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11000 00 CSU Sponsored Programs ICSUAM Policy Announcement. Uniform Guidance Addendum,Effective Date 12 26 2014 Revised Date 7 12 2017. The policies in ICSUAM Section 11000 are all subject to revision as a result of the implementation of the. Federal Government s Uniform Guidance Code of Federal Regulations Title 2 Section 200 2 CFR 200. effective December 26 2014 A team of CSU subject matter experts are reviewing and updating current. policies related to the administration of sponsored programs in the CSU Policy revisions will be published for. comment as they become available, While policies are under review revision university departments and auxiliary organizations responsible for. the administration of federally funded awards not applicable to Student Financial Aid awards will be required. to follow the new regulations as applicable under 2 CFR 200 Federal regulations should be applied as. Awards Subject to 2 CFR 200, 1 All federal awards awarded on or after December 26 2014. 2 All sub awards issued from a prime federal award dated on or after December 26 2014. 3 Awards issued prior to December 26 2014 with new funding added on or after December 26 2014 in. accordance with federal agency award modification, Awards Subject to OMB Circulars A 21 A 110 and A 133. 1 Awards issued prior to December 26 2014 unless awarding Federal agency notifies recipients that the. new guidance is effective on awards issued prior to December 26 2014 see 3 above. Exceptions, 1 The Uniform Guidance Audit Section 2 CFR 200 Subpart F was implemented with the fiscal year.
beginning July 1 2015, 2 Procurement Standards Sections 2 CFR 200 Subpart D 317 326 Update A May 17 2017. Federal Register Notice 2017 09909 confirmed that an additional one year grace period for. implementation of 2 CFR 200 317 326 has been approved. a Effective date May 17 2017, b Implementation date For all non Federal entities there is an additional one year. grace period for implementation of the procurement standards in 2 CFR 200 317. through 200 326 This means the grace period for non Federal entities extends through. December 25 2017 and the implementation date for the procurement standards will. start for fiscal years beginning on or after December 26 2017 This represents a three. year grace period for implementation of the procurement standards in 2 CFR 200 317. through 200 326, c Grantees are not required to follow the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards 2 CFR. 200 317 326 until the end of three full fiscal years following the Uniform Guidance. implementation date of December 26 2014 which means the effective date for. compliance with the updated procurement standards for the CSU will be July 1 2018. Policy Updates and Notifications, Updates and notifications will be published below until revised policies are posted. Procurement Standards, All campuses will continue to follow the Procurement Standards required under OMB Circular A 110 Subpart.
C Sections 40 48 on federally funded awards from December 26 2014 through June 30 2017 If a CSU. campus or auxiliary organization chooses to implement the new Procurement Standards applicable to federal. awards under 2 CFR 200 prior to July 1 2018 they will update their policies and procedures accordingly A. new sponsored programs systemwide policy will be drafted to address the micro purchase threshold and any. other changes related to federally funded procurement activities The draft will be sent out to review and will. be posted to ICSUAM prior to the implementation date of July 1 2018. Effort Reporting, While the systemwide Effort Reporting Policy 11003 06 is under review sponsored programs offices should. continue to follow their current OMB Circular A 21 compliant policies related to effort reporting and. certification until updated effort reporting guidance or policy is available or the campus sponsored programs. office updates its local policy in accordance with 2 CFR 200 430. Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor,Business and Finance. Approved May 19 2016,Resources and Reference Materials. Useful Guidelines,Related Principles,Sound Business Practices. Laws State Codes Regulations and Mandates, Federal Government s Uniform Guidance Code of Federal Regulations Title 2 Section 200 2 CFR.
200 including the Uniform Guidance Audit Section Subpart F and the Procurement Standards. Sections Subpart D 318 326,OMB Circular A 110 Subpart C Sections 40 48 h. https www whitehouse gov omb circulars a110 40, ICSUAM Policy Section 11000 Sponsored Programs Administration. Policy Contacts,CO Manager,DeRosa Sue co,Subject Expert. DeRosa Sue co,Affinity Group, 11001 00 Sponsored Programs Administration Introduction. Effective Date 12 1 2011,POLICY OBJECTIVE, T he polic ies c ontained in I C SUAM Section 1 1 000 s erve as the fundamental s ystemwide requirements.
governing the C alifornia State U niversity s CSU involvement with the s olicitation ac ceptance and. adminis tration of awards from extramural s ponsors for the c onduc t of res earch and s c holarly ac tivity and. other s pons ored activities,POLICY STATEMENT, T he polic ies in I C SUAM Section 1 1000 are intended to s upport the individual policies and proc edures. maintained by the 2 3 c ampuses and the C hancellor s O ffice related to the financ ial management of s ponsored. programs C ampus in this I CSUAM Section c ampus means either the U niversity and or A uxiliary policies and. proc edures should c onform to the requirements included herein but may vary s ignificantly in detail from. c ampus to c ampus based on the s pecific c ircumstances of the c ampus Where c ampus policies are s ilent or. nonexis tent the C SU s ystemwide policy will prevail where a c ampus policy is more pres criptive yet c losely. parallels the s ystemwide policy the c ampus policy will prevail where c ampus policy c onflicts with s ystemwide. polic y the C SU s ystemwide policy will prevail, I n ac c ordance with C SU policy the c ampus P resident or des ignee mus t ens ure that appropriate policies and. proc edures are maintained ens uring that the c ampus des ignated s ponsored programs administrator. demons trates c ompliance with relevant federal and s tate regulations and guidelines. P olicies in this Section may be applic able to Federally funded c onstruction or infras tructure projects but do. not apply to State c ons truction grants to the extent they are s ubject to the polic ies and proc edures in I CSUAM. Sec tion 9 000 C apital Construction and Fac ilities M anagement T his Section does not apply to awards solely. for s tudent s c holarships grants loans or work s tudy programs within the s c ope of C SU c ampus Financial Aid. P rimary res ponsibility for publis hing and maintaining this s ection of I C SUAM is as signed to the E xecutive V ice. C hanc ellor Chief Financial O fficer and A ssistant Vice Chancellor for Financ ial Services in c ollaboration with the. D irec tor of Spons ored P rograms and other offic es as appropriate. REVISION HISTORY, February 7 2 0 1 4 A nnual Review c onducted with no c hange to polic y. RESOURCES AND REFERENCE MATERIALS,Related Principles. T he polic ies in I C SUAM Section for Spons ored P rograms Section 1 1000 have been organized in. ac c ordance with the s truc ture established in the C ouncil on G overnment Relations C O G R M anaging. E xternally Funded Research P rograms A G uide to E ffec tive M anagement P ractices dated J une 2 0 05. Sound Business Practices, L inks to s pecific c ampus policies and proc edures are included as references in s ome c ircumstances if.
s uc h policies and proc edures have been c ollectively deemed to be repres entative of appropriate. prac tices,Law State Codes Regulations and Mandates. L inks and referenc es to federal regulations s tate regulations relevant CSU executive orders and other. internal polic ies c ontained within the I C SUAM are provided where applic able A s sections of E xecutive. O rder 8 9 0 are introduced as a policy in I CSUAM Section 1 1000 that s ection of E O 8 90 will be noted in. the s pec ific I CSUAM policy, I C SUAM Section 9 000 Capital C onstruction and Fac ilities M anagement. COGNIZANT OFFICE S,CO Manager,M s Sue D eRos a,D irec tor Sponsored P rograms. C SU O ffic e of the C hanc ellor,s deros a calstate edu. A f f inity Group,RA C C CRO FO A C ABO,CSU Policy.
Section Title Sponsored Programs Administration,Policy Number 11002 01. Policy Title General Policy Requirements for the Administration of Grants Contracts in Support. of Externally Funded Research and Sponsored Program Activities. Policy Effective Date 7 1 2016,Last Revision Date 6 24 2016. Policy Objective, It is the policy of the California State University CSU that each campus shall have policies and. procedures in place to effectively administer externally funded programs awarded to the University and. its Auxiliary organizations in compliance with applicable federal state and CSU regulations and policies. Policy Statement,Article 1 Definitions, 1 1 Auxiliary means an organization which is a included in the list of auxiliary organizations in. good standing maintained by the Chancellor pursuant to Section 42406 infra and or b which is. an organization specified in Education Code Section 89900 which is any organization using the. name of the State or a campus or representing an official relationship with a campus or in which. any campus official participates as a director as part of his official position 5 CCR 42400. Definition, 1 2 Contract means an agreement between the University or Auxiliary and a Sponsor to provide.
an economic benefit generally in the form of services for compensation The agreement is. binding and creates a quid pro quo relationship between the parties. 1 3 Grant means a financial contribution to a Recipient to carry out an approved project or. activity A Grant generally anticipates no substantial programmatic invol vement of the. Sponsor with the Recipient during performance of the project or activity but Sponsors usually. request an accounting of the use of funds and of resu lt of the project or activity The Un i versi ty. or Auxiliary m ay commit resources or services as a condition of the Grant. 1 4 Principal Investigator means the individual whether referred to in the Contract or Grant. as a Principal Investigator Project Director or other similar term designated by the. Sponsored Program Administrator to be responsible for ensuring compliance with the. academic scientific technical financial and administrative aspects and for day to day. management of the Sponsored Program, 1 5 Recipient means the University or Auxiliary awarded a Contract or Grant The Recipient is. the University or Auxiliary as the case may be even ifa particular component is designated. in the award document and shall not be an individual department or other constituent unit. 1 6 Sponsor means the party paying for the services or other economic benefit under a. Contract or providing the financial contribution for a project or acti vity under a Grant. 1 7 Sponsored Program s means all work performed under Grants or Contracts funded by non. CSU funding sources including non CS U funded Contracts and Grants that are subsequently. subcontracted to another campus, 1 8 Sponsored Program s Administrator means the entity University or Auxiliary. designated by the Recipient to administer the Sponsored Program. 1 9 Sponsored Program Records i nclude but are not limited to accepted proposals and. applications Contracts or Grant agreements program reports and data correspondence. budgets and supporting financial documentation supporting human resources. documentation and other records relating to receipt review award evaluation status and. monitoring of the Sponsored Program, 1 10 Sponsored Program Work Product means any work created in the performance of a. Sponsored Program Unless the Contract or Grant states otherwise Sponsored Program. Work product does not include journal articles lectures images books or other works that. are subject to copyright protection and have been created through independent academ ic. effort and based on the findings of the Sponsored Program. 1 11 University means one of the campuses of the California State University or the Office of. the Chancellor,Article 2 General, Sponsored Programs provide significant benefit to the California State University CSU and further its. educational mission by facilitating research workshops conferences institutes and other projects that. enrich the scholarly endeavors of faculty and students and enhance the services provided by the. University to California communities This policy shall be followed by each campus and any Auxiliary. administering Sponsored Programs to ensure that the University or Auxiliary maximizes the benefits of. Sponsored Programs and supports faculty students and administrators in effectively securing and. carrying out Sponsored Programs,2 1 President s Responsibility.
The president of each campus is responsible for the educational effectiveness academic. excellence and general welfare of the campus over which s he presides The president shall. require that the University and the Auxiliary operate in conformity with applicable law and the. policies of the CSU and the campus when proposing and administering Sponsored Programs. Sound management and administration of Sponsored Programs requires coordination among. Updates and notifications will be published below until revised policies are posted Procurement Standards All campuses will continue to follow the Procurement Standards required under OMB Circular A 110 Subpart C Sections 40 48 on federally funded awards from December 26 2014 through June 30 2017 If a CSU

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