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I N T RO D U C T I O N,IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION 3 9 TROUBLESHOOTING. Before Calling for Service 46 49,SURFACE CONTROLS COOKING. Locations of Surface Elements and Controls 10 WARRANTY. Setting Surface Controls 11 Warranty for Customers in the U S A 50. Hot Surface Indicator 11,Using the Element 11 12,Recommended Surface Cooking Setting 12. Tips to Protect the Glass Ceramic Cooktop Surface 13. Glass Ceramic Cooktop Surface 13,Cooking Areas 14,Using the Proper Cookware 14. Home Canning Tips 14,LOWER OVEN CONTROLS,Using the Lower Oven 15.
PARTS AND FEATURES,Parts and features 16,Control panel features 17 THANK YOU. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Congratulations on your, Minimum Maximum Default Settings 18 purchase and welcome to the. Timer On Off 19, Special Features of your Oven Control 20 21 LG family Your new LG Electric. Before using Oven Racks 22,Telescopic Rack 23,Cooking Mode 24 34 range combines precision. Baking layer cakes 25 cooking features with simple. Recommended Broiling guide 27 operation and stylish design. Dual Convection Bake 28 29,Convection Roast 30,Timed cook 31.
Follow the operating and care,Delayed Timed Cook 32. Warm Proof 33 instructions in this manual and,Healthier Roast 34. Meat Probe 35 36 your range will provide you with,The Favorite 36. To Turn On or Off the oven light 36 many years of reliable service. Oven Lockout feature 37,Self Clean 38 40,MAINTENANCE. Care Cleaning 41 42 Staple your receipt here,Cleaning the Glass Ceramic Cooktop 42 43.
Removing Replacing the Lift off Oven door 44,Door Care Instructions 44. Product Registration Information,Removing Replacing the Lower oven Drawer 45 Model. Serial Number,Date of Purchase,I M P O RTA N T S A F E T Y I N F O R M AT I O N. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE, Read and follow all instructions before using your oven to prevent the risk of fire electric shock personal injury. or damage when using the range This guide does not cover all possible conditions that may occur Always. contact your service agent or manufacturer about problems that you do not understand. This is the safety alert symbol This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can. kill or hurt you and others All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol. and either the word WARNING or CAUTION These words mean. WARNING This symbol will alert you to hazards or unsafe practices which. could cause serious bodily harm or death, CAUTION This symbol will alert you to hazards or unsafe practices which could.
cause bodily injury or property damage,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. To check that the anti tip bracket is properly,WARNING installed. Grasp the top rear edge of the range back guard, DO NOT step or sit on the door and carefully attempt to tilt it forward Verify that. Install the Anti Tip Bracket packed,the anti tip devices are engaged. with range, The range could be tipped and injury Lower oven Remove drawer and visually inspect.
might result from spilled hot liquid that the rear leveling leg is fully inserted into the. food or the range itself anti tip bracket, If the range is pulled away from the Refer to the installation manual for proper anti tip. wall for cleaning service or any bracket installation. other reason ensure that the anti tip, Be certain your appliance is properly installed and. bracket is properly re engaged when, the range is pushed back against the grounded by a qualified technician. wall Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance. unless specifically recommended in the manual,All other servicing should be referred to a. qualified technician,Always disconnect power to appliance before.
servicing by unplugging removing the fuse or,switching off the circuit breaker. To reduce the risk of tipping of the range the range. must be secured by properly installing anti tip,I M P O RTA N T S A F E T Y I N F O R M AT I O N. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS cont. DO NOT TOUCH HEATING ELEMENTS OR Be careful when removing and lifting the door. INTERIOR SURFACES OF OVEN DO NOT lift the door by the handle. Heating elements may be hot even though they The door is very heavy. are dark in color Interior surfaces of an oven, become hot enough to cause burns During and DO NOT step or sit on the door. after use do not touch or let clothing or other Install the anti tip bracket packed with range. flammable materials contact heating elements or The range could be tipped and injury might. interior surfaces of oven until they have had result from spilled hot liquid food or the range. sufficient time to cool Other surfaces of the itself. appliance may become hot enough to cause If the range is pulled away from the wall for. burns Among these surfaces are oven vent cleaning service or any other reason ensure. openings and surfaces near these openings oven that the anti tip bracket is properly re engage. doors and windows of oven doors when the range is pushed back against the wall. Use Care When Opening Door,Let hot air or steam escape before you remove or.
replace food in the oven,Do Not Heat Unopened Food Containers. NEVER use your appliance for warming or,Build up of pressure may cause container to burst. heating the room,and result in injury,DO NOT use water on grease fires. Be certain all packing materials are removed,Should an oven fire occur leave the oven. from the appliance before operating,door closed and turn the oven off If the fire.
Keep plastics clothes and paper away from parts,continues throw baking soda on the fire or. of the appliance that may become hot,use a fire extinguisher. DO NOT force the door open Use dry pot holders only. This can damage the automatic door locking Moist or damp pot holders on hot surfaces. system Use care when opening the oven door may result in burns from steam Do not let. after the self cleaning cycle Stand to the side of the pot holder touch hot heating elements. the oven when opening the door to allow hot air or Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth. steam to escape The oven may still be VERY,Storage in or on appliance. Flammable materials should not be stored, DO NOT use a steel wool pad in an oven or near surface elements. It will SCRATCH the surface,Wear proper apparel, DO NOT use harsh etching abrasive cleaners Loose fitting or hanging garments should.
or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven never be worn while using the appliance. door glass since they can scratch the surface,Scratches may cause the glass to shatter. I M P O RTA N T S A F E T Y I N F O R M AT I O N,READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. ELECTRICAL SAFETY, Protective Liners Do not use aluminum foil or Before replacing your oven light bulb switch. any other material to line the oven bottoms off the electrical power to the oven at the main. Improper installation of these liners may result in fuse or circuit breaker panel. a risk of electric shock or fire Failure to do so can result in severe personal. Do Not allow aluminum foil or meat probe to injury death or electrical shock. contact heating elements DO NOT line the oven walls racks bottom or. any other part of the oven with aluminum foil,or any other material. WARNING Doing so will disrupt heat distribution produce. poor baking results and cause permanent,damage to the oven interior aluminum foil will.
melt to the interior surface of the oven,Aluminum foil Turn POWER OFF before removing the. Lower Oven Drawer, DO NOT place aluminum foil directly on the Failure to do so can result in severe personal. oven bottom injury death or electrical shock,PAN PLACEMENT. Doing so will cause permanent damage to the oven,WARNING bottom finish. Never place plastics paper canned foods or,combustible material in the oven.
When cooking food in the Lower oven always,use a baking sheet or pan with 4 raised sides. This will prevent food from sliding off,Do not place food or cookware on the bottom. of the oven cavity,DEEP FAT FRYERS,Use extreme caution when moving or disposing of. hot grease,I M P O RTA N T S A F E T Y I N F O R M AT I O N. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE,SURFACE COOKING UNITS.
Use Proper Pan Sizes This appliance is Glazed Cooking Utensils Only certain types of. equipped with one or more surface units of glass glass ceramic ceramic earthenware or. different size Select utensils having flat bottoms other glazed utensils are suitable for range top. large enough to cover the surface unit heating service without breaking due to the sudden. element change in temperature, The use of undersized utensils will expose a Utensil Handles Should Be Turned Inward and. portion of the heating element to direct contact Not Extend Over Adjacent Surface Units To. and may result in ignition of clothing Proper reduce the risk of burns ignition of flammable. relationship of utensil to burner will also improve materials and spillage due to unintentional. efficiency contact with the utensil the handle of a utensil. Never Leave Surface Units Unattended at High should be positioned so that it is turned inward. Heat Settings Boil overs cause smoking and and does not extend over adjacent surface units. greasy spillovers that may ignite Be sure you know which control pads operate. each surface unit Make sure you turned on the,correct surface unit. SAFETY DURING USE, Oven Racks Always place oven racks in Should an oven fire occur leave the oven door. desired position while oven is cool closed and turn the oven off If the fire. Always use pot holders or oven mitts when continues throw baking soda on the fire or. removing food from the oven or Center Warming use a fire extinguisher. element as cookware and plates will be hot DO NOT put water or flour on the fire. You can be burned because cookware and plates Flour may be explosive and water can cause a. will be hot grease fire to spread and cause personal injury. Always use an oven mitt to remove the DO NOT use the broiler pan without the grid. temperature probe after cooking DO NOT cover the grid with aluminum foil. Use caution with the TIMED BAKE or Do not use plastic to cover food. DELAYED TIMED BAKE features Use the Plastic can melt onto oven surfaces Use foil or. automatic timer when cooking cured or frozen oven resistant lids only. meats and most fruits and vegetables Foods If the oven is heavily soiled with oil self clean. that can easily spoil such as milk eggs fish the oven before using the oven again It could. meat or poultry should be chilled in the cause a risk of fire. refrigerator first Even when chilled they Wipe up heavy soil on the oven bottom before self. should not stand in the oven for more than 1 clean It requires longer cleaning cycles and. hour before cooking begins and should be produces more smoke. removed promptly when cooking is,Eating spoiled food can result in sickness from. food poisoning,I M P O RTA N T S A F E T Y I N F O R M AT I O N.
READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE,CHILD SAFETY,WARNING CAUTION. Children should be kept away from the NEVER leave children alone or. oven unsupervised near the appliance when it is, Accessory parts will become hot when the in use or is still hot Children should never. broiler is in use be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the. appliance as they could be injured or, CAUTION NEVER store items of interest to children in. cabinets above an appliance Children, DO NOT leave small children unattended climbing on the appliance or on the. near the appliance appliance door to reach items could be. During the self clean cycle the outside of the seriously injured. oven can become very hot to the touch,Children must be taught that the appliance.
and utensils in it can be hot Let hot utensils,cool in a safe place out of reach of small. children Children should be taught that an,appliance is not a toy Children should not. be allowed to play with controls or other,parts of the appliance. GLASS CERAMIC COOKING SURFACES, DO NOT TOUCH SURFACE UNITS OR AREAS Clean Cooktop With Caution Do not use. NEAR UNITS sponges or cloth to wipe spills on a hot cooking. Surface units may be hot even though they are area Use a proper metal scraper. dark in color Areas near surface units may DO NOT use the glass cooktop surface as a. become hot enough to cause burns During and cutting board. after use do not touch or let clothing or other, flammable materials contact surface units or DO NOT place or store items that can melt or.
areas near units until they have had sufficient time catch fire on the glass cooktop even when it is. to cool This includes the cooktop and the area not being used. above the oven door Always turn the surface units on after placing. Do Not Cook on a Broken Cooktop If the cookware, cooktop should break cleaning solutions and DO NOT store heavy items above the cooktop. spillovers may penetrate the broken cooktop and surface that could fall and damage it. create a risk of electric shock Contact a qualified. technician immediately,I M P O RTA N T S A F E T Y I N F O R M AT I O N. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE,GLASS CERAMIC COOKING SURFACES cont. DO NOT place aluminum foil or plastic items such If cabinet storage is provided directly above. as salt and pepper shakers spoon holders or cooking surface limit it to items that are. plastic wrappings or any other material on the infrequently used and can be safely stored in an. LG family Your new LG Electric range combines precision cooking features with simple operation and stylish design Follow the operating and care instructions in this manual and your range will provide you with many years of reliable service Staple your receipt here Product Registration Information Model Serial Number Date of Purchase

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