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Coven Synergy Syllabus Bibliography 2,Members Responsibilities. Members of Synergy are expected to attend coven meetings regularly except in the case of emergency or. unavoidable conflicts Rituals are scheduled well in advance so that coveners may arrange their. commitments accordingly We will meet a minimum of twice a month for Esbats three times if a Sabbat. festival falls in the month We may also hold one or two other meetings for classes or social activities. Members make a commitment to attendance based on their level of membership Synergy holds an all. night Yule ritual in which Inner Court are expected to participate others as desired by the HP S may. attend Rituals are generally held on the actual date of the festival or moon but with two exceptions dates. can be adjusted at the timely request and agreement of coven members Samhain and Yule will always. be held on the actual dates Coven members are expected to take responsibility for leaving the. covenstead in order at the conclusion of all coven activities. Elder members of the coven commit to involvement in the training and support of Dedicants and more. junior members In addition to providing ritual leadership and training elders teach classes and may take. on a portion of a student s training on an individual basis The HP S may also ask other members of the. extended community to offer classes on areas in which they are especially knowledgeable. Synergy exists as a training and devotional coven in the Alexandrian tradition Training begins at the Pre. Dedicant level The minimum period typically required to work through to the Third Degree is three years. it is usually longer Dedicants are assigned a mentor through the Second Degree who may be the HP S. or another post second degree initiate Not all Dedicants will be offered initiation not all Initiates will. progress to the Third Degree The HPS may decide to conclude the training of any member at any time. should she decide that the fit is not right between the member and Synergy In the absence of ethical. concerns about the member the HP S would make every effort to assist the covener in finding appropriate. Coveners are expected to take responsibility for their own personal magickal and spiritual development. The syllabus makes clear what material should be mastered at each level of training The mentor will be. closely involved with training to offer guidance and support The role of coven elders is to facilitate and to. provide guidance and teaching but the motivation energy and direction must come from the covener. Pre Dedicant Pre Dedicancy to Dedicant Candidate, The Pre Dedicancy is the starting point for new Coveners unless they have been initiated in another. Alexandrian Coven A Pre Dedicant is not considered an Initiate nor are they a member of the coven. In order to be offered the chance to become a Dedicant the candidate must have attended six Esbats. and three Sabbats with Synergy must have attended coven classes must have met with the HP S. and other coven members as requested must have the support of significant others must have a. schedule which can accommodate the demands of training and must be personally and spiritually. ready to focus on training In addition candidates who join Synergy after receiving initiation in another. Alexandrian coven will generally be expected to meet the requirements of a Synergy initiate before. progressing in the Synergy system, A candidate will NOT be accepted as a Pre Dedicant if he she. Is under 18 years old unless parents are willing to meet with the HP S and give full. written consent for training, Has done little or no self directed work to explore Wicca as a path. Uses drugs or alcohol abusively or is in the first year of recovery from substance abuse. Coven Synergy Syllabus Bibliography 3, Is experiencing major problems with education career relationships health family.
Is primarily interested in forms of spirituality which are not part of Synergy s practice. Cannot work respectfully within a hierarchical system. The HP S thinks it is not a good match or is not the right time or other coveners express. strong reservations, If the HP S decides that a prospective Pre Dedicant is not a good match she may decide to invite. the candidate to open rituals or may help the candidate find open rituals elsewhere. The Role of the Pre Dedicant, Pre Dedicants are not full members of the coven They are seekers assessing the suitability of. the Alexandrian tradition as practiced by Synergy for their personal spiritual path they are also. being evaluated by the HP S to see if they fit properly within this tradition As such Pre Dedicants. will not be asked to pay dues and will not have a significant role in determining coven business. such as membership or training policies,Goals of Pre Dedicant Training. To introduce the Pre Dedicant to the basic content of the Alexandrian tradition so that the Pre. Dedicant may make a fully informed decision as to whether to train for initiation and so the HP S. can evaluate candidates suitability for this spiritual path To introduce the Pre Dedicant to. Alexandrian literature basic mythology and ceremonial magick depending on the background of. the Pre Dedicant,Duties of the Pre Dedicant, Attendance at all New Moon and Sabbat rituals as well as coven classes except in the case of. emergency or by prior arrangement until the beginning of Dedicancy or withdrawal to outer court. This requirement does not include initiations elevations Samhain or Provider Cycle rituals which. are open to Initiates only Other arrangements may be made with the approval of the HP S. Participate in the Esbat, Obtain a black robe to wear in Circle with a cord of any color except white red green or black.
Obtain and use a BOS magickal journal which can be reviewed by mentor This book shall. include a record of rituals attended comments on readings and class notes The book may also. be used as a more reflective journal at the Dedicant s discretion. Set up and use a personal altar,Contribute food for coven gatherings. Under the supervision of the HPS or Maiden Pre Dedicants may be asked to bring cakes wine or. flowers for rituals set up and take down the Temple Xerox rituals as necessary or perform other. manual labor tasks for the coven, If desired choose a magickal name to be used in Circle and among the larger community. Required Readings The Dedicant should read each book keep notes and discuss each book. with mentor Substitutions may be made with the agreement of the HP S. Coven Synergy Syllabus Bibliography 4,Janet Stuart Farrar s A Witch s Bible Compleat. The Witches Goddess Chapters 1 6 10 13 23 and the goddesses we. invoke in Part III Gaia Artemis Selene Hecate Persephone Demeter Aprodite Hestia. The Witches God Chapters TBA,Doreen Valiente s Witchcraft for Tomorrow. Eden Gray s A Complete Guide to the Tarot,C J M Hopking s The Practical Kabbalah Guidebook.
Required Classes To be given by the Elders as needed material may also be covered with. mentor Classes will include the following and will generally have a practice component. Alexandrian Coven Historyand Structure The Wheel of the Year Wiccan Ethics and Civics. Gods by Whom We Swear, Mentor As a candidate approaches readiness to take the Dedicancy oath he or she should. select an Elder of the coven post second or above to work with The candidate and potential. sponsor should meet privately to discuss their compatibility and should formally agree to work. together Prior to making the Dedicancy oath the pre Dedicant should also acquire a working. athame this doesn t need to be one s permanent tool at this stage and may be borrowed. Upon satisfactory completion of the above if approved by the HP S the Pre Dedicant may proceed to. Dedicant training Dedicants also commit to full attendance at all rituals and classes open to non. Initiates Training will occur over a minimum of a year and a day from the date of the Dedicancy Oath. and given the amount and complexity of the material will generally take longer. Dedicancy requires an oath before the coven to engage in a period of serious sincere practice and. exploration in order to fully understand the nature of a commitment to initiation and to identify how his. or her spiritual development may best proceed The oath involves a promise between the Dedicant. and mentor which formalizes their relationships The oath also requires that the Dedicant guard any. coven secrets with which he or she may be entrusted After taking the Dedicancy Oath the Dedicant. will engage in the following program of training in fundamentals of the tradition At the end of this. preparatory training the Dedicant and HP S will decide whether the Dedicant will become a First. Degree Candidate At this point the Dedicant may proceed to Candidate training may become an. invited guest to select rituals or may decide to explore a different path. Dedicants and mentors will work together to track progress on requirements The Dedicant should not. wait for the mentor to remind them of requirements but should actively prepare to meet each one. Individual Dedicants may be asked to do individual work particular to their circumstances. background or personal issues There will be practical and written examinations given when the. candidate and mentor agree the candidate is ready,Goals of Dedicant Training. To develop an intermediate level of proficiency in mythology theology ceremonial ritual. techniques psychic development Wiccan history and custom magickal skills and. personal spiritual development Dedicancy provides the bulk of the content training which will. be further developed between first and second degree This degree involves a lot of assignments. and practical tasks The goal is to become a well rounded well read ethical competent witch. and priest ess in preparation for the status of Initiate The Dedicant does not have a major role in. coven maintenance but is expected to focus full energies on growth education and development. At the end of this training period the Dedicant and the HP S and the Dedicant s mentor will. decide whether the Dedicant is ready to ask for initiation which constitutes formal entry into the. priesthood of the Old Gods, Note Please realize that Dedicants should not assume they will automatically progress to. Initiation a fair number of Dedicants will conclude their training before attaining the First Degree It. Coven Synergy Syllabus Bibliography 5, is an equally acceptable outcome of Dedicancy to realize that the Alexandrian path or Synergy is. not the proper fit for their further spiritual development. Duties and Assignments of the Dedicant, At the discretion of the mentor meet regularly to work on issues related to personal development.
Choose a form of meditation and or energy work yoga Zen Tai Chi Reiki etc and practice it. regularly for at least three months and preferably throughout the term of your First Degree Track. practice in your BOS along with related readings, Be able to set up the Temple correctly from memory. Learn and practice the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram the Middle Pillar and energy. circulation exercises lead each for the coven Practice each daily for at least one month and. record experiences, Research Gaia and Pan and prepare a presentation for the coven. Memorize the Quarter Calls of our tradition, Describe the Quarter visualizations in detail be able to draw invoking and banishing pentagrams. in each quarter from memory, Research the six deities we invoke in the East and West present summary at New Moon. Choose a form of divination and practice throughout the year at least once a month Record in. BOS and discuss with mentor Perform divination for any coven member who requests it during. the Yule vigil and you might expect the HP S to ask Be able to list the Major Arcana in order. from memory with a brief description of the meaning of each card Pass the Tarot exam in class. and take home sections with a grade of 80 or higher. Be able to list the signs of the Zodiac from memory in order and with approximate time periods. Pass the Astrology exam with a grade of 80 or higher. Choose a form of spellwork research and practice Be able to explain how to design and. implement an effective spell what caveats and requirements to include and explain the use of. the Rede and the Law of Return in spellwork Develop and perform spells in conjunction with. your mentor and record results, Explore psychic skills including scrying astral projection past life regression telepathy.
telemetry telekinesis precognition and aura reading Be able to assess your talents develop a. moderate level of skill in at least one form Be prepared to demonstrate. Participate in Yule vigil, If you have a particular animal or symbol that you associate with your magickal self do research. on its history and science and present to the coven. Required Readings,The Homeric Hymns, Dion Fortune s Secrets of Dr Tavener Psychic Self Defense Sea Priestess Goat foot God. Thomas Tryon s Harvest Home,Coven Synergy Syllabus Bibliography 6. Katherine Kurtz s Lammas Night,Euripide s The Bacchae. mythology readings covering Deities invoked by the coven. Be familiar with Leland s Aradia Apuleius Golden Ass Regardie s Golden Dawn. Read selections from Kraig s Modern Magick and Ashcroft Nowicki s Ritual Magic Workbook as. agreed upon with mentor,Choose books on Kabbalah spellwork .
Coven Synergy Syllabus Synergy adheres to the Wiccan Rede Training will occur over a minimum of a year and a day from the date of the Dedicancy Oath

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