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OUR MISSION,Diabetic Living empowers people living with. diabetes to make healthier choices every day,We provide support inspiration and actionable. advice The result our readers get more active,better understand their condition and know. how to manage their day to day care Plus we,help people cook more and eat healthier with. recipes that are easy and accessible but most,importantly delicious Diabetes can be tough.
That s why Diabetic Living is there every step,of the way to help readers take charge so. they can live their best lives, For more information contact PUBLISHER TIFFANY EHASZ at tiffany ehasz meredith com 212 455 1409. A MULTI TOUCHPOINT Brand,37 FRESH RECIPES GUARANTEED GOOD FOR YOU. Diabetic Diabetic,LIVING LIVING,4x a year International. R ate Base Licenses,FOOD Published,with fresh,vegetables.
in Australia,Hitting your number,just got easier,AAM Audited. MRI Prototyped India Russia,This man is making,daily testing affordable p 45. 37 FRESH c,LIVING SMARTY,healt FO s,DiabeticLivingOnline com. chicken num,with fresh s Hitti,vegetable er,p 74 just got easi. LIVING fit,GATT is makin,This man g affordable,daily testin.
from Print,Socially Connected,Facebook 146K,Pinterest 73K. Twitter 46K,DiabeticLiving,Insights Driven Content. lose We Analyzed recipes and science,YOUR GUIDE TO COOKING HEALTHY FEELING GOOD. backed articles for use across,multiple channels,Newsstand Only Bookazines. 6 different titles annually,9 99 cover price,15 cookbooks.
1 published annually, For more information contact PUBLISHER TIFFANY EHASZ at tiffany ehasz meredith com 212 455 1409. Sources AAM Statement Facebook Pinterest Twitter January 2018. RATE BASE REACH DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE,Total Audience 6 357 000. Rate Base 500 000,DIABETES EXPERIENCE,Personally Have Diabetes 83. Prediabetes 8,Median Years with Diabetes 12 7,DEMOGRAPHICS. Female Male 80 20,Median Age 69 6,Median HHI 57 2K.
Employed 27,Retired 62, For more information contact PUBLISHER TIFFANY EHASZ at tiffany ehasz meredith com 212 455 1409. Source Spring MRI 2017 Diabetic Living prototype 2017 GfK MRI Diabetic Living Subscriber Audience Profile Study based on a sample size of 629 adults. 2018 RATE CARD,RATE BASE 500 000,4 COLOR GROSS RATE. Page 96 000,37 FRESH RECIPES GU,2 3 Page 76 700 ARANTEED GOOD FOR. Page or Digest 71 900,Page 67 100,1 3 Page 40 300,1 6 Page 24 000. with fresh,COVERS NON CANCELABLE,vegetables,2nd Cover 105 500.
Hitting your num,just got easier ber,3rd Cover 105 500. 4th Cover 115 200,BLACK WHITE your,Page 66 100 ELLIOT. 2 3 Page 52 900 GATT,This man is mak,daily testing afforing. dable p 45,Page or Digest 49 500,Page 46 300,1 3 Page 29 800. 1 6 Page 16 500,For specs visit,MEREDITH COM AD SPECS.
For more information contact PUBLISHER TIFFANY EHASZ at tiffany ehasz meredith com 212 455 1409. Diabetic LIVING Newsstand Only Bookazines,6 Diabetic Living bookazines per year. Bookazines are distributed on newsstands in,210 000 newsstand distribution. chain grocery stores and bookstores nationwide,9 99 newsstand price. and online at the Meredith Store and Zinio,On newsstands for 3 months. DIABETES 100 RECIPES,WHAT TO EAT TO BEAT DIABETES,AD CLOSE 2 27 18 AD CLOSE 4 24 18.
ON SALE 5 01 18 ON SALE 6 26 18, What is the first question after a diagnosis of diabetes Most often it s Healthful meals don t have to be expensive or time consuming The. What do I eat now Whether you are new to diabetes or ready to take quick recipe solutions in this title from the editors of Diabetic Living. control now the team at Diabetic Living put together a solid resource showcase healthful dietician approved convenience products that can. to help you make the best food and health decisions from what to put in help you put nutritious and delicious meals on the table every time. your grocery cart to top foods to order at restaurants This full color mega Featuring more than 130 10 minute breakfasts 15 minute lunches. magazine also includes new recipes tips for portion control and how to and 20 minute dinners that have been time and ingredient tested. get the most flavor and fullness out of your meals by registered dieticians. EAT CHEAP EAT TO,EAT HEALTHY BEAT DIABETES,AD CLOSE 5 29 18 AD CLOSE 8 21 18. ON SALE 7 31 19 ON SALE 10 23 18, Eat Cheap Eat Healthy Think you have to spend a lot to eat right We You can stop diabetes and live a healthy colorful life with the help of the. set out to prove that you don t and the research was delicious Keep expert advice solutions and recipes in Eat to Beat Diabetes from the. your wallet fat appetite satisfied and waistline trim by using smart editors of Diabetic Living magazine Learn how to stop the progression. shopping strategies and cooking up over 100 recipes all under 3 of type 2 diabetes by controlling hunger learning the best foods to eat. yes really It s good food for everyone So what are you waiting for incorporating movement into your day and managing stress The book. Start saving now features more than 100 nutrient rich recipes that are tested and. approved by registered dietitians,DIABETIC LIVING,HEART HEALTHY ONE PAN. AD CLOSE 11 27 18,ON SALE 1 29 19 AD CLOSE 12 25 18.
ON SALE 2 26 19, Healthful meals don t have to be expensive or time consuming Keep your You re busy enough counting carbs tracking blood sugars and dealing. heart healthy and your blood pressure and cholesterol in control by learning with everything else diabetes throws at you That s why we ve created. to cook smart and eat healthy This 100 page full color special edition this special issue with only easy one pan recipes Simplify weeknight. magazine features delicious recipes using fresh ingredients healthy fats meals and cleanup with these carb smart satisfying recipes Oh and. and whole grains that are good for your heart and will leave you satisfied we ve done the carb counting for you just one less thing you have to. worry about,Edit subject to change, For more information contact PUBLISHER TIFFANY EHASZ at tiffany ehasz meredith com 212 455 1409. MEET THE EDITOR,LAUREN LASTOWKA,Executive Editor, Lauren Lastowka has over 12 years of editorial experience in the health and food space She came to. Diabetic Living from Meredith Content Licensing where she served as the editor of health and lifestyle. content for Meredith Health Solutions Prior to joining Meredith she spent seven years at American. Specialty Health a San Diego based health and wellness company where she managed a team producing. health content focused on behavior change and disease management She previously served as the. managing editor of Edible San Diego an acquisitions editor at Plural Publishing Company and a. freelance writer focusing on local food and craft beer for several San Diego publications. For more information contact PUBLISHER TIFFANY EHASZ at tiffany ehasz meredith com 212 455 1409. TERMS CONDITIONS, MEREDITH CORPORATION 2 Advertisers may not cancel orders for or make changes in advertising after. the issue closing date Cancellation of orders or changes in advertising. Print Advertising Terms and Conditions, to be placed on covers in positions opposite content pages and for card.
inserts will not be accepted after the date thirty 30 days prior to the issue. The following are certain terms and conditions governing advertising published. closing date Cancellation of orders for special advertising units printed in the. by Meredith Corporation Publisher in the U S print edition of Diabetic Living. Magazine such as booklets and gatefolds will not be accepted after the date. magazine the Magazine as may be revised by Publisher from time to time For. sixty 60 days prior to the issue closing date In the event Publisher accepts. the latest version go to diabeticlivingonline com For Publisher s Digital Editions. cancellation after any of the foregoing deadlines such acceptance must. Advertising Terms and Conditions go to meredithtabletmedia com sfp terms. be in writing and such cancellation may be subject to additional charges at. conditions php Submission of insertion order for placement of advertising in. Publisher s discretion, the Magazine constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions. No terms or conditions in any insertion orders reservation orders blanket. 3 The conditions of advertising in the Magazine are subject to change without. contracts instructions or documents that conflict with or alter these terms and. notice Publisher will announce ad rate changes thirty 30 days prior to. conditions will be binding on Publisher unless authorized. the closing date of the issue in which the new rates take effect Orders for. in writing by a senior executive of Publisher, subsequent issues will be accepted at the then prevailing rates. AGENCY COMMISSION AND PAYMENT, 1 Publisher may require payment for advertising upon terms determined by. CIRCULATION GUARANTEE, The Magazine is a member of the Alliance for Audited Media AAM The. Publisher prior to publication of any advertisement. following rate base guarantee is based on the AAM s reported print circulation. for the Magazine averaged over the calendar year in which advertising is. 2 Agency and advertiser are jointly and severally liable for the payment of all. placed Publisher guarantees print circulation to national advertisers by brand. invoices arising from placement of advertising in the Magazine and for all. of advertised product or service In the event the audited twelve 12 month. costs of collection of late payment, average print circulation does not meet the guaranteed rate base Publisher.
shall grant rebates to the advertiser in ad space credit only which must be used. 3 If an account is placed with a collection agency or attorney for collection all. within six 6 months following the issuance of audited AAM statements for the. commissions and discounts will be rescinded or become null and void and. period of shortfall Rebates will be calculated based on the difference between. the full advertising rate shall apply, the stated rate base at time of publication and the AAM audited 12 month. average Publisher does not guarantee print circulation to regional advertisers. 4 Agency commission or equivalent fifteen percent 15 of gross advertising. and regional print circulations reported by the AAM are used by Publisher only as. space charges payable only to recognized agents, a basis for determining the Magazine s advertising rates. 5 Invoices are rendered on or about the on sale date of the Magazine. Payments are due within thirty 30 days after the billing date with the PUBLISHER S LIABILITY. following exceptions For all advertising not placed through a recognized 1 Publisher is not liable for any failure or delay in printing publishing or. agent payments at rate card rates must be received no later than the issue circulating any copies of the issue of the Magazine in which advertising is. closing date Prepayment is required if credit is not established prior to ten placed that is caused by or arising from an act of God accident fire strike. 10 business days prior to the issue closing date All payments must be in terrorism or other occurrence beyond Publisher s control. United States currency, 2 Publisher is not liable for any failure or delay in publishing in the Magazine any. 6 No agency commission is payable and Publisher will not grant any discounts advertisement submitted to it Publisher does not guarantee positioning of. on production charges Any discounts received by advertiser on ad space advertisements in the Magazine is not liable for failure to meet positioning. charges may not be applied to production charges requirements and is not liable for any error in key numbers PUBLISHER WILL. TREAT ALL POSITION STIPULATIONS ON INSERTION ORDERS AS REQUESTS. 7 Advertiser shall pay all international federal state and local taxes on the Publisher will not consider any objections to positioning of an advertisement. printing of advertising materials and on the sale of ad space later than six 6 months after the on sale date of the issue in which the. advertisement appears,CANCELLATION AND CHANGES, 3 The liability of Publisher for any act error or omission for which it may be. 1 Publisher expressly reserves the right to reject or cancel for any reason at any. held legally responsible shall not exceed the cost of the ad space affected by. time any insertion order or advertisement without liability even if previously. the error In no event shall Publisher be liable for any indirect consequential. acknowledged or accepted In the event of cancellation for default in the. special or incidental damages including but not limited to lost income or. payment of bills charges for all advertising published as of the cancellation. date shall become immediately due and payable,TERMS CONDITIONS.
MISCELLANEOUS ADDITIONAL COPY AND CONTRACT, 1 Agency and advertiser jointly and severally represent and warrant that each REGULATIONS. advertisement submitted by it for publication in the Magazine including but 1 For advertising units less than full page size insertion orders must specify. not limited to those for which Publisher has provided creative services if advertisement is digest. 2018 EDITORIAL CALENDAR SPRING THE HEART HEALTH ISSUE Eating exercising and educating yourself to a healthier heart Over 45 heart healthy recipes and menus featuring foods from your favorite cuisines including Mexican and Italian A 30 minute workout designed to tune up your ticker and your muscles Smart tips to save money on dental

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