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Connect with ASPE,You can learn all about ASPE s events webinars. educational offerings news and more on our,Facebook page at bit ly ASPEFacebook and for. even more up to the minute access follow ASPE on,Twitter twitter com ASPEorg. Join the Discussion,ASPE s LinkedIn discussion group allows plumbing. industry professionals to get timely answers to their. most pressing questions from industry experts Join. linkd in ASPELinkedIn today and add your two cents. or start a new discussion,American Society of Plumbing Engineers.
The Voice of the Plumbing Engineering Profession, The American Society of Plumbing The Society disseminates technical data ASPE was founded in 1964 and currently. Engineers ASPE is the international and information sponsors activities has more than 6 000 members Spanning. organization for professionals skilled in that facilitate interaction with fellow the globe members are located in the. the design specification inspection and professionals and through research United States Canada Asia Mexico. manufacture of plumbing systems ASPE and education expands the base of South and Central America the South. is dedicated to the advancement of the knowledge of the plumbing industry Pacific Australia Europe Africa the. science of plumbing engineering to the ASPE members are leaders in innovative Caribbean and the Middle East They. professional growth and advancement of plumbing design effective materials represent an extensive network of. its members and to the health welfare and energy use and the application of experienced engineers designers. and safety of the public advanced techniques throughout the contractors educators code officials. world manufacturers and manufacturer,representatives interested in furthering. their careers the profession and the,industry ASPE is at the forefront of. Enhancing the Profession Through Collaboration technology In addition ASPE represents. its members and promotes the profession, ASPE maintains partnerships with numerous industry organizations to help develop. among all segments of the engineering, and strengthen the plumbing engineering and design field Our partners include.
and construction industries,American Backflow Prevention Association. American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association,The purpose of ASPE is. to continually enhance,ASSE International,and promote the. Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating,Get the Lead Out Plumbing Consortium. profession of plumbing, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.
engineering while,International Code Council,assisting in improving. NSF International the safety and well, Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition being of the public on a. Plumbing Industry Leadership Coalition global scale. Plumbing Manufacturers International,United Association. Water Quality Association,World Plumbing Council, What Is a Plumbing Engineer What Is Plumbing Engineering. Plumbing engineers are professionals skilled in the design Plumbing engineering is the application of scientific. and specification of plumbing systems for commercial principles to the design installation and operation of. institutional municipal educational healthcare and efficient economical ecological energy conserving and. residential buildings Such systems include domestic hot code compliant systems for the transport and distribution. and cold water sanitary drain waste and vent site and of liquids and gases It is a vital part of the building design. storm drainage natural and liquefied petroleum gas and construction process. medical gas and vacuum and fire suppression Plumbing. engineers also are involved in the design manufacture and. sale of plumbing fixtures and products,American Society of Plumbing Engineers 1.
EDUCATING The ASPE Webinar Series,THE INDUSTRY, The cornerstone of ASPE s education program is its webinar series Each. month ASPE broadcasts an educational webinar on topical industry issues to. teach plumbing engineers about new technologies and techniques to help. them maintain an edge in the profession ASPE often partners with industry. ASPE offers a robust series of organizations and manufacturers to bring new ideas and perspectives to webinar. educational programs to fulfill our participants All webinars are archived so you can watch them whenever you need. mission to provide professional a refresher on a specific topic. growth opportunities for the plumbing, engineering community A wide variety Regional Workshops. of ASPE educational tools is available, for any plumbing industry professional ASPE also routinely partners with other industry organizations to bring one or. seeking to enhance their technical two day design classes to our membership and other industry professionals. expertise increase their productivity or These courses are taught by experts who share their knowledge and real world. advance their career experiences with participants. Contact education aspe org for more information on webinar or workshop. opportunities,Continuing Education Credits, ASPE Education is All ASPE educational programs offer the chance to earn continuing education. a convenient and units or professional development hours CEUs PDHs which are nationally. recognized units of achievement that may be used as evidence of performance. affordable way for capabilities for job advancement ASPE develops these programs to assist. plumbing industry plumbing engineers designers and others in meeting the continuing education. requirements of their professional licenses and certifications. professionals to ASPE is recognized as an approved provider and sponsor of CEUs and PDHs. enhance their skill set throughout all 50 states for registrations and licensing requirements. learn a new design ASPE CEU Provider Program, technique or increase ASPE s CEU Provider Program allows continuing education providers to issue.
opportunities for career ASPE continuing education units for their professional development programs. Participants can use these CEUs toward ASPE s Certified in Plumbing Design and. advancement Certified Plumbing Design Technician recertification requirements Professional. development programs that qualify are those that advance broaden and. enhance participants technical knowledge and job skills in plumbing design and. engineering, Visit ASPE org CEUProviderProgram for more information. Alfred Steele Scholarship, Alfred Steele PE was a long time member of the American Society of Plumbing. Engineers and a visionary and pioneer in advocating education and professional. development for plumbing engineers and designers The scholarship is limited to. an ASPE member and his her immediate family planning a career in engineering. enrolled in a school or program of engineering as a full time student at a. college university or technical school and maintaining a minimum grade. point average of 3 0 on a 4 0 scale Additional information can be. found at ASPE org,ASPE s Educational Offerings,Monthly webinars. Regional workshops Online learning,Biennial Convention PowerPoint presentations. Biennial Technical Symposium Read Learn and Earn,College university certificate programs CEUs PDHs.
2 Advancing the Profession of Plumbing Engineering. CERTIFYING,OUTSTANDING PLUMBING, ENGINEERING PROFESSIONALS As a first step toward the CPD designation. ASPE developed the Certified Plumbing,Design Technician CPDT program to. provide professional recognition of,in plumbing designers who are early in their. careers The CPDT program has four,primary objectives. 1 Provide a standard of professional,competence in the practice of.
AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLUMBING ENGINEERS,plumbing design at the technician level. ASPE administers the Certified in Plumbing Design program the only 2 Identify and recognize those individuals. international credential program in the plumbing engineering field to provide who successfully complete the. professional recognition of qualified individuals who design plumbing systems certification examination thereby. Completion of the program and examination confers upon the successful demonstrating their acquired. candidate the designation Certified in Plumbing Design or CPD knowledge and abilities in the field of. The Certified in Plumbing Design program has five primary objectives plumbing design. 3 Encourage plumbing designers, 1 Establish specific standards for professional competence in the field. to become lifelong learners and, 2 Identify and recognize those individuals who successfully demonstrate participate in a continuing program of. their acquired knowledge and abilities professional development and reach. CPD certification, 3 Encourage plumbing engineers to participate in a continuing program of. professional development 4 Provide a standard for educational. programs in plumbing design and, 4 Provide a standard for educational programs in plumbing engineering encourage implementation of such.
5 Enhance the status of plumbing engineering as a unique discipline programs. Created to provide a single uniform credential in the field of engineered The CPDT exam is held annually at testing. plumbing systems the CPD program is not in any way connected to state sites around the world ASPE org CPDT. regulated Professional Engineer PE registrations,Eligibility GREEN. Full members of ASPE are automatically approved to sit for the exam PLUMBING. Nonmembers must have the following qualifications DESIGN. A minimum of four years of practical experience in a position of The Green Plumbing Design GPD. responsibility for the design of plumbing systems certificate program sponsored by ASPE. and the International Association of, A baccalaureate degree in a field related to engineering In lieu of an. Plumbing and Mechanical Officials is for, accredited degree a candidate may substitute up to an additional four. engineers and designers with advanced, years of practical experience in the design of plumbing systems for a. skills in sustainable plumbing system, total of eight years or be granted a credit of one half year of practical.
design and consulting Available only, experience for each full year of education in an accredited curriculum. for engineers and designers who hold,related to plumbing engineering. either the Certified in Plumbing Design,CPD certification or a Professional. The CPD Exam Engineer PE license the GPD certificate. The CPD examination is held annually at online testing sites around the world denotes professionals with a high level. It consists of 100 multiple choice questions covering five major job dimensions of experience and training in sustainable. Gathering Information Design Specifications Construction Services and practices who are dedicated to ensuring. Administration ASPE offers a CPD Review Manual and webinars as well as local the efficient use of our precious water. review workshops to help candidates prepare for the exam ASPE org CPD resources via water conserving plumbing. system designs for commercial and,residential applications ASPE org GPD. American Society of Plumbing Engineers 3,ENSURING PUBLIC SAFETY.
THROUGH STANDARDS DEVELOPMENT AND CODE ACTIVITIES, ASPE is committed to helping its members and the plumbing industry as a whole design high quality water and energy efficient. plumbing systems that protect the public s health and safety ASPE fulfills this commitment through the development of consensus. standards focusing on plumbing system design and via involvement on various code development committees. ASPE Standards Program Plumbing Code Involvement, The ASPE standards development program was created to ASPE maintains an active liaison with the national building. achieve consistency in plumbing system design techniques code organizations to ensure that proper engineering. across the United States ASPE standards are adopted practices are included in model plumbing code. in model plumbing codes as a guideline toward the requirements. safe efficient and economical design and installation of. ASPE staff and members are active on numerous code. plumbing systems,committees including, ASPE is a member of the American National Standards. IAPMO Green Technical Committee, Institute ANSI and is approved as an ANSI accredited. standards developer All ASPE standards undergo a IAPMO Uniform Plumbing Code Technical Committee. rigorous consensus and public review process before ICC International Green Construction Energy and. publication and submittal to become American National Water Code Development Committee. ICC Plumbing Mechanical Fuel Gas and Swimming, Current ASPE standards include Pool Code Interpretation Committees.
ASPE ANSI 45 Siphonic Roof Drainage ICC International Residential Code Development. ARCSA ASPE ANSI 63 Rainwater Catchment Systems,NFPA Healthcare Facilities Technical Committee. ARCSA ASPE ANSI 78 Stormwater Harvesting System, Design for Direct End Use Applications For more information on ASPE s code activities contact. WQA ASPE ANSI S801 Sustainable Management ASPE s Vice President Legislative at aspeVPL aspe org. WQA ASPE ANSI S802 Sustainable Activated Carbon Governmental Liaisons. Media for Drinking Water Treatment, WQA ASPE ANSI S803 Sustainable Drinking Water The Society maintains liaisons with various federal state. Treatment Systems and local government agencies and departments including. ASPE is recognized as an approved provider and sponsor of CEUs and PDHs throughout all 50 states for registrations and licensing requirements ASPE CEU Provider Program ASPE s CEU Provider Program allows continuing education providers to issue ASPE continuing education units for their professional development programs

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