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CARIBBEAN PUBLISHERS,10th Edition,Documentation Centre. Caribbean Community Secretariat,Georgetown,i Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed. Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed,2016 Caribbean Community Secretariat. All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval. system or transmitted in any form by any means electronic mechanical photocopying. recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher. N B This document is read only,Published by,Caribbean Community CARICOM Secretariat. Documentation Centre,P O Box 10827,Georgetown,Tel 592 222 0001 75.
Fax 592 222 0170,E mail doccentre caricom org,Sandra Barker compiler and editor. ISBN 978 976 600 379 1,Produced in Guyana,ii Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed. Preface iv,Country Listing 1,Alphabetical Listing of Publishers 152. iii Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed, This 10th edition of the Directory of Caribbean Publishers provides available contact. information on publishers registered with the Caribbean Regional ISBN Agency from 2005. to second quarter in 2016, This edition captures information for occasional personal and institutional publishers as.
well as regular publishers for countries which are under the purview of the ISBN Group. Agency viz Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Belize Dominica Grenada. Guyana Jamaica St Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia St Vincent and the Grenadines and. Trinidad and Tobago, This Directory is arranged in 2 sequences viz by country and alphabetically by publisher. We are indebted to our 4 National ISBN Agencies viz The College of the Bahamas Belize. National Library Service and Information System BNLSIS National library of Jamaica. NLJ and the National Library and Information System Authority NALIS in Trinidad and. Tobago which assist the Regional Agency in administering the ISBN Programme by liaising. directly with the publishers within their individual territories. The Group Agency acknowledges the hard work done by Staff member Cecily Johnson in. formatting the Directory for publication,ft w t Ut x. Coordinator,Regional ISBN Agency,iv Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed. Country Listing,COUNTRY LISTING,1 Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed. Country Listing,ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Maracas Publications.
Dockyard Drive,CaFSET Antigua Publishers English Harbour. Entertainment Bazaar St Paul s,P O Box 2660 Date Hill Tel 268 734 6407. Coolidge Cell 268 783 2999, Tel 268 560 4092 Email maracaspublications gmail com. Email mary scotland gmail com Contact Person Andrea Gadsdon. Contact Person Mary Scotland,Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the. Environmental Awareness Group Americas,P O Box 2103 Scotts Hill.
Long Street P O Box 9,St John s St John s,Tel 268 560 7064 Tel 246 418 1334. Fax 268 463 7740 246 234 1134, Email chrispratt eagantigua org Email mccapublisher caribsurf com. URL www eagantigua org Contact Person Rev d Paul Douglas Walfall. Contact Person Christopher Pratt,Ozuomba Michael U N. Granderson Bros Ltd Willkies,Spring Gardens Moravian Manse P O Box 1467. St John s St John s,Tel 268 461 3470 0656 Tel 268 460 6548.
Email cortroy hotmail com 268 772 6548, Contact Person Cortroy Jarvis Email ozuomba hotmail com. Contact Person Michael U N Ozuomba,Lawrence Joy,P O Box 1745W Word of Wisdom Publications. Woods Centre Swetes Village,St John s P O Box 1228. Tel 268 723 1148 St John s,Email antiguanpoet yahoo com Tel 268 732 4618. Contact Person Joy Lawrence Cell 268 776 5094,Email wowpubinternational yahoo com.
Contact Person Rev Milton W Gordon,2 Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed. Country Listing,THE BAHAMAS Bahamas Ambassadors Ministries. 13 Summer Street,Anderson Treco L Nassau Village,9 Millennium Gardens P O Box EE 17883. P O Box SB51817 Nassau,Nassau Tel 242 393 4564,Tel 242 323 7860 Email dgal220 yahoo com. 242 445 8311 Contact Person Deta O Miller,Email ocert1 hotmail com.
Contact Person Treco L Anderson Bahamas Bureau of Standards Quality. The Source River Center,Aranha Kim P O Box N 4843,Camelot 100 Bacardi Road. Ranger Road Nassau,Lyford Cay Tel 242 397 9930 9945. P O Box N 7776 Email marvawilliams bahamas gov bs,Nassau Contact Person Marva Williams. Tel 242 362 4727,242 357 4318 The Bahamas Environment Science and. Fax 242 362 5091 Technology BEST Commission, Email berryislandgirl gmail com Ministry of the Environment.
Contact Person Kim Aranha Dockendale House 2nd Floor. West Bay Street,Armbrister Cindy Lee P O Box N7132. Palmetto Point Nassau,Eleuthera Tel 242 322 4546,Tel 242 426 4684 242 397 5508. Email cindy armbrister yahoo com Fax 242 326 3509, Contact Person Cindy Lee Armbrister Email philipweech bahamas gov bs. URL www best bs,Armbrister Marva Contact Person Philip Weech. P O Box N 235,Nassau Bain Rahming Stephanie M,Cell 242 428 9737 14 Smiths Cove.
Email Ladypelican hotmail com Cool Acres,Contact Person Marva Armbrister P O Box CB 13852. Bahama Arts Publishing Tel 242 364 6670,7 Sunflower Drive 242 341 0677. Vista Marina Cell 242 565 1194,P O Box CB 12815 Email smb bell51 hotmail com. Nassau Contact Person Stephanie M Bain Rahming,Tel 242 322 1909. Cell 242 427 8060 Bethell Meliciana,Email asmacstudios gmail com P O Box SP 60821.
Contact Person Sue Bennett Williams Devonshire Street. Tel 242 601 4235,Cell 242 436 7749,Email melicianna gmail com. URL www bahamiology com,Contact Person Meliciana Bethell. 3 Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed,Country Listing. Brown Dellarese Michelle Croesus Publishing,1215 Sugar Apple Street Bay Deveaux Streets. Pinewood Garden P O Box N 1000,Nassau Nassau N P,Tel 242 392 0543 Tel 242 325 5335.
Cell 242 525 4299 Fax 242 325 5411, Email dellarese1 msn com Email maynardlaw yahoo com. Contact Person Dellarese Michelle Brown Contact Person Dr Peter D Maynard. Carey Curry Terrice Da Bahamian Polyglotist,Kildeer Street Apple Street. Monastery Park P O Box SS19260,Nassau Nassau,Tel 242 698 5233 Tel 242 556 0021. Cell 242 554 1131 Email tilshiloh1971 live com, Work 242 323 0692 Contact Person Til Shiloh Oliver. Email tlccurry5 yahoo com, Contact Person Terrice Carey Curry Dangvillecourt Project.
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Cell 242 429 6770 Contact Person Dawn Davies,Email coaching yahoo com. URL www coaching studio com Dean Reva,Contact Person Michelle Miller Mount Rose Avenue. Colmar Publications Tel 242 325 1527,1 Spence Close Cell 242 556 8191. Winton Email nailbyreeves gmail com,P O Box N9941 Contact Person Reva Dean. Nassau N P,Tel 242 324 3916 Dean Shamika,Cell 242 376 4224 10 Tobago Crest.
Email carcher coralwave com Elizabeth Estates,Contact Person Dr Colin B Archer Nassau N P. Cell 242 465 0820,Contact Person Shamika Dean,4 Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed. Country Listing,Dean Wright Audrey Fount of Education. P O Box N8014 P O Box SB 52693,41 Ferguson Road Thompson Boulevard Portago Road. Nassau Nassau,Tel 242 302 4467 Tel 242 677 6670,Email wrightnotes coralwave com Cell 242 636 6950.
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Contact Person Franklyn Mackey Williams,5 Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed. Country Listing, KC KIDZ Bahamas National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. 7 Joe Farrington Road West Hill Street,Nassau P O Box SS 6341. Tel 242 364 2480 Nassau,Cell 242 454 1703 Tel 242 328 5800 1. 242 325 4490 Fax 242 322 1180, Email leslynvalentina2000 yahoo com Email info nagb org bs.
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Contact Person Andrew W Lokhart Email dunbar global mall com. Contact Person Calvin L Dunbar,Major Cheryl Monique. P O Box EE 16246 Poinciana Press,Nassau P O Box SS 6864. Tel 242 324 5169 Nassau N P,Cell 242 454 8444 Tel 242 324 7860. Email eccle121314 yahoo com Fax 242 324 3109, Contact Person Cheryl Monique Major Contact Person Cheryl Albury. Manson Wentworth B Power of Truth Publishing,36 Emmanuel Drive 4 Coral Heights East.
Richville Drive Sub Division Nassau,Tel 242 341 6383 Tel 242 601 3717. Cell 242 434 2919 242 429 6213,Email king2 wealth gmail com Fax 242 341 4088. Contact Person Wentworth B Manson Email sturrup1 gmail com. Contact Person Theodore Basil Sturrup,6 Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed. Country Listing,Pratt Deraine Elkenneth Saunders Gail. Fox Hill Road North 35 Coral Drive,Nassau West Bay Street.
Tel 242 698 5368 P O Box 1732,Email derainepr hotmail com Nassau. Contact Person Deraine Elkenneth Pratt Tel 242 328 7669. Email dgsun coralwave com,Rolle Georgianna Contact Person Gail Saunders. P O Box EX 29286,Georgetown Shield Angel Ministry,Exuma Faith Avenue. Tel 242 358 7029 Nassau,Cell 242 345 0508 0509 Tel 242 361 3546. Fax 242 345 0507 Cell 242 434 3353, Email ddr8f virginia edu Email shield angel ministry hotmail com.
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Saunders Ermie V West Bay Street,P O Box N 7648 Nassau. 16 Adam Street Tel 242 327 5670 5543 2281,Winton Estates Cell 242 468 9572. Nassau Email executivetwo hotmail com, Tel 242 364 2421 Contact Person Betty Taylor Sands. Email shibumi 48 hotmail com,Contact Person Ermie V Saunders. 7 Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed,Country Listing.
Track Road Theatre Foundation Watkins Gary A,P O Box SB 52746 35 Ashley Street. iv Directory of Caribbean Publishers 10th ed This 10th edition of the Directory of Caribbean Publishers provides available contact information on publishers registered with th e Caribbean Regional ISBN Agency from 2005 to second quarter in 2016 This edition captures information for occasional personal and institutional publishers as

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