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the Friend INDEPENDENT QUAKER JOURNALISM SINCE 1843. CONTENTS 169 NO 3,3 The Peace Testimony,4 350th anniversary celebrated. 5 Quaker rescues recorded,6 Living out the Peace Testimony. David Atwood,7 Dilemmas of a pacifist stand,Jill Allum. 8 9 Peace making a difference,Symon Hill,10 11 The Peace Declaration. 12 13 Protest and peace,Betty Hagglund,14 15 Photo montage.
16 17 The Armed Forces time for change,Michael Bartlet. 18 Alternatives to Violence,expect the best,Chris Walker. 20 Friends Meetings Images on this page,Top Work was done with Spanish refugees fleeing. Franco in the 1930s Some of these camps in the, Cover image Pyrenees then took on refugees from Hitler. The women on the cover are wearing badges of the Bottom An ecumenical accompanier watches as. Friends Relief Service Quakers went into mainland soldiers inspect the papers of Palestinians wishing. Europe after both the first and the second world to enter Israel This work continues today in the. wars to help to feed refugees and to help rebuild Ecumenical Accompanier Programme for Palestine. areas devastated by conflict and Israel EAPPI, Photo courtesy the Friends House Library Photos courtesy the Friends House Library.
The Friend Subscriptions Advertising Editorial, UK 74 per year by all payment Advertisement manager Editor. types including annual direct debit George Penaluna Ian Kirk Smith. monthly payment by direct debit, 6 50 online only 48 per year Articles images correspondence. For details of other rates Tel fax 01535 630230 should be emailed to. contact Penny Dunn on ads thefriend org editorial thefriend org. 020 7663 1178 or subs thefriend org www thefriend org advertise asp or sent to the address below. the Friend 173 Euston Road London NW1 2BJ Tel 020 7663 1010 Fax 020 7663 1182 www thefriend org. Editor Ian Kirk Smith editorial thefriend org Sub editor Trish Carn trishc thefriend org News reporter Symon Hill news thefriend. org Arts editor Rowena Loverance arts thefriend org Environment editor Laurie Michaelis green thefriend org Subscriptions officer. Penny Dunn subs thefriend org Tel 020 7663 1178 Advertisement manager George Penaluna Ad department 54a Main Street Cononley. Keighley BD20 8LL Tel 01535 630230 ads thefriend org Clerk of the trustees A David Olver ISSN 0016 1268. The Friend Publications Limited is a registered charity number 211649 Printed by Headley Bros Ltd Queens Road Ashford Kent TN24 8HH. 2 the Friend 21 January 2011,The Peace Testimony, In this issue we remember the moral ambition of I told them the Commonwealth Commissioners I. a few members of the Religious Society of Friends knew from whence all wars arose even from the lust. who three hundred and fifty years ago handed a according to James doctrine that I lived in the virtue. declaration to Charles II we honour their conviction of that life and power that took away the occasion of all. reflect on the seed they planted and consider some of wars and was come into the covenant of peace which. the fruit that it has born through the centuries was before wars and strife were. The background to this event as Betty Hagglund Fox was challenging Quakers to look both at the roots. explains was more complex and politically motivated of conflict and at the way they lived their lives Are we. than some people may think but at the heart of the free from the lust for wealth power status comfort. declaration were words that clearly set down fidelity to the desire to be well thought of by others or the will. a principle and also contained a sense of vision to assert our point of view at the expense of others in. our work home or Quaker life, We utterly deny all outward wars and strife and As Horace Alexander wrote. fightings with outward weapons for any end or under. any pretence whatever this is our testimony to the Has any one of us really learnt to live in such a spirit. whole world of gentleness and forbearance and persuasiveness and. respect for others that we would dare to say that no. These words have prompted and inspired remarkable careless roughness on our part no harsh or bitter word. personal and collective witness over three and a no angry thought even is sowing seeds of conflict of. half centuries We can only touch the tip of this strife of war itself. extraordinary iceberg of faith in practice the Friends. Relief Service workers like those on the front cover The Quaker way is to take up this challenge nourished. who went to Europe during and after the second world by the gathered meeting and prompted by the spirit. war the tremendous work done by Quaker Peace within us James Nayler captured this spirit in his final. Social Witness the little known work in the Balkans words. and Russia in the nineteenth century reflected in an. image on the two pages devoted to a photographic There is a spirit which I feel that delights to do no. montage of peace witness and the work done at an evil nor to revenge any wrong but delights to endure. international level described by David Atwood all things in hope to enjoy its own in the end Its hope. is to outlive all wrath and contention and to weary. The Peace Testimony is alive today In these pages we out all exaltation and cruelty or whatever is of a. also urge Friends to support the campaign to raise the nature contrary to itself. age of enlistment from sixteen to eighteen All of this. work has in a sense part of its seed in the declaration It is easy to call oneself a pacifist It is much more. to Charles II challenging to live the Peace Testimony out in practice. but unless others find this life and power in the way. In discerning a position that was in unity with and we live our lives then our claim to it will ring hollow. in obedience to the spirit of Christ Friends found. the words utterly deny powerful but not enough, George Fox was to make this clear when he wrote Ian Kirk Smith.
the Friend 21 January 2011 3,350th anniversary celebrated. Quakers around the world are declaration to help participants By way of example she asked. marking the 350th anniversary of think about what the Peace What would a nonviolent. the first formal declaration of the Testimony means today to the economic system look like She. Quaker Peace Testimony Society and to themselves Sam insisted that the current economic. Britain Yearly Meeting BYM Walton peace and disarmament system is violent because it harms. have launched a wide range of programme manager at QPSW told both people and planet Therefore. initiatives to stimulate awareness the Friend that he knows of at least When Friends live sustainably. of the testimony and action twenty Meetings that have already they re doing peace work. throughout 2011 They are used the workshop but that the Meanwhile Quakers in. encouraging Friends to reflect on overall number is probably higher Staffordshire say that they are. the historic declaration and also Friends are also encouraged heartened by the nationwide. to ask themselves tough questions to use QPSW s website to write support they have received for. about what the Peace Testimony up to fifty words in answer to their suggestion of a memorial to. means today the question What is the Peace Quaker service during world war. Quaker Peace Social Witness Testimony s challenge to me The two at the National Arboretum. QPSW have invited Quakers replies will be collated and possibly Since Staffordshire Area Meeting. to write up to 350 words as a used at Yearly Meeting Gathering AM proposed the idea another. twenty first century form of the The timing of this month s twenty eight AMs have minuted. peace declaration It is hoped that anniversary has caused some their support for it A further. unity can be reached on a modern confusion The original declaration two AMs minuted questions. declaration at Yearly Meeting was published in January 1661 but which Staffordshire Friends say. Gathering in July at Canterbury is dated Eleventh Month 1660 The they found helpful A report is. They have also launched Peace apparent discrepancy is explained being prepared for Meeting for. 350 a workshop that Meetings or by the fact that at that time the Sufferings attention in April. other groups can adapt It uses the year began in March The memorial is unfolding. The Friends who signed the as a valuable means of outreach. statement including George Fox to thousands of visitors to the. and Margaret Fell declared we do arboretum said Peter Holland of. certainly know and so testify to Stone Meeting And we need to. the world that the spirit of Christ frame our witness in terms which. which leads us into all Truth will will still resonate in the centuries. never move us to fight and war ahead Our words will literally be. against any man with outward carved in stone,weapons The Quaker reputation for. Sam Walton said that the peace work continues to be one. Peace Testimony today is as of the Society s most well known. relevant as ever He added that characteristics A major survey. QPSW s work is very much led of British public attitudes to. by the testimonies and that the Quakerism in 2009 found that. Photo Jon Nicholls flickr CC BY, department wants to nurture the nearly two thirds of respondents. Peace Testimony within Friends identified Quakers as a pacifist. Sunniva Taylor QPSW s peace organisation,and sustainability programme. manager encouraged Friends to For more information on QPSW s. remember the breadth of the Peace projects to mark the anniversary. Testimony She told the Friend that please visit http www quaker org. it is not only about what we are uk 350,against It also involves a vision of a.
peaceful world Symon Hill,4 the Friend 21 January 2011. news thefriend org,Quaker rescues, Israeli Holocaust museum Yad my son in Israel in 2002 I. Vashem and a British university went to Yad Vashem and was. Photo James Emery flickr CC BY, are to give an historic recognition interested to see how they had. to British Quakers who saved remembered the contribution. thousands of Jews from the made by British Quakers. Holocaust The initative is the There were only a couple of. culmination of an eight year small references I was rather. campaign by Peter Kurer a seventy shocked and decided to do. nine year old Austrian born Jewish something about it and ensure. refugee from Manchester who has that the museum did recognise. been struggling for some years to this extraordinary generosity. convince Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and kindness Exit from Yad Vashem. to recognise the rescue Members of the Religious, He told the Friend My family Society of Friends paid an. was saved by British Quakers My estimated 350 000 17 5m at into an academic paper supported. father was training to be a dentist today s rates in guarantees to by five British historians In a. in Vienna when he decided to flee the British government to accept statement Yad Vashem says the. from Nazi persecution in 1938 around 6 000 Jews into the UK paper will join 130 million pages of. He had contact with a British Quakers then housed and found historical documents in its library. Quaker couple in Manchester the jobs for them including Peter where it will be catalogued and. Goodwins who guaranteed nine Kurer and eight of his family made available to researchers The. members of my family The British members evacuated from Vienna campaign has also prompted the. government insisted that any Jews in 1938 Centre for German Jewish Studies. coming in to Britain had to be The episode has never been at Sussex University to conduct a. guaranteed and not be a financial fully documented by historians study of the rescue effort. burden on the state but Peter Kurer spent almost a. Peter added When I was visiting decade collating survivors stories Ian Kirk Smith. Arms exports now all right for Stephen Green, The government s new trade minister has confirmed Stephen Green recently stood down as chairman of.
that he is happy to promote arms exports only hours HSBC He is also a Church of England priest Since the. after a national newspaper claimed that they were banking crisis he has sought to promote the idea of. troubling his conscience ethical capitalism, Stephen Green joined the House of Lords He attracted CAAT s approval last year when he. shortly before becoming a minister in the coalition pointed out that industries tackling climate change. government last week But the Daily Telegraph are already generating more revenue than the arms. reported that he had issues with arms exports and industry CAAT s Kaye Stearman said These new. was hoping that responsibility for them would be industries provide an ethical alternative to the arms. given to a different minister trade, The Campaign Against Arms Trade CAAT But his new job includes oversight of UK Trade. urged him to put his principles into action But and Investment UKTI a unit that promotes British. after a few hours of rumour and counter rumour exports While arms account for less than two per cent. the Department for Business issued a statement of UK exports UKTI devotes more staff to its arms. declaring that Lord Green will be playing a full role in wing than to all other sectors combined. promoting the arms industry Symon Hill,the Friend 21 January 2011 5. Living out the,Peace Testimony, David Atwood considers the challenge of putting principle into practice. s the Quaker United Nations Office QUNO international rules for responsible arms transfers. DISCOVER THE CONTEMPORARY QUAKER WAY 350th anniversary of the Peace Declaration 2 the Friend INDEPENDENT QUAKER JOURNALISM SINCE 1843 the Friend 173 Euston Road London NW1 2BJ Tel 020 7663 1010 Fax 020 7663 1182 www thefriend org Editor Ian Kirk Smith editorial thefriend org Sub editor Trish Carn trishc thefriend org News reporter Symon Hill news thefriend org Arts editor

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