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TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IRELAND TII PUBLICATIONS, Transport Infrastructure Ireland TII is responsible for managing and improving the country s national. road and light rail networks,About TII Publications. TII maintains an online suite of technical publications which is managed through the TII Publications. website The contents of TII Publications is clearly split into Standards and Technical. documentation All documentation for implementation on TII schemes is collectively referred to as TII. Publications Standards and all other documentation within the system is collectively referred to as. TII Publications Technical,Document Attributes, Each document within TII Publications has a range of attributes associated with it which allows for. efficient access and retrieval of the document from the website These attributes are also contained. on the inside cover of each current document for reference. Technical Acceptance of Road Structures on Motorways. TII Publication Title,and Other National Roads,TII Publication Number. DN STR 03001,Activity Design DN Document Set Standards.
Stream Structures STR Publication Date April 2019,Document Historical NRA BD 2. Number Reference,TII Publications Website, This document is part of the TII publications system all of which is available free of charge at. http www tiipublications ie For more information on the TII Publications system or to access further. TII Publications documentation please refer to the TII Publications website. TII Authorisation and Contact Details, This document has been authorised by the Director of Professional Services Transport Infrastructure. Ireland For any further guidance on the TII Publications system please contact the following. Contact Standards and Research Section Transport Infrastructure Ireland. Postal Address Parkgate Business Centre Parkgate Street Dublin 8 D08 DK10. Telephone 353 1 646 3600,Email infoPUBS tii ie,TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IRELAND TII PUBLICATIONS. TII Publications,Activity Design DN,Stream Structures STR.
Technical Acceptance of Road Structures on Motorways. TII Publication Title,and Other National Roads,TII Publication Number DN STR 03001. Publication Date April 2019,Set Standards,1 Introduction 1. 2 Project Phasing and Procurement 6,3 Technical Acceptance 17. 4 Geotechnical Requirements 26,5 Temporary Works 27. 6 As Built Records 30,7 References 31,Outline Structures Report OSR 32.
Structures Options Report SOR 34,Preliminary Design Report PDR 38. Technical Acceptance Report TAR 46,TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IRELAND TII PUBLICATIONS. Geotechnical Data 72, Telecom Mast Registration Procedure and Construction Stage Acceptance 75. TII Publications DN STR 03001,April 2019,1 Introduction. This Standard specifies the procedures to be followed within each phase of a National Road Project. as defined in PE PMG 02041 in order to obtain Technical Acceptance for the design and execution of. structures and for the submission of structures as built records The procedures cover the design of. all road structures including but not limited to bridges tunnels underpasses culverts buried. corrugated steel structures retaining walls strengthened earthworks structures gantries. environmental barriers and temporary structures under over and adjacent to motorways and national. The Technical Acceptance requirements for bridge management schemes including alteration. modification strengthening and repair of all existing road structures affected by national road projects. shall be agreed with the Structures Section of Transport Infrastructure Ireland TII in the first instance. Refer to AM STR 06042 for information pertaining to requirements and guidance for structural review. and assessment of existing structures, This Standard supersedes NRA BD 02 09 dated January 2009.
1 2 Implementation, The procedures described in this Standard shall be applied to the design of all structures constructed. as part of a national road project and meeting any of the following non exhaustive list of criteria. a Bridges tunnels culverts etc with a clear span or internal diameter greater than. b Retaining structures with over 1 5m design retained height. c Reinforced strengthened soil fill structures with hard facings where the effective. retained height is greater than 1 5m, d Reinforced strengthened soil fill which is an integral part of a bridge structure. e Reinforced strengthened soil fill structure where hard facings are not provided and. the face inclination equals or exceeds 40 degrees, f Embankments constructed on stiff rigid foundation elements such as piles stone. columns controlled modulus columns dry soil mixing foundations and including. piled rafts and reinforced geotextile load transfer platforms. g Soil and rock slopes greater than 2 0m in height and requiring stabilisation with soil. nails and or rock bolts anchors,h Environmental Barriers of any height. i Gantries extending over trafficable areas, j High masts supporting luminaires or CCTV cameras as defined within PLG07.
k Telecom masts within a project boundary or which may fall onto a national road. l All temporary structures under or over or adjacent to a motorway or other national. road carrying public traffic,TII Publications DN STR 03001. April 2019,m Other structure types designated by TII. n Proprietary manufactured structures or products to be incorporated into the. completed Works,o Temporary works see Chapter 5, p Catenary lighting systems pipe bridges wind turbines. The procedures shall also be applied to structures on non national roads which are required as part. of a national road project, These procedures shall also be applied to all structures built by third parties within the footprint of. motorways and national roads, The Structures Section shall be consulted with regard to any other structure not covered by the above.
to ascertain whether they fall within the scope of these procedures. If this Standard is used for the design of local and regional road projects the Designer should agree. with the relevant Road Authority the extent to which the document is appropriate in any particular. The procedures detailed in this Standard are mandatory Any deviation from these procedures. requires the approval of a Departure from Standards. The Technical Acceptance process shall be completed prior to any detailed design being undertaken. by the Designer, No construction whatsoever shall be executed on a structure prior to the issue of Technical. Acceptance STA 5 certified by the Structures Section for that structure. This Standard shall be used forthwith for all projects for the construction and or improvement of. national roads The Standard shall be applied to the design of projects already being prepared unless. in the opinion of Transport Infrastructure Ireland application would result in significant additional. expense or delay progress In such cases the Designer shall confirm the application of this Standard. to particular projects with Transport Infrastructure Ireland. Technical Acceptance does not in any way diminish the contractual and statutory responsibilities of. any party for the works carried out or the legal responsibilities of professional engineers. 1 3 Definitions, Particular terms used in this Standard are defined as follows. Bridge Management Organisation The organisation responsible for the ongoing operation and. maintenance of the structure on completion of the Defects Maintenance Period defined in the. construction contract, CE Marking Under the Construction Products Regulation EU No 305 2011 CPR all products. used in construction must have CE marking to demonstrate compliance where a harmonised. Euronorm or a European Technical Approval ETA is applicable. TII Publications DN STR 03001,April 2019, Certificate A document titled Design and Check Certificate for Structures or Design and Check. Certificate for Temporary Works with undertakings and conditions confirming that the design or. assessment complies with the agreed standards and cost limitations and that the design including. relevant drawings have been checked It is signed by the design engineer the checking engineer and. others as appropriate,Check Checking process as per this Standard.
Category 3 Check A check to be carried out by a Checking Team from a separate organisation with. independent professional indemnity and agreed in writing by the Structures Section having. knowledge and experience relating to the type of structure or geotechnical conditions it is to examine. Checker The organisation or firm responsible for the check. Checking Team The group of engineers responsible for the check. Contractor The organisation or firm contracted by the Employer for the construction of a structure. In the case of Contractor Designed works or elements D B ECI PPP Contractor Designed. Structures Contractor s Alternatives etc the Contractor is also the Designer Contractor also refers. to the firm who may be tendering for the construction work. Contractor Designed Structure Small structures often supplied as a proprietary manufactured. product that have been designated to the Contractor for design. Contractor s Alternative An alternative structure proposed by a Contractor during construction. which has already been fully designed and detailed by the Employer s Designer. Contractor s Proposals for Structures Proposals for structures where the Contractor is. responsible for both the design and construction, Departure A Departure from the mandatory requirements of TII Publications Standards submitted. in accordance with GE GEN 01005, Designer The organisation or firm responsible for the design of a structure at any particular point in. time during a project from inception until the structure is passed to back to the Bridge Management. Organisation, Design Team The group of engineers responsible for the design or assessment. Employer The Road Authority procuring the works,Eurocodes As defined in IS EN 1990. Execution As defined in IS EN 1990, Fall Distance The distance equal to the proposed total height of the structure including.
equipment antennae above ground level when the structure is laid horizontally on the ground. Geotechnical Design Report A report setting out assumptions data methods of calculation and. results of the verification of safety and serviceability as required by IS EN 1997 1 The report shall be. compiled in accordance with the requirements of DN ERW 03083 to be published. TII Publications DN STR 03001,April 2019, Ground Investigation Report A report presenting all available geotechnical information as required. by IS EN 1997 1 The report shall be compiled in accordance with the requirements of DN ERW. Landmark Structure Proposed structure which is significantly different to others on the project or in. the area in terms of scale aesthetics or complexity which may have special architectural cultural or. historical significance in the future, Project Supervisor Design Process The Project Supervisor for the Design Process as required in. the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Construction Regulations. Proprietary Manufactured Structure or Products A structure with CE marking or product with CE. Marking manufactured to a system covered by a patent and or a registered design. Road Authority RA For the purposes of this Standard only the Road Authority shall mean. i For national road projects either the Local Authority or TII. ii For non national road projects the Local Authority. Strengthened Earthworks Placed or in situ soil or other material the stability of which has been. improved by and including without limitation inclusions in the form of tensile reinforcement acting. through interface friction bearing or other means e g reinforced soil soil nailing or by external. support or other proprietary means, Structures Section For national road projects the Structures Section shall mean the Structures. Engineering and Asset Management Section of Transport Infrastructure Ireland For non national. road projects the Structures Section shall mean the individual nominated by the Road Authority. The non exhaustive role of the Structures Section is as follows. Examine proposals contained within the Structures Deliverables scheduled in Table. 2 1 and when satisfied issue acceptance to proceed to the next stage and ultimately. grant Technical Acceptance, Agree the application of selected documents and Standards to particular structures. and record any directives on principles to be followed in the detailed design. Determine and agree the Category of each structure. Consider at any stage proposals for additional criteria or for structures departures. from relevant documents and Standards, Assist with the resolution of differences between the Design Team and Checking.
Team if necessary, Receive Certificates related to the Technical Acceptance process signed by the. Designer Checker and others as appropriate, The Structures Section shall neither check calculations nor review their translation into design. documentation or construction drawings That is the sole function of the Designer and Checker The. agreement of the Technical Acceptance Report or the acceptance of certificates by the Structures. Section does not relieve the Designer or Checker of any of their responsibilities including the validity. TII Publications DN STR 03001 April 2019 Page 2 m Other structure types designated by TII n Proprietary manufactured structures or products to be incorporated into the

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