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Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 1. General Information, Thank you for choosing CROWNLINE as your choice for the ultimate boating. experience for you and your family Every CROWNLINE boat is built with painstaking. detail in order to provide its owner or operator with the maximum comfort. convenience and operating efficiency possible Our boats are built to assure that they. are of the very best quality and value in the industry. We build our boats for long lasting trouble free enjoyment so that boaters can travel. in carefree style and convenience It s what we do All of us at Crownline are. passionately committed to your boating satisfaction. To enhance your boating pleasure and safety read this manual and the Engine. Operation and Maintenance Manual Then keep them in a safe place onboard. for easy reference, We have designed this manual to inform you about the operating features and. maintenance of your boat and to provide information about safe boating Please pay. particular attention to the safety statements labeled as DANGER WARNING. CAUTION NOTE and IMPORTANT These statements alert you to avoid possible. safety hazards so that you may have a safe and pleasurable boating experience. Preparation is the key to a safe and enjoyable boating experience It is very important. to us that you enjoy many years of boating in your CROWNLINE boat. We know that our customers and owners have brought us to where we are today. and they are the ones who will keep us here Have a safe and happy time on the. water in your CROWNLINE boat,WELCOME ABOARD, We re sure that you will be completely satisfied with the unmatched performance. style and luxury of your new CROWNLINE whether you are the first owner or the. Your new CROWNLINE has been designed assembled and tested to give you the. maximum in boating enjoyment and safety CROWNLINE is proud to say that every. boat we build is carefully constructed by skilled craftsmen to meet or exceed all. safety and quality standards established by the U S Coast Guard ABYC or ISO. where applicable,Owner s Operator s Manual 1 1, Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS,GENERAL INFORMATION 1 1,Welcome 1 1.
Welcome Aboard 1 1,Your Crownline Owner s Operator s Manual 1 5. Your Crownline Dealer Responsibilities 1 6,Your Responsibilities 1 6. 2007 Limited Warranty 1 8,Serial Numbers 1 17,Intended Use 1 17. Craft Design Category 1 17,Publications 1 17,Nautical Glossary 1 18. Certification and Specification 1 22,Modifications Prohibited 1 22.
Craft Information Sheet 1 23,Float Plan 1 24,Travel Log 1 25. Restricted Areas 1 26,Proposition 65 1 26,Emission Control Warranty Information 1 26. Product Improvement 1 27,Vendor Supplier List 1 28. BOATING SAFETY 2 1,Safety Awareness 2 1,Safety On board 2 1. Safe Boating Instruction 2 2,Safe Boating Practices 2 2.
Rules of the Road 2 4,Warning Markers 2 4,Operating Under the Influence 2 5. Rendering Assistance 2 5,Capsizing and Swamping 2 7. Water Sports 2 7,Safety Recommendations 2 9,Weather 2 13. Man Overboard 2 16,Hazardous Conditions 2 16,Emergency Conditions 2 17. Aids to Navigation 2 17,Right of Way 2 21,Safety Equipment 2 25.
1 2 Owner s Operator s Manual, Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 3. General Information,BOAT HANDLING AND OPERATION 3 1. Overloading 3 1,Passenger Safety 3 1,Visibility 3 1. Trailering 3 2,Launching 3 5,Loading 3 7,Fueling 3 9. Getting Underway 3 11,Helms Instrumentations and Controls 3 12.
Instrumentations and Controls 3 22,Throttle and Gear Shift Controls 3 30. Steering 3 30,Battery 3 31,Start up 3 32,Carbon Monoxide 3 34. Acceleration 3 36,High Speed Operation 3 37,Drive Trim Angle 3 37. Trim Tabs 3 38,Mooring Lines 3 40,Canvas 3 42,Waste Disposal 3 45. SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS 4 1,Fuel System 4 1,Fuel Tank Selector 4 3.
Electrical Systems 4 5,Anticorrosion System 4 8,Fire Prevention Systems Optional 4 9. Hand Portable Fire Extinguisher 4 10,Freshwater System Cruisers 4 10. Sanitizing Freshwater System 4 11,City Water Hookup 4 13. Components 4 14,Marine Sanitation Device MSD 4 17,Holding Tank 4 19. Overboard Discharge 4 20,Running Navigation Lights 4 20.
Stereo and Entertainment 4 20,Refrigerator Freezer 4 21. Stove Cabin Models Only 4 21,Air Conditioning System 4 21. GENERAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE 5 1,Special Cleaning Problems 5 2. Interior Care 5 3,Owner s Operator s Manual 1 3, Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 4. Exterior Care 5 4,Gelcoat Maintenance 5 4,Stainless Steel and Chrome 5 7.
Windshield and Portals 5 8,Corrosion Protection 5 8. Engine Compartment 5 9,Galvanic Corrosion 5 10,Salt Water 5 10. Canvas 5 10,General Maintenance 5 12,Troubleshooting Chart 5 16. Extended Storage 5 22,Lifting the Craft 5 23,Prior to Storage 5 24. Engine 5 25,Air Conditioner 5 26,Freshwater System 5 27.
Marine Sanitation Device MSD 5 27,Recommission to Service 5 27. SPECIFICATIONS 6 1,Boat Specifications 6 2,1 4 Owner s Operator s Manual. Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 5. General Information,YOUR CROWNLINE OWNER S OPERATOR S. This manual has been compiled to help you and others operate your CROWNLINE. boat safely and pleasurably It contains details of the craft the equipment it is. supplied or fitted with its systems and information on its operation and maintenance. Read the manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the craft before using. it Other publications may also be included to support components not covered in. this manual Become familiar with all the publications included with your boat they. too will have important information, If this is your first craft or you are changing to a type of craft you are not familiar. with for your own safety and comfort make sure you obtain handling and operating. experience before assuming command of the craft Your dealer national boating. federation or yacht club will be pleased to advise you of local sea schools or. competent instructors, Your CROWNLINE Owner s Operator s Manual provides an overview of systems and.
components on your boat Additional information can be found in the supplied. manufacturer s publications boating reference books available at various. bookstores or at the local library, Not all equipment described in this manual is available on all models See your. dealer for equipment availability, The following outline provides you a glimpse of the information that can be easily. found in your CROWNLINE Owner s Operator s Manual, GENERAL INFORMATION introduces you to CROWNLINE Boats Inc your. Owner s Operator s Manual and general information on responsibilities It also. includes a list of boating terminology For more detailed information general. reference books are available from your CROWNLINE dealer. BOATING SAFETY includes important information to provide a good foundation for. safe boating practices Safety notices are also located throughout your Owner s. Operator s Manual to protect operators passengers and people around the boating. environment, BOAT HANDLING AND OPERATION covers normal everyday boating techniques. and procedures, SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS provides an overview of the various systems and.
components on your CROWNLINE Remember this section is not intended to. replace any of the supplied manufacturers publications. Owner s Operator s Manual 1 5, Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 6. GENERAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE tells you how to properly maintain your. CROWNLINE Included in each sub section are recommendations for keeping your. boat s beauty and its sound operational condition adjustments and frequency of. checks and inspections Also included is a troubleshooting chart to help find the. source of any problems Extended Storage explains procedures for keeping your. CROWNLINE in good condition during seasonal or prolonged storage situations. SPECIFICATIONS provides specifications by model,YOUR CROWNLINE DEALER. RESPONSIBILITIES, The following outlines the responsibilities of your CROWNLINE dealer to ensure you. receive maximum performance and enjoyment from your new CROWNLINE. Your CROWNLINE dealer will be responsible for, 1 Discussing the terms of all warranties and stressing the importance of. registering each warranty with its respective manufacturer Complete and. return the CROWNLINE Boats Inc Limited Warranty registration card. 2 Providing instructions on how to get warranty service. 3 Reviewing the pre delivery service record with you and then signing it to. certify it is correct, 4 Ensuring you know the general operating procedures for your boat and you.
are familiar with its specific systems and components. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES,The following outlines your responsibilities. As the owner you are responsible for, 1 Scheduling an appointment with your dealer to review all warranties. 2 Inspecting the physical condition of the boat at time of delivery and making. sure that all systems and components are operating properly. 3 Scheduling an appointment with your dealer to review the pre delivery engine. service record then signing it to indicate the dealer has provided a complete. explanation, 4 Using all equipment safely and in accordance with the manufacturer s. instructions, 5 Providing periodic maintenance as outlined in the CROWNLINE. Owner s Operator s Manual and all manufacturer Service Guides. NOTE CROWNLINE recommends you refer to your engine warranty for initial. inspection and service requirements, 6 Scheduling your engine s service as detailed in the engine owner s manual.
1 6 Owner s Operator s Manual, Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 7. General Information, IMPORTANT Make sure the dealer checks the engine alignment in accordance. with the engine operation and maintenance manual If this is not. done drive train damage is possible and is not covered by. CROWNLINE Boats Inc,Registration, The U S Coast Guard requires that all power boats operated on the navigable. waters of the United States must be registered in the state of main use also many. states require registration in that state when boating on waters within their state. boundary Always contact your state boating authorities and neighboring states for. registration information on boats and trailers Also your dealer may be able to assist. you and supply you with the appropriate forms, You must get insurance before operating your CROWNLINE Loss by fire theft or. other causes or liability protection against accidents is a must for responsible. boaters Many states have laws detailing minimum insurance needs Your insurance. agent or your dealer may be able to supply you with more information. Owner s Operator s Manual 1 7, Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 8.
2007 LIMITED WARRANTY, 1 GENERALLY Subject to all limitations and conditions explained below. CROWNLINE BOATS INC Crownline warrants to the original retail purchaser. PURCHASER that Crownline or a dealer of Crownline chosen in Crownline s sole. discretion will repair or replace those parts and components described in. paragraphs 2 3 4 5 and 6 below found to be defective in factory materials or. workmanship during the applicable warranty periods set forth in such paragraphs. The PURCHASER S right to the repair or replacement of items warranted hereunder. shall be the PURCHASER S sole and exclusive remedy against Crownline under this. limited warranty, 2 LIFETIME LIMITED STRUCTURAL WARRANTY Crownline warrants to the. original retail purchaser of this boat that Crownline will pay all or a portion of the cost. to repair or replace the fiberglass hull or deck if it is found to be structurally defective. according to the following prorated schedule, a Up to five 5 years after date of original retail purchase Crownline pays. 100 of repair or replacement cost, b After five 5 years but up to six 6 years after date of original retail purchase. Crownline pays 90 of repair or replacement cost, c After six 6 years but up to seven 7 years after date of original retail.
purchase Crownline pays 80 of repair or replacement cost. d After seven 7 years but up to eight 8 years after date of original retail. purchase Crownline pays 70 of repair or replacement cost. e After eight 8 years but up to nine 9 years after date of original retail. purchase Crownline pays 60 of repair or replacement cost. f After nine 9 years after date of original retail purchase and thereafter for so. long as the original retail purchaser owns the boat Crownline pays 50 of repair or. replacement cost, For purposes of this limited warranty i a structural defect is defined as a defect. that causes the hull or deck to be unsafe or unfit for use under normal operating. conditions ii the hull is defined as the single fiberglass molded shell and integral. fiberglass structural components including stringers transom and related structural. components which are below the hull flange and iii the deck is defined as the. single fiberglass molded shell and integral fiberglass structural components above. CROWNLINE is proud to say that every boat we build is carefully constructed by skilled craftsmen to meet or exceed all safety and quality standards established by the U S Coast Guard ABYC or ISO where applicable General Information Owner s Operator s Manual 1 1 Crownline OM sec1 Crownline OM 11 10 2006 3 13 PM Page 1 1

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