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Developing Policies, The forming of preschool policies is an individual church project That is each church is. autonomous Therefore each church will need to develop policies to meet its own needs. Developing preschool policies is an important step in improving the ministry and effective. ness of the preschool division of a church Policies can enhance the work of the division. They give credibility as well as support to those persons who serve faithfully in this area. Policies can clarify the work in the division and the guidelines for use of the facilities. Steps to Begin, The development of preschool policies is an important and serious task It should be done. slowly carefully and with much care The obvious time for a church to develop policies is if. there are none regardless of the size of the church. Promoting the need for policies or the beginning of forming policies may come from. several different people It may come from a Preschool Committee The Pastor or Minister of. Education may feel the need to have a set of policies for the preschool division A Minister. of Childhood Education or preschool division director will want there to be a set of policies. The need for policies may come from a question or concern that arises among teachers or. parents Hopefully there will be a consensus of opinion by several interested persons that. policies are needed,Who Will be Involved, As the committee or work group forms they will be aware of their assignment and some. may come to the first meeting with information and ideas Determining goals and possible. deadlines may be helpful Discussing ideas suggestions and needs to be considered will be. important One or more in the group will need to be designated to gather information and. perhaps copies of policies from other churches Choose the best ideas from these keeping. in mind the specific needs of your church Some areas covered in another policy may not be. applicable to your situation,Formulating the Policies. After much study discussion and several meetings put the policies into written form These. may need to be brought before the group more than once Share them with others who work. with preschoolers to get their input and response Strive for 100 percent satisfaction with the. policies from the work group The approval of the Pastor and Minister of Education before. final completion will be valuable, It is important to carry the policies through the proper channels for church approval during a.
regular business meeting Copies should be printed and available to those who show interest. in them Being able to refer to a date of church approval will ad credibility to the policies and. support to those whose responsibility it will be to follow and help others abide by them. When the policies have been approved and accepted by the church print enough copies. for each family of preschoolers to have a copy See that each preschool family coming into. church receives a copy Be sure that all program leaders and church staff have a copy See that. the policies are well understood by all those who use the preschool facilities They should be. the first ones to follow the policy guidelines,Developing Policies. An outline of the policies manual may include some or all of the following. I Greeting to Parents, from Pastor Minister or Education or Minister of Childhood Education. II Purpose of the Preschool Policies,III Preschool Objectives. IV General Policies,1 Age of children,2 Hours open for regular church programming. 3 Availability of facilities for childcare,4 Pupil teacher ratio.
5 Opening and closing time statement,6 Directions for making child care requests. 7 Statement about hygiene and safety guidelines,either included in manual or posted in rooms. 8 Other items to meet your church needs,V Ministry Opportunities. a listing of regularly scheduled ministries for preschoolers including time of each. VI Receiving and Dismissal,1 Explanation of security system. 2 Instructions about how to leave and pick up a child. 3 Instructions if someone other than parent is picking up a child. 4 Explanation about checking on a child, 5 Directions to parents to leave a child only if a teacher is present.
6 Suggestion about contact person if there is a question need or complaint. VII Feeding, 1 Encouragement to feed children before bringing them. 2 Amount of feeding that can be done, some churches do not have enough help to spoon feed and so forth. 3 Information about when snack is provided and what it will be. 4 Request for labeling all food bottles and so forth. 5 Caution for providing food allergy information,VIII Illnesses and Medication. 1 When a child can and cannot be accepted, 2 Statements of common symptoms when a child will not be accepted. an official one may be obtained form the American Academy of Pediatrics. 3 What to do if a child develops a communicable disease following a. preschool session,4 Statement about policy on giving medication.
IX Things to Bring and Not to Bring to Church,X Suggestions for Parents. This article prepared by Zadabeth Uland Contract Consultant Seabrook TX. This article may be reproduced,Developing Infectious Disease Policies. The world we live in today has caused the church to look at many of our ministries in a new. and different way One of those ministries is the work we do with preschoolers and their. families In addition to the usual preschool policies churches today are becoming aware of. the need to formulate policies referring to hygiene and infectious diseases child safety and. the preventing of child sexual abuse, Each of these is very serious and must be dealt with carefully Several factors to remember. when developing policies are the health and safety of each child the legal issues involved. and the reputation of the church, What is the church to do Begin by having concerned knowledgeable and committed people. in the preschool division A preschool division director may become concerned about issues. involved in preventing infectious diseases A minister of preschool education may lead out. in investigating the need for an infectious disease policy Or a parent may raise concerns. leading to policies, How do we accomplish the task A work team or task force should be formed with the.
responsibility of developing policies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to. improve and maintain safety and hygiene for preschoolers in the church The work team. could include a preschool parent a preschool leader a doctor and other medical persons. in the church as well as preschool division director and preschool minister or another. staff member,As the work team comes together, 1 Determine goals and deadlines for your work Set dates for future meetings. 2 Assign members to gather specific information such as contacting other churches for. samples of their hygiene and safety policies, 3 Invite a doctor to speak to the task force on this subject notifying all members and ask. them to be present One doctor when asked to do this in his church gathered. information from other doctors as well One statement he made was invaluable to. preschool leaders He said We should treat every germ as a potentially dangerous one. 4 After much discussion sharing of ideas study and several meetings put the policies. into written form, 5 Share them with others who work with preschoolers The policies may need to be revised. by the group several times, Remember that the more people involved in a project like this the more they will feel. an ownership in the final decision Following guidelines is easier when people feel they. have had a part in determining them, 6 It is important to carry the policies through the proper channels for church approval.
Print copies and have them available Being able to refer to church approval will. add credibility to the policies and support to those who will be responsible for helping. everyone abide by them, 7 When approved by the church print enough copies for every preschool leader every. preschool family and for future leaders and families See that all ministry leaders. and church staff have a copy, 8 See that the policies are well understood by all who will use the preschool facilities. Be sure that necessary supplies soap rubber gloves proper changing materials etc. are available Preschool leaders will want to be the first ones to follow all guidelines of. the church policies,Developing Infectious Disease Policies continued. The policies could include the following, 1 When a child appearing ill can and cannot be accepted. 2 Procedures when a child becomes ill during a session. 3 Giving of medication prescription over the counter. 4 When and how toys equipment and teaching materials will be sanitized. 5 Hand washing by all those leading with preschoolers. 6 Procedures for diapering and disposal of soiled diapers. 7 When rubber gloves are to be used, 8 A listing of what constitutes illness or when a child cannot be accepted into the.
preschool area A list may be obtained from the Committee on Control of Infectious. Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics or other sources. Prepared by Sheri Babb Preschool Children s Consultant Oklahoma City OK. Legal Issues Confronting Preschool Ministries, Hundreds of churches have been sued during the past decade for injuries to children or. for improper selection and supervision of workers Our society has become increasingly. litigious with over 93 million suits filed in state courts in one recent year In addition most. states no longer recognize the doctrine of charitable immunity and churches now face the. same liability as private businesses, The courts have ruled that churches are not issuers of the safety of children and are not. automatically legally liable when a child suffers injury at church However the courts have. found churches liable and awarded damages when church workers have been negligent. In fact churches and other organizations entrusted with the care of children are held to a. high standard of care Diligence in loving and teaching young children has been a longtime. hallmark of churches Today s churches however must define and document their diligence. on behalf of children In today s legal climate carefully formulated and implemented policies. are needed to meet the legal duty of a higher standard of care. Establishing Appropriate Policies, In providing and implementing appropriate policies a church should. l Research recommended standards of care Request information from the state day. care licensing agency the state child protective services for child abuse reporting. procedures and other agencies governing fire electrical and building codes. l Review federal and state laws applying to employed teachers who work in child care. or weekday programs The book The Church Guide to Employment Law provides help. in this area, l Review policies from other churches The kit Effective Church Committee Work. 5291 27 provides suggestions on preschool and weekday education committees. and policy formation, l Consult your insurance agent and a competent attorney for their legal advice.
l With church approval implement policies Diligent care should be exercised in the. following areas screening and supervising teachers implementing security procedures. and providing a safe environment,Screening and Supervising Teachers. All teachers volunteer and employed must be properly screened Recommended steps. for this process are outlined in the book When Child Abuse Comes to Church and the kit. Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in Your Church These steps include screening. forms personal interviews and background checks, Screening forms should ask for information such as name and address prior church. membership and volunteer work photo ID and driver s license number two or more. references and a statement of any prior convictions for abuse molestation or crimes. against minors, You also will need a signed release for conducting reference and background checks. Churches should document their contacts with references In discussing the screening. form with prospective teachers church leaders also should document information received. during the personal interview All of this information must be kept confidential and filed in a. secure area,Legal Issues Confronting Preschool Ministries. Forms for these various procedures may be found in the kit Reducing the Risk of Child. Sexual Abuse in Your Church The authors discuss the need to ask the question Were you. Developing Preschool Safety Policies Developing packet The forming of preschool policies is an individual church project That is each church is autonomous Therefore each church will need to develop policies to meet its own needs Developing preschool policies is an important step in improving the ministry and effective ness of the preschool division of a church Policies can enhance the

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