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Elective Papers,Course Code Marks Elective Credits. BOT651 100 Applied Phycology 3,BOT652 100 Plant Pathology and Plant Protection 3. BOT653 100 Biology of Bryophytes 3,BOT654 100 Taxonomy of Angiosperms 3. BOT655 100 Biology and diversity of Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms 3. BOT656 100 Advanced Plant Anatomy and Palynology 3. BOT657 100 Ecology and Environment 3,BOT658 100 Advanced Cytogenetics 3. BOT659 100 Advanced Plant Physiology 3,BOT660 100 Palaeobotany 3.
BOT661 100 Applied Microbiology 3, BOT662 100 Advanced Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering 3. BOT634 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT651 and BOT607 4. BOT635 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT652 and BOT607 4. BOT636 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT653 and BOT607 4. BOT637 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT654 and BOT607 4. BOT638 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT655 and BOT607 4. BOT639 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT656 and BOT607 4. BOT640 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT657 and BOT607 4. BOT641 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT658 and BOT607 4. BOT642 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT659 and BOT607 4. BOT643 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT660 and BOT607 4. BOT644 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT661 and BOT607 4. BOT645 100 Lab Work VIII based on Course BOT662 and BOT607 4. The candidates are required to choose only one elective paper. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PAPER SETTER, The question paper will consist of five units I II III IV and V Each unit will have two questions out of that one. question must be answered and each question will carry 12 marks Total five questions must be answered. INSTRUCTION FOR THE CANDIDATES, Candidates are required to attempt FIVE questions each question will carry 12 marks. Page 2 of 23,SEMESTER I,BOT501 Phycology and Limnology Credits 3. Introduction to Limnology Properties of water Lake ontogeny morphometry Physical factors Light. Temperature Heat and Stratification Chemical factors DIC Oxygen in lakes profiles seasonal effects primary. production effect of DOC and BOD, Redox reactions in the water column and sediment Size spectrum of planktonic organisms Size efficiency.
hypothesis Food webs benthic pelagic coupling paleolimnology Human impact on lack ecosystem. Introduction to Phycology Principles and systems of classification of algae Comparative account of algal. pigments food reserves cell wall flagellation chloroplasts and eye spots their phylogenetic and taxonomic. importance, Cell structure and thallus organization heterocyst and akinete development and their role chromatic adaptations. and reproduction in Cyanophyta distribution and ecology of cyanobacteria. Range of thalli and methods of reproduction in Chlorophyta evolutionary tendencies in Chlorophyta A brief. account of Bacillariophyta Pyrrophyta Haplophyta Crysophyta Xanthophyta Euglenophyta and. Prochlorophyta and other related and recent new groups Thallus organization and reproduction in Phaeophyta. and Rhodophyta,Suggested readings, 1 Dodson S 2005 Introduction to Limnology New York McGraw Hill. 2 Bronmark C and L A Hansson 2005 The biology of lakes and ponds 2nd Edition New York Oxford University Press. 3 Moss B 1998 Ecology of fresh waters man and medium past to future Oxford Blackwell Scien ce. 4 Horne A J and C R Goldman 1994 Limnology Toronto McGraw Hill. 5 Wetzel R G 2001 Limnology lake and river ecosystems San Diego Academic Press. 6 Carpenter S R and J F Kitchell 1993 The trophic cascade in lakes Cambridge Cambridge University Press. 7 Kerr S R and L M Dickie 2001 The bio mass spectrum a predator prey theory of aquatic production New Yo rk Colu mb ia. University Press, 8 Smol J P 2002 Pollution of lakes and rivers a paleoenvironmental perspective London Arnold. 9 North American Lake Management Society and the Terrene Institute 2001 Managing lakes and reservoirs Madison WI. 10 Lehmkuhl D M 1979 How to know the aquatic insects Dubuque Iowa W C Brown Co. 11 Dillard G E 1999 Co mmon freshwater algae of the United States Berlin Gebr Borntraeger Lee Robert Edeward 2008 Phy cology. Fourth edition Cambridge University Press, 12 Graham Robin South and Alan Whittick 1998 Introduction to Phyclogy Blackwell Scientific Publication. 13 Bold H C and Wynne M J 1985 Introduction to the Algae 2nd Edition Prentice Hall Inc. 14 Dixon R Biology of Rhodophyta Koelt Science Publisher West Germany. 15 Fritsch F E Structure and Reproduction of Algae Vol I II Cambridge University Press Cambridge. 16 Gangulee H C and Kar A K 2011 College Botany Vol II New Central Book Agency Kolkata. 17 Singh Pande Jain 2010 A Text Book of Botany Pub Rastogi Publication Meerut. BOT502 Mycology and Plant Pathology Credits 3, Introduction to fungi and their significance to humans general characteristics of fungi Fungal Cell fungal cell.
walls and fungal organelles systematics molecular methods of fungal taxonomy reproduction and spores in. fungi heterothallism parasexual cycle and sex hormones in fungi Biology general characteristics and importance. of Plasmodiophora dietyosteliomycota acrasiomycota and myxomycota Biology general characteristics. classification and brief introduction of Mastigomycotina Chytridiomycetes Hypochytridiomycetes and. Page 3 of 23, Oomycetes Zygomycotina Mucorales Endogonales Glomales Entomophthorales and Zoopagales with special. reference to evolutionary tendencies in thallus asexual and sexual reproduction. Ascomycotina General characteristics and brief introduction of Taphrinales Schizosaccharomycetales. Saccharomycetales Eurotiales Hypocerales Melanosporales Phyllachorales Ophiostomatales Dioporthales. Xylariales Sordariales Meliolales Rhytismales Helotiales Pezizales Dothidiales Pleosporales and Erysiphales. with special reference to evolutionary tendencies in asexual and sexual reproduction Basidiomycotina General. characteristics of Agaricales Lycoperdales Sclerodermatales Phallales Nidulariales Aphyllophorales. Uredinales Ustilaginales Auriculariales and Tremellales Deuteromycotina Hyphomycetes Coelomycetes. Introduction to lichens the symbiotic relationship and classification of lichens methodology for lichens. taxonomy morphology and anatomy of thallus reproduction physiology ecological aspects and chemistry. conservation culture bioprospection and economic importance of lichens. General introduction to Plant Pathology History of Plant Pathology Classificatio n of Plant Diseases Kinds and. amount of losses chemical weapons of pathogens Enzymes and toxins Role of growth hormones in plant. diseases Preexisting structural and chemical defense induced structural and chemical defense hypersensitive. reaction role of phytoalexins and other phenolic compound how the pathogen affects plant physiological. functions Parasitism and disease development symptoms effect of environmental factors on the plant disease. development plant disease epidemiology, Some important diseases caused by fungi bacteria viruses and mycoplasma Control of plant diseases. quarantines and inspection physical chemical cultural and biological methods of disease control integrated pest. management,Suggested readings, 1 Webster John 1980 Introduction to Fungi Cambridge University Press. 2 Alexopoulos C J Mims C W and Blackwell M 1996 Introductory Mycology Wiley. 3 Carlile M J Watkinson S C and Booday G W 2001 The Fungi Academic Press. 4 Deacon J W Blackwell M 1997 Introduction to Modern Mycology Oxford. 5 Webster John and Roland W S 2007 Introduction to Fungi Cambridge University Press. 6 Hale M E 1983 The biology of lichens 3rd ed Edward Arnold. 7 Hawksworth DL Hill DJ 1984 The Lichen Forming Fungi Blackie Glasgow and London 158 pp. 8 Galun M ed 1988 CRC Handbook of Lichenology Volume III CRC Press Inc Boca Raton. 9 Awasthi D D 2000 A hand book of Lichens Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh Dehradun. 10 Awasthi D D 2000 Lichenology in Indian subcontinent Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh Dehradun. 11 Brown D H Hawksworth D L Bailey R H 1976 Lichenology Progress problems Academic Press London. 12 Willey J M Sherwood L Woolverton C J 2010 Prescott s Microbiology 8th edition McGraw Hill. 13 Agrios G N 1988 Plant Pathology Academic Press, 14 John A Lucas 1998 Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens Wiley Blackwell CRC Press. 15 Dickinson C M 2003 Molecular Plant Pathology Bios Scientific Publisher. 16 Bridge P D and Clarkson J M 1998 Molecular Variability of Fungal Pathogens CAB International. 17 Singh R S 2008 Plant Diseases Oxford and IBH Publishing Co Pvt Ltd. 18 Singh R S 2008 Principles of Plant Pathology Oxford and IBH Publishing Co Pvt Ltd. 19 Dhingra O D and James B Sinclair 1995 Basic Plant Pathology Methods CRC Press. 20 Pelczar JM Chan ECS and Krieg MR 1993 Microbiology Tata McGraw Hill. 21 Bishen PS 2014 Microbes in Practice I K International Publishing House Pvt Ltd. 22 Aneja KR Jain P and Aneja KR 2008 A Text book of Basic and Applied Microbiology New Age International Publishers New Delhi. BOT 503 Bryology and Pteridology Credits 3, General introduction including broad outline of classification and evolutionary trends Distribution of the group.
in India general features and adaptation to land habit Origin and evolution of gamatophyte and sporophyte. generation Endemism and endemic liverwort genera of India Bryophyte ecology Moss protonema protonemal. Page 4 of 23, differentiation and bud induction Regeneration in bryophytes Economic uses chemistry of bryophytes fossil. history Hepaticopsida Marchantiophyta distribution Global and Indian General characteristics morphology. anatomy and life history of Marchantiales Plagiochasma Asterella Cryptomitrium Targionia Cyathodium. Monocleales Monoclea Sphaerocarpales Sphaerocarpus Riella Calobryales Calobryum Haplomitrium. Metzgeriales Riccardia Metzgeria Pallavicinia Jungermanniales Radula Herberta Porella Frullania etc. Treubiales Apotreubia, Anthocerotophyta distribution Global and Indian general features Morphology anatomy and life history of. Anthocerotales Anthoceros Notothylas etc Bryopsida Musci distribution Global and Indian general features. morphology and anatomy life history of Sphagnales Sphagnum Andreaeales Andreaea Andreaeobryales. Takakia Polytrichales Polytrichum Pogonatum Tetraphidales Tetraphis Georgia Buxbaumiales Buxbaumia. Bryales Bryum Rhodobryum Funaria etc, General Introduction of pteridophytes their peculiar features and similarities and dissimilarities with bryophytes. and gymnosperms pteridophytes classification based on molecular data by Smith et al 2006 World distribution. of pteridphytes with special reference to India Endangered pteridophytes their conservation. Origin and Evolution of pteridophytes Gametophytes of pteridophytes ecology of pteridophytes Stomatal. structures in pteridophytes Spores of pteridophytes Apogamy Apospory and parthenogenesis Sex organs and. embryogeny in Pteridphytes Ecology of pteridophytes Economic importance of the pteridophytes Cytogenetics. of pteridophytes, Comparative morphology anatomy reproductive biology and evolutionary studies of the following groups Early. land plant and their evolutionary significance Psilopsida Lycopsida Sphenopsida Filicopsida Coenopteridales. Ophioglosales Marattiales Osmundales and filicales Monographic study of Isoetes Psilotum Ophioglossum. Osmunda Lygodium Cyathea Gleichenia Adiantum Pteris Christella and aquatic ferns. Suggested readings, 1 Gangulee H C and Kar A K 2011 Co llege Botany Vol II A lgae Fungi Brophyta Pteridophyta New Central Book Agency.
2 Singh Pande Jain 2010 A Text Book of Botany Algae Fungi Brophyta Pteridophyta Pub Rastogi Publication Meerut. 3 Parihar N S 1965 An Introduction to Embyophyta Bryophyta Central Book Depot Allahabad. 4 Kashyap S R 1972 Liverworts of the Western Himalayas the Punjab Plains Part 1 2. 5 Richardson D H S The Biology of Mosses,6 Janice M Glime 2006 Bryophyte Ecology. 7 Goffinet B Shaw A J 2008 Bryophyte Biology, 8 Rashid A 2011 An Introduction to Pteridopyta 2nd edition Reprint Pub Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd Noida. 9 Gifford Ernest M Foster Adriance S 1989 Morphology and Evolution of vascular plant W H Freeman Third Edition. 10 Ogura Yuzuru 1972 Comparative Anatomy of Vegetative Organs of The Pteridophytes Gebr Borntraeger 2nd edition. 11 Rashid A 1999 An Introduction to Pteridophta Diversity Development Differentiation Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd. 12 Parihar Narayan Singh 1977 The Biology and Morphology of The Pteridophyte Central Book Depot. BOT504 Gymnosperms and Palaeobotany Credits 3, General introduction of gymnosperms with special reference to its salient features similarities and dissimilarities. with other groups like pteridophytes and angiosperms Classifications of gymnosperms Origin and Evolution of. gymnosperms with special reference to Progymnosperms Devonien pre ovules and origin of seed. Comparative morphology anatomy reproductive biology and phylogenetic studies of the following groups. Pteridospermopsida Lyginopteridales Medullosales Callistophytales Glossopteridales Peltaspermales. Corystospermales and Caytoniales Cycadopsida Pentoxylopsida Bennettiopsida Ginkgopsida Coniferopsida and. Gnetopsida,Page 5 of 23, Global distribution of gymnosperms with special reference to Indian plants Endangered gymnosperms their. conservation and present status Cytogenetics of Gymnosperms Economic importance and biotechnology of. gymnosperms, Basic geological information structure of Earth Types of rocks stratigraphy basic concepts of continental drift.
Page 1 of 23 DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY University of Allahabad M Sc Syllabus Choice Based Credit System To be implemented from the Academic Year 2017 18

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