 SPECIFICATIONS. AVI Motion JPEG in AVI format 320x240 30fps with PCM audio. Video playback and Resolution MOV Motion JPEG in MOV format 320x240 30fps with PCM audio. Up to 3 hours from full charge MPEG 1,Resolution 352x288 30fps. Bit Rate 1 5Mbps,Audio MPEG 1 Layer II III,Format MPG DAT VCD.
Resolution 720x480 25fps,640x480 30fps,720x480 10 fps 4MV. 640x480 15 fps 4MV,Bit Rate 4Mbps,Format MP4 Simple Profile without 4MV. MPEG 4 ISO standard per Moving Picture Experts Group. Resolution 720x480 25fps,640x480 30fps,Bit Rate 4Mbps. Audio MP3 PCM,Format AVI,Resolution 352x240 25 fps. 320x240 30 fps,Bit Rate 1 1 Mbps,Format WMV,Remark WMV 7 8 is unsupported.
MP3 MPEG 1 Layer I II III sample rate up to 48KHz bitrate. Audio playback 16 384kbps CBR and VBR Stereo or Mono MP3 file format. WMA WMA version 7 8 and 9 sample rate up to 44KHz Bitrate. Up to 8 hours from a full charge 32 192kbps CBR Stereo or Mono WMA file format. Screen turned off AAC MPEG4 AAC sample rate up to 48KHz bitrate 16 320kbps. CBR VBR and ABR Stereo or Mono M4A or AAC file format. WAV sample rate up to 48KHz Stereo or Mono un compressed 8 or. 16bits PCM in MS RIFF WAV WAV file format,CDA CD Audio 16bits 44 1KHz stereo. Support M3U Playlist type files m3u extension file. JPEG Baseline YUV, Photo viewer TIFF 1 and 8 bits grayscale 8 bits indexed color 8 and. 16 bits true color,BMP Monochrome 8 bits indexed color RGB RLE8. RAW files supported cameras may require upgrade to the latest. firmware from Wolverine Data Support webpage, Canon 1Ds Mark II 1D Mark II N 1Ds 1D II 1D 5D 10D 20D. 300D Digital Rebel Kiss Digital D30 Power Shot G1 G2 G3 G5 G6. EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT EOS 5D,Nikon D200 D100 D70 D1X D1 D2X D50 D1H.
Fujifilm FinePix S2Pro FinePix S3Pro FinePix S5500 FinePix E900. Olympus E 1 E 300 E 500,Kodak DSC Pro SLR c DSC Pro SLR n DSC Pro 14n. Pentax camera RAW PEF istD isdtDL isiDs,Minolta A1 A2 A200 DYNAX D7. Minolta Maxxum 5D Konica Minolta 7D MRW,Panasonic DMC FZ30. Zoom IN Out Rotate,Slideshow with background music. Voice Recording Voice recording from built in microphone or line in Aux source. Output MPEG 4 Audio AAC format, Video Recording require optional Resolution 352x240 30 fps.
cradle and firmware upgrade Audio AAC,Format MP4,FM Radio 87 5 MHz 108 MHz. Direct Printing PictBridge Compliant,Built in Speaker 8 Ohm 400mW Max. Compact FlashTM Card type I type II CF,Supported Memory Cards Memory Stick MS and MS Pro. Secure Digital Card SD, Transfer up to 20GB of data from a MultiMedia Card MMC. full charge MicroDrive, Mini SD RS MMC MS Duo MS Pro Duo require adapter not.
Hard Disk Size 2 5 inch Laptop style hard drive user upgradeable. AV device Analog AV OUT composite RCA jack,Stereo earphone jack. Display 3 6 TFT high resolution LCD 320x240 pixels backlight Adjustable. Interface USB 2 0 compatible USB 1 1,5V 2 5A DC IN Li ion 3 7V 2300 mAh battery. Power Model NP 100,TV system PAL NTSC, Remote Control Optional IrDA Lithium Battery CR2025 3V x1. Dimensions LxWxH 5 25 x 3 00 x 1 00 inches,Weight 10 3 ounces Included 2 5 HDD battery pack. System OS Windows98 98SE with driver,Windows ME Win 2000 SP3 or above XP.
Linux Kernel version 2 4 or above without driver,Mac OS 10 01 or above without driver. Note ESP unit doesn t support Windows 2000 SP1 SP2. please upgrade to SP3 or above,4 KEY PAD FUNCTIONS. FRONT VIEW,Point and Press,down to Select,ESC Exit or. TOP VIEW Available Options,Volume and,Picture Zoom. Headphone TV,Audio out Jack, Compact Flash CF and TV Video Out Jack Secure Digital SD Multi Media.
MicroDrive Card Slot Card MMC Sony Memory Stick,MS Sony Memory Stick Pro MS. Pro XD Card Slot,Power Button,Power Button Lock,Reset Button. Bottom view,Battery Door Cradle Optional Sold USB 5V DC in. Separately Input Jack Jack Jack,5 CHARGING THE BATTERY. Before initial use charge the ESP internal battery using the AC adapter for at least. 6 10 hours with the unit s power off To charge the battery connect the AC adapter s. cable into the DC 5V inlet and plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet The AC. adapter is a universal automatic voltage switching adapter that works from 110V 240V. electrical outlets, The charge LED lights RED while the battery is charging The charge LED light turns.
OFF when battery is fully charged,6 TURNING YOUR ESP ON AND OFF. To turn on the ESP press and hold the power button for 2 3 seconds or until the. blue screen shows up and release The GREEN power LED light turns on. To turn off the ESP press and hold the power button for 3 4 seconds and release The. GREEN power light turns off, Sliding the Power Button Lock to the Hold position prevents accidental ON or OFF. switching of the ESP Recommended during travel,7 HOME SCREEN. When you turn on the ESP Home screen appears You can return to the Home screen at. any time by pressing and holding the ESC button until you reach the Home screen. General Rule, Any item icon on the screen is executed using the directional Joystick to highlight and. then PRESS Joystick to select,Home Screen Page 1,Home Screen Page 2 Slide Joystick Down to Select.
8 Inserting and Removing Memory Cards,The ESP has two memory card slots. The C F Card slot supports the following cards,CompactFlash Type I and II. Microdrive 3 3V, The SD MMC MS XD Card slot supports the following cards. SD card Secure Digital,MultiMedia card MMC V 2 1 or later. Sony Memory Stick MS, Sony Memory Stick Pro MS Pro Duo Cards Require the use of MS Adapter.
not included provided by Memory card manufacturer or Sony. You can also use the following types of memory cards with a CompactFlash or any other. type adapter not included,MS Pro Duo, Never remove a memory card while it is being accessed Doing so may cause files to be. lost or Card damage Do not put labels or stickers on memory cards The sticker may. peel off preventing the card from being ejected and damaging the ESP unit. MEMORY CARD PROPER INSERTION ORIENTATION,USING THE COMPACT FLASH CARD SLOT. Open the C F card door Insert the memory card into the slot with the front of the card. facing the screen Push memory card slowly straight into the slot Do not insert card. angled If you are using a Compact Flash adapter place memory card into the adapter. fist then insert adapter into the slot, Make sure you insert memory card in the correct orientation straight in. and pull it straight out Otherwise the card and ESP will be damaged. Damaging memory card slot due to wrong insertion is not covered under. To remove a card from the C F Card slot first make sure the card is not being accessed. Pull the memory card straight out to remove the card. If you are using a CompactFlash adapter remove the adapter from the ESP do not. remove only the memory card,USING THE SD MMC MS XD CARD SLOT. Insert the memory card into the slot with the front of the card facing the screen Push the. memory card into the slot, Make sure you insert memory cards in the correct orientation Otherwise the card and.
ESP will be damaged, To remove a card from the Card slot first make sure the card is not being accessed Pull. out to remove the card, Sony Duo Cards require the use of MS MS Pro Adapter not included. Do not insert the Duo card without an adapter Inserting the Duo card. without an adapter will result in the inability to remove the card and. Fujifilm FinePix S2Pro FinePix S3Pro FinePix S5500 FinePix E900 Olympus E 1 E 300 E 500 Kodak DSC Pro SLR c DSC Pro SLR n DSC Pro 14n Pentax camera RAW PEF istD amp isdtDL isiDs Minolta A1 A2 A200 DYNAX D7 Minolta Maxxum 5D Konica Minolta 7D MRW Panasonic DMC FZ30 Zoom IN Out Rotate EXIF data Slideshow with background music

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