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Technical data,Technische Daten,Radio Receiver DAB DAB FM Internet Spotify. Radio Empf nger,Connectivity, LAN 10 100 WiFi 2 4GHz b g n 5GHz a n USB Play Bluetooth 4 0. Konnektivit t,Display 2 8 7 11 cm Colour TFT,Encryption. WEP WPA WPA2 WPS,Verschl sselung,DAB Frequencies,174 240 MHz. DAB Frequenzen,FM Frequencies,87 5 108 MHz,FM Frequenzen.
Power input,100 240 V 50 60 Hz,Stromeingang,Power Consumption Operation 2 W network standby. max 10 W Standby,Stromaufnahme Betrieb 1 W non network mode. Input Output Digital Audio Output Optical Coaxial, Anschl sse Analog Audio Output RCA L R Line Out 3 5 mm. LAN AUX IN 3 5 mm Headphone Out 3 5 mm USB,Presets DAB DAB FM Internet Spotify Connect. Favoriten 30 30 30 10,MP3 WMA DAB MP3 WMA,Codec MP3 WMA v9 ASF M4A ADTS.
ADTS MPEG MP2 AAC M4A ADTS,WAV LPCM FLAC ALAC,DASH FLAC WAV. UI Languages English German Danish Dutch Finnish French Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Spanish. UI Sprachen Swedish Turkish Czech Slovak, Package Content DIT2010MBT WiFi Antenna Wire Aerial BT Antenna Remote Control Batteries Quick Start. Verpackungsinhalt Guide RCA Audio Cable,Further information and features are available on. Weitere Informationen und Features finden Sie hier. 00054833 www hama com 54833 downloads,00054842 www hama com 54842 downloads. 1 5 7 8 10 12 13,2 4 6 15 9 11 14,25 21 23 17,18 20 22 24 19.
G Quick Guide,Controls and Displays Pic 1,Radio Remote Control. Front 1 POWER button,1 POWER button 2 MUTE button,2 AUX In socket 3 Internet Radio Mode. 3 VOLUME 4 DAB Radio Mode,4 PRESET wheel 5 FM Radio Mode. 5 MODE button 6 AUX Mode,6 ALARM button 7 Backlight Level. 7 EQUALIZER button 8 Media Player Mode,8 MENU button 9 MODE button.
9 INFO button 10 EQUALIZER button,10 BACK button 11 ALARM button. 11 Infrared receiver 12 SLEEP button,12 NAVIGATION ENTER 13 SNOOZE button. 13 Headphone socket 14 MENU button,14 USB connection 15 PREVIOUS button. 15 2 8 colour display 16 NEXT button,16 LED 17 Navigation buttons. 17 Mains power supply Back,18 Antenna Forward okay.
19 WiFi Antenna 18 SELECT Enter OK button,20 Optical out 19 REWIND button. 21 Coaxial out 20 FAST FORWARD button,22 Stereo Chinch l R out 21 VOLUME buttons. 23 Line out socket 22 Presets Up Down buttons, 24 LAN 10 100 Mbit connection 23 PLAY PAUSE button. 25 BT Antenna 24 BACK button,25 Presets buttons 1 10. 26 PRESETS FAVORITES Menu,27 INFO button, This radio has a changeable antenna You can use an active or passive antenna equipped with a coaxial connection.
Important note Operating instructions, This is a quick guide to provide you with the most important basic information such as safety warnings and how to. get started using the product, For the sake of protecting the environment and saving resources Hama dispenses with printed operating instructions. and provides them only in the form of PDF files eManuals on www hama com. Use the search function with the item number of your product to easily find the product documentation. Save the operating instructions to your computer s hard drive for future reference or print it out if necessary. 1 Explanation of Warning Symbols and Notes,Risk of electric shock. Warning Do not open the device or continue to operate it if it. This symbol is used to indicate safety instructions or to becomes damaged. draw your attention to specific hazards and risks Do not use the product if the AC adapter adapter. cable or power cable is damaged, Note Do not attempt to service or repair the device yourself. Leave any service work to qualified experts, This symbol is used to indicate additional information or.
important notes,Warning Batteries, Risk of electric shock When inserting batteries note the correct polarity. and markings and insert the batteries accordingly, This symbol indicates product parts energized with a Failure to do so could result in the batteries leaking or. dangerous voltage of sufficient magnitude to constitute exploding. a risk of electric shock,Do not allow children to change batteries without. supervision,2 Package Contents, Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of a. Digital HiFi Tuner DIT2010MBT,different type or make.
Antenna DAB FM 1 5 m, 2x Antenna 1x BT 1x Wifi Remove the batteries from products that are not being. Remote control used for an extended period,2x AAA batteries Do not short circuit batteries. Quick guide brochure Do not charge batteries,3 Safety Notes Do not throw batteries in a fire. The product is intended for private non commercial use Keep batteries out of the reach of children. Protect the product from dirt moisture and overheating 4 Before starting. and use it in dry rooms only, As with all electrical devices this device should be kept Note. out of the reach of children, Do not drop the product and do not expose it to any A detailed description of the UNDOK app and.
major shocks the full scope of functions can be found in our. Do not operate the product outside the power limits given UNDOK guide at. in the specifications, Keep the packaging material out of the reach of children. due to the risk of suffocation, Dispose of packaging material immediately according to. locally applicable regulations, Do not modify the device in any way Doing so voids the www hama com 00054833 00054842 Downloads. 5 Getting started,Notes on Use,Note Optimal reception. The OK and button on the remote control have, the same function as the ENTER button on the front This product is equipped with an antenna connection for.
of the radio external antennas with coaxial connection A antenna. The button on the remote control has the same that enables DAB DAB and FM reception is included. function as the BACK button on the front of the in the delivery Alternatively you can use an active or. radio passive antenna to improve reception or according to. your requirements, The buttons on the remote control have the Note the following. same function as turning the navigation controller. on the front of the radio to the left and right right Pull the antenna out completely. controller We recommend you adjust the antenna vertically to. ensure optimal reception,Activating the remote control. Open the battery compartment cover It is located on the 5 1 Switching the device on. rear of the remote control and can be opened by sliding it Connect the power cable to a properly installed power. in the direction indicated Two AAA batteries are included socket. in the delivery they should be inserted in the battery. compartment of the remote control Observe the correct. polarity when inserting batteries The polarity is Warning. indicated in the battery compartment, Only connect the product to a socket that has been. Setting up a network connection approved for the device The electrical socket must. 4 1 LAN wired network always be easily accessible, Connect the LAN connection of your router to the LAN Disconnect the product from the power supply using. connection on your radio You will require an Ethernet the on off switch if this is not available unplug the. cable which is not included in the delivery to do this power cord from the socket. Make sure that the router is on and working properly and. that you have an Internet connection Wait until the radio initialisation procedure has finished. See the operating instructions for your router regarding a Press the POWER button to switch the radio on. properly functioning LAN connection, Then proceed as described in point 5 Getting Started 5 2 Language and setup wizard.
The first time the system starts the radio uses English To. 4 2 WLAN wireless network change this proceed as follows. Ensure that the router is switched on is functioning Press MENU System settings Language Select. correctly and that there is a connection to the internet language. Activate the WLAN function of your router, Follow your router s operating instructions as regards the Confirm your selection by pressing the ENTER or OK. correct functioning of the WLAN connection button, Then proceed directly as described under section 5. Getting started Note,You can choose from the following languages. English German Danish Dutch Finnish French,Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Spanish. Swedish Turkish Czech and Slovak, 6 Care and Maintenance 10 Declaration of Conformity.
Only clean this product with a slightly damp lint free Hereby Hama GmbH Co KG declares that the. cloth and do not use aggressive cleaning agents radio equipment type 00054833 00054842 is in. If you do not use the product for a long time turn off compliance with Directive 2014 53 EU The full. the device and disconnect it from the power supply text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the. Store it in a clean dry place out of direct sunlight following internet address. www hama com 00054833 Downloads, 7 Warranty Disclaimer www hama com 00054842 Downloads. Hama GmbH Co KG assumes no liability and provides no Bluetooth 2 402 2 480GHz. warranty for damage resulting from improper installation WiFi 2 412 2 472GHz. mounting improper use of the product or from failure to Frequency band s. WiFi 5 150 5 350 GHz, observe the operating instructions and or safety notes WiFi 5 470 5 725 GHz. 8 Service and Support Bluetooth 6dBm EIRP,Maximum radio frequency. Please contact Hama Product Consulting if you have any WiFi 2 4GHz 17dBm EIRP. power transmitted, questions about this product WiFi 5GHz 16 5dBm EIRP. Hotline 49 9091 502 115 German English,Restrictions or Requirements in.
Further support information can be found here Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Germany. www hama com Estonia Ireland Greece Spain France Croatia Italy. Cyprus Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Hungary Malta, 9 Recycling Information the Netherlands Austria Poland Portugal Romania. Slovenia Slovakia Finland Sweden United Kingdom,Note on environmental protection. After the implementation of the European Note,Directive 2012 19 EU and 2006 66 EU in the. national legal system the following applies If channels 36 64 frequency 5 150 5 350 GHz are. Electric and electronic devices as well as batteries used in a 5 GHz WLAN the product may only be used. must not be disposed of with household waste Consumers in closed rooms. are obliged by law to return electrical and electronic. devices as well as batteries at the end of their service lives. to the public collecting points set up for this purpose or. point of sale Details to this are defined by the national. law of the respective country This symbol on the product. the instruction manual or the package indicates that a. product is subject to these regulations By recycling. reusing the materials or other forms of utilising old. devices Batteries you are making an important,contribution to protecting our environment. D Schnellstartanleitung,Bedienungselemente und Anzeigen Pic 1.
Radio Fernbedienung,Frontseite 1 POWER Taste,1 POWER Taste 2 MUTE Taste. 2 AUX In Buchse 3 Internet Radio Modus,3 VOLUME 4 DAB Radio Modus. 4 PRESET Rad 5 FM Radio Modus,5 MODE Taste 6 AUX Modus. 6 ALARM Taste 7 Backlight Level,7 EQUALIZER Taste 8 Media Player Modus. 8 MENU TASTE 9 MODE Taste,9 INFO Taste 10 EQUALIZER Taste.
10 BACK Zur ck Taste 11 ALARM Taste,11 Infrarotempf nger 12 SLEEP Taste. 12 NAVIGATION ENTER 13 SNOOZE Taste,13 Kopfh rer Buchse 14 MENU Taste. 14 USB Anschluss 15 PREVIOUS Taste,15 2 8 Farbdisplay 16 NEXT Taste. 16 LED 17 Navigationstasten,R ckseite Runter,17 Netzzuleitung Back Zur ck. 18 Antenne Vorw rts Okay,19 WiFi Antenne 18 SELECT Enter OK Taste.
20 Optischer Ausgang 19 REWIND Taste,21 Coaxial Ausgang 20 FAST FORWARD Taste. 22 Stereo Cinch L R Ausgang 21 VOLUME Tasten,23 Line Out Buchse 22 Presets Up Down Tasten. 24 LAN 10 100 Mbit Anschluss 23 PLAY PAUSE Taste,25 BT Antenne 24 BACK Zur ck Taste. 25 Preset Tasten 1 10,26 PRESETS FAVORITES Menu,27 INFO Taste. Dieses Radio verf gt ber eine wechselbare Antenne Sie k nnen eine aktive oder passive Antenne verwenden. welche ber einen Koaxial Anschluss verf gt,Wichtiger Hinweis Bedienungsanleitung.
Dies ist eine Kurzanleitung die Sie mit wichtigen Basis Informationen wie Sicherheitshinweisen und der. Inbetriebnahme ihres Produktes versorgt, Aus Gr nden des Umweltschutzes und der Einsparung wertvoller Rohstoffe verzichtet die Firma Hama auf eine gedruckte. Bedienungsanleitung und bietet diese ausschlie lich als PDF Download eManual unter www hama com an. Nutzen Sie zum leichteren Auffinden die Suchfunktion und als Suchbegriff die Artikelnummer um die. Produktdokumentation zu erreichen, Speichern Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung zum Nachschlagen auf Ihrem Computer und drucken Sie diese nach M glichkeit aus. 1 Erkl rung von Warnsymbolen und Hinweisen,Gefahr eines elektrischen Schlages. Warnung ffnen Sie das Produkt nicht und betreiben Sie es bei. Wird verwendet um Sicherheitshinweise zu Besch digungen nicht weiter. kennzeichnen oder um Aufmerksamkeit auf besondere Verwenden Sie das Produkt nicht wenn der. Gefahren und Risiken zu lenken AC Adapter das Adapterkabel oder die Netzleitung. besch digt sind, Hinweis Versuchen Sie nicht das Produkt selbst zu warten oder. zu reparieren berlassen Sie jegliche Wartungs arbeit. Wird verwendet um zus tzlich Informationen oder dem zust ndigen Fachpersonal. Technical data Technische Daten Radio Receiver Radio Empf nger DAB DAB FM Internet Spotify Connectivity Konnektivit t LAN 10 100 WiFi 2 4GHz b g n 5GHz a n USB Play Bluetooth 4 0

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