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Acronyms and Note on,Terminology,ABE Achieving Best Evidence. CSE Child sexual exploitation,DfE Department for Education. MASH Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub,Pace Parents against child sexual exploitation. PLO Parent Liaison Officer,CPS Crown Prosecution Service. For ease of reading the term parent is used, throughout this report and includes other caregivers.
within the family who may be looking after a child. The term perpetrator is used throughout the report to. refer to those who groom and sexually exploit children. In cases of peer on peer abuse these terms are not. necessarily appropriate However all the children, whose parents took part in this evaluation had been. abused by adults,Acknowledgments, The evaluation team would like to thank the parents. who gave up their time so generously to share their. experiences of Pace with us We are also grateful to. the professionals from various agencies who were,willing to be interviewed and colleagues from the. International Centre for their support,EMPOWERING PARENTS 2. Executive Summary 4,1 Introduction 7,1 1 Overview 7.
1 2 Parents as partners in safeguarding children and young people in Lancashire project 7. 1 3 The Evaluation 9,2 Methodology 9,2 1 Parent engagement 10. 2 2 Professional engagement 10,2 3 Data analysis 12. 2 4 Limitations of the evaluation 12,3 PLO outcomes for parents 12. 3 1 Parents awareness and understanding of CSE 13, 3 2 Parents supported to safeguard their children 15. 3 3 PLO impact on family engagement in court cases 17. 3 4 Further outcomes for parents 20,4 PLO impact on Engage team work on CSE cases 22.
4 1 Professionals understanding of family needs capacities in CSE cases 23. 4 2 Professionals treating parents as partners in safeguarding 24. 4 3 Professional decision making 26,4 4 Multi agency partnership 28. 4 5 Dual support 29,5 Discussion 30,5 1 The relational safeguarding model outcomes 30. 5 2 The relational safeguarding model principles 32. 5 3 Barriers and enablers 33,5 4 Service improvement 34. 5 5 Conclusion 34,References 35, Appendix 1 Parent Carer Evaluation Form moderate intense need 36. Appendix 2 Interview schedule 39,EMPOWERING PARENTS 3.
Executive Summary 5 The PLO equips and empowers parents to safeguard. their children through supporting them to develop and. Overview implement safety plans As a result parents reported. having greater control in the home and confidence, 1 This report presents the findings of an evaluation in their capacity to protect their child These plans. of the project Parents as partners in safeguarding directed parents to report their children missing and to. children and young people in Lancashire June 2014 share information with the police and other services. to May 2017 The project was delivered by Parents, against child sexual exploitation Pace and centred 6 The PLO provides intensive and long term support. around the work of a Parent Liaison Officer PLO to families whose case is going to court from Crown. placed in the multi agency Engage team in Blackburn Prosecution Service referral to post trial readjustment. with Darwen Lancashire Parents valued the information reassurance and. practical support the PLO provided before during, 2 The PLO offers flexible one to one support to and after a trial and professional interviewees in. parents and families whose child is at risk or a victim the Engage team identified this support as a key. of child sexual exploitation CSE using the relational contributor to the team s strong record of child family. safeguarding model developed by Pace The aims attendance at court. of the evaluation were to explore the impact of the. PLO in relation to three key outcomes for parents 7 Parents described themselves as more emotionally. increased awareness and understanding of CSE resilient and able to cope with the impact of CSE. playing a more active part in safeguarding their child because of the PLO s support Being able to talk to. and receipt of support through the judicial process the PLO reduced their isolation and the on going and. intense encouragement from the PLO helped them, 3 Semi structured individual interviews were manage their emotions through the distress of various. undertaken with parents who had received one to situations related to their child s exploitation. one support from the Parent Liaison Officer n 10, and with professionals who had worked alongside 8 Some parents reported improvements in.
the PLO in the Engage team n 11 This data was relationships in the home because of the advice and. supplemented by one focus group with parents n 4 support provided by the PLO This support helped. an evaluation form for parents n 17 interviews with parents and other family members like siblings. PLOs n 3 and observation of the Engage team understand the experience and perspective of the child. who had experienced CSE, Key Findings PLO impact on parents 9 Some parents highlighted additional support they. had received from the PLO including resolving, 4 All parents who took part in the evaluation reported housing difficulties advocacy with other services and. that the PLO had helped them understand CSE They practical help with appointments. explained that understanding how children could be. manipulated groomed and controlled helped them, place responsibility for the abuse on the perpetrator Key Findings PLO impact on multi agency work on. which in turn helped them not to blame either their CSE cases. child or themselves as parents Parents also observed. that understanding the grooming process helped them 1 The PLO is co located with the police children s. to make sense of times when their child s behaviour social care health and other agencies within the. had been avoidant hostile or out of character which Engage team These partners report that the PLO. helped them to respond more empathetically to their role has had a positive impact on their awareness of. child families needs rights and capacities,EMPOWERING PARENTS 4. 2 The work of the PLO supports the Engage team Discussion. to empower and work with parents Professional, colleagues describe the PLO as a conduit for the 7 The work of Pace in the Engage team is underpinned.
voice of parents in the team which helps agencies by the following principles. understand how to better support them Agencies, working with the family are held accountable by the 1 Protecting children by strengthening the family. PLO to the decisions and plans made for the child a Empowering building on strengths removing. barriers advocating, 3 The PLO s liaison role creates a pathway for b Parent focused identifying and meeting needs. information to be shared between parents and taking parents views seriously. professionals Professionals observed that parents c Dual support recognising the child within their. energies are channelled into partnering with those family context. agencies and Pace can manage regulate and, improve the quality of information shared using their 2 Knowledgeable about CSE providing specialist. knowledge of CSE information and experience, 4 Engage professionals noted the quality and quantity 3 Independent support in a multi agency team. of information provided by parents through Pace to challenging and working with other agencies. be highly valuable Alongside greater awareness of, the needs and capacities of parents this information 4 Available flexible and responsive adapting to.
provides them with a more holistic picture of the parents needs and wishes. family environment This in turn helps the team make. better safeguarding decisions for the child siblings 8 The evaluation identified two key factors that. and their peers Information provided by the PLO was enable Pace to achieve these outcomes Firstly the. also described by police interviewees as significant PLO works within a multi agency team that has a. in affecting the direction and outcome of police great deal of experience of dealing with the victims. investigations into CSE cases and perpetrators of CSE and believes in the value. of working with parents Being co located with, 5 Professional partners observed that the PLO s other agencies is an additional benefit in terms of. liaison with and support for parents helps other information sharing and building trusting relationships. agencies achieve their objectives by allowing them to Secondly both the current and former PLO in the. focus on their primary operational tasks and engage team have extensive experience of working with. with parents in more strategic ways They described parents and on CSE cases Parents and professionals. Pace playing a valuable role by preparing the ground respect their expertise which enhances their work and. for other agencies to build their own relationships with reputation in the local area. 9 The current funding arrangements are a constraint. 6 The PLO works alongside children s social workers on the work of the PLO The PLO s part time contract. on CSE cases Both parents and professionals valued means she is prioritising high risk high need cases. the child and parent having separate workers who which means fewer families are being supported at the. nevertheless work closely with each other in terms point of early help or investigation Another constraint. of planning information sharing and reinforcing key is the wide geographical area the PLO covers in East. messages to children and families Lancashire which can limit work with families because. of travel time,EMPOWERING PARENTS 5, 10 Parents and professionals both identified a need for. more capacity in the Pace service to ensure that those. parents who need this valuable support can access it. 11 The evaluation has shown that the work of the, PLO utilising the relational safeguarding model has. contributed to positive outcomes for both parents, and professional partners It has also identified the. scope for the relational safeguarding model to be, developed further by exploring the links between the.
PLO s activities and the various outcomes referred to. in this evaluation Moving forward a theory of change. could explain how parents knowledge confidence,safeguarding capacity and parenting are impacted. by the PLO how they inter relate and how why they,contribute to reduced risk to the child. EMPOWERING PARENTS 6, 1 Introduction Support for parents and families affected by CSE. The evidence base on the impact of child sexual, 1 1 Overview exploitation CSE 2 on parents and families is still. emerging but there is increasing recognition that, This report outlines the findings of a small scale parents and other family members are both affected.
evaluation of the Parents as partners in safeguarding by CSE and in need of support to address this As. children and young people in Lancashire project the Department for Education DfE guidance on CSE. an initiative funded by Comic Relief and the Safer 2017 14 notes. Lives programme which ran from May 2014 to April, 2017 The evaluation was undertaken by staff from Parents and carers can feel excluded in work with. The International Centre researching child sexual children and young people who are or who are at. exploitation violence and trafficking at the University risk of being sexually exploited by perpetrators. of Bedfordshire external to the family Where assessment shows. it is safe and appropriate to do so parents and,families should be regarded as a part of the. 1 2 Parents as partners in solution It is crucial to work with them not only. safeguarding children and young to assess the risks of harm faced by the young. person or child but to help them understand what, people in Lancashire project the young person has experienced the risks they. face and how they can be supported and protected,In 2014 Parents against child sexual exploitation. The parents may need direct support and help to,Pace received grant funding from Comic Relief and.
improve family relationships and keep their child, the Safer Lives programme to deliver the Parents as. partners in safeguarding children and young people. in Lancashire project Pace supports parents in,Research and practice documents highlight a range. responding to the sexual exploitation of their children. of ways in which parents and families suffer when a. by perpetrators external to the family The grant funded. child is sexually exploited These can include negative. a Parent Liaison Officer PLO working in the Engage. impact on physical mental and emotional wellbeing, multi agency CSE team which is based in Lancashire. social isolation being threatened or harassed by,working to disrupt abuse convict perpetrators and. perpetrators and relationships in the home coming,protect children who are at risk of CSE1.
under severe strain Kosaraju 2009 Palmer and,Jenkins 2014 Pace 2016 Unwin and Stephens Lewis. 2016 Pace raises awareness of the needs of parents. and has been developing practice responses through. its partnership in multi agency teams, 1 The grant funding provided for one full time PLO in the Engage team During the grant period the PLO post became part time to support. the creation of a PLO manager role in Lancashire The original PLO became the first PLO manager and the new PLO began work in November. 2015 working 22 5 hours a week, 2 Child sexual exploitation is a form of child sexual abuse It occurs where an individual or group takes advantage of an imbalance of power to. parents and other family members are both affected by CSE and in need of support to address this As the Department for Education DfE guidance on CSE 2017 14 notes Parents and carers can feel excluded in work with children and young people who are or who are at risk of being sexually exploited by perpetrators external to the family

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