Crystal Meth and the Impact on Black MSM Harm Reduction

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Welcome and Introduction, Instructions for Q A, Introduction of Presenters. Learning Objectives For Webinar, What is Crystal Meth . Risk Factors Associated With Using Crystal Meth, Methamphetamine Use Among Black Gay Men. Presenters , Justin Smith, Dr Nathaniel Currie, Presenters. Justin Davis, Lead Outreach Specialist, Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition.
justind ahrc atl org, Johnnie Ray Kornegay III, Mobilization Network Director. Counter Narrative Project, johnnie kornegay counternarrative org Dr Nathaniel Currie DSW . Clinician Consultant Educator, Black Emotional and Mental. Health Collective BEAM , Los Angeles CA, drnathanielcurrie gmail com. Silence is a way to grin and bear it A way to not acknowledge. how much my life is discounted each day Black men loving. Black men is a call to action an acknowledgement of. responsibility We take care of our own kind when the night. grows cold and silent These days the nights are cold blooded. and the silence echoes with complicity Joseph Beam. Learning Objectives For Webinar, Provide information on crystal meth and its impact on Black.
Providing service providers and community advocates with. information and tools to serve Black gay men who use crystal. Provide practical harm reduction strategies in service of Black. gay men who use crystal meth , What Is Crystal Meth . Crystallized methamphetamine a type of amphetamine . The term amphetamine refers to a group of synthetic drugs that. stimulates the central nervous system by increasing the amount. of certain chemicals in the body , Other common names for crystal meth are chalk crank crystal . ice meth speed T and Tina , For more information visit . https www drugabuse gov publications drugfacts methamphetamine. Considerations When Using Crystal Meth, Overamping. If sharing injection or snorting equipment increased opportunity of. acquiring HIV or Hep C, If using during sex increased opportunity of acquiring HIV or other.
STIs There s also increased opportunity for injury due to being. mentally compromised and the increased friction from intercourse. may form dryness, For more information visit , Hep C https www cdc gov hepatitis hcv HIV https www cdc gov hiv . Methamphetamine Use Among Black Gay Men, Participants reported using multiple substances and used on average nine days. within the last 30 days , They spent an average of US 159 per month on methamphetamine and a median of. US 398 on all substances , Primarily used in private venues such as at home or in the homes of friends and. reported obtaining methamphetamine from multiple sources . Men who reported exchanging sex for methamphetamine reported greater use in. public venues such as sex clubs sex parties and circuit parties . For more information visit , https www ncbi nlm nih gov pubmed 19301167.
Presenter,Justin Davis,Lead Outreach Specialist,Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition. justind ahrc atl org, My Outreach Experience, What kind of work do I do . What is the population that I serve , What is the nightlife in Atlanta and why is. it important that I understand it , How My Experience Informs My Work. How my personal experience with crystal meth, informs my outreach.
How do I reach Black gay men , How do I encourage prevention and testing . How I use my position to reach people , Sharing personal experience. Use facts, Focus on joy laughter, Presenter,Dr Nathaniel Currie DSW MSW LCSW. Clinician Consultant Educator,Black Emotional Mental Health Collective BEAM . Los Angeles CA,drnathanielcurrie gmail com, Safety Recovery Through Harm Reduction.
Trauma Therapy Address emotional or mental health concerns address. trauma history learn or relearn how to have healthy. relationships attachment , Community Support Groups Generate connection . Empowerment ownness of your story share your concerns struggles and. receive peer support advice buddy system, Disconnect Sex with Crystal Methamphetamine use . Hardest Part Hard to break up this relationship , Abstinence often does not work just made me want sex more . Stay away from hook up apps these apps got me in trouble every single time . It s hard to unlearn years and years of unhealthy sexual behavior . If you can seek out the help of a sex therapist in addition to a psychotherapist . Harm Reduction Interventions, Harm Reduction Interventions from those that have used in. Look for new clean needles, Be aware of your surroundings.
Drink lots of water, Buddy system have somebody looking out for you . Watch the syringe being prepared, Decide for yourself how much you use take don t leave the dose up to. somebody else, Harm Reduction Interventions, Harm Reduction Interventions from Providers. Assess readiness Contract with client to use less or reduced number of days used. instead of quitting , Set client up for success Provide safety and resource number help program them . provide client with access to harm reduction materials condoms access to PrEP . clean needles wipes linkage to health insurance resources check in calls texts . During face to face telephone conversations allow yourself to be present to listen . to show empathy without judgement or panic or making your priorities the. Client have a right to self determination , Case Example.
The Coldest Silence Crystal Meth and the Impact on Black MSM Wednesday August 15 2018 Counter Narrative Project in collaboration with Harm Reduction Coalition and BEAM Present

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