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Dialogue as a Means,of Collective Communication,Edited by. Bela Banathy, Late of Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center. San Francisco California and,International Systems Institute. Carmel California,and,Patrick M Jenlink,Stephen F Austin State University. Nacogdoches Texas and,International Systems Institute.
Carmel California,KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS,NEW YORK BOSTON DORDRECHT LONDON MOSCOW. eBook ISBN 0 306 48690 3,Print ISBN 0 306 48689 X. 2005 Springer Science Business Media Inc ,Print 2005 Kluwer Academic Plenum Publishers. New York,All rights reserved, No part of this eBook may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic . mechanical recording or otherwise without written consent from the Publisher. Created in the United States of America, Visit Springer s eBookstore at http ebooks kluweronline com.
and the Springer Global Website Online at http www springeronline com. Memoriam Bela H Banathy, Originally this compendium began as a conversation between Bela. and myself and was shaped by our belief that dialogue offered a means for. humankind to collectively work together toward a future society that was. more civil and hopefully more concerned with its own evolution Bela and I. visited frequently about the importance of dialogue as a collective means of. communication that would enable a transcendence of existing social systems . a means of communicative action that would animate a self guided evolution. of humankind through the creation of new systems We hoped that our. species Homo Sapien Sapien would overcome its destructive capabilities and. foster new creative possibilities for the future generations of humankind that. would follow , Unfortunately Bela was not to see the compendium in its completed. form On September 4 2003 Bela passed away leaving the world a better. place for his presence and our lives richer for having known him . Bela found inspiration in the works of William Blake 1991 in. particular the illuminated work Jerusalem The Emancipation of the Great. Albion It is from this work that I quote the following passage in memory of. Bela I believe it illuminates his life and his work as a systems scholar and. practitioner Blake pl 10 1 20 , I must create a system . Or be enslaved by another Man s , I will not Reason and Compare . My business is to Create , Bela s life was one of creating He was a source of great energy in the ebb and.
flow of humanity Bela was a systems scholar and practitioner concerned with. creating systems that would make the world a better place for humankind . Bela s life was lived with purpose and his legacy of systems knowledge and. ideals serve to guide the work ahead for all of us that care for the future of. humankind He was my teacher my mentor and above all else he was my. friend He will be missed ,Patrick M Jenlink,April 2004. v, Dedication, In Remembrance of David Bohm, and, In Service of the Next Generations Concerned for the Future. vii, Preface, We are as a social species Homo Sapien Sapien communicative by. nature Communication presupposes community which in turn means a. communion of consciousness of the persons in the community That we. are also sentient beings places within our reach the capability to be. equally creative and destructive whether through discourse or social. action In our evolution as a species we have demonstrated our capacity. for terrible acts of destruction the most horrible of nightmares . September 11 2001 stands as an example of such nightmares Yet as a. species we have demonstrated our capacity to come together in times of. great tragedy as a community to communicate in such ways as to create. solutions and foster new hopes for the future , When we consider in relation to being a species characterized as. communicative and sentient that we are also an extremely diverse. species we are filled with great potentials , The fact that we display great diversity that we are different.
culturally linguistically ethnically politically figures largely into our. potential for creative actions and holds promise for present and future. generations to overcome the destructive nature of our species that all to . often marks our evolutionary history The realization of our potentialities. as a species rests in no small measure in our capacity for cultural. creativity and in our capacity to achieve new levels of consciousness . David Bohm theoretical physicists and Martin Buber religious and. social philosopher stand as prominent figures who understood that. evolving consciousness and creating culture resides in our capacity to. foster and sustain dialogue genuine dialogue concerned with the. generative and creative capacity of our species Genuine dialogue is a. turning together in conversation to create a social space a betweenness . in which personal opinions and ideologies are suspended and wherein. persons conjoin in community to search for new meaning and. understanding , It is in the recognition that our species is ultimately responsible for its. future that we also recognize the necessity for fostering genuine dialogue. if we are to embrace our responsibilities in the global society and for our. future It is incumbent of us to create conditions favorable for dialogue . for us to understand each other for social justice equity and tolerance to. become markers that define our species That such genuine dialogue is. possible for each person to stand where the other is standing will require. much of our species , ix, x Contents, In this Compendium the contributing authors set forth their ideas . experiences and perspectives as the path of a learning journey a. journey of new meaning of new understanding and of becoming self . aware of dialogue as culture creating and consciousness evolving . The Compendium is organized by five themes Section I examines. foundational perspectives of conversation This examination helps to. create a foundation for a deeper study of the emergent and salient. aspects of conversation in relation to social creativity and the. evolution of human consciousness Authors examine dialogue from. philosophical cultural spiritual and historical perspectives Sections. II IV examine the philosophical and theoretical perspectives as well as. methodological ideas related to conversation These writings also. explore different modalities of conversation and the application of. design conversation within and across various types of design settings. and human experiences Also examined is the importance of capacity. building for engaging in conversation as well as providing insight into. how to build capacity and develop the capability of the human system. for conversation In Section V the editors reflectively examine the. contributions to the book and present their own thoughts on the next. steps in the evolutionary relationship of conversation human systems . and systems design , Contents,INTRODUCTION,1 Dialogue Conversation as Culture Building and 3. Consciousness Evolving, Patrick M Jenlink and Bela H Banathy. SECTION I FOUNDATIONAL PERSPECTIVES OF CONVERSATION. 2 Wholeness Regained Revisiting Bohm s Dialogue 17. Lee Nichol,3 Martin Buber and Mikhail Bakhtin , The Dialogue of Voices and the Word that is Spoken 29.
Maurice Friedman,4 Designing Communities of Ideas for the. Human Well being 41, Ioanna Tsivacou, 5 Dialogue and Spirituality The Art of Being Human in a. Changing World 71, Danny Martin, 6 Building A Conscious Group through Deep Dialogue 105. Maureen O Hara and John K Wood,7 My Dialogue with Dialogue 137. Maurice Friedman,SECTION II PERSPECTIVES OF DIALOGUE CONVERSATION.
8 The Five Dimensions of the Practice of Bohm s Dialogue 161. Mario Cayer, xi, xii Contents, 9 Facilitating a Global Conversation through the Universal 193. Demosophia Facility, Matthew Shapiro, 10 Becoming Aware A Dialogical Approach to Consciousness 217. Maurice Friedman,11 Doing and Talking Two Sides of School 241. Alexander Sidorkin, 12 Bohm s Notion of Dialogue Examining the Philosophical. Roots 255, Linda Ellinor, 13 Carnival and Dialogue Opening New Conversations 277.
Alexander Sidorkin,SECTION III MODALITIES OF CONVERSATION. 14 Post Formal Conversation 291, Raymond A Horn Jr . 15 Future Search Conversation 323, Karen Norum, 16 Dialogue and Improvisation Developing Capability. for Highly Effective Conversations 335, Glenna Gerard. 17 The Conditions for Thriving Conversations 357, Kathia Laszlo and Alexander Laszlo.
SECTION IV PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF CONVERSATION,18 A Community Round Table An Experiment with. Self Organizing Conversation 371, Judith Bach,19 Conversation in the Corporate World 379. Diane Gayeski and Gordon Rowland, Contents xiii,20 Conversation and the Development of Learning. Communities 393, Kathryn Kinnucan Welsch and Patrick M Jenlink. SECTION V REFLECTIONS ON SEARCHING TOGETHER FOR,THE FUTURE.
21 Creating Future Societies Reflections on, Searching Together 427. Bela H Banathy and Patrick M Jenlink,Index 437, ,. dialogue as a genuine relational means of collective communication Dialogue as cultural creating and consciousness evolving is then examined in relation to transforming society Two figures are prominent to our work with dialogue David Bohm theoretical physicists and Martin Buber religious and social philosopher While otherindividuals

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