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DIBELS Next Assessment Manual,DIBELS Next,Assessment Manual. Roland H Good III,Ruth A Kaminski, Kelli Cummings Chantal Dufour Martel Kathleen Petersen. Kelly Powell Smith Stephanie Stollar and Joshua Wallin. DIBELS is a registered trademark of Dynamic Measurement Group Inc Visit our website at. http www dibels org Revised 7 8 10,DIBELS Next Assessment Manual. Educational Use Agreement, DIBELS is a proprietary name referring to the work of Roland Good Ruth Kaminski and Dynamic Measure. ment Group Inc DMG The intent of DMG is to make the current DIBELS assessment tools and materials. downloadable from this website the DIBELS Materials available to schools school districts and multi district. agencies for the limited purposes and on the terms described in this Educational Use Agreement Such use. however is not intended to and does not place the DIBELS Materials in the public domain. Photocopy masters of the DIBELS Materials are available at a host website designated by DMG solely for the. purposes described in this Educational Use Agreement Schools school districts and multi district agencies. may make unlimited photocopies of the DIBELS Materials for internal educational use subject to the terms of this. Educational Use Agreement No DIBELS Materials may be sold or licensed without the express written consent. of DMG DMG has licensed Sopris to sell print versions of the DIBELS Materials www soprislearning com and. Wireless Generation to sell licenses to handheld computer software and related products that incorporate the. DIBELS Materials www wirelessgeneration com, As a part of DMG s program to provide the photocopy masters and permission to photocopy for free as described.
above DMG requires all users to register on the host website designated by DMG to evidence their assent to the. terms of this Educational Use Agreement so that we may document usage as we pursue additional research and. development funding and so that we may notify users when new and improved materials are available Users. should not use a prior version of DIBELS Materials for more than two years after a new and improved version of. those materials is available, This Educational Use Agreement also requires that users copy and use the DIBELS Materials without modifica. tion including without limitation without removing logos or acknowledgments for contributions to the DIBELS. Materials except as agreed to in advance and in writing by DMG in its sole discretion Any uses of the DIBELS. Materials that are inconsistent with the provisions of this Educational Use Agreement are strictly prohibited. DIBELS Next Assessment Manual,Welcome to DIBELS Next. Powerful Indicators for Improving Student Outcomes. Over the last decade DIBELS Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills have changed the education. al landscape providing accurate timely benchmark and progress monitoring information to ensure students. receive targeted instructional support This premier universal assessment system has been embraced by. educators across the country and used as a tool to help thousands of students reach their full academic potential. What is DIBELS Next, DIBELS Next represents a breakthrough revision based on new research conducted over 4 years on over. 25 000 students in 90 schools throughout the United States as well as consumer feedback DIBELS Next. retains the best of DIBELS but has been updated to increase ease of use and accuracy of results. DIBELS Next measures are brief powerful indicators of foundational early literacy skills that. Are quick and efficient to administer and score, Serve as universal screening or benchmark assessment and progress monitoring. Identify students in need of intervention support,Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.
Support the RtI Multi tiered model,What are the significant changes in DIBELS Next. First Sound Fluency replaces Initial Sound Fluency as an easy to administer reliable measure of early. phonemic awareness, Daze a new comprehension measure based on maze procedures has been added for grades three. through six, All new DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency passages that have been field tested with students and are. empirically leveled, Revised Nonsense Word Fluency measures the alphabetic principal and foundational phonics with. new directions and scoring rules to include the number of whole words read correctly. Other new features include, More clear and concise directions and scoring rules.
New arrangement of items to increase reliability of scores. Checklists of common response patterns to facilitate targeted instruction. New reliability and validity data on all measures including correlations between DIBELS Oral Reading. Fluency and a NAEP reading fluency passage,New user friendly format. DIBELS Next Assessment Manual,This DIBELS Next Assessment Manual provides. an overview of how DIBELS Next measures align with basic early literacy skills. general guidelines on the administration and scoring of the DIBELS Next measures and. how to interpret results, specific administration and scoring procedures for each measure. a pronunciation guide practice scoring sheets and answer keys assessment accuracy. checklists and sample statements and parent letters. Anyone who administers DIBELS Next or uses DIBELS Next scores should read this manual The. best understanding of the information in this manual will come after the reader attends training that. includes practice in administering and scoring each of the DIBELS Next measures Training in how. to interpret the data is also important for the reader who will be interpreting the test results or using. those results to make group or student level decisions For more information about training see. Table of Contents,Chapter 1 Introduction to DIBELS Next 1. The Basic Early Literacy Skills 1,An Overview of the DIBELS Next Measures 1.
DIBELS Next and the Basic Early Literacy Skills 2,DIBELS and Students With Special Needs 5. How DIBELS Next Is Used 6,DIBELS and RtI The Outcomes Driven Model 8. History and Development of DIBELS Next 10,Transitioning to DIBELS Next 10. Chapter 2 Guidelines for Administering and Scoring DIBELS Next 14. Standard Features of DIBELS Next Measures 14,Administration Guidelines 15. General Scoring Guidelines 16,Testing Materials 18.
Accommodations 20,Training 21,Appropriate Test Use of DIBELS 22. Test Security 22,Chapter 3 Interpreting DIBELS Next Data 23. Criterion Referenced Interpretations Understanding Benchmark Goals. and Cut Points for Risk 23,2011 Dynamic Measurement Group. DIBELS Next Assessment Manual, Individually Referenced Interpretations Analyzing Student Growth and. Progress Over Time 25, Local Norm Referenced Interpretations Comparing Students District wide 25.
System Wide or National Norm Referenced Interpretations Comparing. Students in a Larger Context 26,The Importance of Response Patterns 27. Chapter 4 Implementing DIBELS Next in Your School 28. Conducting Benchmark Assessment 28,Conducting Progress Monitoring 34. Communicating with Students Parents and School Personnel 37. Chapter 5 DIBELS First Sound Fluency FSF 39,Overview 39. Administration Directions 40,Scoring Rules 42,Chapter 6 DIBELS Letter Naming Fluency LNF 48. Overview 48,Administration Directions 49,Scoring Rules 50.
Chapter 7 DIBELS Phoneme Segmentation Fluency PSF 55. Overview 55,Administration Directions 56,Scoring Rules 57. Chapter 8 DIBELS Nonsense Word Fluency NWF 66,Overview 66. Administration Directions 67,Scoring Rules 68,DIBELS Next Assessment Manual. Chapter 9 DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency DORF 79,Overview 79. Administration Directions 80,Scoring Rules for DORF 83.
Scoring Rules for Retell 89,Chapter 10 Daze 98,Overview 98. Administration Directions 99,Scoring Rules 100,Appendices 102. Appendix 1 Pronunciation Guide 102, Appendix 2 Practice Scoring Sheets and Answer Keys 103. Appendix 3 Assessment Accuracy Checklists 111,Appendix 4 Sample Statement and Letters 119. References 122,DIBELS Next Assessment Manual,Acknowledgements.
The program of research and development that has culminated in DIBELS Next has been a collaborative. effort of many The talents and efforts of literally thousands of individuals contributed to the successful. completion of this edition of the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills including Dynamic Mea. surement Group research scientists and staff research colleagues from across the country educators and. school personnel children and parents and publishing partners. Throughout a four year program of research and focused effort these individuals provided skill expertise. time and unlimited energy for the research and development of DIBELS Next Listings of those people. who contributed to the research and development of DIBELS Next are included in this manual and in the. Technical Manual There are in addition numerous unnamed children teachers and school personnel to. whom we owe our special thanks These people volunteered their time to participate in the research and. provided invaluable feedback and suggestions on the measures We are deeply indebted to each and every. individual for his or her contribution,Ruth Kaminski and Roland H Good III. February 2010,Research Scientists Support Staff,Kelli Cummings Ph D Daniel Cohn. Chantal Dufour Martel Ph D Laura Collins,Nancy Knutson Ph D Carol Gassman. Kathleen Petersen Ph D Jeff Heriot,Kelly Powell Smith Ph D Sarah Laszlo. Stephanie Stollar Ph D,Project Manager,Joshua Wallin Field Site Coordinators.
Ann Marie Anderson Lori Pinchot,Graphic Designer,Theresa Fletcher Alecia Rahn Blakeslee. Karla Wysocki,Lana Gerber Karla Reed,Research Assistants Mary Giboney Janet Reynolds. Alisa Dorman Allison Hardin Janet Richards,Rebecca Freund Debra Hawkins Christina Schmid. Annie Hommel Tammy Hillebrand Sue Spiker,Douglas Rice Carol Keskeny Lisa Habedank Stewart. Katherine Schwinler Sara Krebs Peggy Taylor, Data Analysis Team Kristen MacConnell Carol Trumbo.
Elizabeth Dewey Tina McMullen Lillian Vardon, Rachael Latimer Amy Murdoch Jennifer Watson Kilgrow. Maya O Neil Kristin Orton Christi Whitter,DIBELS Next Assessment Manual 1. Chapter 1 Introduction to DIBELS Next, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills DIBELS is a set of measures used to assess early literacy. and reading skills for students from kindergarten through sixth grade. You can use DIBELS Next to, identify students who may be at risk for reading difficulties. help teachers identify areas to target instructional support. monitor at risk students while they receive additional targeted instruction and. examine the effectiveness of your school s system of instructional supports. DIBELS is designed to be an efficient cost effective tool used to help make decisions about reading instruc. tion to help the teacher provide support early and prevent the occurrence of later reading difficulties DIBELS. assesses basic early literacy skills or the essential skills that every child must master to become a proficient. reader National Reading Panel 2000 National Research Council 1998. The Basic Early Literacy Skills, Phonemic Awareness Hearing and using sounds in spoken words.
Phonics The system of letter sound relationships that serves as the foundation for decoding. words in print, Alphabetic Principle and Basic Phonics The concept that printed letters correspond to the. sounds of spoken words Knowing the most common sounds of consonants and vowels and. sounding out phonetically regular VC and CVC words. Advanced Phonics and Word Attack Skills Knowing all of the sounds for letters and letter com. binations and sounding out written words, Accurate and Fluent Reading of Connected Text Reading stories and passages easily and. confidently with few mistakes, Vocabulary and Language Skills Understanding and correctly using a variety of words. Reading Comprehension Understanding what is read,An Overview of the DIBELS Next Measures. DIBELS Next comprises six measures, 1 First Sound Fluency FSF The assessor says words and the student says the first sound for.
DIBELS Next Assessment Manual Introduction to DIBELS Next 2. 2 Letter Naming Fluency LNF The student is presented with a sheet of letters and asked to name. the letters, 3 Phoneme Segmentation Fluency PSF The assessor says words and the student says the. individual sounds for each word, 4 Nonsense Word Fluency NWF The student is presented with a list of VC and CVC nonsense. words e g sig rav ov and asked to read the words, 5 DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency DORF The student is presented with a reading passage and. asked to read aloud The student is then asked to retell what he she just read. 6 Daze The student is presented with a reading passage where some words are replaced by a multiple. choice box that includes the original word and two distractors The student reads the passage silently. and selects the word in each box that best fits the meaning. The DIBELS Next measures were designed to be economical and efficient indicators of a student s basic early. literacy skills and include the following features. They are standardized assessments which means they are administered and scored exactly the. same way every time with every student An assessment must be standardized in order to be able to. DIBELS Next Assessment Manual Educational Use Agreement DIBELS is a proprietary name referring to the work of Roland Good Ruth Kaminski and Dynamic Measure ment Group Inc D

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