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Overview 3,Package contents device parts 6,General information 7. Reading and storing the user manual 7,Explanation of symbols 7. Proper use 9,Safety instructions 10,First use 15,Checking the shaver and package contents 15. Displaying the status 15,Charging the rechargeable battery 16. Handling 17,Dry shave 17,Wet shave 18,Using the trimmer 18.
Using the travel guard 19,Cleaning and maintenance 20. Daily cleaning after a dry shave 21,Daily cleaning after a wet shave 21. Weekly cleaning 22,Dok Rev Nr 196094 20180205,User maintenance for the shaving foils 23. Replacing wearable parts 24,Replacing the shaver blades 25. Storage 26,Technical data 26,Declaration of conformity 27.
Disposal 27,Disposing of the packaging 27, Disposing of the shaving foil unit and shaver blades 28. Disposing of the shaver 28,Package contents device parts. 1 Protective cap,2 Shaver head shaver head frame with shaving foil. unit consisting of two shaving foils and an integrated. 3 Shaver blade 2,4 Release button 2,5 On Off switch. 6 Female plug,7 Cleaning brush,8 5 V plug,9 AC adapter plug.
10 Storage bag,11 Battery symbol,12 Mains symbol,13 Trimmer. 14 Hook of the shaving foil unit,15 Shaver head frame. 16 Shaving foil unit,General information,General information. Reading and storing the user manual,This user manual accompanies this electric shaver. cord cordless referred to below only as the shaver. It contains important information on start up and, Before using the shaver read the user manual carefully This.
particularly applies to safety instructions Failure to comply. with this user manual may result in injury or damage to the. The user manual is based on the standards and rules in force. in the European Union When abroad you must also observe. country specific guidelines and laws, Store the user manual for future use If you pass the shaver on. to third parties please be absolutely sure to include this user. Explanation of symbols, The following symbols and signal words are used in this user. manual on the shaver or on the packaging, This signal symbol word designates a hazard with moderate. degree of risk which may lead to death or severe injury if not. General information, This signal symbol word designates a hazard with low risk. that if not avoided may result in minor or moderate injury. This signal word warns against potential damages to. This symbol provides you with useful,supplementary information on assembly or.
Declaration of conformity see chapter,Declaration of conformity Products marked. with this symbol meet all applicable Community,regulations for the European Economic Area. This symbol identifies voltage and the current,rating for direct current. This symbol identifies electrical devices that,belong to the protection class 2 mains adapter. This symbol indicates the polarity of the current,on the 5 V plug.
Devices marked with this symbol are only,suitable for household use dry indoor rooms. This symbol identifies intrinsically safe,transformers with a fuse and thermo. protection,The shaver is suitable for being cleaned under. running water,ATTENTION The handheld part must be,disconnected from the connection line before. being cleaned with water,Proper use, The shaver is designed exclusively for dry and wet shaving.
of the face but also for trimming beards The shaver is only. intended for private use and not suitable for commercial. Only use the shaver as described in this user manual Any. other use is considered improper and may result in damage. to property, The manufacturer or vendor accepts no liability for damage. caused by improper or incorrect use,Safety instructions. Risk of electric shock,A faulty electrical installation or excessive. mains voltage may result in an electric shock,Do not use while bathing or in a shower. Only connect the shaver if the mains,voltage of the socket corresponds to the.
nameplate specification of the mains,Only use the shaver with the enclosed. mains adapter The shaver requires,safety extra low voltage SELV with. the values specified in the chapter,Technical data. Only connect the mains adapter to an,easily accessible socket so that you can. quickly disconnect it from the mains in,case of a failure.
If the mains cord the mains adapter or,the shaver exhibit visible damages or. are defective do not use them further,If the mains cord of the shaver is. damaged the manufacturer its,customer service team or a person with. similar qualifications must replace it,This appliance contains batteries that. are non replaceable Do not open,the housing instead have a qualified.
professional perform the repairs Contact,a qualified workshop for this Liability. and warranty claims are waived in the,event of repairs performed by the user. improper connection of the device or,incorrect operation. Only parts that comply with the original,device data may be used for repairs. Electrical and mechanical parts which are,essential for providing protection against.
sources of danger are located in this,Do not use attachments not specified by. the manufacturer,Do not immerse the shaver the mains. adapter or mains cord in water or other,Never touch the mains plug with damp. Never use the mains cord as a carrying,Keep the shaver the mains adapter and. mains cord away from open flames and,hot surfaces,Lay the mains cord so that it does not.
pose a tripping hazard,Do not kink the mains cord and do not. lay it over sharp edges,Only use the shaver in indoor spaces. Never store the shaver so that there is a,risk of it falling in water. Never reach to retrieve an electrical device,if it has fallen in water In such a case. immediately disconnect the mains plug,Make sure that children do not insert.
any objects in the shaver,Always switch the shaver off and pull the. mains adapter out of the socket when,you are not using it when you intend to. clean it or in the event of a fault,Danger for children and persons with. impaired physical sensory or mental,capacities e g partially disabled. persons older persons with reduced,physical and mental capacities or lack.
of experience and knowledge e g older,The appliance is not to be used by. persons including children with,reduced physical sensory or mental. capabilities or lack of experience and,knowledge unless they have been. given supervision or instruction,Children must not play with the shaver. Cleaning and user maintenance must,not be performed by children.
Keep the shaver the mains adapter and,mains cord away from children. Do not leave the shaver unattended,while in operation. Do not allow children to play with the,packaging wrapper Children may get. caught in it when playing and suffocate,Risk of injury due to sharp edges and. If you use the shaver with a damaged,shaver head without a shaver head or if you.
push down on the shaving foils you could,cut yourself on the sharp edges or blades. Do not push the shaving foils in with,your fingers. Do not use the shaver if the shaver,head the integrated shaving foils or the. trimmer are damaged,Do not use the shaver if the shaver head. is not firmly mounted,Risk of damage,Improper handling of the shaver may result in.
damage to the shaver,Only transport and store the shaver with. the protective cap in place,Only transport the shaver with the. transport guard engaged,Do not let the shaver fall down. Checking the shaver and package contents,Risk of damage. If you are not cautious when opening the,packaging with a sharp knife or other pointed.
objects you may quickly damage the shaver,Be very careful when opening it. 1 Take the shaver out of the packaging, 2 Check to make sure that the delivery is complete see. 3 Check whether the shaver or the individual parts exhibit. damage If this is the case do not use the shaver Contact. the manufacturer via the service address indicated on the. warranty card,Displaying the status, The shaver has two indicators that supply information about. the power supply or the rechargeable battery charge level. perpendicular to the direction of hair growth 5 After a few strokes use your free hand to check the results and repeat step 4 if necessary 6 Shave as described in steps 3 4 7 If necessary use the trimmer as described in the chapter Using the trimmer 8 Switch the shaver off once you have finished shaving 9 Clean the shaver as

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