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The e CMR Protocol of 20 February 2008, The CMR Convention 1956 also makes it. mandatory to use a paper consignment note , unless countries have joined the convention s e . protocol 2008 , The e protocol stipulates that it is possible to. use an electronic consignment note for, international road haulage . If two bordering countries have ratified the e , protocol road haulage is possible between.
them by carrying an accompanying electronic, consignment note As soon as the electronic. consignment note meets the requirements of, the e protocol it is regarded as equivalent to. the paper version and has the same evidentiary, value and the same effects . 2,51Biz lu, Project status, UN CEFACT has finalized and published a standard message and business. process document on e CMR The results are available at . 3 http www unece org cefact brs brs index html, 51Biz lu.
UN CEFACT e CMR project deliverables, Business Requirements Specification BRS . for Electronic Road Consignment Note e , CMR based on the high level MMT BRS. Subset exchange syntax neutral message, structures for e CMR. XML schemas of the e CMR messages, e CMR project supported by . Project Team , Project leader Evgeniya Iafaev , Lead Editor Rudy Hemeleers.
Editor B reng re Coupet Maisonnave, Experts , Thierry Grumiaux. Gianguglielmo Calvi, Sue Probert,4 plus others,51Biz lu. CMR BRS Current process Flow, Prepares and coordinates CMR transpot contract . 1 red copy for the consignor, blue copy for the consignee this copy accompanies the goods throughout the entire. Consignor, transport movement , green copy for the carrier.
2 On taking over the goods checks the accuracy of the data in the paper CMR quantity of. packages condition of goods their packaging and etc . Carrier Signs the CMR note with reservations noted if needed . 3 Consignee, Consignee acknowledges the receipt of goods after verification . CMR is prima facie evidence of the making of the contract of carriage the conditions of the contract and the. receipt of the goods by the carrier , CMR is obligatory document for international road transport in countries which adopted CMR Convention . 5,51Biz lu, UN CEFACT e CMR process flow 1st phase. Transport Sender Consignee, Carrier, Service Buyer Consignor . Sender Consignor Consignee , 1 Consignment, Instructions.
2 Issue of e CMR and, hands over of, goods to carrier. E CMR, 3 Proof of Delivery, 4 Status 4 Status, 4 Status. 6,51Biz lu, The UN CEFACT e CMR message is a subset of MMT. 90 attributes, are common to, all transport, modes. UN CEFACT, Core, components, Out of the box, multi modal.
7,51Biz lu, UN CEFACT e CMR Project Deliverables,8. 51Biz lu, e CMR model CMR Convention data taken into. account, Each object in the eCMR structure has a unique Dictionary Entry. Name plus a business short name for readability , Based upon the UN CEFACT Core Component Library CCL the. MultiModal Transport Reference Data Model MMT and the Supply. Chain Reference Data Model SCRDM ,9,51Biz lu, e CMR model Transit Declaration in Eurasian.
Customs Union and European Customs Union are, taken into account. 10,51Biz lu, UN CEFACT e CMR Road Consignment Note. 1 Enables data interoperability between shippers , forwarders carriers and government agencies. 2 Based on multimodal foundation from day one, 3 Core components internationally harmonized with IMO. FAL eCompendium and Pipeline Data Exchange, Standard PDES and aligned with WCO and EU.
Customs Data Model and IATA CargoXML, 4 Aligned with Geneva e CMR 2008 protocol addition. 5 Global Standard with UN CEFACT data governance,6 Developed by team of independent experts. 11,51Biz lu, Geneva e CMR 2008 Protocol Addition,Larger than European Union. Benelux, e CMR Pilot, Project, 1Dec2017 3, years . 17 countries are adopting the e CMR Protocol, Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Iran Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Moldavia .
12, Slovakia Slovenia Netherlands Russia announced Spain Switzerland and Turkey. 51Biz lu 12, Latest update on UNECE Website, eFTI Electronic Freight Transport Information. eFTI is part of the Third Mobility, Package proposed by the. European Commission, q B2G obligation of EU MS to. accept electronic transport, documents, q In a machine readable data format.
q harmonized across Europe, q EU MS must ensure the. interoperability of IT systems, Opportunity, Use UN CEFACT Multi Modal Transport Reference Model. MMT as basis for eFTI data sets for B2G data sharing. 13,51Biz lu, Electronic Road Consignment Note e CMR . Follow up project phase 2 ,Potential scope, 1 Global specification for road transport data set consignment note. events related to movement of transport means for track trace . 2 Full integration with MMT Data Pipeline Events ETA planning . 3 Sub set for B2G data sharing,4 Dangerous goods declarations for road transport.
5 Piece level track trace requested by GS1 and IATA . 6 Digital signature process requested by FR , 7 Bi directional alignment with IATA One Record and EU DTLF. Semantic Models, 8 Standardized API Application Programming Interface . CMR is prima facie evidence of the making of the contract of carriage the conditions of the contract and the receipt of the goods by the carrier CMR is obligatory document for international road transport in countries which adopted CMR Convention

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