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To ensure proper warranty,please fill out customer. warranty card,To order Parts call,800 926 7685,Service Dept. 800 926 7878,If your van is covered,under warranty please. contact your dealer, CUSTOMER QUESTIONNAIRE Please check the appropriate box. Completely Very Somewhat, Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Comments.
Overall Exterior,Interior Appearance,Quality of,Workmanship. Quality of,Audio System,Interior Lighting,Overall Satisfaction. Please Note For Warranty to be valid the card below must be. filled out completely and mail to Explorer Van Company. CUSTOMER WARRANTY REGISTRATION,Name Date Purchased. Address Phone,City State Zip Code,Vehicle Make Model. Model Year I D No Must Be Completed,Product Application Pleasure Business Other.
I have read the Warranty and the Arbitration Provisions which I agree are the exclusive. and binding procedures for resolving any claims relating to my conversion vehicle. under the warranty or otherwise,Dealer Purchased From Name. City State Zip Code, Please print or type and return this card to Explorer Van Company to validate warranty. I have read the warranty supplied by the Explorer Van Company and agreed to the terms and conditions as stated therein. Explorer Van Co,P O Box 4527,Warsaw IN 46581 4527,Table of Contents. Introduction,Congratulations 1,Introduction 2,Warranties. Limited Warranty 3 8,How the Items in Your Conversion Van Operate.
Connect With Us 9,Interior Conversion Fuse Box 10,Overhead Console 11. Driving Lights 11,TV Listening 12,Low Top Monitor DVD Combo 13. TV in the High Top Van 14,Indirect Lighting 14,Pleated Shades 15. Leather Seating 15,Six Way Power Front Seats 16,Armrests 17. Reclining Seat Backs 18,Headrest 18,Quick Release Seat Pedestal 19.
Upper and Lower Child Restraint System 20,Rear Storage Compartment 21. Sofa Center Fold Down Section 21,Power Sofa 22,Lug Nut Tightening 23. Alloy Wheels 24,Running Board Capacity 24,End Matter. Part Descriptions 25 52,Maintenance Record 53 54,Notes 55 56. Congratulations, You have just purchased the finest quality van on the market This.
owners manual is designed to ensure that you enjoy your Explorer. van as much and as long as possible and that you protect your. investment through proper care Before driving your van for the. first time take a moment now to read through this owners manual. while seated in the van The time spent familiarizing yourself with. its features and operation will greatly enhance your personal safety. and enjoyment Take good care of your Explorer van and it will. provide years of service We have provided a page in the back of. this manual for you to record regular maintenance performed. on the van, We at Explorer Van Co appreciate your patronage and we wish. you years of enjoyment, In addition to this owners manual you will find a Care. Package with your van, This Care Package also contains extra buttons striping fuses. component manuals and a lug nut adapter,Special Note. Explorer Van Company makes every effort to provide you our. customer with the finest product and service possible Wood parts. in Explorer van conversions are hand crafted in our own plant. Slight color variations can be expected due to natural aging of. wood over a period of weeks and months Replacement parts are. also hand crafted in our plant of the same type and grade of wood. used for the parts when it was delivered to you However no tree. is identical You may notice a slight color variation in replacement. parts and of course replacement will also go through an aging. process as well,Introduction, All information and specifications in this owner s manual are.
current at the time of printing However due to Explorer Vans. continued commitment to product development we reserve the. right to make changes at any time without notice or obligation. If you have any questions about your van after reading through. this manual please contact the dealer from whom you purchased. the van Should you still have questions you may call the Explorer. Van Customer Service Department at 1 800 926 7878,This owners manual explains the. equipment available on Explorer,conversion vans some items contained in. this manual are optional and may not be,installed in your vehicle. A NOTE TO OWNERS OF EXPLORER VANS ABOUT TV,TV SIGNALS WILL NOT BE RECEIVED WHILE THE. VAN IS IN MOTION,This monitor is basically used for DVD Blu Ray or.
Video Games, TV reception while you are parked may be enjoyed depending on. location of the broadcasting station assuming ideal conditions. The Low Top Flip Down monitor is basically for DVD Blu Ray or. Video Games, There is no TV antenna on the market that can eliminate the. blockage of the signals while a vehicle is in motion. Happy Traveling,Limited Warranty,Van Conversions, To be eligible for service under the Explorer Limited Warranty. You must complete and return the Customer Warranty Registration card. within sixty 60 days of your purchase,To order Parts call. 800 926 7685,Service Dept,800 926 7878, If your van is covered under warranty please contact your dealer.
I Warrantor, This warranty is granted by the Explorer Van Company Explorer P O Box. 4527 Warsaw Indiana 46581 4527,II THE WARRANTY, Explorer warrants that subject to the exclusions and other limitations set forth. below all parts and components installed by Explorer as part of its conversion. package to an automotive van or light truck chassis will be free from defects in. materials used and workmanship rendered for a period of thirty six 36 months. from date of initial sale to you or thirty six thousand 36 000 miles whichever. comes first,III CONDITIONS TO WARRANTY COVERAGE, Warranty Registration You will not be entitled to the benefits of Explorer s. warranty unless you complete and return the Customer Warranty Registration. card to Explorer within sixty 60 days of the date of your purchase of your. Explorer Van Notification of Defect or Damage You will not be covered for. any particular defect or damage unless you notify Explorer or your selling. dealer within thirty 30 days after the defect or damage is or should have been. discovered by you,IV WHO IS COVERED, Consumers Only This warranty is provided to you only if you use the Explorer. Van solely for personal family or household purposes If you use the Explorer. Van for commercial or business purposes no warranty is provided. Original Buyer Only The warranty is provided to you only if you are the. original retail buyer and it is not transferable If you purchased your Explorer. Van from the original retail buyer or another subsequent owner your Explorer. Van is not covered by this warranty,V WHAT IS COVERED.
This warranty covers the seats interior lights trim windows and all other. components and parts that have been installed by Explorer If you elected to. purchase upgraded wheels those wheels are installed by Explorer and are. covered by this warranty,VI WHAT IS NOT COVERED, Parts Supplied by Chassis Manufacturer Explorer provides and sells. conversion packages to dealers Your dealer purchased the chassis itself from. the manufacturer of the chassis This warranty does not cover any components. or other parts supplied by the manufacturer of the chassis For example the. engine and all of its components the frame the steering mechanism axles. brakes heater transmission air conditioner suspension drive trains wheels. other than upgraded wheels supplied by Explorer tires and batteries are not. covered by this warranty You should contact the manufacturer of the chassis. or your dealer if you discover a defect in any components or parts supplied by. the manufacturer of the chassis, New Parts and Equipment Parts or other equipment installed after your. Explorer Van leaves the control of Explorer are not covered by this warranty. Any defects or damages caused by such parts and equipment are also not. covered by this warranty, Alterations This warranty does not cover any defects or damages caused by. any alterations or modifications of your Explorer Van including modifications. of components and parts supplied by Explorer after the Explorer Van leaves the. control of Explorer, Handicap Accessible Vans Explorer does not produce handicap accessible. vans If lifts or other parts and equipment have been in stalled on an Explorer. Van to make it handicap accessible the lifts and other parts and equipment are. not covered by this warranty Furthermore if the addition of the lifts parts. equipment or other alterations cause defects or damages to the components. installed by Explorer this warranty does not cover any such defects or damages. and Explorer will not be responsible for them under this warranty. Damage Caused by Accidents Misuse or Other Events Defects or damages. resulting from collisions fires theft vandalism or weather conditions. including hail floods windstorms and lightening are not covered by this. warranty Defects or damages otherwise caused by you any third parties or the. forces of nature are also not covered, Damage Due to Environmental Conditions Defects and damages caused.
by airborne fallout dust salt chemicals tree sap stones insects and the. application of chemicals or sealants are not covered by this warranty. VII SPECIAL LIMITATIONS ON COVERAGE, Wood Parts and Components Although wood products installed by Explorer. are covered by this warranty color variations which occur in natural wood. products or color variations due to the natural aging process of wood over time. are not defects or damages covered by this warranty. Finish This warranty does not cover any defects in or caused by the original. factory finish applied by the chassis manufacturer. Maintenance To the extent any of the components and parts supplied by. Explorer require regular maintenance you must provide that maintenance at. your expense Any defects or damages caused by a failure to provide regular. maintenance is not covered by this warranty,VIII WHAT WILL EXPLORER DO. If at any time during the applicable warranty period any Explorer provided. components or parts of your Explorer Van malfunction or fail due to a. manufacturing defect or defect in workmanship Explorer will at its option. repair replace or adjust the defective component or part or refund the cost of. a defective component If Explorer elects to replace a defective component. or part it may not be able to obtain an identical component or part to use as a. replacement In such an event it will use a reasonably equivalent component. or part as the replacement Explorer and your dealer are entitled to a reasonable. time and a reasonable number of attempts to diagnose and repair any defect. covered by this warranty The remedy and Explorer s liability set forth in this. Part VIII for breach of Explorer s Limited Warranty is the exclusive and sole. remedy and the limit of Explorer s liability for any breach of warranty. IX HOW TO OBTAIN WARRANTY SERVICE, If you discover any defect or damage covered by this warranty you should. promptly notify your dealer or send a notice to Explorer at the address in Part I. The notice must be provided within thirty 30 days after a defect is or should. have been discovered After notification Explorer or your dealer will direct you. to either return the defective part or the Explorer Van to your dealer Explorer or. another authorized Explorer service center If Explorer determines that repair or. replacement by your dealer or another service center is impractical you will be. required to return the defective part or vehicle to the Explorer factory All costs. incurred by you for returning the Explorer Van to and from your dealer another. Explorer service center or the Explorer factory will be your responsibility. X RIGHTS UNDER STATE LAW, Other Legal Rights This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may. also have other rights which vary from state to state For example in addition. to the limited warranty provided by Explorer you may also have an implied. warranty that arises under applicable law Specifically you may have an implied. warranty of merchantability and or implied warranty of fitness for a particular. Limit on Length of Implied Warranty The implied warranties available to. you are limited to the extent allowed by law to the time period covered by the. Explorer Limited Warranty or to the applicable time period provided by state. law whichever period is shorter Some states do not allow limitations on how. long an implied warranty lasts so the above limitation may not apply to you. Business or Commercial Purposes, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES WILL NOT APPLY TO YOU AT ALL.
IF YOU USE YOUR VEHICLE FOR BUSINESS OR COMMERCIAL. PURPOSES IN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES EXPLORER DISCLAIMS ANY. AND ALL EXPRESS WARRANTIES AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES. INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND. THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. XI LIMITATIONS ON REMEDIES FOR ALL CLAIMS, Incidental and Consequential Damages In no event will Explorer be. responsible for any time or income that you lose any inconvenience you. might be caused the loss of your transportation or use of your vehicle cost of. rental vehicles fuels telephone travel meals or lodging the loss of personal. Conversion Van Owners Manual 3 Years 36 000 Miles Limited Warranty To Original Retail Buyer Explorer Van Company Inc P O Box 4527 Warsaw IN 46581 4527

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