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Structured and well organized data migration projects are more. successful than unstructured projects Your level of success. depends on defining and planning the necessary work packages. and recognizing the required effort and resources from the. 3 Plan and Organize Your,Data Migration Projects, In Chapter 1 we introduced the business basics of data migration proj. ects This chapter explains how to plan and organize your data migration. projects In the first section we briefly define the different types of data. migration projects Subsequently we describe the different phases of a. data migration project and how they are integrated into the phases of an. implementation project In the third section you ll find out which tasks. will appear in each data migration phase and how to schedule these. tasks into work packages Finally we give you some advice how to. determine data migration objects and calculate the required effort. 3 1 Types of Data Migration Projects, All data migration projects deal with the question of how to get data. from one system to another system but we can differentiate the differ. ent types of data migration projects based on a few points as described. in the following subsections,3 1 1 Initial Load Green Field. In initial load projects also known as green field projects you migrate. the data into a newly implemented SAP system The data for such pro. jects comes from different source systems which is normal for a data. migration project, 3 Plan and Organize Your Data Migration Projects Types of Data Migration Projects 3 1. 3 1 2 Upgrading an Existing System Brown Field are called system optimizations or system landscape optimizations The. By upgrading existing systems called brown field projects an already most common use cases for a system optimization is selling certain sub. productive SAP system will be extended with new data for existing or sidiaries or parts of your company to another company or acquiring. new business processes There can also be different source systems to other companies In the first case you want to carve out processes and. load the data from organizational structures and their data off your SAP production system. In the second case you want to include additional processes and organi. zational structures into your SAP production system Because both the. 3 1 3 Phased Roll Out source and target systems are SAP systems the data migration can be. Modest risk A phased roll out project is a combination of an initial load and upgrad done on a database table level most of the time This method is very fast. long period ing an existing system project This kind of data migration project is and allows historical data to be transferred However these kinds of sys. often used if an IT landscape is restructured This is typically for mergers tem optimizations are often subject to accountability based on financial. and acquisitions system centralizing or roll out of an SAP system to audits and the countries generally accepted accounting principles You. local or international subsidiaries Such projects are projected for longer should therefore make use of services offered by certificated special ser. periods often years Upgrading existing SAP systems demands well vice providers such as SAP s System Landscape Optimization SLO. organized project management to plan the duration and quality of the. data migration A phased roll out allows for cost cutting and an increase. in quality that build on one another over the years However you also 3 1 6 Cloud Migration. need to build additional interfaces to connect your still existing systems Cloud migration is the process of migrating all or certain parts of your. to the new SAP system landscape system into a public cloud provided as software as a service SaaS and. not private cloud or hosted cloud models A data migration into such an. 3 1 4 Big Bang SAP cloud system such as SAP Cloud for Customer SAP SuccessFactors. or SAP S 4HANA cloud edition differs from a data migration to an on. High risk A big bang implementation is a phased roll out in one single phase This. short period premise SAP Business Suite system For cloud solutions SAP offers tools. will normally be used if the numbers of subsidiaries is small or they are. and prebuilt content to migrate your data You can generate Microsoft. using the same business processes with no or minimal changes to the. parent company s processes The risk to fail of such big bang implemen Excel XML files with these tools fill them with your data and load them. tations is higher than with a phased roll out You therefore need to plan into your cloud system. and test the go live of the SAP system more accurately With the big For some cloud solutions it s possible to directly connect to your SAP Cloud migration. bang method the whole company is changing its system landscape and source system using these tools to extract your data You don t have differs from. on premise, processes overnight If the data quality or something else fails the access to the cloud backend system Well known tools and interfaces.
whole company s production system will fail such as the Legacy System Migration Workbench LSMW or batch. input can t be used anymore Due to the limited customizing effort and. 3 1 5 System Optimization prebuilt content the effort to implement the data load procedures will. be lower You have to provide the files in the correct format and main. Mergers and If processes or organizational structures of a SAP production system must. acquisitions tain the value mapping, be moved completely to another SAP system you ll have to use special. legal conform techniques and services These services and techniques. 3 Plan and Organize Your Data Migration Projects Phases of Data Migration Projects 3 2. Cloud Systems Further Reading 5 Data validation, You ll find more about SAP SuccessFactors in Chapter 8 SAP Business 6 Data cleansing. ByDesign and SAP Cloud for Customer in Chapter 9 and SAP S 4HANA 7 Productive load and support. cloud edition in Chapter 12, Figure 3 1 illustrates the different data migration phases. Note that the data migration phases of these different kinds of data. migration projects will be generally the same as discussed next. Project Business Realization Final Go live,preparation blueprint preparation and support. 3 2 Phases of Data Migration Projects Final,Business Blueprint Realization incl Tests Support.
Preparation, ASAP To plan and organize SAP implementation projects you can use differ. ent implementation methods One of the most commonly used imple Data analysis. mentation methods is ASAP ASAP is used to implement SAP products. faster based on a standardized method Data migration project phases. are different from the general implementation project phases In this Implmentation 1 PLT 2 PLT. section we ll explain the different data migration project phases and. how these phases will be included into the standard project phases of. ASAP Prod load, The ASAP implementation method consists of five phases Validation. 1 Project preparation,Data cleansing,2 Business blueprint. 3 Realization including tests,4 Final preparation, Figure 3 1 Migration Phases within the ASAP Implementation Method. 5 Go live and support, Seven data As described in Chapter 1 the best way to include the data migration In contrast to classical ASAP phases data migration phases aren t strictly Phases must.
migration phases sequential They are repetitive and can overlap with ASAP and other overlap. tasks in an implementation project is to set up the data migration as a. subproject There are seven data migration phases which differ from data migration phases Results of subsequent phases influence previous. the standard ASAP implementation phases phases This is necessary as it allows you to react to errors and flaws in. a flexible way You ll often detect such flaws in the business blueprint. 1 Data analysis when you load real data into the customized test systems The business. 2 Mapping blueprint data analysis and mapping must be adopted to correct such. 3 Implementation flaws The next sections go into more detail of the different data migra. tion phases,4 Data migration tests, 3 Plan and Organize Your Data Migration Projects Phases of Data Migration Projects 3 2. 3 2 1 Data Analysis 3 2 3 Implementation, The data analysis phase is normally started in parallel with the business You can also start the implementation phase and first functional tests. blueprint BBP phase however you don t have to start the data analysis early during the realization phase of the project The best starting point. phase with the BBP You can start with analyzing the data at the halfway for the implementation phase is when the bigger part of your conver. point of the BBP The advantage of doing so is that most business pro sion rules have been defined You then can start extracting the data and. cesses to be implemented are known and designed at this stage so it s testing your conversion rules by loading that data into your target test. easier to identify the data migration objects and the leading source sys system. tems from which to extract the migration objects,Business Object vs Migration Object. 3 2 4 Data Migration Tests, Tests are the most important thing in each data migration You must. In this chapter we re talking about business objects and migration objects as. described here start with the first functional tests as soon as possible Testing is essen. A business object represents a single object to be used to model a business tial The more complex a data migration is and the more target systems. process It s a semantic entity to represent the smallest logical unit to take source systems data migration objects and conversion rules that are. part in a business scenario for example material customer purchase involved the more crucial tests will be. order invoice and so on, Tests can t be replaced by something else besides more tests You have Tests are the alpha.
A migration object represents an entity of a business object that is used to and omega. to test the whole data migration process and the go live itself by doing a. migrate the data of a business object for example basic material data from. system A material sales data from system B and so on dress rehearsal at least once before your go live Experience has shown. that one test isn t sufficient Having at least two productive data load. The relationship between business object and migration object is 1 N There. tests into an SAP system which is technically the same as the target sys. can be many migration objects for one business object but only one business. object per migration object tem under go live conditions will have a positive impact on your data. quality and your ability to adhere to the timetable. Tests Reduce Costs,3 2 2 Mapping, After identifying the data migration objects you can start with the map The higher the number of tests the higher the data quality the less the. rework that must be done in the target systems shortly before or after go live. ping phase The mapping phase overlaps with the data analyzing phase. and the less the total costs will be, You should start the mapping as soon as possible don t wait until the. analysis is completely finished A good starting point is when the first. master data objects are identified and the BBP for the business processes 3 2 5 Data Validation. to maintain these objects are mostly finished, Validating your migrated data is indispensable for the quality of your. Conversion rules The BBP documents include rules and notes to build conversion rules business process in your target system Master data and transaction data. The mapping phase can persist into the data migration test phase The of superior quality is the basis for perfect working business processes In. results of the first data migration test often have a deep impact on the some industries such as pharmacy validations are mandatory and must. mapping and the conversion rules be precisely documented For example without appropriate validation. 3 Plan and Organize Your Data Migration Projects Phases of Data Migration Projects 3 2. of all migrated data in your target system and a well documented data with the responsible teams Existing cleansing rules must be identified. migration process you ll never pass the FDA audit Without a Certificate and compared to the defined conversion rules The data quality results. of FDA Registration you re not allowed to sell pharmaceutical products of the first data migration tests are important for further data cleansing. or medical devices on the US market More about U S Food and Drug activities. Administration and Regulations and the Assessments of SAP Products. The data cleansing phase must be completed with the last productive. can be found here http scn sap com docs DOC 7854 Don t disregard. load test to assure that the results of the latest tests are taken into con. the data validation phase,sideration for the go live one by one. You should start defining your validation rules when you start defining. your conversion rules Rapid Data Migration with SAP Data Services. 3 2 7 Productive Load and Support, includes predefined validation rules which help you validate your data.
An automatic validation enables you to cleanse your source data by The productive load is the last and most critical phase within your data. examining the results of the validation and determining erroneo. 3 Plan and Organize Your Data Migration Projects 54 3 1 2 Upgrading an Existing System Brown Field By upgrading existing systems called brown field projects an already productive SAP system will be extended with new data for existing or

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