consequential damages in connection with or arising out of

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The authors and publisher have taken care in the preparation of this book but make no expressed or implied war. ranty of any kind and assume no responsibility for errors or omissions No liability is assumed for incidental or. consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of the information or programs contained. Copyright 2008 by International Business Machines Corporation All rights reserved. Note to U S Government Users Documentation related to restricted right Use duplication or disclosure is sub. ject to restrictions set forth in GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corporation. IBM Press Program Managers Steven M Stansel Ellice Uffer. Cover design IBM Corporation,Associate Publisher Greg Wiegand. Marketing Manager Kourtnaye Sturgeon,Publicist Heather Fox. Acquisitions Editor Katherine Bull,Development Editor Ginny Bess Munroe. Managing Editor Kristy Hart,Designer Alan Clements. Senior Project Editor Lori Lyons,Copy Editor Editorial Advantage.
Indexer WordWise Publishing Services LLC,Compositor TnT Design. Proofreader San Dee Phillips,Manufacturing Buyer Dan Uhrig. Published by Pearson plc,Publishing as IBM Press, IBM Press offers excellent discounts on this book when ordered in quantity for bulk purchases or special sales. which may include electronic versions and or custom covers and content particular to your business training. goals marketing focus and branding interests For more information please contact. U S Corporate and Government Sales,1 800 382 3419,corpsales pearsontechgroup com. For sales outside the U S please contact,International Sales.
international pearsoned com, The following terms are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in. the United States other countries or both IBM the IBM logo IBM Press CICS Cloudscape DataPower Data. Power device DB2 developerWorks DFS Domino Encina IMS iSeries NetView Rational Redbooks Tivoli. TivoliEnterprise and WebSphere Java and all Java based trademarks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems Inc. in the United States other countries or both, Microsoft Windows Windows NT and the Windows logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United. States other countries or both UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other. countries Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States other countries or both Other. company product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. IBM websphere datapower SOA appliance handbook Bill Hines et al. ISBN 978 0 13 714819 6,1 WebSphere 2 Web site development I Hines Bill. TK5105 8885 W43I265 2008,004 6 dc22,2008042957, All rights reserved This publication is protected by copyright and permission must be obtained from the pub. lisher prior to any prohibited reproduction storage in a retrieval system or transmission in any form or by any. means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or likewise For information regarding permissions. Pearson Education Inc,Rights and Contracts Department.
501 Boylston Street Suite 900,Boston MA 02116,Fax 617 671 3447. ISBN 13 978 0 13 714819 6,ISBN 10 0 13 714819 4, Text printed in the United States on recycled paper at R R Donnelley in Crawfordsville Indiana. First printing December 2008,Foreword by Eugene Kuznetsov. The proper planning of any job is the rst requirement With limited knowledge of a. trade the job of planning is doubly hard but there are certain steps that any person can. take towards proper planning if he only will,Robert Oakes Jordan Masonry. I founded a company called DataPower in the spring of 1999 to build products based on several. distinct ideas The rst idea involved applying recon gurable computing and dynamic code gen. eration to the problem of integrating disparate applications The second idea centered on the con. cept of data oriented programming DOP as the means to achieve direct and robust data. interchange The third idea involved delivering middleware as a network function enabled by the. DOP technology and inspired by the successful models of ubiquitous connectivity The product s. journey since has been remarkable and this great book is another milestone for the entire team. behind DataPower Before more discussion of the book itself a few words on these three ideas. Rapidly adapting to change is key for everything and everyone in today s world and IBM. SOA appliances are no exception Whether it s a policy a transformation map a schema or a. security rule DataPower will try to put it into effect with as little delay and interruption as pos. sible Popular methods for maintaining this kind of exibility come with a large performance. penalty However by dynamically generating code and recon guring hardware based on the cur. rent message ow it became possible to achieve both exibility and near optimal performance. At any given point the device operates as a custom engine for a particular task but when the task. changes it can rapidly become a different custom engine underneath the covers. This dynamic adaptability is especially useful when combined with DOP Stated brie y. DOP emphasizes formally documenting data formats and using them directly instead of encap. sulation or abstraction to integrate or secure different modules or systems Today XML is prob. ably one of the most successful and readily recognized examples of DOP but the principles are. more universal than any particular technology Another example of DOP is the way DataPower. XI50 processes binary data by using high level format descriptors instead of adaptors. These in turn enable the creation of network hardware also known as appliance products. that operate on whole application messages rather than network packets to integrate secure or con. trol applications Greater simplicity performance security and cost effectiveness were envisioned. and are now proven with the appliance approach Beyond the appliance design discipline the. success of IP Ethernet networking in achieving universal connectivity has much to teach about the. best way to achieve radically simpli ed and near universal application integration. Reading this book will enable you to bene t from the previous three ideas in their concrete. form the award winning IBM products they became From basic setup to the most powerful. advanced features it covers DataPower appliances in a readable tone with a solid balance of the. ory and examples For example Chapter 6 does a great job in explaining the big picture view of. device operation and Chapter 22 gives a detailed how to on extending its capabilities With some. of the most experienced hands on DataPower practitioners among its authors it provides the kind. of real world advice that is essential to learning any craft. xxviii Foreword, When learning IBM DataPower there is one thing that may be more helpful and rewarding.
than remembering every particular detail and that is developing an internal mental model of. how the devices are meant to operate and t into the environment Especially when troubleshoot. ing or learning new features this mental model can make device behavior intuitive Reading. the following pages with an eye toward not just the details but also this mental model will speed. both productivity and enjoyment, In conclusion I would like to use this occasion to thank the entire team past and present who. made and continues to make DataPower possible Their work and the passion of DataPower users is. an inspiring example of how great people and a powerful idea can change the world for the better. Eugene Kuznetsov Cambridge MA Founder of DataPower Technology Inc served as. President Chairman and CTO at various points in the company s history and then served as. director of Product Management and Marketing SOA Appliances at IBM Corporation. Figure 1 DataPower s rst of ce is on the right Photo courtesy of Merryman Design. Foreword xxix,Foreword by Jerry Cuomo, It all started when I was asked to co host an IBM Academy Conference on Accelerators and Off. Loading in 2004 I was feeling a little out of my element so I decided to take some of the focus. off me and put it on others I had been reading about some of the new XML centered hardware. devices and was intrigued I have always been interested in system performance With XML. dominating our emerging workloads e g Service Oriented Architecture the impact of XML. performance on system performance was becoming increasingly important Hence I thought it. would be a good idea to invite a handful of these XML vendors to our conference. At the conference the DataPower presentation was quite different from the others It. wasn t about ASICs or transistors it was about improving time to value and total cost of opera. tion The DataPower presentation focused on topics that were also near and dear to me such as. systems integration con guration over programming and the merits of built for purpose sys. tems In essence Eugene Kuznetsov the DataPower founder and presenter was talking about the. value of appliances While very intriguing I couldn t help but feel curious about whether the. claims were accurate So after the conference I invited Eugene to come to our lab in Research. Triangle Park in North Carolina to run some tests, I have to admit now that in the back of my mind I operated on the principle of keeping. your friends close and your enemies closer Behind my intrigue was a feeling of wanting to. understand their capabilities so that we could outperform vendors with WebSphere Application. Server The tests went well however the DataPower team was somewhat reluctant to dwell on. the raw XML performance capabilities of their appliance Feeling a little suspicious I had my. team run some raw performance experiments The results were off the charts Why wasn t the. DataPower team aunting this capability This is when I had my ah ha moment While perfor. mance measured in transactions per second is important and part of the value equation the over. all performance metrics found while assessing time to value and overall cost of operation and. ownership are the most critical performance metrics to a business This is where the DataPower. appliances outperform I read a paper written by Jim Barton CTO and co founder of Tivo called. Tivo lution The paper was inspiring as it con rmed the motivations and aspirations that I ve. had ever since I led IBM s acquisition of DataPower in 2005 In the paper Barton describes the. challenges of making complex systems usable and how purpose built computer systems are. one answer to the challenge, One of the greatest challenges of designing a computer system is in making sure the. system itself is invisible to the user The system should simply be a conduit to the. desired result There are many examples of such purpose built systems ranging from. modern automobiles to mobile phones, The concept of purpose built systems is deeply engrained in our DNA at IBM The name of.
our company implies this concept International Business Machines. xxx Foreword, IBM has a long history of building purposed machines such as the 1933 Type 285 an electric. bookkeeping and accounting machine I can imagine this machine being delivered to an accountant. plugging it in immediately followed by number crunching The accountant didn t have to worry. about hard drive capacity operating system levels compatibility between middleware vendors or. application functionality It just did the job I can also imagine it followed the 80 20 rule It probably. didn t do 100 of what all accountants needed But it probably did 80 of what all accountants. needed very well Users just dealt with the remaining 20 or learned to live without it. Business Machines Again is my inspiration Our customers respond positively to the re. emergence of this approach to engineering products It s all about time to value and total cost of. operation and ownership Appliances such as our WebSphere DataPower XI50 are leading the. way in delivering on these attributes, At the extreme purpose built systems such as a Tivo DVR and a XI50 are built from the. ground up for their purposes While they might use off the shelf parts such as an embedded. Linux OS it is important that all parts are right sized for the job Right sizing source code in. a hardware appliance is more like rmware with strong af nity to the underlying hardware than. it is software As such the Tivo lution paper describes the need to own every line of source code. to ensure the highest level of integration and quality. by having control of each and every line of source code. Tivo would have full control of product quality and development schedules When the. big bug hunt occurred as it always does we needed the ability to follow every lead. understand every path and track every problem down to its source. The Tivo team even modi ed the GNU C compiler to eliminate the use of exceptions. which generate a lot of code that is seldom used in favor of rigid checking of return code usage. in the rmware DataPower similarly contains a custom XML compiler that generates standard. executable code for its general purpose CPUs as well as custom code for the XG4 XML. coprocessor card, A physical appliance has the unparalleled bene t of being hardened for security Jim talks. about this in his Tivo paper,Security must be fundamental to the. IBM has a long history of building purposed machines such as the 1933 Type 285 an electric bookkeeping and accounting machine I can imagine this machine being

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