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Emergency Towing Booklet,TABLE OF CONTENTS,1 GENERAL DESCRIPTION 3. 1 1 General 3,1 2 Limitation during towing operations 3. 1 3 Master s action 4,1 4 Safety considerations 4,2 SHIP SPECIFIC DATA 5. 2 1 General information 5,2 2 Draft and displacement range 5. 2 3 Anchor anchor chain and mooring lines 5,2 4 Radio equipments 6.
2 5 Power supply and steering equipments 6,2 6 Lifting devices 6. 2 7 Mooring Towing fittings on fore mooring deck 7. 2 8 Mooring Towing fittings on aft mooring deck 8,3 TOWING PATTERNS 9. 3 1 General 9,3 2 Towing from bow 9,3 3 Towing from stern 10. 4 ORGANISATION OF TASKS 11,4 1 Staffs arrangement Communications 11. 4 2 Tasks and equipments 12,5 CURRENT STATUS 13,5 1 General 13.
5 2 Damage and seaworthiness 13,5 3 Steering and propulsion 14. 5 4 Power system 14,6 PROCEDURES FOR CONNECTING TOWING LINES 15. 6 1 Towing from stern 15,6 2 Towing from bow 18,Emergency Towing Booklet. 1 GENERAL DESCRIPTION,1 1 General, 1 1 1 This booklet is prepared for use in emergency towing situations in accordance with SOLAS. Ch II 1 Regulation 3 4 and relating MSC 1 Circ 1255. 1 1 2 Following information is included in this booklet. a Drawings of fore and aft deck showing possible emergency towing arrangements. b Inventory of equipment on board that can be used for emergency towing. c Means and methods of communication, d Sample procedures to facilitate the preparation for and conducting of emergency towing.
e Organization of tasks, f Communications plan listing all information that is needed to communicate to the towing ship. 1 1 3 A copy of this booklet should be kept at hand by the owners operators A copy should be also. kept in a common electronic file format which will allow faster distribution to the concerned. 1 1 4 A minimum of three copies should be kept on board and located in following locations. a The bridge,b A forecastle space,c The Ship s office or cargo control room. 1 1 5 Owners operators and crew should take into consideration that the nature of an emergency. does not allow time for deliberation Accordingly the procedures should be practiced. beforehand, 1 1 6 Typical procedures for connecting towing lines are introduced in Section 6 of this booklet. 1 1 7 The crew should have good knowledge of equipment stowage location and accessibility Any. identified improvements to stowage arrangements should be implemented. 1 2 Limitation during towing operations, 1 2 1 Not all ships have the same degree of shipboard equipment so that there may be limits to. possible towing procedures Nevertheless the intention of this booklet is to predetermine what. can be accomplished, 1 2 2 The towing load should not exceed safety working loads of deck fittings as shown in 2 7 and 2 8.
of this booklet When heavy weather where the towing load increases significantly is forecasted. special considerations are to be paid to towing speed towing lines arrangement and ship s. 1 2 3 When the angle of tow line around bow or stern chock becomes smaller the resultant force. acting on the chock gets greater Therefore tow line s fleet angle around chocks should be kept. greater than generally 135 degrees,Emergency Towing Booklet. 1 2 4 When the fleet angle is expected to get smaller during turning operation etc towing speed. should be sufficiently rated down, 1 2 5 Loading points on stand rollers are so high that great bending moments are generally. transferred to the supporting structures Stand rollers are not to be used in towing lines. arrangement,1 3 Master s action, 1 3 1 The master of ship or ship owner s representative to recognize that the ship is in distress and. may need towing assistance should make the initial notification of the incident to the following. a Nearest port states,b Flag states,c Other relevant parties Shipper Insurer etc. 1 3 2 The master should fill up tables in Section 5 CURRUENT STATUS and prepare to. communicate to the towing ship, 1 3 3 All information from Section 1 to Section 5 of this booklet should be delivered to the towing ship.
1 3 4 The master should ensure that towing lines do not come tight until towing lines are made up to. the connection system of towing ship and everyone on deck are noted. 1 3 5 When power system on board is not available or alternative connection procedures are. introduced by the towing ship the master should make a best decision considering ship s. current status in consultation with the towing ship. 1 3 6 When alternative procedures are adopted any precautions should be well informed to all staffs. 1 3 7 The master should ensure that all survival crafts onboard are ready to employment. 1 4 Safety considerations, 1 4 1 1st Officer on mooring deck should be in contact with the Bridge in all times. 1 4 2 Everyone on deck should be equipped with the personnel life saving appliance and be alert for. slips trips and fall hazards, 1 4 3 All crew should be informed well of the work procedures and tasks. 1 4 4 When the towing line begins strained in tension all on deck staffs should be evacuated to the. safe location, 1 4 5 It is necessary to grease up continuously in order to prevent wear of ropes in chocks when wire. ropes are used as towing lines Wear out condition in chocks should be constantly checked. 1 4 6 Whilst engaged in towing operations the minimum number of crew essential to carry out duties. is to be on deck and never exposed to a rope or wire under tension or load Wherever possible. a clear deck of crew should be in operation whilst towing. Emergency Towing Booklet,2 SHIP SPECIFIC DATA,2 1 General information. 1 Ship s name M T RUBY T,2 Call sign 9HA2520,3 Type of ship OIL CHEMICAL TANKER.
4 IMO number 9457878,5 Nationality MALTA,6 Port of registry VALLETTA. 7 Classification GERMANISCHER LLOYD,8 Classification ID No 113852. 9 Year of built 2010,10 Gross tonnage 12890,LOA 156 70 M. LBP 146 90 M,11 Principal dimensions,Breadth 22 90 M. Depth 12 80 M,Height of mooring deck at Fore deck 16200.
centerline above base line,Aft deck 16200,2 2 Draft and displacement range. Draft meters Displacement tons,Summer load condition 9800 27412. Lightest sea going condition 6060 15976,2 3 Anchor anchor chain and mooring lines. Equipment Number Anchor,1932 Type HHP,Mooring lines Weight 4500 kg. Type rope Number 2,Diameter 48 mm Anchor chain,Length 220 m Grade Q3.
Number 18 Length 577 5,SWL 430 kN Diameter 60 mm,Emergency Towing Booklet. 2 4 Radio equipments,No Equipments Fitted or not Phone No etc. 1 VHF radio installation X Yes No,2 MF radio installation X Yes No. 3 MF HF radio installation X Yes No,4 Inmarsat B Yes X No. 5 Inmarsat C X Yes No,6 Inmarsat F X Yes No,7 Navtex receiver X Yes No.
8 2 way VHF radio telephone 3EA X Yes No,9 Weather facsimile X Yes No. 10 Maritime telephone X Yes No,2 5 Power supply and steering equipments. No Equipments Location Particulars,1 Main generator Engine Room 750 kWe 440 V 60 Hz. 2 Em cy generator Emg Gen Room 240 kWe 440 V 60 Hz. 3 Main steering gear pump Str gear room Leistriz 277 8 l min 3500 RPM. 4 Em cy steering gear pump,When all power supplies are halted steering by a. 5 human power is possible x Yes No,2 6 Lifting devices.
Device SWL tons Location,Fore Rope handing davit NA Around rope hatch. mooring Portable davit NA,Provision crane 2 0 Aft end of accommodation P S. mooring Fuel oil hose handling davit NA Front end of accommodation P S. Emergency Towing Booklet,2 7 Mooring Towing fittings on fore mooring deck. Emergency Towing Booklet,2 8 Mooring Towing fittings on aft mooring deck. Emergency Towing Booklet,3 TOWING PATTERNS,3 1 General.
3 1 1 The Master of the ship should determine the towing pattern in consultation with the towing. 3 1 2 The ships should be towed from the bow as far as possible If it is not possible to tow from the. bow for some reasons such as grounding collision towing from the stern may be selected as. an alternative, 3 1 3 Following circumstances are to be taken into the Master s account. a Ship s position,b Availability of the propulsion system. c Direction and rate of drift, d Distance and estimated time to any possible grounding location. e Weather and sea conditions, f Short term marine forecast for the area of the incident. 3 2 Towing from bow, 3 2 1 Following figure shows the typical arrangement of tow line connection for towing from bow.
Emergency Towing Booklet,3 3 Towing from stern, 3 3 1 Following figure shows the typical arrangement of tow line connection for towing from stern. Emergency Towing Booklet,4 ORGANIZATION OF TASKS,4 1 Staffs arrangement Communications. Captain Towing ship,3rd Officer,Quartermaster ECR,Chief Engineer. Mooring deck Electirician,1st Officer On deck operations. 2nd Officer,2nd Engineer,Bosun Winch Rope handling.
Deck man A,Deck man B,Deck man C,Emergency Towing Booklet. 4 2 Tasks and equipments,Equipments,No Person Personnel Portable On Task tion. life saving wireless deck,appliance radio tools,Communication with towing ship. 1 Captain O Overall responsible person,2 3 rdOfficer Assistant to Captain. 3 Quartermaster Steering,1st Officer Communication with Bridge.
4 O O Responsible person on deck,5 2nd Officer O O st. Assistant to 1 Officer,6 2 Engineer O O,7 Bosun O O Winch rope operations. 8 Deckman A O O Deck,Winch handling,9 Deckman B O O. 10 Deckman C O O,Rope handling,Responsible person in engine. 14 Chief Engineer room ECR,15 Electrician Assistant to Chief Engineer.
Emergency Towing Booklet,5 CURRENT STATUS,5 1 General. No Item Status,Date Month Year Time,1 Present time. 2 Current position,Describe the cause,3 Cause of towage. 4 Weather condition,5 Weather forecast,6 Ship s drafts Fore Aft. Velocity knots Direction,7 Wind velocity and direction.
Speed knots Direction,8 Drifting speed and direction. 5 2 Damage and seaworthiness,No Item Status,Describe the status. 1 Flooding or outflow Yes No,Describe the danger,2 Imminent danger e g grounding Yes No. Describe the type of cargo,3 Cargo loaded Yes No,Describe the status of M E. 4 Can use the main engine Yes No,5 Can control the trim Yes No.
6 Is there heeling Yes No,Emergency Towing Booklet. 5 3 Steering and propulsion,No Item Status,Describe the status. 1 Can use the rudder Yes No,Describe the status,If the rudder is damaged what is the. 2 current rudder angle and is it possible Yes No,to return to midship. Describe the status,Can prevent free rotation of the.
3 propeller Yes No,5 4 Power system,No Item Status. Describe the status,1 Can use power on board Yes No. Describe the status,Can use the mooring winch for winding. 2 the towing line Yes No,Can use deck lighting for the towing. 3 line connection Yes No,4 Can use towing side stern lights Yes No.
6 PROCEDURES FOR CONNECTING TOWING LINES,6 1 Towing from stern. 6 1a Deployment procedure of After,No 1 Stage,For safe operation follow the procedure below. 1 Go to pick up gear container, 2 Loosen butterfly bolts at pick up gear box and open the box. 3 Connect the end of the messenger rope to C type socket of the towing pennant. with a shackle, 4 The light on the buoy will turn on automatically. No 2 Stage, 1 Tugboat shell pick up the buoy and the end of the messenger rope.
2 When the messenger rope is being pulled out the safety clamp on the storage. No 3 Stage, 1 C type socket of the towing pennant is to be fixed on the towing equipment of the tug. 2 Then the towing can be started,6 1b Retrieval procedure. 1 Remove the cover on the end of the centrifugal brake on the storage drum and. install the air motor, 2 Spool the retrieval wire on the smallest storage part of the drum. 3 When the end socket of the wire is resting properly on the drum guide the towing. wire through the split flange to the largest storage side of the drum. Spool the towing wire on the drum and monitor that correct spooling is obtained. Rinse the towing wire with fresh water while it s being retrieved. When spooling check for damage to the wires Of any we strongly recommend to. replace the wire with a new one, 4 Retrieve the pick up gear on deck by hand or by means of wearing head on a. Emergency Towing Booklet 1 GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1 1 General 1 1 1 This booklet is prepared for use in emergency towing situations in accordance with SOLAS Ch II 1 Regulation 3 4 and relating MSC 1 Circ 1255 1 1 2 Following information is included in this booklet a Drawings of fore and aft deck showing possible emergency towing arrangements

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