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Preface L i M u, This book is a comprehensive English conversation comprehension and grammar text. all rolled into one suitable for students who are able to write decently and would like to work on. English pronunciation and speaking skills Students can both read and listen to English using the. accompanying CD recording of every written dialogue After each conversation there are. exercises for students to test their understanding of what was said in each conversation as well. as exercises for students to practice using key phrases and using correct grammar There are a. variety of different conversational topics included in this book that are designed to help prepare. students for different situations they may encounter in daily life where they will interact with. English speaking people whether it be in school at work or even at a doctor s office These. conversations will provide students with more exposure to the American culture because they. reflect aspects of the American life One thing to note is that although abbreviations of words. are commonly used in conversations this book will not use abbreviations in order to show. students the proper tenses that should be used in sentences Abbreviations are only used when it. is most necessary to avoid awkwardness in the sentence . A great deal of thought and effort was put into the production of this book and we are. proud to present it in the hope that it will aid students in their quest to gain proficiency in. English both written and spoken From the bottom of our hearts we wish each and every one of. our readers the best of luck in all their endeavors and remember practice is key . Cu n s ch n y bao g m nhi u ti t m c gi p c c b n c tr nh Anh ng kh trau d i th m v . c ch ph t m c ch m tho i v c ch d ng v n ph m Ch ng t i vi t v nhi u t i gi p. c c b n c th m tho i trong nhi u t nh c nh kh c nhau khi giao ti p v i ng i ngo i qu c . C c b n c th tr tr n c c c u h c trong cu n s ch n y l m cho cu c m th ai c a c c. b n c phong ph h n , Khi vi t cu n s ch n y ch ng t i tr nh d ng c c l i vi t t t gi p c c b n hi u r v v n. ph m m c d c ch vi t n i t t r t th ng d ng trong vi c m thoai Ch ng t i ch vi t t t n u c n. tr nh s v ng v cho c u v n, Ch ng t i mong mu n cu n s ch n y s gi p c c b n ph t tri n c kh n ng Anh ng trong. c u vi t c ng nh l i n i Ch ng t i ch c c c b n th nh c ng v xin c c b n nh r ng chuy n. c n th c t p s mang n cho c c b n s th nh c ng , 2. Contents,I DAILY LIFE, Chapter 1 Talking About The Weather 5.
Chapter 2 An Afternoon In The Kitchen 11, Chapter 3 Telephone Conversation 16. Chapter 4 An Afternoon In The Park 21, Chapter 5 Weekend Plans 27. Chapter 6 Winter Break Plans 33, Chapter 7 A Visit To The Doctor s Office 38. Chapter 8 Going To The Market 44, Chapter 9 I Need Help 51. Chapter 10 Looking For An Apartment 56, Chapter 11 Formal Converstion 61.
II PROFESSIONAL LIFE, Chapter 12 Looking For A Job 69. Chapter 13 Job Interview 75, Chapter 14 First Day At Work 80. Chapter 15 On The Production Floor 86, Chapter 16 Changing A Customer s Order 92. Chapter 17 Promotion 97, Chapter 18 Meeting People 102. III ACADEMIC LIFE, Chapter 19 Applying To College 108.
Chapter 20 Giving A Speech 113, Chapter 21 Studying For A Test 118. Chapter 22 Book Conversation 123, Chapter 23 Graduation 128. IV HOLIDAYS, Chapter 24 Halloween 134, Chapter 25 Thanksgiving 140. Chapter 21 New Year s Eve 145, 3, SECTION I,DAILY LIFE. 4, CHAPTER ONE, TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER, Situation Ann and Mary talk while walking to their next class .
Ann Oh it feels so cold this morning , Mary It sure is Early this morning my car s windshield was covered with frost I had to spray it. with water before I could head to school , Ann Who would have thought it could be this cold in early December especially in California . Mary I know The temperature was 35 degrees Fahrenheit when I woke up this morning I was. freezing as soon as I got out of bed The cold weather just hit me by surprise . Ann I cannot remember when it was this cold in early December . Mary Brace yourself for the rain this afternoon Cold and wet Yuck . Ann It is going to rain this afternoon , Mary Not only this afternoon but also the rest of the week . Ann Oh it is going to be miserable I have a full class schedule today and tomorrow To walk. from class to class I will have to juggle my books and my umbrella trying not to get wet . Mary You carry too many books Why don t you leave some of them in your locker . Ann My locker is a long way from my English classes This is the reason why I carry all my. books with me Is it going to rain hard or just drizzle . Mary The news said that it would start to drizzle around noon and then it would rain really. hard by three o clock ,Ann No hope for better weather this week . Mary There is a slim chance of sunshine by Saturday However it will be foggy windy and. rainy before the sun comes out this weekend , Ann I am glad that it rains even though I do not like rainy weather We have a very dry season.
so far this year , Mary Yes I can hardly remember when it rained last time Well as long as there is no thunder. or lightning I can bear it , Ann We rarely have thunder or lightning in California . 5, Mary We are very lucky that California has one of the best weather conditions in America . When it is hot it is not humid when it rains there is no thunder or lightning and the cold. weather during the winter season is quite mild compared to the weather of the other states . Ann Yes we are lucky However sometimes when I look at the Christmas pictures I just wish. we had some snow It looks so pretty when everything is covered by a blanket of pure white. snow , Mary Living in southern California all my life I have never seen snow I would not mind. playing in the snow once in a while , Ann Yes it would be fun to make a snowman or go skiing .
Mary We have never seen snow we have never made a snowman and we have never gone. skiing We better do something about this , Ann May be we should plan a trip to Aspen Colorado during winter break I heard that the. skiing season is fantastic up there , Mary I don t think we can afford a trip to Aspen It is very expensive up there . Ann I am just wishing I know what I will be doing during winter break I will be working very. hard to save money for a new car , Mary With the cars that we drive it is better that we live in a place where there is no snow . Ann You are right we are better off with no snow Ok I have class right now see you later in. the library ,Mary See you later ,EXPRESSIONS,It feels so cold L nh qu . Who would have thought Ai m ngh l , Hit me by surprise T c ng nh h ng n t i m t c ch b t ng .
Brace oneself for T chu n b n nh n m t i u g kh kh n. The rest of the week Ph n c n l i c a tu n l , Juggle my books and my umbrella Tung h ng xoay x c c s ch v c y d c a t i. Is a long way from Xa x i,Drizzle M a l m r m,There is a slim chance C r t t tri n v ng. Before the sun comes out Tr c khi m t tr i h ,I can bear it T i c th ch i c. I would not mind T i kh ng m ng quan t m u, 6, Be better off T t h n. It would be fun S g y s th ch th s vui,Plan a trip S p x p m t cu c i ch i.
EXERCISES,1 Conversation Practice, Step 1 Have the students listen to the recorded dialogue . Step 2 Have the students read along to the recorded dialogue . Step 3 Divide your class into groups of two students Have one student plays the role of Mary . and another the role of Ann ,2 Questions Answers Practice. Pair the students and have them practice the following questions and answers Ask them to come. up with similar questions and answers ,Q Was it cold last night A Yes it was . Q Was it hot yesterday A No it was not , Q Was it very windy when you went to the store A No it was quite nice . Q What did the news say A The news said that it would rain . Q How will it be during the weekend A It will be foggy windy and rainy . Q Is it humid in California A No it is never humid in California . Q Is it going to be warm tonight A No it will be chilly tonight . Q How will it be tomorrow A There is a slight chance of rain. tomorrow , Q Is it going to be sunny tomorrow A No it will be hazy tomorrow .
Q How was the weather in Denver last week A It was cloudy last week . 3 Comprehension test,a How was the weather this morning . b What happened to Mary s car ,c What did Mary do to her car . d What was the temperature when Mary woke up ,e How will it be in the afternoon . f How long will it be raining ,g How is the weather until the weekend . h Why will it be difficult for Ann when it rains this afternoon . i When will it start raining really hard ,j How will it be during the coming weekend .
k What kind of season did they have so far this year . l Why is the weather in California better than the weather in the other states . m What is Ann wishing for ,n Why does Ann suggest a trip to Aspen . o Can they afford a trip to Aspen ,4 Discussion, a What kinds of weather do you have in your country . 7, b Describe a perfect weather , c Where would you want to live if you have a choice . GRAMMAR REVIEW,NOUNS , 1 Nouns can be classified as either common nouns or proper nouns . A Common nouns are used to refer to people animals things and places in general . Student, Cat, Umbrella, Beach, Common nouns can be singular or plural Singular nouns are used when there is one.
person one animal or one thing , One week, An umbrella. Plural nouns are used when more than one person more than one thing or more than one. place are mentioned To form a plural noun simply add s to the end of the word . Two weeks, Many umbrellas, Exceptions , 1 For nouns that end with ch s sh x and z add es to form plural nouns . Peach peaches, Bus buses, 2 For nouns that end with a consonant followed by y change y to i and then add es . Body bodies, Party parties, 3 For nouns that end with a vowel followed by y add s to form plural nouns . Toy toys, Boy boys, 4 For nouns that end with fe or f change f to v and then add es .
Life lives, Leaf leaves, Note , Some nouns do not follow this rule Example roof roofs chief chiefs . 5 For nouns that end with o preceded by a vowel simply add s However if o is. preceded by a consonant add es , Patio patios, 8, . CONVERSATION FOR ALL OCCASIONS Preface L i M u This book is a comprehensive English conversation comprehension and grammar text all rolled into one suitable for students who are able to write decently and would like to work on English pronunciation and speaking skills Students can both read and listen to English using the accompanying CD recording of every written dialogue

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