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R L Miesfeld 10 28 13,PUBLICATIONS,Peer Reviewed, Arnheim N Seperack P Barnerji J Miesfeld R and Marcu K 1980 Mouse rDNA. nontranscribed spacer sequence are found flanking immunoglobulin genes and. elsewhere throughout the genome Cell 22 179 185, Marcu K Arnheim N Banerji J Penncavage N Seperack P Lang R Miesfeld R. Harris L and Greenberg R 1981 Studies on the nature and germ line stability of DNA. sequences flanking the immunoglobulin heavy chain constant region genes Cold. Spring Harbor Symp Quant Biol 45 899 911, Miesfeld R Krystal M and Arnheim N 1981 A member of a new repeated sequence. family which is conserved throughout eukaryotic evolution is found between the. human delta and beta globin genes Nuc Acids Res 9 5931 5947. Miesfeld R and Arnheim N 1982 Identification of the in vivo and in vitro origin of. ribosomal RNA transcription Nuc Acids Res 10 3933 3949. Miesfeld R and Arnheim N 1984 Species specific rDNA transcription is due to. promoter specific binding factors Mol Cell Biol 4 221 227. Miesfeld R Sollner Webb N Croce C and Arnheim N 1984 The absence of a. human specific ribosomal DNA transcription factor leads to nucleolar dominance in. mouse human hybrid cells Mol Cell Biol 4 1306 1312. Miesfeld R Okret S Wilkstrom A Wrange O Gustafsson J and Yamamoto K. 1984 Characterization of a steroid hormone receptor gene and mRNA in wild type. and mutant cells Nature 312 779 781, DeFranco D Miesfeld R Rusconi S and Yamamoto K R 1985 Additive effects of. two distinct activators upon a single enhancer element In Genetic Elements. Regulating Initiation of Transcription in Eukaryotes Y Gluzman ed Cold Spring. Harbor Press New York pp 132 137, Miesfeld R Rusconi S Okret S Wikstrom A C Gustafsson J A and Yamamoto K R.
1985 Preliminary analyses of the glucocorticoid receptor gene and its expression A. DNA binding protein essential for hormone dependent transcriptional enhancement. In Sequence Specificity in Transcription and Translation R Calender and L Gold eds. Alan R Liss Inc New York pp 535 545, Miesfeld R Rusconi S Godowski P Maler B Okret S Wilkstrom A Gustafsson. J and Yamamoto K 1986 Genetic complementation of a glucocorticoid receptor. deficiency by expression of cloned receptor cDNA Cell 46 389 399. Godowski P Rusconi S Miesfeld R and Yamamoto K 1987 Glucocorticoid. receptor mutants that are constituitive activators of transcriptional enchancement. Nature 325 365 368, Vanderbilt J Miesfeld R Maler B and Yamamoto K 1987 Intracellular receptor. concentration limits glucocorticoid dependent enchancer activity Mol Endocrin 1 68 74. Rusconi S Miesfeld R Godowski P Vanderbilt J Maler B and Yamamoto K R. 1987 Functional analysis of cloned glucocorticoid receptor sequences In RNA. Polymerase and the Regulation of Transcription W Reznikoff ed Elsevier Science. Publishing New York pp 257 266, Distelhorst C and Miesfeld R 1987 Characterization of glucocorticoid receptors and. glucocorticoid receptor mRNA in human leukemia cells Blood 69 750 756. Miesfeld R Godowski P Maler B and Yamamoto K 1987 Glucocorticoid receptor. mutants that define a small region sufficient for enchancer activation Science 236 423 427. Miesfeld R Sakai D Inoue A Schena M Godowski P and Yamamoto K 1988. Glucocorticoid receptor sequences that confer positive and negative transcriptional. regulation In Steroid Hormone Action G Ringold ed Alan Liss Publishers. New York pp 193 200, Rosewicz S McDonald A Maddux B Goldfine I Miesfeld R and Logsdon C D. 1988 Mechanism of glucocorticoid down regulation by glucocorticoids J Biol Chem. 263 2581 2584,R L Miesfeld 10 28 13, Briehl M M Flomerfelt F A Wu X P and Miesfeld R 1990 Transcriptional.
analyses of steroid regulated gene networks Mol Endocrin 4 287 294. Rundlett S Wu X P and Miesfeld R 1990 Functional characterizations of the. androgen receptor confirm that the molecular basis of androgen action is transcrip. tional regulation Mol Endocrin 4 708 714, Dieken E Meese E and Miesfeld R 1990 nti glucocorticoid receptor transcripts lack. sequences encoding the amino terminal transcriptional modulatory domain. Mol Cell Biol 10 4574 4581, Dowd D R MacDonald P N Komm B S Haussler M R and Miesfeld R 1991. Evidence for early induction of calmodulin gene expression in lymphocytes under. going glucocorticoid mediated apoptosis J Biol Chem 266 18423 18426. Briehl M M and Miesfeld R 1991 Isolation and characterization of transcripts. induced by androgen withdrawal and apoptotic cell death in the rat ventral prostate. Mol Endocrin 5 1381 1388, Dieken E S and Miesfeld R 1992 Transcriptional transactivation functions. localized to the glucocorticoid receptor N terminus are necessary for steroid induction. of lymphocyte apoptosis Mol Cell Biol 12 589 597, Dowd D R and Miesfeld R 1992 Evidence that glucocorticoid and cAMP induced. apoptotic pathways in lymphocytes share distal events Mol Cell Biol 12 3600 3608. Rundlett S Gordon D and Miesfeld R 1992 Characterization of a panel of rat prostate. epithelial cell lines immortalized in the presence or absence of androgens. Exp Cell Res 203 214 221, Dowd D R MacDonald P N Komm B S Haussler M R and Miesfeld R 1992.
Stable expression of the calbindin D28K cDNA interferes with the apoptotic pathway in. lymphocytes Mol Endocrin 6 1843 1848, Flomerfelt F A Briehl M M Dowd D R Dieken E S and Miesfeld R 1993. Elevated glutathione S transferase gene expression is an early event during steroid. induced lymphocyte apoptosis J Cell Physiol 154 573 581. Lam M Dubyak G Chen L Nu ez G Miesfeld R and Distelhorst C 1994. Evidence that BCL 2 represses apoptosis by regulating endoplasmic reticulum. associated Ca2 fluxes Proc Natl Acad Sci 91 6569 6573. Chamberlain N Driver E and Miesfeld R 1994 The length and location. of CAG trinucleotide repeats in the androgen receptor N terminal domain affect. transactivation function Nuc Acids Res 22 3181 3186. Flomerfelt F and Miesfeld R 1994 Recessive mutations in a common pathway block. thymoctye apoptosis induced by multiple signals J Cell Biol 127 1729 1742. Waddell W R and Miesfeld R 1995 Adenomatous polyposis coli protein kinases. protein tyrosine phosphatase The effect of sulindac J Surg Oncol 58 252 256. Rundlett S E and Miesfeld R 1995 Quantitative differences in androgen and. glucocorticoid receptor DNA binding properties contributes to receptor selective. transcriptional regulation Mol Cell Endocrinol 109 1 10. Gordon D A Chamberlain N L Flomerfelt F A and Miesfeld R 1995 A cell specific. and selective effect on transactivation by the androgen receptor. Exp Cell Res 217 368 377, Chapman M Qu N Pascoe S Chen W X Gordon D Apostol C and Miesfeld R. 1995 Isolation of Differentially Expressed Sequence Tags DESTs representing. transcripts induced by glucocorticoids and androgens in hormone responsive cells. Mol Cell Endocrinol 108 R1 R7, Chapman M Askew D Kuscuoglu U and Miesfeld R 1996 Transcriptional control. of steroid regulated apoptosis in murine thymoma cells Mol Endocrin 10 967 978. Chamberlain N L Whitacre D and Miesfeld R 1996 Delineation of two distinct. AF 1 activation functions in the androgen receptor N terminal domain J Biol Chem. 271 26772 26778,R L Miesfeld 10 28 13, Dowd D R Ryerse J S MacDonald P N Miesfeld R Kamradt M C 1997. Crosstalk during Ca2 cAMP and glucocorticoid induced gene expression in. lymphocytes Mol Cell Endocrinol 128 29 37, LeVan T D Behr F D Adkins K K Miesfeld R and Bloom J W 1997 Glucocorticoid.
receptor signaling in a bronchial epithelial cell line Lung Cell Mol Physiol 272 L838 843. Adkins K K LeVan T D Miesfeld R and Bloom J W 1998 Glucocorticoid regulation of. GM CSF evidence for transcriptional mechanisms in airway epithelial cells. Lung Cell Mol Physiol 275 L372 378, Askew D J Kuscuoglu U Brunner T Green D R and Miesfeld R 1999 Characterization. of Apt cell lines exhibiting cross resistance to glucocorticoid and Fas mediated apoptosis. Cell Death Diff 6 796 804, Whitacre D C Chamberlain N L Karnas K J and Miesfeld R 2001 Analysis of glucocorticoid. and androgen receptor gene fusions delineates domains required for transcriptional specificity. Endocrine 15 111 118, Whitacre D C Chuahan S Davis T Gordon D Cress A E and Miesfeld R 2002. Androgen induction of in vitro prostate cell differentiation Cell Growth Diff 13 1 11. Chauhan S Leach C Kunz S Strand N Bloom J and Miesfeld R 2003 Glucocorticoid. regulation of human eosinophil gene expression J Steroid Bioc Mol Biol 84 441 452. Chauhan S Pandey R Way J Sroka T Demetriou M Kunz S Cress A Mount D. and Miesfeld R 2003 Androgen regulation of the human FERM domain encoding gene EHM2. in a cell model of steroid induced differentiation Bioc Biophys Res Com 310 421 432. Kunz S Sandoval R Carlsson P Carlstedt Duke J Bloom J and Miesfeld R 2003. Identification of a novel glucocorticoid receptor mutation in budesonide resistant human. bronchial epithelial cells Mol Endcrinol 17 2566 2582. Bloom J W Chacko J Lohman M S Halonen M Martinez F D and Miesfeld R 2004. Differential control of eosinophil survival by glucocorticoids Apoptosis 9 97 104. Chauhan S Kunz S Davis K Roberts J Martin G Demetriou M Sroka T Cress A. and Miesfeld R 2004 Androgen control of cell proliferation and cytoskeletal reorganization. in human fibrosarcoma cells Role of RhoB signaling J Biol Chem 279 937 944. Gottwald E Herschbach M Lahni B Miesfeld R L Kunz S Raynes D and Guerriero V 2006. Expression of the cochaperone HspBP1 is not coordinately regulated with Hsp70 expression. Cell Biol Int 30 553 558, Wang J Cai Y Pen R Chauhan S Miesfeld R and Ittmann M 2006 Increased Expression of. the Metastasis Associated Gene Ehm2 in Prostate Cancer The Prostate 66 1641 52. Isoe J Kunz S Manhart C Wells M A and Miesfeld R 2007 Regulated expression of. microinjected DNA in adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes Insect Mol Biol 16 83 92. Masakazu Yamamoto M Watt C Schmidt R Kuscuoglu U Miesfeld R and Goldhamer D 2007. Cloning and characterization of a novel MyoD enhancer binding factor Mech Develop 124 715 28. Scaraffia P Y Tang G Isoe J Wysocki V H Wells M A and Miesfeld R 2008 Discovery of an. alternate metabolic pathway for urea synthesis in adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes Proc Nat Acad. Sci 105 518 523, Brandon M C Pennington J E Zamora J Isoe J Schillinger A S and Miesfeld R 2008 TOR.
signaling is required for amino acid stimulation of early trypsin protein synthesis in the midgut of. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes Insect Bioc Mol Biol 38 916 922. Zhou G and Miesfeld R 2009 Energy metabolism during diapause in Culex pipiens mosquitoes J. Insect Physiol 55 40 46, Isoe J Zamora J and Miesfeld R 2009 Molecular analysis of the Aedes aegypti carboxypeptidase. gene family Insect Bioc Mol Biol 39 68 73, Zhou G and Miesfeld R 2009 Differential utilization of blood meal amino acids in Aedes aegypti. mosquitoes Open Access Insect Physiology 1 1 12, Isoe J Rascon A Kunz S and Miesfeld R 2009 Molecular genetic analysis of midgut serine. proteases in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes Insect Bioc Mol Biol 39 903 912. Brackney D E Isoe J Zamora J Black W C Foy B D Miesfeld R and Olson K E 2010. Expression profiling and comparative analysis of seven novel midgut serine proteases from the. Yellow Fever mosquito J Insect Physiol 56 736 744,R L Miesfeld 10 28 13. Jiang W Wysocki V H Miesfeld R and Scaraffia P Y 2010 Differentiation and Quantification of C1. and C2 13C Labeled Glucose by Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analytical Bioc 404 40 44. Scaraffia P Y Zhang Q Thorson K Wysocki V H and Miesfeld R 2010 Differential ammonia. metabolism Aedes aegypti fat body and midgut tissues J Insect Physiol 56 1040 1049. Zhou G Isoe J Day W A and Miesfeld R 2011 COPI transport function is required for rough. endoplasmic reticulum whorl formation in mosquito midgut epithelial cells PLoS ONE 6 e18150. Isoe J Collins J Badgandi H Day W A and Miesfeld R 2011 Defects in the COPI vesicle. transport system cause blood feeding induced mortality in Yellow Fever mosquitoes Proc Nat Acad. Sci 108 E211 E217, Rascon A Isoe J Gearin J and Miesfeld R 2011 In vitro activation and enzyme kinetic analysis of.
recombinant midgut serine proteases in the Dengue vector mosquito BMC Bioc 12 43. Alabaster A Isoe J Zhou G Lee A Murphy A and Miesfeld R 2011 Deficiencies in acetyl CoA. carboxylase and fatty acid synthase differentially affect blood meal metabolism and egg production in. Aedes aegypti Insect Bioc Mol Biol 41 946 955, Mack D J Isoe J Miesfeld R L and Njardarson J T 2012 Distinct biological effects of Golgicide A. derivatives on larval and adult mosquitoes Bioorg Med Chem Lett 22 5177 5188. Isoe J Stover W Miesfeld R B and Miesfeld R L 2013 COPI mediated blood meal digestion in. vector mosquitoes is independent of midgut ARF GEF and ARF GAP regulatory activities Insect. Bioc Mol Biol 43 732 739, Isoe J Mack D J Njardarson J T and Miesfeld R L Biochemical inhibitors of COPI vesicle transport. have differential metabolic effects on Diptera insects in preparation. Reviews and Books, Miesfeld R 1989 The structure and function of steroid receptor proteins CRC. Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 24 101 117. Miesfeld R 1990 Molecular genetics of corticosteroid action American Rev Resp. Diseases 141 S11 S17, Miesfeld R 1994 Biochemistry of glucocorticoid action Chapter 95B In Endocrinology. Third Edition L J DeGroot ed W B Saunders Co Publishers New York. CURRICULUM VITAE Roger L Miesfeld Ph D Professor Department of Chemistry amp Biochemistry Biological Sciences West rm 518 The University of Arizona Tucson Arizona 85721

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