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Imprint,Authors Design , Pia Buschmann deENet Competence Network distributed Energy Technologies e V Caroline Enders deENet e V IdE. Anna Leidreiter World Future Council , Picture credits . Reviewers and contributors, Caroline Enders Cover S 13 . Climate Alliance Dag Schulze Miguel Morcillo Carsten Kuhn Nathalie Bertrams World Future Council S 9 . deENet e V IdE Peter Moser Beate Fischer Lioba Kucharczak Studio Blafield S 12 14 16 17 . EKOenergy Steven Vanholme deENet S 29 , European Renewable Energy Foundation Rainer Hinrichs Rahlwes World Future Council S 18 . Fraunhofer ISE Prof Eicke Weber Simon Philipps Worldmaps designed by freepik. ICLEI Ana Marques and Maryke van Staden, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policy Eric Martinot Yuko Matsumura.
Published in October 2015 , International Geothermal Association Luis Carlos Guti rrez Negr n. Global 100 RE Campaign,International Solar Energy Association Dave Renne. Renewable Cities Betsy Agar Claire Havens, This document is in the public domain The publishers encoura . Renewable Energy Long Island Gordian Raacke, ge the circulation of this paper as widely as possible Users are. Sierra Club Jodie Van Horn, welcome to download save or distribute this study electronical .
World Bioenergy Association Prof S C Bhattacharya, ly or in any other format including in foreign language translati . World Future Council Stefan Schurig Filippo Boselli. on without written permission We do ask that if you distribute. World Council for Renewable Energy Harry Lehmann, this report you credit the authors and publishing organisations. World Wind Energy Association Stefan Gsaenger, accordingly . Acknowledgements ,Tzeporah Berman Ambassador of Global 100 RE. Benjamin Gugel IFEU,Participants of the, a ICLEI World Congress 2015 Seoul in the side event on 100 RE in local governments.
www worldcongress2015 iclei org en,b Climate Alliance Annual Congress 2015 Dresden . www klimabuendnis org 2015 conference 0 html,c Global Learning Forum Vancouver 2015 . www renewablecities ca global learning forum outcomes. 2, Preface,About the 100 RE, Already in September 2014 at the time experts and practitioners through video. Campaign , of the UN Climate Summit achievements conference calls face to face meetings . The Global 100 Renewable Energy were becoming visible Increasingly and online consultations This discussion. campaign Global 100 RE is among the more cities communities islands and paper is a direct outcome of those. first of global initiatives that advocates nations around the world are joining the engagements . for 100 renewable energy Global movement and setting 100 RE targets . 100 RE was founded at the beginning However not only are communities The first key goal of this discussion. of 2013 in San Francisco by 10 inter and governments proving that 100 RE paper is to initiate a dialogue on how a. national organisations it emerged from, 1, is technically feasible and makes good transition to 100 RE can be a tool.
a parliamentary workshop hosted by economic sense Also businesses and for sustainable development by ensuring. the World Future Council in the Danish corporations are shifting from fossil wealth redistribution creation of social. Nordic Folkecenter in October 2012 resources towards 100 RE Several wellbeing and protection of ecosystems . and following a side event at COP18 in faith groups and thought leaders are The second key goal is to propose a. Doha Qatar which was hosted by the also calling for 100 RE globally framework able to guide policy makers. REN Alliance in developing roadmaps to achieve, About this report 100 RE in local governments For this. Global 100 RE connects the dispersed purpose this paper outlines some. While the 100 RE movement gains, dots of renewable energy advocates and building blocks to create the first global. momentum new questions arise , builds a global alliance to confirm that 100 RE label for local governments. What does 100 RE actually mean , being powered by 100 sustainable which will offer a first standardized. How do we measure success And how, renewable energy is both urgent and framework to measure and assess.
do we ensure that the transition to, achievable This unique campaign builds progress in this field Parallel to the. 100 RE is an instrument towards, on initiatives already taking place on creation of this label a global network. wealth redistribution creation of social, national regional and local levels and of 100 RE regions and cities has. wellbeing and the protection of our, sets the global discourse on renewable been launched to bring together local. ecosystems , energy towards 100 RE as the new governments committed to these.
normal Since its establishment the goal criteria and to lead by example . To address these questions members of,of Global 100 RE has been to initiate. the Global 100 RE campaign initiated,dialogue build capacity and educate. a consultation process to develop quality,policy makers on the benefits of 100 . criteria that help guide policy makers on,RE based on the ever increasing number. how to take on the transition towards,of case studies from around the world .
100 RE Starting in November 2014 this 1 Climate Alliance deENet Fraunhofer ISE International Geothermal. Association IGA Institute for Sustainable Energy Policy ISEP World. process seeks expertise and first hand Bioenergy Association WBA World Council for Renewable Energy. WCRE World Future Council WFC World Wind Energy Association. feedback from local governments WWEA Renewables 100 Policy Institute. 3, Contents, 1 2 3 , Introduction 100 RE and Survey of related. Seite 5 Sustainable Climate and Energy, Development Assessment Tools. Links and Synergies Seite 10, Seite 7, 4 5 6 , A proposal for a set of criteria for Global 100 RE Setting the stage 100 RE. Seite 16 for 100 RE Questionnaire, An international Seite 30. 4 1 Level of implementation 18 dialogue , Seite 28.
4 2 Level of target setting 19, 4 3 Level of enabling the framework 20. 4 4 Operationalisation 27, 4, 1 Introduction, The energy market is undergoing Hundreds of cities regions and com local governments but also for national menting energy efficiency measures1 . far reaching structural changes shifting munities around the globe have set governments and regional or trans As most renewable energies are driven. away from fossil resources towards 100 RE targets and are beginning the national organizations if the necessary by local conditions their technologies. renewable energy each year more journey towards a fossil and nuclear free global energy transition is to be achieved unfold largely with local and regional. renewable electricity capacity is added society All over the Americas Europe benefits Therefore local governments. than coal natural gas nuclear and oil Africa Asia and Oceania jurisdictions 100 RE The biggest embrace this opportunity to extend. combined In 2013 56 of new installed are demonstrating that transitioning to transformation since the their scope of action on cross cutting. power capacity globally was renewable 100 RE is a political decision and an industrial revolution environmental social and economic. Renewable energy technologies have ethical imperative Given that the challenges . Converting our energy system is about, passed a turning point providing about majority of people are living in cities. more than replacing fossil resources, 19 of global final energy consumption today and urban areas are responsible The true transformation starts in the. with renewable sources It is not about, in 2013 The question is no longer for 70 75 of energy related CO2 fundamental way our energy system is.
fueling the same system with different, whether the world will transition to emissions and 40 50 of global green structured and with it comes a struggle. resources as this would neither lead us, sustainable energy rather the question house gas GHG emissions this energy as power and profits shift hands from. to more equal wealth distribution and, is how long will the transition take and transition is an encouraging trend the few to the many Our current. social wellbeing nor keep the planet, how can the transition be carried out fossil nuclear resource based energy. habitable for future generations Instead , to maximize the benefits today and for By pioneering this movement local system is generally characterized by.
our societies and economies have to, future generations governments are incubators of regional centralized infrastructures where a the. transform to ensure sustainable secure , ly appropriate best practices and fuel is transported to the power plant. and affordable access to energy for all , Local governments in particular are policies Learning from these examples and b energy production and distribution. In that sense the 100 Renewable, driving this hopeful transformation is therefore valuable not only to other are controlled by the same entity The. Energy approach can serve as a means, supply chain is vertical plus the benefits.
to socioeconomic development and, are shared only among a few stakehol . help create an equitable society , ders In this necessary transformation. towards 100 renewable energy this is, Looking at pioneering cities regions and. changing , communities that are striving towards or. have achieved 100 Renewable Energy , their motivations clearly derive from the.
opportunities for local development and, socioeconomic value creation Local. governments are motivated by the idea, of independence from finite polluting. energy resources towards the benefits 1 100 RES Communities 2015 Steps towards 100 Renewable Ener . gy at local level in Europe Final Report Retrieved from 20 08 2015 . of local development of RE and imple 100 RES COMMUNITIES Final Publishable Report pdf. Source Go100re net map, map designed by Freepik, Introduction 5. Most renewable energies offer oppor Criteria for a sustainable The overarching goal of this. tunities for a more decentralized way of transformation towards process is To establish a reasonable. energy production and consumption 100 RE and practicable set of criteria and. embody a horizontal supply chain and indicators that measures and. With the global 100 RE movement, require innovation in infrastructure assesses progress by local govern . gaining momentum and with ever, and energy markets New actors and ments from all parts of the world .
more cities communities islands states, stakeholders including citizens farmers in implementing sustainable 100 . and countries joining there is a need, Independent Power Producers IPP Renewable Energy strategies This. for criteria and indicators that allow for, and small businesses are entering the paper outlines the key building blocks. measurement and assessment of, system they are claiming ownership to create the first global 100 RE. policies and implementation thereby, rights and making direct impacts New label for local governments to measure.
providing guidance on what a sustain , ownership models are required and and assess progress in this field . able transition to 100 RE entails ,are being developed as different. stakeholders become directly involved, Therefore this discussion paper pro Specifically this discussion paper aims to . in the transformation , poses a framework which guides policy. makers in developing roadmaps to 1 Provide some thoughts on how a transition to 100 RE can be a tool for. Similar to the transformations in tele , achieve 100 RE in local governments sustainable development by ensuring wealth redistribution creation of social.
communications and computer, This document outlines a draft proposal well being and the protection of our ecosystems see Section 2 . industries in recent decades a true, for criteria specifically designed for. energy transformation towards 100 2 Evaluate existing assessment tools and criteria see Section 3 . local governments which have been,renewables must ensure wide. found necessary in order to achieve 3 Propose a framework which guides policy makers in developing roadmaps to. participation by all stakeholders Case, wealth redistribution creation of social achieve 100 RE in local governments see section 4 . studies from around the world show, wellbeing and the protection of our.
that community and people centered 4 Provide a first set of criteria for comparing and assessing 100 RE actions in. ecosystems through a 100 RE approach , solutions enable societies to transform cities and regions see section 4 . Further it also outlines some open,the energy production and supply. questions and needs for further 5 Contribute to the development and dissemination of common tools . industry at an appropriate speed and, consultation methods and measures that support local governments in achieving sustainable. scale , development , A diverse group of members and. supporters from the Global 100 RE, campaign2 developed this first proposal.
in an eight month consultation process , The intention of this discussion paper. is now to invite stakeholders from, different sectors governance levels and. and online consultations This discussion paper is a direct outcome of those engagements The first key goal of this discussion paper is to initiate a dialogue on how a transition to 100 RE can be a tool for sustainable development by ensuring wealth redistribution creation of social wellbeing and protection of ecosystems

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