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Introduction 3,C MAP ENC 3,Jeppesen s SENC distribution 3. Main benefits of distribution in Jeppesen s SENC format 3. Subscription 4,Database structure 4,Coverage 4,Licensing 4. Licensing by means of the C MAP Chart Catalog 5,Register your license code 5. Subscription Period 5,License Period 5,Licensing new ENCs 5. Renewal of subscription 6,Non renewal of subscription 6.
C MAP Dynamic Licensing 7,License Period 7,Licensing new ENCs 7. Reporting 7,Activating C MAP Dynamic Licensing 8,C MAP Update Service 8. New version of database 8,Updates ER files 9, ENC supplemented with Jeppesen s non ENC charts 10. Contact information 11,Introduction, This Product and Services Guide provides basic generic information on. registering databases applying licenses and updating your ENCs However. the manufacturer of your equipment may have implemented these routines in. a slightly different way For detailed instructions on how to install license and. start using the ENC databases for your specific system please refer to the. manufacturer s equipment user guide, An ENC is a vector chart that conforms to the IHO S 57 international.
exchange format complies with the IHO ENC Product Specification and is. provided with updates that give NtM corrections and other critical changes. They refer to World Geodetic System 1984 Datum WGS84 and are. approved for electronic navigation ENC data facilitates unique functionality. that improves the safety of navigation at sea, C MAP ENC is composed of ENCs prepared for distribution in Jeppesen s. SENC format and complies with all requirements and regulations for. electronic navigation Paperless navigation can be realized provided that. chart carriage regulation requirements are satisfied The C MAP ENC product. is compiled into one single database and distributed on one single DVD. Jeppesen s SENC distribution, This product is distributed in Jeppesen s SENC format CM 93 3. SENC distribution makes the ENCs available and secure in a data format. ready to be used on the ECDIS and is supported by the majority of ECDIS. brands on the market, Main benefits of distribution in Jeppesen s SENC format. Worldwide coverage on 1 DVD,No compilation from S 57 to SENC onboard. No verification of complied data onboard,Comprehensive updating service.
DNV type approved, Jeppesen s SENC format is highly optimized for easy installation and use. The ENC data supplied in SENC format can be loaded straight into the system. without the need to be compiled Before distributing the C MAP ENC product. all ENCs are verified in a controlled environment by industry standard. verification software In this way the navigator will not be facing errors during. the installation phase SENC distribution provides the most cost effective and. timesaving transfer of chart data to the vessel both by physical media DVD. and online communications such as VSAT,Subscription. Database structure, HOs supply ENCs in a cell structure where you are being charged for each. ENC Cells may have different coverage depending on the scale and amount. of data they contain Some few HOs prefer to distribute ENCs in collections. that contain several cells covering larger areas The cell structure allows you. to order coverage in accordance with individual needs. Jeppesen Marine can supply extensive worldwide coverage The production of. ENCs has increased considerably during the last years and will continue to do. so into the future, Note To get an up to date overview of available ENC coverage from Jeppesen. Marine please download the free version of our Chart Catalog available on. www jeppesen com marine, A license is required to view ENCs on the screen There are two different.
options to obtain licenses for the C MAP ENC,By means of. C MAP Chart Catalog,C MAP Dynamic Licensing, The C MAP Chart Catalog can be used to plan and order the ENCs that are. needed for the next license period or next voyage Jeppesen Marine will return. the license codes which need to be entered into the system to get access. to the ENCs C MAP Dynamic Licensing gives you immediate access to new. ENCs by panning and zooming on the screen or by navigating the vessel into. a new area without any preordering process being required. Licensing by means of the C MAP Chart Catalog, The C MAP Chart Catalog allows you to view select and order ENCs from. the C MAP ENC database in an interactive way It provides an overview of all. ENCs necessary for the intended voyage,Register your license code. Jeppesen Marine sends out licenses in the form of a PASSWORD USR file. attached to an email, Each ENC has its own license code which consists of a string of 16.
hexadecimal characters ranging from 1 to 9 and A to F. You should apply the license using the option in the ECDIS to Import from. file When using this method you do not have to insert the license codes. manually Please follow your manufacturer s equipment user guide for detailed. instructions, Note If you are using a separate PC please transfer the file PASSWORD USR. or text string into the ECDIS via a USB memory stick or other transfer media. Subscription Period, The subscription period is defined as the 12 month period from the date. on which the first ENC is ordered and every 12 months thereafter All ENCs. included in the subscription regardless of time of ordering expire on the. License Period, As a basic a 12 months subscription is required Within this period new ENCs. may be licensed for periods of 3 or 6 months or until expiry date of your. basic subscription Due to limitations set by some HOs the license period for. some few ENCs can only be set to 12 months,Licensing new ENCs. License to new ENCs can be obtained in two different ways depending on. your needs, You can order additional ENCs to your basic 12 months subscription All.
the additional ENCs will have the same expiry date and be included in. the renewal process If you are halfway or more into your current license. period a discount will be offered, As an alternative you can order new ENCs for a period of 3 or 6 months. Jeppesen recognize that all 3 and 6 month licenses are for limited use only and. therefore we do not send out renewal reminders, Please contact your local Jeppesen Marine office for more information. To order new ENCs,1 Complete an order form for the C MAP ENC. 2 Use the C MAP Chart Catalog to select ENCs and to generate an order file. See the Help function in the Chart Catalog for more details. 3 E mail both the order form and order file to your local Jeppesen Marine office. You can also send the order via your chart distributor. Please remember to include all required information such as the IMO number of the. ship invoicing and delivery addresses, Within a few working hours after receiving the order Jeppesen Marine will send you. the required license code s If for any reason the license codes are not received. please contact your local Jeppesen Marine office or your chart distributor. Note The order form and the C MAP Chart Catalog can be found on. www jeppesen com marine,Renewal of subscription, Jeppesen Marine will send you a renewal reminder prior to the expiry date.
applicable only for 12 month subscriptions Attached to this e mail is a C MAP. chart catalog order file clo showing your current ENC portfolio Please reply to. this e mail to confirm your portfolio for the next license period Upon receipt of your. reply Jeppesen Marine will immediately issue a new license to ensure uninterrupted. access to the ENC data, In addition to this reminder e mail a warning message will appear on the screen. prior to the expiry date and inform you that the license needs to be renewed. Note After a certain time after the expiry date of the licenses the C MAP ENC. database will no longer be displayed It is therefore very important that Jeppesen. Marine receives the renewal confirmation in good time so as to ensure continuity. of the service,Non renewal of subscription, To terminate a subscription license applicable only for 12 month subscriptions. please return a completed non renewal form to your local Jeppesen office or. contact your chart distributor Jeppesen Marine needs to be informed about. the termination at least 3 months before the renewal date. The non renewal form can be found on www jeppesen com marine If by. any reason you don t have this form available you can contact your local. Jeppesen office and inform about the subscription termination. C MAP Dynamic Licensing, Dynamic Licensing is a user friendly and cost effective method of licensing. ENCs The service ensures time limited licenses to all required ENCs along. a route You will get immediate access to new ENCs by panning and zooming. on the screen or by navigating the vessel into a new ENC area without any. preordering process required,Benefits include,ENC access in seconds automatically. No preordering process required, Pay as you go using pre set budgets and spending limits.
Note Dynamic Licensing is only valid for newer ECDIS systems supporting. this functionality,License Period, You can choose the license period based on your requirements The options. are 3 6 or 12 months Due to limitations set by some HOs the license period. for some few ENCs can only be set to 12 months,Licensing new ENCs. Depending on the ECDIS system there will be different options to get licenses. to new ENCs The validity of each ENC license is individual The expiry. date is then based on the date when the ENC is first activated To prevent. uncontrolled licensing costs a credit limit has to be set Immediate access to. new ENCs is also restricted to the defined Zones, You do not have to manually report ENC usage to Jeppesen Marine When. connecting to the online service for updating the ENCs a full report on new. ENCs obtained since the last report is automatically generated and sent to. Jeppesen Marine,Activating C MAP Dynamic Licensing. To start a dynamic licensing subscription you have to complete the C MAP. Dynamic Licensing order form and send it to your local Jeppesen Marine. office or your chart distributor The order form regulates important issues. such as the subscription area Zones Credit Limit Invoice Limit and Invoice. Period Upon receipt of the order Jeppesen will send an e mail to confirm. your access to this service, The order form is available on www jeppesen com marine or by contacting.
Jeppesen Marine, Note To activate this service for first time please refer to the Dynamic. Licensing Quick Start Guide from Jeppesen and to your relevant. manufacturer s equipment user guide,C MAP Update Service. Depending on your requirements technical outfit and communication. capacity you can choose different options to keep your onboard databases. Note It is important that you keep the C MAP ENC updated on a weekly. basis by installing a new version of the ENC database To keep the. database more frequently updated Jeppesen Marine publishes updates. every working day, C MAP Update Service Distribution Updates ER files New ENCs New Editions of ENCs. DVD DVD X X X,Online HTTP X X X,Online HTTP and E mail X. Note The ENC subscription fee includes unlimited use of the. C MAP Update Service with the exception of the airtime cost. New version of database, Jeppesen Marine releases a new version of C MAP ENC database including.
new ENCs new editions of ENCs and updates on a weekly basis You can. choose two different options of how to update the database either by. installing a new update DVD or by using the Online service. You can check the status for the latest database releases on our web site. C MAP Update Service DVD, The database is distributed via DVD you decide the frequency Please note. that this database should be installed immediately after receiving the DVD. Your existing licenses will still be valid and you do not need to request new. licenses from Jeppesen Marine, Note If you receive more than one updating DVD at the same time you. only need to install the most recent one,C MAP Update Service Online. To be able to update the database wherever and whenever Online is the. best option This service enables you to renew your database via an online. connection via the Internet Please note that this service requires bandwidth. of high quality and capacity In addition to updating the database using. Online Jeppesen recommends that you receive an updated DVD at least. every 4 months, For a free download of the Online Service please visit. www jeppesen com marine, Note In addition to regular installing a new database by means of a new DVD.
or Online Dynamic License customers have to update the database using. C MAP Update Service Online,Updates ER files,C MAP Update Service Online. In addition to installing a new version of the database frequently you can. apply daily updates via the Online service The updates are made available via. online communication e mail or Internet HTTP This service is implemented. in all ECDIS systems based on Jeppesen technology Please follow your. manufacturer s equipment user guide for detailed instructions New ENCs and. new editions of ENCs are not included in this service and have to be received. regularly via DVD or Online, Note Updates for a previous edition of an ENC will stop when t. Licensing by means of the C MAP Chart Catalog The C MAP Chart Catalog allows you to view select and order ENCs from the C MAP ENC database in an interactive way

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