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Contents Welcome, ENGLISH MONOLINGUAL 1 Welcome to the Pearson South Africa Dictionary. DICTIONARIES catalogue We are proud to bring you our wide range. of dictionaries in various languages that cater for all ages. Longman Children s Picture Dictionary 1, and learning levels across a range of needs and skills. Wordpower Foundation Dictionary 1, Smart Kids Read Picture Dictionary 2 Longman has led the way in English dictionaries Based. Longman South African School Dictionary 3 on long term research the dictionary team aims to. Longman Active Study Dictionary 4 provide the best dictionaries that will help learners. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5 communicate confidently in English All our key. Longman Francolin Illustrated School Dictionary 6 dictionaries come with CD ROMS which provide a. Longman Basic English Dictionary 6 wealth of extra material. Longman Primary Dictionary 6, Longman WordWise Dictionary 6 Our education business combines 150 years of. Longman Mini English Dictionary 7 experience in publishing with the latest learning. Longman Handy Learner s Dictionary 7 technology and online support and we present to. Longman Exams Dictionary with CD ROM 7 you our online dictionaries and language portal. Longman Pocket Dictionary series 7 Pearson is the proud publisher of the leading Afrikaans. dictionary the Handewoordeboek van die Afrikaans Taal. HAT In 2015 we launched the new HAT6 that includes. BILINGUAL DICTIONARIES 8 1 636 pages of revised words semantics expressions. Longman HAT School Dictionary 8 and examples as well as access to HAT6 online. Longman HAT Basic Dictionary 8 For ease of reference and to help you find the right. Longman HAT Afrikaans Dictionary and Grammar dictionary for you and your learners categories are. for English speakers 9 colour coded and feature boxes are provided to highlight. Longman Foundation Phase Bilingual Dictionaries 9 key attributes. At Pearson our vision is to help young children and. AFRIKAANS DICTIONARIES 10 school learners to reach their learning potential and. prepare them for future success in further education and. My eerste HAT 10 in the workplace,My HAT Storiewoordeboek 10.
Slimkoppe Lees Prentewoordeboek 10,HAT Afrikaanse Skoolwoordeboek 11. Nuwe Woordeboek sonder grense 11,Die Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaans Taal 12. HAT Taal en Feitegids 13,SPECIALIST DICTIONARIES 14. The Student s Companion 14,Common Mistakes in English 14. Longman Business English Dictionary 14,Mathematics and Science Dictionaries 15.
English monolingual dictionaries,Longman Children s Picture Dictionary. The Longman Children s Picture Dictionary presents words in a variety of richly illustrated. and photographed topics The dictionary is designed to appeal to young learners and. can be used at home or in class Each of the topics comes with a song or chant which is. included on the two CDs,9789620052330 PB with CD ROM. 280 mm x 218 mm 128 pp,Grades R to 3,Aimed at ages 5 to 8. 800 words organised into,50 topics to appeal to,primary aged children. Lively songs and chants CD,Wordpower Foundation Dictionary.
The Wordpower Foundation Dictionary introduces, core vocabulary used most frequently by learners in. the Foundation Phase Pictures definitions and sentences. are combined to establish meaning of words and develop. visual literacy Essential dictionary skills are practised. throughout The companion Wordpower Foundation, Fun Book provides fun activities to promote learners. vocabulary,9780636050853 PB 9780636050846 PB,245 mm x 170 mm 160 pp 245 mm x 170 mm 46 pp. Grades R to 3,Aimed at ages 5 to 8,English monolingual dictionaries. Smart Kids Read Picture Dictionary, The Smart Kids Read Picture Dictionary has been created specifically for South African.
children It has been designed by South African education specialists to introduce children. to key age appropriate word sets within appropriate familiar contexts The beautiful. colourful illustrations and fun educational activities will grow a child s vocabulary and make. learning fun The dictionary has two main sections, The first section has beautifully illustrated everyday scenes with word labels according. to each theme Along the top of each page are activities which develop the child s word. recognition concept association and counting skills. The second section has an alphabetical list of all the words in the first section and more. 9781775786009 PB,297 mm x 210 mm 128 pp,Grades R to 3. Colourful illustrations with,word labels,Encouraging activities. Alphabetical word list,English monolingual dictionaries. Longman South African School Dictionary, The Longman South African School Dictionary will help learners understand all.
the vocabulary they need for school and help to improve their grammar It includes. subject specific words covering all learning areas including English Mathematics. Natural Science Social Sciences Thesaurus boxes help leaners to expand vocabulary. and spelling grammer and usage notes help them avoid common errors. The Longman South African School Dictionary includes a useful Workbook section. at the back of the dictionary with lessons and activities to help teachers teach dictionary. skills effectively,9781405851954 PB,210 mm x 148 mm 788 pp. Grades 4 to 9 also relevant,for Grade 12,40 000 words phrases. and examples,3 000 subject specific,300 illustrations and. photographs,Colour headwords for,easy access,Includes 500 specific. South African words, Longman South African School Dictionary with CD ROM.
The Longman South African School Dictionary with CD ROM will improve pronunciation. by listening to all the headwords on the CD ROM Video clips and photos help learners. understand difficult concepts and activities and word games provide extra skills practice. A handy pop up dictionary mode stays on your desktop when browsing the Internet or. using Microsoft Word documents,Grades 4 to 9 also relevant for Grade 12. Video clips and photos,Activities and word games, 9781408202630 PB with CD ROM Pop up dictionary mode. 210 mm x 148 mm 788 pp,English monolingual dictionaries. Longman Active Study Dictionary, The Longman Active Study Dictionary is the perfect tool for students who need. to improve their English and increase their vocabulary Clear definitions are provided. written using only 2 000 common words Phrases with natural examples explain how. typical idiomatic expressions are used and an integrated thesaurus help learners. expand their vocabulary An academic word list is highlighted showing the most. important words to know,9781408218327 PB,198 mm x 133 mm 1 104 pp.
Grades 7 to 12,100 000 words phrases,and meanings,Over 40 000 examples. 20 000 collocations,6 000 synonyms and,Longman Active Study Dictionary Features. with CD ROM Grades 7 to 12,Vocabulary and, Longman Active Study Dictionary with CD ROM pronunciation trainer. helps learners build vocabulary faster Pronunciation Exam preparation. is improved by listening to all the headwords on the Pop up dictionary mode. CD ROM The Longman Vocabulary Trainer tests your, knowledge of a word its meaning grammar collocations. and usage then remembers how well you know that, word The word is the recycled and retested at different.
intervals so the word is never forgotten,9781408232361 PB with CD ROM. 198 mm x 133 mm 1 104 pp,English monolingual dictionaries. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English helps learners become. fluent in English Frequently spoken and written words are highlighted and. it includes corpus based examples based on real natural English from the. Longman Corpus Network,9781447954194 PB,230 mm x 148 mm 2 082 pp. Grades 7 to 12,Vocabulary trainer,230 000 words phrases.
and meanings,165 000 corpus based,3 000 most frequent words. Over 18 000 synonyms,Over 65 000 collocations,Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Features. English with DVD ROM Grades 7 to 12,Additional 40 000. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English words phrases and. with DVD ROM provides the ultimate active learning meanings. tool Learners can listen to words pronounced in British Additional 1 million. corpus examples,and American English then record and compare. Additional 30 000, themselves with the native speaker Learners are able synonyms.
to develop a natural language skills and improve their Additional 16 000. English through practice with interactive exercises collocations. The Longman Vocabulary Trainer tests your knowledge. of a word its meaning grammar collocations and usage. 9781447954200 PB with DVD ROM,then remembers how well you know that word The. 230 mm x 148 mm 2 082 pp, word is the recycled and retested at different intervals so. the word is never forgotten,English monolingual dictionaries. Longman Francolin Illustrated School Features,Dictionary Grades 4 to 9. 500 entries, The Longman Francolin Illustrated School Dictionary A logical design and.
is an indispensable tool for non mother tongue English illustrations for easy. learners in the Intermediate and Senior Phases It meets the reference. requirements of the National Curriculum and can be used 5 000 example suggestions. of each word in context, in conjunction with the Longman Francolin Intermediate. Colloquial South African, Phase 9780636062979 and Senior Phase Dictionary Skills English. Workbook 9780636068508,9780636048515 PB,198 mm x 130 mm 336 pp. Longman Basic English Dictionary Features, Younger learners will find this dictionary a simple and fun Grades 4 to 9. introduction to monolingual dictionaries Simple definitions 12 000 words and phrases. 16 full colour topic pages, and examples are given accompanied by illustrations.
Illustrations, A workbook filled with exercises to practice vocabulary. is available,9780582438507 PB,205 mm x 135 mm 432 pp. Longman Primary Dictionary Features, Specifically written for primary school learners the Longman Grades 4 to 9. Primary Dictionary includes vocabulary which learners at this Over 8 000 entries. Attractive easy to read, level will need Clear and concise definitions are provided. example sentences show how words are used and illustrations IPA pronunciation at. aid comprehension each entry,Over 250 black and,white illustrations.
9780582298231 PB,250 mm x 190 mm 336 pp,Longman WordWise Dictionary Features. Learners can improve their English faster by focusing on the Grades 4 to 9. 2 000 words that make up 80 of English used The Longman 38 000 words phrases. and meanings, WordWise Dictionary helps learners learn the meanings. 8 000 example sentences, phrases grammar and collocations of these 2 000 words Photos and videos. Example sentences are pronounced in British and American Exercises. English Photos and videos help learners understand difficult Pop up dictionary. concepts and exercises give them extra skills practice. 9781405880787 PB with CD ROM,205 mm x 140 mm 721 pp. English monolingual dictionaries,Longman Mini English Dictionary Features.
The Longman Mini English Dictionary is published in a small Grades 4 to 9. and handy format that is easily transportable whilst still 12 000 words and phrases. containing all the important features The dictionary contains Over 300 fun illustrations. Language usage notes, up to date vocabulary with easy definitions using only simple. Examples of how words, basic words There are thousands of examples of how words are used. are used and exercises to learn how to use a dictionary Exercises to learn how to. use a dictionary,9780582438484 PB,140 mm x 95 mm 431 pp. Longman Handy Learner s Dictionary Features, The Longman Handy Learner s Dictionary is an easy to Grades 4 to 9. use quick reference guide that comes in a handy pocket size Over 28 000 words and. for learners to use in the classroom or at home It includes. Up to date coverage of, up to date coverage of words from newspapers and the words.
Internet Clear definitions written using the Longman Clear definitions. 2 000 word Defining Vocabulary Useful grammar notes. 9780582364714 PB,160 mm x 115 mm 560 pp,Longman Exams Dictionary with Features. CD ROM Grades 7 to 12,212 000 words phrases, Help learners improve their exam performance with the and meanings. Longman Exams Dictionary The dictionary covers key 160 000 examples. academic study areas and 3 000 most frequent words in 10 000 synonyms. spoken and written English are highlighted so learners know antonyms and word. which words are most important to learn It includes over families. Over 1 000 study notes, 1 000 study notes on vocabulary grammar and common areas. Over 35 hours of exam, Examples show natural usage and are taken from academic practice. reports and essays Over 3 hours of listening,9781405851374 PB with CD ROM Academic wordlist.
250 mm x 168 mm 1 832 pp,Longman Pocket Dictionary series. Quick and easy reference on a range of language aspects for Grades 7 to 12. 9780582776395 HB 9780582776418 HB 9780582776401 HB 9780582776425 HB. 155 mm x 109 mm 632 pp 140 mm x 100 mm 310 pp 155 mm x 111 mm 632 pp 270 mm x 215 mm 448 pp. Bilingual dictionaries,Longman HAT School Dictionary. The Longman HAT School Dictionary prepares learners for success using English and. Longman HAT Basic Dictionary 8 Longman HAT Afrikaans Dictionary and Grammar for English speakers 9 Longman Foundation Phase Bilingual Dictionaries 9 AFRIKAANS DICTIONARIES 10 My eerste HAT 10 My HAT Storiewoordeboek 10 Slimkoppe Lees Prentewoordeboek 10 HAT Afrikaanse Skoolwoordeboek 11 Nuwe Woordeboek sonder grense 11 Die Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaans Taal 12 HAT Taal en Feitegids 13

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