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About Open Adoption Family Services,Non profit agency. Licensed in Oregon and Washington,In the past 34 years we have placed. over 1 500 children in open adoptions,We ve become the experts in open. adoption in the NW and,spokespeople nationwide,Unique in providing all options. pregnancy counseling,Birthparent led Board of Directors.
We welcome diversity,Bill of Rights in an Unintended Pregnancy. Have access to information about,all of your options. Freely explore your options,without pressure or judgment. Receive respect compassion and,acceptance,Receive unbiased non directive. pregnancy options counseling,from qualified counselors.
Have your choice honored,regardless of what it is,Values Exploration on a Personal. and Professional Level,What are your values regarding. pregnancy options parenting,abortion and adoption,Do you have personal experience. with these choices,What were you raised to believe. Do you feel differently now,How do you think your personal.
values and beliefs may,consciously or unconsciously. influence your work with,expectant parents,Personal Values Exercise. Beliefs Activity,Exploring All Pregnancy Options,Making an informed decision. Avoiding assumptions,The power of language in framing. the conversation,Creating an emotionally safe place.
Importance of feeling understood,cared for empowered informed. and not judged,Letting go of any investment in her. Engaging Expectant Fathers,It is important to engage. interested fathers using the same,techniques used to engage others. treating them with dignity and,Why engage the father.
How do I engage the father,Domestic Violence and Pregnancy. As a helping professional you,are in a position to provide a. domestic violence,assessment for the mom,You can assess if domestic. violence is an issue and if it is,influencing a mom s decision. When the Choice is Parenting,Counselors connect clients to.
resources 211info org has a,comprehensive list,Healthy Families Oregon. Mother s Care Nurse Family,Partnership Early Head Start. Housing assistance,Public assistance,Parenting support organizations. Difficult Questions Statements,What would you do if. you were in my place,I feel like having an,abortion would be.
really selfish,My mom dad will be,so angry with me. Empowering Expectant Parents About Open Adoption amp Family Services Non profit agency Licensed in Oregon and Washington In the past 34 years we have placed over 1 500 children in open adoptions We ve become the experts in open adoption in the NW and spokespeople nationwide Unique in providing all options pregnancy counseling Birthparent led Board of Directors We

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