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Table of contents,Table of contents,1 Foreword 5,1 1 Notes on the documentation 5. 1 2 Safety instructions 6,1 3 Documentation issue status 7. 1 4 Version identification of EtherCAT devices 7,2 Product overview 11. 2 1 Introduction 11,2 2 Technology 11,2 3 Technical data 12. 2 4 Start 12,3 Basics communication 13,3 1 EtherCAT basics 13.
3 2 EtherCAT cabling wire bound 13,3 3 General notes for setting the watchdog 14. 3 4 EtherCAT State Machine 16,3 5 CoE Interface 18. 3 6 Distributed Clock 23,4 Mounting and wiring 24,4 1 Installation on mounting rails 24. 4 2 Installation instructions for enhanced mechanical load capacity 26. 4 3 Connection system 27,4 4 Installation positions 30. 4 5 Mounting of Passive Terminals 31,4 6 ATEX Special conditions 33.
4 7 LEDs and connection 34,5 Commissioning 36,5 1 TwinCAT Quick Start 36. 5 1 1 TwinCAT 2 38,5 1 2 TwinCAT 3 48,5 2 TwinCAT Development Environment 60. 5 2 1 Installation of the TwinCAT real time driver 60. 5 2 2 Notes regarding ESI device description 66,5 2 3 TwinCAT ESI Updater 70. 5 2 4 Distinction between Online and Offline 70,5 2 5 OFFLINE configuration creation 71. 5 2 6 ONLINE configuration creation 76,5 2 7 EtherCAT subscriber configuration 84.
5 3 General Notes EtherCAT Slave Application 94,5 4 Basic function principles 102. 5 4 1 Basic function 102,5 4 2 Presentation 103,5 4 3 Watchdog 103. 5 4 4 User Scaling 104, 5 4 5 Channel synchronization from firmware 10 104. 5 5 Object description and parameterization 105,5 5 1 Restore object 106. EL2502 Version 2 2 3,Table of contents,5 5 2 Configuration data 106.
5 5 3 Profile specific objects 0x6000 0xFFFF 109,5 5 4 Standard objects 0x1000 0x1FFF 110. 6 Appendix 115,6 1 EtherCAT AL Status Codes 115,6 2 UL notice 115. 6 3 ATEX Documentation 117,6 4 Firmware compatibility 117. 6 5 Firmware Update EL ES EM EPxxxx 118,6 6 Restoring the delivery state 128. 6 7 Support and Service 129,4 Version 2 2 EL2502,1 Foreword.
1 1 Notes on the documentation,Intended audience, This description is only intended for the use of trained specialists in control and automation engineering who. are familiar with the applicable national standards. It is essential that the documentation and the following notes and explanations are followed when installing. and commissioning these components, It is the duty of the technical personnel to use the documentation published at the respective time of each. installation and commissioning, The responsible staff must ensure that the application or use of the products described satisfy all the. requirements for safety including all the relevant laws regulations guidelines and standards. Disclaimer, The documentation has been prepared with care The products described are however constantly under. development, We reserve the right to revise and change the documentation at any time and without prior announcement.
No claims for the modification of products that have already been supplied may be made on the basis of the. data diagrams and descriptions in this documentation. Trademarks, Beckhoff TwinCAT EtherCAT Safety over EtherCAT TwinSAFE XFC and XTS are registered. trademarks of and licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH. Other designations used in this publication may be trademarks whose use by third parties for their own. purposes could violate the rights of the owners,Patent Pending. The EtherCAT Technology is covered including but not limited to the following patent applications and. patents EP1590927 EP1789857 DE102004044764 DE102007017835 with corresponding applications or. registrations in various other countries, The TwinCAT Technology is covered including but not limited to the following patent applications and. patents EP0851348 US6167425 with corresponding applications or registrations in various other countries. EtherCAT is registered trademark and patented technology licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH. Beckhoff Automation GmbH Co KG Germany, The reproduction distribution and utilization of this document as well as the communication of its contents to. others without express authorization are prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for the payment of damages All rights reserved in the event of the grant of a. patent utility model or design,EL2502 Version 2 2 5.
1 2 Safety instructions,Safety regulations, Please note the following safety instructions and explanations. Product specific safety instructions can be found on following pages or in the areas mounting wiring. commissioning etc,Exclusion of liability, All the components are supplied in particular hardware and software configurations appropriate for the. application Modifications to hardware or software configurations other than those described in the. documentation are not permitted and nullify the liability of Beckhoff Automation GmbH Co KG. Personnel qualification, This description is only intended for trained specialists in control automation and drive engineering who are. familiar with the applicable national standards,Description of symbols. In this documentation the following symbols are used with an accompanying safety instruction or note The. safety instructions must be read carefully and followed without fail. Serious risk of injury, Failure to follow the safety instructions associated with this symbol directly endangers the.
life and health of persons,Risk of injury, Failure to follow the safety instructions associated with this symbol endangers the life and. health of persons,Personal injuries, Failure to follow the safety instructions associated with this symbol can lead to injuries to. Damage to the environment or devices, Failure to follow the instructions associated with this symbol can lead to damage to the en. vironment or equipment,Tip or pointer, This symbol indicates information that contributes to better understanding. 6 Version 2 2 EL2502,1 3 Documentation issue status.
Version Comment,2 2 Update chapter Technical data,2 1 Update chapter Notes on the documentation. Correction of Technical data, Update chapter TwinCAT 2 1x TwinCAT Development Environment. and TwinCAT Quick Start,Update revision status,2 0 Migration. Update structure,1 8 Update chapter Technical data. Addenda chapter Installation instructions for enhanced mechanical load. Update structure,1 7 Update chapter Technical data Resolution.
Update structure, 1 6 Addenda chapter Basic function principles channel synchronization. 1 5 Addenda description of functional extension 1 Hz. 1 4 Explanation of operating modes,1 3 Addenda technical notes. 1 2 Addenda object description technical notes, 1 1 Addenda object description Period PDO technical data. 1 0 First publication,0 2 Minor corrections,0 1 provisional documentation for EL2502. 1 4 Version identification of EtherCAT devices,Designation.
A Beckhoff EtherCAT device has a 14 digit designation made up of. family key,Example Family Type Version Revision, EL3314 0000 0016 EL terminal 3314 4 channel 0000 basic type 0016. 12 mm non thermocouple,pluggable terminal,connection level. CU2008 0000 000 CU device 2008 8 port fast 0000 basic type 0000. 0 ethernet switch, ES3602 0010 0017 ES terminal 3602 2 channel 0010 high 0017. 12 mm pluggable voltage precision version,connection level measurement. The elements mentioned above result in the technical designation EL3314 0000 0016 is used in the. example below,EL2502 Version 2 2 7, EL3314 0000 is the order identifier in the case of 0000 usually abbreviated to EL3314 0016 is the.
EtherCAT revision,The order identifier is made up of. family key EL EP CU ES KL CX etc,version 0000, The revision 0016 shows the technical progress such as the extension of features with regard to the. EtherCAT communication and is managed by Beckhoff, In principle a device with a higher revision can replace a device with a lower revision unless specified. otherwise e g in the documentation, Associated and synonymous with each revision there is usually a description ESI EtherCAT Slave. Information in the form of an XML file which is available for download from the Beckhoff website. From 2014 01 the revision is shown on the outside of the IP20 terminals see Fig EL5021 EL terminal. standard IP20 IO device with batch number and revision ID since 2014 01. The type version and revision are read as decimal numbers even if they are technically saved in. hexadecimal,Identification number, Beckhoff EtherCAT devices from the different lines have different kinds of identification numbers.
Production lot batch number serial number date code D number. The serial number for Beckhoff IO devices is usually the 8 digit number printed on the device or on a sticker. The serial number indicates the configuration in delivery state and therefore refers to a whole production. batch without distinguishing the individual modules of a batch. Structure of the serial number KK YY FF HH,KK week of production CW calendar week. YY year of production,FF firmware version,HH hardware version. Example with, Ser no 12063A02 12 production week 12 06 production year 2006 3A firmware version 3A 02. hardware version 02, Exceptions can occur in the IP67 area where the following syntax can be used see respective device. documentation,Syntax D ww yy x y z u,D prefix designation.
ww calendar week,x firmware version of the bus PCB. y hardware version of the bus PCB,z firmware version of the I O PCB. u hardware version of the I O PCB, Example D 22081501 calendar week 22 of the year 2008 firmware version of bus PCB 1 hardware version. of bus PCB 5 firmware version of I O PCB 0 no firmware necessary for this PCB hardware version of I O. Unique serial number ID ID number, In addition in some series each individual module has its own unique serial number. See also the further documentation in the area,IP67 EtherCAT Box.
Safety TwinSafe,8 Version 2 2 EL2502, Terminals with factory calibration certificate and other measuring terminals. Examples of markings, Fig 1 EL5021 EL terminal standard IP20 IO device with batch number and revision ID since 2014 01. Fig 2 EK1100 EtherCAT coupler standard IP20 IO device with batch number. Fig 3 CU2016 switch with batch number,EL2502 Version 2 2 9. Fig 4 EL3202 0020 with batch numbers 26131006 and unique ID number 204418. Fig 5 EP1258 00001 IP67 EtherCAT Box with batch number 22090101 and unique serial number 158102. Fig 6 EP1908 0002 IP76 EtherCAT Safety Box with batch number 071201FF and unique serial number. Fig 7 EL2904 IP20 safety terminal with batch number date code 50110302 and unique serial number. 10 Version 2 2 EL2502,Product overview,2 Product overview. 2 1 Introduction,Fig 8 EL2502,2 channel pulse width output terminal 24 VDC.
The EL2502 output terminal modulates the pulse width of a binary signal and outputs it electrically isolated. from the E bus The mark space ratio is prescribed by a 16 bit value from the automation unit The output. stage is protected against overload and short circuit The EtherCAT Terminal has two channels that indicate. their signal state via light emitting diodes The LEDs are driven in time with the outputs and show the duty. factor by their brightness,Also see about this,2 Technology 11. 2 EtherCAT basics 13,2 Object description and parameterization 105. 2 Commissioning 36,2 2 Technology, The EL2502 output terminal modulates the pulse width of a binary 24 V signal i e it modifies the mark to. space ratio The output frequency is configurable for each channel. The peripheral side of the electronics is electrically isolated from the internal E bus and therefore also from. the fieldbus, The process data resolution of 16 bit is converted to the hardware resolution of 10 bit inside the terminal. For EL2502 operating principle see Basic function principles 102. EL2502 Version 2 2 11,Product overview,2 3 Technical data.
Technical data EL2502,Number of outputs 2,Rated load voltage 24 VDC 15 20. Load type resistive inductive lamp load, Output current per channel max 0 5 A short circuit proof 1 A driver component. Base frequency 1 Hz 125 kHz 250 Hz Default,Duty factor 0 100 TON 750 ns TOFF 500 ns. Distributed Clocks no,Resolution For basic operation mode 20 kHz. up to 300 Hz 15 bits,up to 600 Hz 14 bits,up to 1 2 kHz 13 bits.
up to 2 4 kHz 12 bits,up to 4 8 kHz 11 bits,up to 9 6 kHz 10 bits. up to 19 2 kHz 9 bits,Load voltage current typ 10 mA load. consumption,Power supply for electronic via the E bus. Current consumption via E typ 150 mA,Electrical isolation 500 V E bus field voltage. Bit width in process image 2 x 16 bit outputs if necessary 2 x 16 bit periods from HW 01. EL2502 0000 0017,Configuration via TwinCAT System Manager.
Weight approx 50 g,Permissible ambient 0 C 55 C,temperature range during. Permissible ambient 25 C 85 C,temperature range during. Permissible relative humidity 95 no condensation, Dimensions W x H x D approx 15 mm x 100 mm x 70 mm. Mounting 24 on 35 mm mounting rail conforms to EN 60715. Vibration shock resistance conforms to EN 60068 2 6 EN 60068 2 27. see also Installation instructions 26 for terminals with enhanced. documentation are not permitted and nullify the liability of Beckhoff Automation GmbH amp Co KG Personnel qualification This description is only intended for trained specialists in control automation and drive engineering who are

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