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What matters,Vehicle Mission,Understanding the customer s. equipment and duty cycle,Gearing Transmission and Axle. Electronic Engine Features and,Parameters,Vehicle Power Consumption. Everything Matters,Aerodynamic Drag,Rolling Resistance. Vehicle Accessories and,Mechanical Losses,Grade Resistance.
Driveline Efficiency,Application Guidelines Terminology. Startability, The maximum grade on which a vehicle could accelerate from rest. during an idle away closed throttle start,Peak Torque Gradeability. The maximum grade that a vehicle could ascend while operating at 100. throttle in top gear at peak torque rpm,Cruise Gradeability. The maximum grade that a vehicle could ascend at a specified cruise. speed while operating in top gear at 100 throttle,Application Guidelines and Minimum.
Performance Recommendations, Certain applications may allow for cruise speed below minimum RSG Speed i e Smart Advantage. Guidance for New Equipment,Replacement Equipment, Existing equipment should dictate Minimum Performance Requirements. If tradeoffs are expected provide customer with adequate explanation and. obtain their buy in,Driveability Driver Satisfaction. Startability,Torque Peak Gradeability,Cruise Gradeability. Total Cost of Ownership Owner Satisfaction,Operational Efficiency and Fuel Economy.
Maintenance,Cummins Gearing Criteria,2013 GHG 2014 Certified Engines. Max Fuel Economy, Aim to maintain the engine operating in a low rpms range. producing adequate power to accomplish the job in an efficient. manner This favors fuel economy over some performance. characteristics i e increase in shifting, Aim to operate the engine in a rpm range where horsepower is. increasing while peak torque is readily available This is a good. compromise for customers seeking decent fuel economy with. solid performance characteristics,Performance, Aim to operate the engine in a rpm range where peak power is. readily available This favors productivity over operating costs. ISX Family 1 400 475hp Gearing,Once the optimal engine is determined the right.
gearing will enable the vehicle to meet the,customer s needs and objectives. Gearing Gauge Criteria,Max Fuel Economy,Performance. New Integrated Powertrain,SmartAdvantage,ISX15 450 hp 1650 lb ft torque rating. Fuel Economy Impact,On average 1 improvement for line haul. applications,Up to 2 improvement in regional hauling with.
stop and go routes,Boosted configuration,Suitable for applications requiring enhanced Air. Compressor performance,Naturally Aspirated Air Compressor. Installation Performance, Preferred option for 2013 ISX15 400 450 hp engines. Line haul and Regional haul applications,Simple hardware update. Plumbing only change,Unique option number,Performance trade off.
More time vs Boosted to target operating pressure, 40 60 seconds longer to achieve 145 psi worst case scenario. Meets standard FMVSS 121,25 seconds to build pressure from 85 to 100 psi. ISX15 Family 1 400 475hp Gearing,1160 1240 RPM,SmartAdvantage Integrated Powertrain. 1250 1425 RPM,Extreme line haul Regional haul LTL,Manual transmissions lower gross weights. 1500 1650 RPM,Performance Heavy haul,1600 1750 RPM.
Vocational Off road,SmartAdvantage,Linehaul Up to 80 000 lbs GCVW. Insert Data Classification 12,400 475 HP,Linehaul Up to 85 000 lbs GCVW. For ISX15 with less than 1550 lb ft of torque,Maximum fuel economy is 1400 1500. Balance is 1500 1600 rpm,Insert Data Classification 13. 400 475 HP,Heavy Haul 86 000 and 140 000 lbs GCVW,Insert Data Classification 14.
ISX15 Family 2 and 3 455 600hp Gearing,These ratings provide value for customers. who need power and torque,Heavy loads,Mountainous terrain and or steep grades. Tight route cycle times,Use these ratings where power and torque are. needed Do not focus on fuel economy gearing,Gearing Gauge Criteria. Performance,Fuel Economy,ISX15 525 hp 1850 lb ft torque rating.
Cummins Gearing Recommendations 2015 On Highway US and Canada Products 3 31 2015 Cummins EBU Marketing Technical Sales Mario Sanchez Lara

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