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Foreword by Steve Doig 3, Intent of this playbook and story results from the pilot 4. Data journalism as a repeatable process 6,Technology to enable the process 9. Idea and hypothesis generation 10,Data gathering 14. Data cleaning 17,Importing and modeling 20,Data exploration 25. Storyboard and data visualization 28,Data visualization refinement 34.
Publishing and sharing 40,Appendix 42, When newsrooms began to discover the power of data journalism more than 50 years ago finding. stories in data required then rare skills of programming mainframe computers and training in social. science techniques like statistical analysis Today thanks to the development of powerful desktop. computers and versatile software tools like Microsoft Power BI good data journalism work is within. reach of almost any newsroom even yours, This playbook is proof of that concept Television newsrooms with their limited staffing and tight time. constraints have been slower over the years than their print counterparts to adopt the tools of data. journalism However forward thinking station managers are realizing they need these skills in house. but the supply of data savvy video journalists and news technicians is limited This pilot project by. Seattle s KING 5 reporters is an effort to meet that demand Working with Microsoft s Power BI team. they developed a repeatable process for generating ideas for data stories acquiring the raw data. cleaning it finding the interesting patterns in it and then creating the graphics that would help tell the. story to station viewers and website users, Data journalism adds the weight of evidence not just anecdote to make stories As this playbook lays. out the team discovered that even with great software tools data journalism doesn t mean that a few. taps on a computer keyboard will make good stories magically appear on television screens Smart. analysis often is just the first step of telling a powerful data story which also requires the traditional. skills of developing sources reading documents interviewing those affected confronting those. responsible and then integrating everything into a compelling visual package. Power BI brings to data journalism an A to Z set of analysis and graphics functions that can help with. every phase of working with data However one lesson from this pilot project is that learning to use all. that power can be overwhelming like trying to fly a Lear jet when all that is needed in the beginning. at least is to bicycle to the grocery store Happily novice data journalists don t need to master all the. buttons and switches of Power BI in order to start doing good data stories Microsoft s Excel. spreadsheet a close cousin to Power BI is the easy to learn gateway drug to data journalism. addiction Reporters who learn the basics of Excel sorts filters functions and pivot tables will have in. hand a multitool that will handle the majority of likely data journalism stories And they ll have a good. running start into adding Power BI skills when they start bumping into limitations of what Excel alone. can process, So read this playbook and begin thinking about the data sourced stories. you d like to do for your viewers and readers You and they will be. glad you did,Steve Doig,Professor Cronkite School of Journalism.
Arizona State University,steve doig asu edu,Intent of this playbook and. story results from the pilot,This playbook aims to. Outline a data journalism process that can be adjusted for individual needs and gain. efficiency over time, Share real world experiences from the KING 5 data journalism pilot project including. examples of the people involved processes followed and challenges overcome. Introduce Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI as tools for data journalism. Provide suggested resources for deeper learning into each step of a project. Set guiding principles for journalists to uphold the Society of Professional Journalists. Code of Ethics and other industry standards,The following data stories were created and. published with Microsoft Power BI during the KING,Where does Washington s marijuana tax money go.
Aired on August 8 2018, Washington congressional races on track to set fundraising records. Aired on August 16 2018, Most Washington schools are failing to meet state s target for vaccinations. Aired on Sept 5 2018, What will Seattle traffic look like without the viaduct. Aired on September 18 2018, Results Data storytelling out performs traditional storytelling. Results indicate that interactive data driven content performs. significantly higher than average than traditional content. compared to average views,of stories with broadcast and.
online mentions in the same,6 week period,compared to average views. of stories with broadcast,and online mentions in the. same 6 week period,510 vs average,compared to average views. of stories with broadcast,and online mentions in the. same 6 week period,Data journalism as a,repeatable process.
Data journalism is an effective way to capture complicated information into an engaging infographic. style visualization that audiences can immediately grasp Data by itself is just a collection of numbers. but data journalism is the process of investigating understanding and shaping that data to tell. compelling stories, As with any reportage data journalism does not follow a predetermined path The diagram below. offers a series of recommended steps for journalists analysts and visualizers as they work together as. a data journalism team The process isn t linear in fact steps are often revisited and repeated before. a story is complete Each step however should be undertaken at least once. Time investment The building blocks of an,efficient data journalism. The time it takes to create a data journalism model can include the. story depends on many factors,For example,Defined workflows that map to the. In the KING 5 pilot one story aimed to,repeatable process on the previous page. predict how a major traffic flow change,Repeatable story outlines.
would impact morning commutes Gathering,Repositories of common and useful data. the data required multiple exchanges with,the Washington Department of. Refined methods of data cleaning,Transportation and the Seattle Department. exploration and analysis,of Transportation over a period of several. Data visualization templates and style,Publishing processes.
Another project centered around the,marijuana excise tax revenue The KING 5. team had to work through the data, exploration and the idea and hypothesis Repeatable story outlines. generation steps several times as the data Some story outlines are common and. exploration results repeatedly disproved the repeatable and it s likely there is data available. initial hypothesis Eventually we settled on For example. more of an informational story rather than a,deep investigation Traffic accidents. Spending on schools, Lastly the time to produce a story will Health care cost rates. decrease as journalists in the same group Sports, share content refine processes and gain Crime patterns.
expertise Seasonal weather drought floods snow,fires hurricanes cold snaps and heat. Gain efficiency by building National state and local elections. reusable content City demographics including immigration. homelessness and unemployment,As the data journalism process is repeated. over time groups will realize efficiencies by Repositories of common and useful data. maintaining datasets and developing sources, stories that can be reused in the future or When repeatable story outlines are developed. in other markets the data sources can be refreshed with. considerably less effort than the first time the,story is produced not only is the origin of the. data known i e the contact and or outlet who,provided the data the URL etc but also the.
steps to clean model and analyze the data, For example color palettes should already be tested to be. KING 5 produced a story on congressional visible to people with colorblindness and to. voting districts Years later the team was able show up well on TV Establishing style guides. to pull new data open the existing Power BI can also reduce cycles in the data. data visualization refresh the underlying visualization refinement step by conforming. data make minor adjustments and turn the to visual design best practices. story around in less than two days,For example, Leveraging industry data sources is The KING 5 pilot project launched without a. also an effective way to scale data story style guide The data visualizations on the. traffic forecasting story needed significant,production. tuning prior to being cleared for airing on TV,News organizations like the Associated. and publishing to the web By the second,Press AP regularly release data with a.
story a data visualization template had been,national story to AP member. put in place The last story required just 20,organizations Before release a team of. percent of the time in the data visualization, data journalists collects validates refinement step compared with the traffic. analyzes and models the data By forecasting story,leveraging clean and newsworthy data. like this journalists can more quickly Maintaining a consistent look and feel will. build visualizations relevant to their help build the station and group brand as. markets and viewers well as the audience s familiarity with what to. expect with data stories,Refined methods of data cleaning and.
exploration Publishing process, Over time as journalists become versed in Documenting a publishing process for every. technologies used for data journalism like broadcast and web story will reduce. Excel and Power BI they ll become more confusion help ensure steps are not missed. skilled in data cleaning and data exploration and keep team members on the same path. If there are data experts on the team it can,reduce the time to produce stories as. journalists will be able to narrow in on their,story hypothesis faster. Data visualization templates and style guide,Storytelling often follows a recurring pattern. Storytelling often, Telling stories with data is no different With follows a recurring.
data visualization templates discussed in,more detail in a later section moving from. the data exploration step to storyboard and, data visualization development can be a Telling stories with. much easier transition,data is no different,Defining on brand color palettes. simplifies creating data visualizations,and reduces cycle time in the data. visualization refinement step Approved,Myths and misconceptions.
KING 5 started with many myths and misconceptions about data journalism. Data Journalism stories can be turned around in a couple days or less. Producing stories can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks Even when a process. has been established chasing the data trail can take up time. Journalists can learn everything they need to know to be self sufficient in producing data. journalism stories, This isn t necessarily false but the team quickly learned that the complexity involved in data. exploration and data visualization would leave journalists little to no time for the actual. Data delivered in the form of PDFs PowerPoint or in email is useful. Data in PDFs PowerPoint or email aren t useful in the context of data exploration because. information in these formats are not easily machine readable This will be discussed in greater. detail later in the playbook, What you see on your screen when developing Power BI visualizations will be what the. audience sees on TV, It s always important to do a dry run of your story in the studio on the Surface Hub to ensure. that your data visualizations will be readable by the TV audience Even when station branding. and approved color palettes are used there may be other unexpected issues that arise from. font size to the type of data chart used,Learning resources. The Data Journalism Handbook is used by students researchers and practitioners learning about the. state of the ever evolving field of data journalism. https datajournalismhandbook org handbook two introduction. The Global Investigative Journalism Network has resources for data journalists everything from guides. on data mining to analysis visualization statistics toolkits and more. https helpdesk gijn org support solutions articles 14000036505 data journalism. Investigative Reporters and Editors IRE is a nonprofit organization that offer resources conferences and. specializing training including the Computer Assisted Reporting conference for data journalists www ire org. Technology to enable the process,Excel is offered through the Microsoft Office 365.
When Excel and Power BI are used suite to enable effective collaboration Users can. together you can follow steps in share cloud synched workbooks and always work. the data journalism process to together on the latest version Being a part of. discover create and share powerful Office 365 also provides a universal toolkit for. securely managing and sharing files This,data driven stories. includes deep security and information,protection robust version control and. auditing and secure sharing and collaboration,Introduction to Microsoft Excel. Data Journalism Playbook With insight from the KING 5 Data Journalism Pilot Contents Foreword by Steve Doig 3 Intent of this playbook and story results from the pilot 4 Data journalism as a repeatable process 6 Technology to enable the process 9 Idea and hypothesis generation 10 Data gathering 14 Data cleaning 17 Importing and modeling 20 Data exploration 25 Storyboard and data visualization

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