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BOOK STATS,Grade Level Equivalent 4 6 Ages 9,Lexile Measure 590L Pages 132. Genre Horror Thriller Guided Reading Level Q, Subject Theme Mystery and Suspense Horror and Supernatural. Common Core Reading Writing Listening Language,Standards Speaking. Grade 4 RL 4 1 RL 4 4 W 4 3 SL 4 1 L 4 4 L 4 5,Grade 5 RL 5 1 RL 5 4 W 5 3 SL 5 1 L 5 4 L 5 5. Grade 6 RL 6 1 RL 6 4 W 6 3 SL 6 1 L 6 4 L 6 5,Book Summary.
Identical twins Lindy and Kris Powel are always, Teaching the Book competing against each other but the competition. He s made of wood and up to no good Meet Slappy becomes really bizarre when they both get ventrilo. the evil dummy that over 2 million Goosebumps quist dummies At first Lindy s dummy Slappy. fans have loved to fear Night of the Living Dummy seems to be the big trouble maker Slappy slaps Kris. provides an engaging opportunity to teach the genre insults her and scares her almost to death in the. of thrillers the literary element of mood and the use girls bedroom at night Then a horrifying incident. of suspenseful words Activities will engage students happens late at night in the kitchen involving Kris s. in suspense writing rating scary stories and creating dummy Mr Wood And finally Lindy confesses. their own frightful dummies that she knows who has been causing all the trou. Theme Focus Horror Thriller ble she has, Comprehension Focus Identify Mood Kris is furious at her twin but at least she is no. Language Focus Suspenseful Words longer afraid of the dummies However that soon. changes after Kris finds a mysterious note inside, ABOUT THE AUTHOR the pocket of Mr Wood s shirt Soon after she reads. R L Stine insists that he has never lived one of his the strange words on the note Mr Wood begins to. stories I ve never been chased by a mummy or met a take on a life of his own First he insults two elderly. ghost But many of the ideas in my books are suggested neighbors when Kris tries to put on a show Then. by real life For example one Halloween my son Matt even worse he behaves diabolically when Kris gives. put a mask on and then had trouble pulling it off That. gave me the idea for The Haunted Mask,a performance with him at a school concert Mr. Wood spouts out crude insults as well as a putrid, Stine started writing when he was 9 years old He would.
write stories and jokes on an old typewriter and hand green liquid all over the audience. them out at school The teacher would grab them and Things get totally out of control with Mr Wood. take them away Stine says but I kept doing it After when he tries to turn Kris and Lindy into his slaves. graduating from Ohio State University he moved to New. The girls lock him into a suitcase and bury him at. York City where he worked on a variety of writing jobs. a construction site only to find him sitting in the. Today he has achieved the position of the bestselling. children s author in history In the early 1990s Stine was kitchen covered with dirt the next morning Fi. catapulted to fame when he wrote the bestselling Goose nally Kris and Lindy outsmart the dummy who is. bumps series which sold more than 250 million copies flattened by a steamroller The nightmare seems to. and became a worldwide multimedia phenomenon be over at last that is until Slappy comes to life. 2012 SI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TEACHER GUIDE 1,Get Ready to Read. Pre Reading Activities STORIA ENRICHMENTS,This Storia e book has the following enrichments. Goosebumps Engage students interest by asking,to enhance students comprehension of the book. them what they know about R L Stine and his hor, rifyingly successful Goosebumps series After dis Word Scramble 3 Word Twister 2. cussing their responses give students a guided tour Do You Know Who Said It. of Goosebumps at http bit ly Qvhpz4 Display,the website homepage on a whiteboard or screen.
and show students all the games and activities they. can play in their free time Click on the Books and. Audio feature at http bit ly RqFJip to introduce, students to the genre of horror thriller Click on the. bust of R L Stine to show students the author bio, and then click on any of the book features to show a. preview of Goosebumps villains and horrors En,BIG QUESTION. Critical Thinking Ask students to, courage students to choose their favorite titles and think about this question as they. describe why they like them read and be ready to answer it. Preview and Predict Display the cover of Night of when they have finished the book. the Living Dummy and ask students how they can Write the question on chart paper. tell this book is going to be a thriller Have them use or have students write it in their. the title and illustration to predict what might hap reading journals. pen in the book Do you think the dummies,are really dummies.
Why or why not,Vocabulary,Suspenseful Words Explain that a thriller writer. uses words that add to the mood of horror and, suspense in the book Ask students to watch for the. following words as they read the book Encourage, them to look for clues in the text to figure out the As You Read. meaning of unfamiliar words and have them check Reading the Book. the dictionary definitions Suggest that they record. other words that are full of horror and suspense as Modeled Reading Read aloud the first chapter of. they read the book asking students to follow along After the. first four pages stop and ask about the relationship. Use Resource 1 Vocabulary Cards on page 7 and of the twin sisters Which sister seems most trust. distribute copies to students worthy Which seems like trouble Then read to the. end of the chapter and have students predict what, eerie p 24 shadowy p 27 Lindy found in the dumpster. bloodcurdling p 63 horrified p 64 Independent Reading Assign students to read the. rest of the book independently Allow time for stu,bizarre p 64 putrid p 92.
dents to share questions and reactions with a partner. menacing p 99 frantically p 109 after a reading session. 2 TEACHER GUIDE, Comprehension Focus 2 Identify Mood Do you think that the humor. and jokes in the book decrease or increase the mood. Identify Mood Explain to students that the mood,of suspense Give reasons to support your answer. of a story is the overall feeling or atmosphere that it. Sample answer The humor just made it even more, creates in the mind of a reader In Night of the Living. shocking when strange things happened,Dummy the mood is one of horror and suspense. Suspense creates a sense of uncertainty that keeps 3 Suspenseful Words Choose two of the vocabu. readers interested as the action builds Authors create lary words that you think best describe Slappy Why. a mood of suspense through their choice of words did you choose these words Answers should reflect. the thoughts and dialogue of their characters and the words connotations as well as denotations. the actions of the story Point out that a mood of,Questions to Share.
suspense rises and falls as a story unfolds, Encourage students to share their responses with a. Fill in the first row of the graphic organizer on,partner or small group. Resource 2 Identify Mood to model for students, how to identify the elements of suspense 1 Text to Self What would you have done with Mr. Wood as soon as you found out that he was alive, Model I m going to reread pages 24 and 25 to Would you have treated the dummy differently than. see how the author builds suspense First I ll look Kris did. for suspenseful words I ll write down staring,eyes glow mocking grin and eerie yellow.
moonlight How do the character s thoughts or,words build suspense I ll write down What. was that sound Kris realized she was breath,ing hard and Why am I so freaked out Next. WORDS TO KNOW, I ll look for actions that build suspense I ll add Suspenseful Words. Kris quickly jerked her hand away and Slappy Ask students to refer to the definitions. reached up and grabbed her wrist they wrote on their vocabulary cards to. answer the following questions, Have students fill in the rest of the organizer Direct. 1 Describe the scream Kris made when, them to reread the text carefully to find examples of she saw Mr Wood in the kitchen.
words thoughts and actions that build a mood of,2 How did the green liquid smell that. suspense in the story,poured from Mr Wood s mouth,3 Describe the sound Mr Wood made. After You Read that frightened Kris, Questions to Discuss 4 How did Kris act and say things when. Lead students in a discussion focusing on these she was scared. story elements Ask students to work with a partner. 1 Genre of Horror Night of the Living Dummy asking more questions based on other. has both realistic and unrealistic parts in the plot vocabulary words Then draw a word web. How do the realistic parts help make the story scary on the white board or chart paper with. How do the unrealistic parts make it scary Answers the word Suspense in the center Ask. should reflect that the realistic parts make a reader students to add more suspenseful words. think this could really happen to him the unrealistic they find in the book. parts are just scary and creepy,TEACHER GUIDE 3,2 Text to World Why do you think so many. people enjoy horror books and movies Do you like,them Why or why not.
3 Text to Text Compare R L Stine with other Don t forget the. writers of horror and suspense What do you like or. dislike about Goosebumps compared to the other,horror stories. BIG QUESTION,Critical Thinking Give each student, Extension Activities an opportunity to answer the big. Reading Writing Connection question Encourage students to. support their answers with details, Suspense Story Ask students to use Night of the and evidence from the text Tell. Living Dummy as a mentor text to write their own them there is no one right answer. scary story Remind them about the elements of, suspense that R L Stine uses to create the mood of Do you think the dummies are. his story Suggest the following story starter for stu really dummies Why or why not. dents You are in your bedroom at night Everything,seems the same and yet something is different.
disturbingly different It s almost as though some,thing in the room has come alive something that. shouldn t be dead,Content Area Connections, Math A Scare Scale Challenge students to create their Language Arts The Book and the Movie If pos. own Scare Scale Model how to draw a line scale with five sible make available to students the DVD of Night of the. points numbered 1 to 5 with 1 as the least scary and 5 as Living Dummy Have the group or class watch the film and. the scariest Ask students to write the names of their favorite ask them to compare it to the book version of the story After. scary movies TV shows and books at the bottom of the scale viewing discuss with students which they liked more and. Suggest that they add an adjective to the top of each number how the film built a mood of suspense. on the scale such as creepy disgusting or horrifying. Science Top Ten Phobias Suggest that students re, search the topic of phobias a favorite theme of horror writers B I G AC T I V I T Y. Working with partners or a small group ask students to com Fright Gallery Challenge students to get into a Goose. pile a list of the most common phobias including the scientific bumps state of mind and create their own dummy version. names and descriptions Students may enjoy discussing which of Slappy Consider referring them to the Fright Gallery page. phobias their favorite scary movies or books use in the back pages of Night of the Living Dummy to use as. Arts Talk Like a Dummy The pages in the back of the a model Ask students to describe a ventriloquist s dummy. e book include A Dummy s Guide to Ventriloquism Suggest that like Slappy has special powers Have them draw the. that interested students read the guide and practice throw dummy s face in the space on the page and then post their. ing their voices Encourage them to participate in a Dummy dummies in a Fright Gallery in the classroom. Talent Show using stuffed animals or dolls as their dummies. 4 TEACHER GUIDE,BIG ACTIVITY Fright Gallery, What if you could create a frightful dummy What would it look like What would it say. Create your own scary dummy by filling out the information below. Appearance Special Powers Weaknesses, Favorite Phrases Most Frightful Thing About Your Dummy.
Draw Your Dummy s Face Here,2012 SI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TEACHER GUIDE 5. READ MORE AND LEARN MORE, Use these books and other resources to expand your students study of the book or theme. Series Connections, Classic Goosebumps 4 The Haunted Classic Goosebumps 5 One Day. Mask at Horrorland,R L Stine R L Stine,Ages 9 12 Grades 4 6 Ages 9 12 Grades 4 6. Lexile Measure 580L Pages 144 Lexile Measure 490L Pages 144. Carly Beth is an easy target for pranks because she is fright The Morris family gets lost on the way to Zoo Gardens. ened of everything But when a prank by Steve and Chuck Theme Park and ends up stumbling upon Horrorland At. goes too far Carly Beth vows to get revenge Carly Beth first the family has a great time But the rides like the. finds just what she is looking for a hideous Halloween Doom Slide and the Coffin Cruise are really scary Al. mask that will make Steve and Chuck die of fright The only most too scary And the Horrors that roam the park seem. problem is Carly Beth can t seem to take it off And even way too real Soon everyone realizes that Horrorland may. Meet Slappy the evil dummy that over 2 million Goosebumps fans have loved to fear Night of the Living Dummy provides an engaging opportunity to teach the genre of thrillers the literary element of mood and the use of suspenseful words Activities will engage students in suspense writing rating scary stories and creating their own frightful dummies Theme Focus Horror Thriller

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