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Summer Sprint 2019 CSU I Corps Team Syllabus,SUMMER SPRINT 2019 SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES. LOCATION All on campus workshop time will be held at the ZIP LaunchPad Engineering. Interdisciplinary Sciences Building Room EISC 103 at San Diego State University Workshop. time is in person remote participation will not be accommodated or allowed. INDUSTRY MENTORS Before arriving in San Diego teams should pre schedule times to. consult with their industry mentors IM during the summer sprint June 24 28 based on this. syllabus At the same time you might ask whether he she could help you schedule 2 3 expert. interviews in San Diego in the June 24 28 timeframe based on the syllabus here During the. sprint teams should touch base with IMs each day if possible to help synthesize their learning. Remember you can schedule Zoom or teleconferences with him her at breakfast or in the. evenings to minimize conflicts with his her work schedule or our planned activities Industry. mentors are welcome to attend any part of the planned activities in person but please. contact Oscar Zavala ozavala sdsu edu so we can make sure to order meals and provide. campus maps and parking permits, HOMEWORK AND ASSIGNMENTS We ll be using a Google Drive Folder to collect homework. and videos assigned during the summer sprint We ll provide a link to a shared folder to each. team separately,Activities Deadlines and,Date Milestones. Friday June 21 Patent Search Homework Due 5 pm PDT email to tmartindale sdsu edu. Sunday June 23 After 3 00 pm Check into hotel Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Mission. Valley Stadium 3805 Murphy Canyon Road San Diego,Dinner On Your Own. Monday June 24 Day 1, 8 30 am 6 00 pm Day One Curriculum except for start time session timing.
approximate only ZIP LaunchPad EISC 103,8 30 am Introduction to I Corps Baxter. 9 30 am Technology Ad Libs Teams,11 00 am Problems Worth Solving Maloy. 11 30 am The Importance of Understanding the,Problem Problem Statements Maloy. Box Lunches Delivered,noon Working Lunch Customer Profiles Baxter. 1 00 pm Business Model Canvas v1 Baxter,1 30 pm Interviewing People Getting Off Campus.
CSU I Corps Biological Sciences Site v4 06 21 19 2. Summer Sprint 2019 CSU I Corps Team Syllabus,Activities Deadlines and. Date Milestones, 2 15 pm How to Start and End a Conversation Prince. 2 45 pm Who do you want to talk with What questions. do you want to ask Baxter,3 45 pm Mock Interviews 1. 4 45 pm Wrap Up Reflection,Evening Check in with Industry Mentors to Check. Assumptions Upload all work from the day to the,Google Drive folder.
Tuesday June 25 Day 2, 8 00 am Coffee Tea Water Served ZIP LaunchPad EISC 103. 8 30 am 6 00 pm Day Two Curriculum,8 30 am Team Check Ins Baxter. 8 45 am Hypothesis Testing Evolving the BMC,Value Proposition Design Baxter. 9 30 am Intellectual Property Consults Martindale,10 30 am Telling Your Story 2 minute Technology. Video Assignment w examples Maloy Prince,10 45 am What do you want to learn about Who do.
you want to talk with Team Report Outs Baxter,Box Lunches Delivered. 11 45 am Working Lunch Teams review hypothesis, Who to interview and craft questions tailored for them. input from teaching team and mentors,12 45 pm Getting Off Campus for Interview 1. w Teaching Team Mentor,3 00 pm Head Out for More Interviews. Homework Review learning from Interview 1 Review, responses with team Evaluate and revise questions as.
needed and upload Tracking Interviews Spreadsheet,Upload BMC v 1 Technology Ad Lib and Value. Proposition Ad Lib to Google Drive Folder Check in. with Industry Mentors Set Up More Interviews for,Wednesday late afternoon Thursday afternoon or. Friday morning and or work on your technology video. Dinner On Your Own,Wednesday June Day 3, 26 8 00 am Coffee Tea Water Served ZIP LaunchPad EISC 103. 8 30 am 6 00 pm Day Three Curriculum,8 30 am Team Check Ins Lessons Learned BMC. CSU I Corps Biological Sciences Site v4 06 21 19 3. Summer Sprint 2019 CSU I Corps Team Syllabus,Activities Deadlines and.
Date Milestones,updates Prince,9 30 am How to interview 101 Mock interviews 2. Maloy Baxter,10 45 am Prep for meetings at JLabs,11 00 am Travel from SDSU to JLabs San Diego for. Lunch https jlabs jnjinnovation com locations jlabs. 11 30 2 00 pm Tour Lunch Interviewing at JLabs,2 00 pm Head Out for More Interviews. Homework Upload updated Tracking Interviews,Spreadsheet Upload new version of your BMC Check. in with Industry Mentors Set Up More Interviews for. Thursday afternoon or Friday morning and or work on. your technology video,Dinner On Your Own,Thursday June 27 Day 4.
8 00 am Coffee Tea Water Served ZIP LaunchPad EISC 103. 8 30 am 6 00 pm Day Four Curriculum,8 30 am Team Check Ins Lessons Learned BMC. updates Teaching Team Feedback Martindale,9 30 am Tests Learning Synthesis w BMC Baxter. 10 45 am Evolving the BMC part 2 Preparing,Disciplined Interviews based on BMC Teams. Lunch Delivered,During lunch Story Telling Final Lessons Learned. Presentations in person on Friday AND video due July. noon 3 00 pm Head Off Campus for More Interviews,4 00 7 00 pm optional Networking at BioLabs Towne.
Center https www eventbrite com e larger than life. science trust your gut tickets 63083107272,Homework Upload updated Tracking Interviews. Spreadsheet Upload new versions of your BMC Check, in with Industry Mentors Set Up More Interviews for. Friday morning put finishing touches on your,technology video and draft your 10 minute Lessons. Learned Presentation,Dinner On Your Own, CSU I Corps Biological Sciences Site v4 06 21 19 4. Summer Sprint 2019 CSU I Corps Team Syllabus,Activities Deadlines and.
Date Milestones,Friday June 28 Day 5,All Morning Customer Discovery Off Campus Teams. 11 00 am Teaching Team Consults optional ZIP LaunchPad. 11 30 am Cold Box Lunch delivered to ZIP LaunchPad. 1 00 pm Working Lunch Finalize Technology Videos Lessons. Learned Presentations Teams, 2 00 4 00 pm Final Lessons Learned Presentations 2 minute Tech Video. 10 minute Lessons Learned Presentation 10 minute,Q A Feedback with External Evaluation Panel. 4 00 5 00 pm Commercialization Planning Key Activities Key Resources. 5 00 5 30 pm Reflections and Closing Maloy, June 29 July 30 Continued Customer Discovery Aim for 20 30 interviews total. Continue to update Interview Tracking Spreadsheet Consult with your Industry. Mentor and Iterate BMC based on interviews upload new versions to Google. Drive Folder throughout July, Final 2 minute Lessons Learned Videos and BMC Due in Google Folders.
Friday July 31 by noon pacific time,August 1 15 Final Reporting for NSF. Week of August 20 Go No Go Decisions from Teaching Team. The Mom Test, http manuelohan com wp content uploads 2017 05 The Mom Test en pdf. Value Proposition Design Free Sneak Peek version only 100 pages. https strategyzer com value proposition design, Business Model Generation Free Sneak Peek version only 72 pages. http www businessmodelgeneration com downloads businessmodelgeneration previe. Resources and Video Libraries, Lean LaunchPad Master Video Library http venturewell org i corps llpvideos. CSU I Corps Biological Sciences Site v4 06 21 19 5. Summer Sprint 2019 CSU I Corps Team Syllabus, University of Michigan Intellectual Property Video Library.
http keeplearning engin umich edu intellectual property all videos. U S Food Drug Administration Learning Portal, http www fda gov Training learningportal default htm. CSU I Corps Site Program Learning Outcomes Summer 2019 version. Upon completion of the CSU I Corps Site Program participants should. 1 Communicate biotechnology ideas in a non confidential manner to preserve. intellectual property, Assessment methods Teams will develop 2 minute descriptions of their biotechnology and its. value proposition as part of Lessons Learned presentations at final meeting Evaluation panels. subject area experts SMEs patent attorney on teaching team will assess effectiveness of. non confidential presentations, 2 Deliver a presentation to a live audience and subject matter experts including a. lessons learned presentation deck and story, Assessment methods Teams will develop 2 minute Technology Videos and 10 minute Lessons. Learned presentations and present them to an evaluation panel at final meeting After 1 5 more. weeks of customer interviews and synthesis teams will develop 2 minute Lessons Learned. video Panels and teaching team will evaluate effectiveness of communication as part of final. evaluation using score sheets, 3 Use the Business Model Canvas BMC framework focusing on Value Proposition.
Design to evaluate an early stage biotechnology, Teams will describe The Problem What customer job pain gain are you trying to address a. Problem Solution Fit an overall metric of quality of work and a Value Proposition What. competitive advantages does the biotechnology have over current solutions. Assessment methods Teaching Team will collect CSU I Corps application answers as initial. baseline for learning Teaching Team will evaluate trajectory of learning during the Summer. Sprint In addition the evaluation panel will assess teams Value Proposition Design based on. final presentations, CSU I Corps Biological Sciences Site v4 06 21 19 6. Summer Sprint 2019 CSU I Corps Team Syllabus, 4 Apply evidence based approach to business model design by using Customer. Discovery process to iterate hypotheses and assumptions. Assessment methods Teams design experiments and apply them on a consecutive basis by. completing 25 customer interviews over the course of the program Throughout the program. the teaching team will track whether teams are completing interviews and learning from their. experiments based on Team check ins each day during the Summer Sprint The teaching team. will give direct feedback continuously during the week In addition evaluation panels SMEs. will assess teams learning based on final presentations They will also evaluate teams ability. to synthesize their captured learning, 5 Show how evidence from Customer Discovery activities results in key learnings. leading to persevere or pivot decisions in the business model and how they. influence future plans, Assessment methods Teams report their synthesis by submitting a series of Business Model.
Canvases BMCs throughout the program The Teaching Team will assess whether BMCs are. submitted and whether they are changing over time Feedback will be given during course. The Lessons Learned presentations will be used to assess critical and informed thinking as well. as evaluations from external panel,To assess go no go decisions for NSF. The Teaching Team will review team s ability to meet deadlines teams participation level. attendance interviews completed work submitted and the scores from the Final Evaluation. Panel In addition teams will self report whether they want to advance their ideas or not as part. of the national I Corps Team program 50 000 grants from NSF Together these data will. lead to the Go No Go decisions submitted to NSF by CSUPERB. BIOTECHNOLOGY PRODUCT PROCESS SERVICE CONCEPT TEAM EVALUATION. CSU I Corps Evaluation Description,http www csuperb org csuicorps team evaluation. Nationwide all I Corps teams get out of their labs innovation centers and classrooms and off. campus to interview customers and consult with advisors mentors and potential customers or. partners As a result teams get feedback continuously to hone product concepts improve their. understanding of biotechnology markets and formulate commercialization pathways. Using the key principles of the Lean Startup approach to entrepreneurship student teams learn. about evidence based business model design Teams use the customer discovery process to. test hypotheses and assumptions underlying their initial business models During the course. CSU I Corps Biological Sciences Site v4 06 21 19 7. Summer Sprint 2019 CSU I Corps Team Syllabus, teams synthesize key learnings to evolve their problem solution fit Teams publicly present. their biotechnology concepts and their learning stories at the final meeting. Panels drawn from the CSU I Corps network of alumni life science industry professionals and. experienced entrepreneurs evaluate teams learning Panels review the teams presentations. to assess the problem solution fit biotechnology maturity and teamwork Panels will give. special recognition to teams who demonstrate significant learning over the course of the. Challenge and or who identify a compelling entrepreneurial opportunity. Important evaluation criteria will include but are not limited to. The Problem Solution Fit, o Value Proposition What competitive advantages does your biotechnology have over. current solutions, o The Problem What customer job pain gain are you trying to address.
The team s understanding of the initial customer segment served early adopters partners. The team s understanding of market size and aspects of a multi sided market regulatory. issues if applicable, The team s understanding of key partners needed Which partners are important when. The team s plan for developing the product Is it feasible What might be the capital. investment required What IP protection is needed What milestones do you need to hit in. the next 3 6 months to move forward, The team s tenacity enthusiasm and story telling skills. CSU I Corps Biological Sciences Site v4 06 21 19 1 CSU I CorpsTM Summer Sprint 2019 Syllabus Summer Sprint 2019 Teams Entrepreneurial Lead Campus Short Idea Description Allan Rojas CSU Long Beach cellulose recycling Amy Lammert Cal Poly San Luis Obispo sustainable food source David Collins San Diego State University sensing and removing methane Jacky Lo San Francisco State University

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