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WH Y R O L L E D L EA D, Accurately predicting the performance of a roofing material. initially depends on the quality of the material concerned. Rolled lead sheet is the only lead sheet produced to a. British and European Standard BSEN 12588, Under this standard the thickness consistency of the sheet must. not exceed a tolerance of 5 at any one point, It is this consistency which means the performance of rolled lead. sheet can be predicted with confidence to ensure optimum. performance when specified and fitted correctly in any given. application, The recommendations and technical advice provided by the Lead. Sheet Association are based solely on the performance of rolled. lead sheet to BSEN 12588,OT H ER P RODUCTS AVA I L A BL E I N C LU D E.
nn Expansion Joints,nn Fixings for Lead,nn Flashpoint. nn Flexislates,nn Hall Clips,nn Lead Slates,nn Patination Oil. nn Restorers,nn Underlays,nn Wood Cored Roll,nn Metwash. For further information contact your nearest sales office. listed on page 53,Associated Lead Mills Ltd Jamestown Metals Ltd. Unit B Bingley Road Hoddesdon EN11 0NX 2,CO NT E N TS.
Introduction 2,Health and Safety 4,Expansion Joints product guide 5 6. Fixings for Lead product guide 7 8,Flashpoint product guide 9 10. Flexislates product guide 11 12,Hall Clips product guide 13 14. Lead Slates product guide 15 16,Patination Oil product guide 17 18. Restorers product guide 19 20,Underlays product guide 21 22.
Wood Cored Roll product guide 23 24,Metwash product guide 25 26. Sheet Sizes Codes Weights and Thicknesses 27, Maximum Recommended Sizes of Sections Bays and Panels 28. Fixing of Lead Sheet Flashings Fixings to Abutment Walls 29. Soakers and Step Flashings Step and Cover Flashings and Secret Gutters 30. Cover Flashings 31,Apron Flashings 32,Chimney Flashings 33. Pitched Valleys 34,Ridges and Hips 35,Mitred Hip and Valley Soakers 36. Parapet and Tapered Gutters 36,Drips and Rolls for Gutters 37.
Chute Outlets for Gutters 37,Pipe Outlets for Gutters 38. Roll and Drip Joints 39,Joints and Fixings at Rolls and Drips 40. Joints and Fixings at Laps 40,Roll Detail at Drips and Abutments 41. Flat Roof Roll and Drip Intersections 42,Pitched Roof Joints and Fixings 43. Pitched Roof Intersection with Valley 44,Vertical Cladding Joints and Fixings 45.
Vertical Cladding Head Finishes 46,Dormer Windows Jambs and S ill 46. Dormer Windows Tops Jambs Soffit and Side Cheeks 47. Bay Windows and Door Hoods 48 49,Weatherings to Parapets and Cornices 49. Substrates Underlays and Ventilation 50,Types of Roof and Ventilation 50. Ventilation Details 51,Finish and Quality of Work 52. Sales and Distribution Centres 53,Associated Lead Mills Ltd Jamestown Metals Ltd.
Unit B Bingley Road Hoddesdon EN11 0NX 3, This Guide has been printed with amendments made in. agreement with the Lead Sheet Association which do not. conflict with the technical data detail,INT R O D U C T I O N. The technical information provided in this official guide is extracted from The. Complete Manual designed and published by the Lead Sheet Association. Produced Printed by C3 Marketing Ltd,Telephone 01793 820008. www c3limited co uk,T E CH N I C AL A DVIC E, Technical officers are available to offer independent advice and guidance to. anyone involved with the use of rolled lead sheet to BSEN 12588 Some of. the services currently available incur a charge Enquiries may be made by. telephone fax email or by letter A small administration charge is made for. written replies and comments on letters and drawings Site surveys and. follow up reports can be carried out for an appropriate fee. The Lead Sheet Association,Unit 10 Archers Park,Branbridges Road East Peckham.
Kent TN12 5HP,Telephone 01622 872 432,Fax 01622 871 649. email info leadsheetassociation org uk,website www leadsheetassociation co uk. HE ALT H AN D SA F E TY,When using lead sheet,nn Lift with care seek assistance. nn Do not eat drink or smoke,nn Wear appropriate clothing. nn Apply a hand barrier cream where possible,nn Wash hands thoroughly afterwards using METWASH.
A detailed information booklet entitled A Guide to Health Safety and. Environmental Care is available from the Lead Sheet Association. The copyright of this publication is owned by the Lead Sheet Association Limited. No copying photocopying or other reproduction in whole or in part is permitted. without the express permission of Lead Sheet Association Limited 2001. Associated Lead Mills Ltd Jamestown Metals Ltd,Unit B Bingley Road Hoddesdon EN11 0NX 4. PR OD UC T I N F ORMAT I O N S H E E T,EXPANSION JOINTS. nn An economic option to drip,joints on shallow falls. nn Suitable for stone cornices and,eave gutters,nn Life expectancy greater than. Premium Lead Expansion joints have been designed to overcome the problems. arising when laying lead lined gutters with restricted falls and to provide a lower. cost alternative to the restructuring of existing gutter detail. Traditionally in applications such as lead lined gutters lead sheet lengths are. joined by overlapping them at drips that stand at least 50mm high However if. the fall is sufficient for this to be possible a length of Lead Expansion Joint may. be welded between the upper and lower sheets A weather tight joint is thus. effected that is sufficiently flexible to absorb the strains exerted by the thermal. expansion and contraction of the adjoining lead sheets. The changes in length that lead sheet undergoes during expansion and. contraction are absorbed by the neoprene insert in the Lead Expansion Joint. The neoprene is vulcanised at elevated temperature and pressure whilst in. contact with the lead wings forming a very strong rubber metal bond The. metal wings of the joint are manufactured from BS EN 12588 Code 5 rolled lead. Lead Expansion Joints have been recommended by the Lead Sheet Association. for cases where it is impossible to incorporate drip joints in the refurbishment of. the lead lined parapet or eave gutters, Lead Expansion joints are able to operate satisfactorily in temperatures.
between 40 C and 100 C They carry a manufacturer s guarantee of 10 years. and have an expected life of greater than 20 years if correctly installed. Expansion Joint PLUS is a new product which incorporates a strip of BS EN. 12588 Code 3 lead covering the neoprene section of the joint This modification. has the advantage of, nn Providing an uninterrupted appearance of the leadwork. nn Protecting the neoprene against UV radiation, nn Providing better resistance to damage from foot traffic. nn Extending life of the joint,Associated Lead Mills Ltd Jamestown Metals Ltd 5. Unit B Bingley Road Hoddesdon EN11 0NX,PR OD UC T I N F ORMAT I O N S H E E T. EXPANSION JOINTS,ADVI C E ON U SE, 1 Lead Expansion Joints should be fixed at intervals conforming to Lead Sheet.
Association guidelines, 2 Overlay each length of lead sheet to be joined on either lead wing of the. Lead Expansion Joint and trim the sheet on both sides so that both overlays. are a minimum of 25mm in width, 3 Protect the rubber in the Lead Expansion Joint with a damp cloth before. starting to weld, 4 Using standard lead burning techniques weld the Lead Expansion Joint to. both lengths of sheet A single weld should be sufficient when lap welding. Code 5 rolled sheet, 5 Always apply a coat of Premium Patination Oil or Prepat to all exposed lead. surfaces Take care that Patination Oil does not come into contact with the. rubber section of the joint, 6 If the Lead Expansion Joint PLUS is used ensure that the bonded edge of the.
cover strip is on the upper side of the neoprene strip with respect to the gutter fall. LOT S I Z ES,Standard Expansion Joint,3 0m x 260mm Code 5 one per box. 3 0m x 400mm Code 5 one per box,Expansion Joint PLUS. 1 5m x 400mm Code 5 one per box,HE ALT H SAF E TY A DVIC E. nn Keep out of the reach of children, nn When working with lead follow standard health and safety procedures as laid. out in Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 Always wash hands well. before eating drinking or smoking, nn Remove lead residues from skin after working with lead metal by washing with.
Premium Metwash Soap and Bodywash, nn Lead is a dense material Take suitable precautions when lifting or carrying. PRO DU CT DESCRIP TI ON A N D P R OP ER T I ES, Lead alloy sheet is manufactured to BS EN 12588 Code 5 and neoprene rubber. Density of lead 11 340 kg m 3,Melting point of lead 327 C. Associated Lead Mills Ltd Jamestown Metals Ltd 6,Unit B Bingley Road Hoddesdon EN11 0NX. PR OD UC T I N F ORMAT I O N S H E E T,FIXINGS FOR LEAD.
nn Fixing clips are required for securing free edges of lead sheet. against wind lift, nn Copper or stainless steel fixing clips are recommended for. most applications, nn Cast lead domes are the preferred alternative to lead burning. exposed fixings and can be used with lead sheet or lead clad. steel panels, nn Copper and stainless steel annular ring shank nails are recommended. for fixing sheet and clips to timber,PREMIUM FIX IN G CL I P S A N D ST R I P. Premium Roofing Products provide a selection of fixing clips together with. strip from which fixing clips of the desired size may be cut Both clips and strip. are available in copper and stainless steel, Clips either from 0 6mm gauge copper or 0 4mm stainless steel are normally.
recommended However when clips are required to be malleable enough to. follow complex profiles only copper clips can be used Steel clips are preferred. when the clip can only be fixed at its top extremity and rigidity is required e g. over a glass roof,PREMIUM A N N ULA R R I N G SHA N K N A I L S. Premium Annular Ring Shank Nails are available in both copper and stainless. steel These are recommended by The Lead Sheet Association for fixing the. lead sheet panels clips etc to a timber substrate,PREMIUM CAST LEA D D OM ES. For intermediate cladding fixings and for fixing to stone masonry brass or. stainless steel screws are required For intermediate fixings the screw must be. covered Premium Cast Lead Domes are ideal for this application as they are. supplied as sets of brass screws lead buttons and serrated edged washers over. which the buttons are crimped,Associated Lead Mills Ltd Jamestown Metals Ltd 7. Unit B Bingley Road Hoddesdon EN11 0NX,PR OD UC T I N F ORMAT I O N S H E E T. FIXINGS FOR LEAD,ADVI C E ON U SE,1 Clips should not be less than 50mm wide.
2 In sheltered conditions copper and stainless steel clips may be fixed at a maximum. spacing of 500mm for each lap of lead sheet Clips should be spaced more closely. in exposed situations, 3 Clip strength is increased the closer the clip is fixed to the free edge of the lead. sheet or flashing Although fixing near the base of the clip is not recommended for. lower pitched roofs due to the risk of water penetration through the fixing hole. 4 An expansion gap of at least 6mm should be left between the edge of the lead. sheet and the clip to allow for thermal movement, 5 Positions of fixings particularly intermediate fixings should be chosen carefully so. that the thermal movement of the lead sheet is not impeded. 6 The nylite washer included in the Cast Lead Dome Set is specifically for use with. lead clad steel and can be omitted when fixing lead sheet. LOT S I Z ES,Fixing Clips,Copper 300mm or 600mm x 50mm x 0 6mm 10 per pack. Stainless Steel 300mm or 600mm x 50mm x 0 4mm 10 per pack. Annular Ring Shank Nails,Copper or Stainless Steel 3 35mm. 20mm 25mm 30mm 38mm 1kg per box, Cast Lead Domes Set 20 of each component per set 5 sets per box.
includes lead dome nylite washer brass cup washer and brass screw. HE ALT H SAF E TY A DVIC E, nn Premium Fixings may be handled without special precautions. nn When working with lead follow standard health and safety procedures as laid. out in Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 Always wash hands well. before eating drinking or smoking, nn Remove lead residues from skin after working with lead metal by washing with. Premium Metwash Soap and Bodywash,PRO DU CT DESCRIP TI ON A N D P R OP ER T I ES. Copper Clips and Strip Cut from copper sheet conform to BS EN 1172. Stainless Steel Clips and Strip Cut from fully annealed strip conform to BS EN 10088. Copper and Stainless Steel nails Large headed nails conform to BS 1202 Parts 1 2. Brass Screws Present in the Cast Lead Domes Set conform to BS 1210. Associated Lead Mills Ltd Jamestown Metals Ltd 8,Unit B Bingley Road Hoddesdon EN11 0NX. PR OD UC T I N F ORMAT I O N S H E E T,FLASHPOINT, nn Designed for lead masonry and lead brick pointed work.
nn Avoids problems of cracking and lack of adhesion associated. with mortar joints, nn Gives a permanent flexible and waterproof joint. nn Cleaner quicker and easier to use than mortar with high. adhesion to both lead and masonry, nn Neutral cure product an acid cure will give rise to white. stains on the lead,nn Life expectancy of 20 years,nn Recommended by the Lead Sheet Association. Flashpoint provides a preferred alternative to the use of mortar as a pointing. material for lead brick and lead masonry joints Mortar is unable to expand and. Expansion Joints product guide 5 6 Fixings for Lead product guide 7 8 Flashpoint product guide 9 10 Flexislates product guide 11 12 Hall Clips product guide 13 14 Lead Slates product guide 15 16 Patination Oil product guide 17 18 Restorers product guide 19 20 Underlays product guide 21 22 Wood Cored Roll product guide 23 24 Metwash product guide 25 26 Sheet Sizes Codes

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