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American fuel producers media face,continued political pressure. P roc ess Notes ADRIENNE BLUME Executive Editor Hydrocarbon Processing. At the opening of the 2019 AFPM,Annual Meeting s General Session. Association President Chet Thomp,transportation fuel demand in the US. the AFPM President noted,Efforts for the research and devel. Trump to lose the general election,next year Wallace said With 10.
possible presidential candidates on,more than 150 times that fake news. is harmful to the American people,What this essentially means Wal. son praised the responsiveness and opment of alternative fuels and for the platform from both parties next lace said is that if the media reports. innovation of AFPM members By carbon capture technologies should year will see debate weeks rather unfavorably on something Trump is. working together we have dramati continue alongside the manufacture than debate nights he said How doing then it automatically becomes. cally improved the safety of our in of base products needed for modern voters are going to sort through all of an attack on Americans. dustries he said life However doing our part does this will be very interesting to see The media in turn has blasted. Thompson touted a 30 year de not mean that we should accept bad Don t fool yourselves though Trump with scathing weekly head. cline in illness and injuries in the public policy Thompson said We Wallace warned Even if Democrats lines Some reporters believe this. refining and petrochemical indus need to be prepared to stand our elect a strong candidate this will be a President has gone so far over the line. tries largely as a result of sharing ground and stand up for what our in tough election and Trump will remain in bashing the media that they have. best practices Furthermore over dustries mean to our society a strong opponent gone in the opposite direction trying. the last three decades US industry to do the same Wallace said The. air emissions have dropped by 73 US political climate faces continued Trump vs the American media Wal media must stand together No matter. while domestic refining capacity has turbulence Thompson next intro lace concluded his remarks by ad how we cover the news there s a lot. increased by 20 and energy con duced Chris Wallace Host of FOX dressing Trump s relationship with more that unites us than divides us. sumption has risen by 15 News Sunday During his 50 year the media I would argue that Presi Someone is always going to criti. broadcast career Wallace has won ev dent Trump is engaged in the most cize us and sometimes we do make. Green New Deal would hurt energy ery major journalism award direct assault on the free press in our mistakes Wallace acknowledged. Vacuum tower cutpoint delivers pro ts sector Thompson noted that the Wallace called President Trump history he said But the founding fathers knew what. Green New Deal proposal calls for the biggest political stunner in US According to the Trump Twitter they were doing when they declared. Cutpoint Concerns, the total elimination of the fossil history and alluded to a looming split archive the president has tweeted freedom of the press. poorly designed heaters may experience coking with fuel industry Although the proposal in the Republican party Addressing. seems almost too extreme to be tak the border wall controversy Wal. COT below 700 F 370 C en seriously he noted that it is sup lace noted that 12 Republican sena. Crude unit vacuum tower performance is often critical. ported by 100 members of Congress tors joined with democrats to oppose. to a refiner s bottom line The vacuum tower bottoms Flash zone pressure is set by vacuum system Thompson called the proposal out Trump s call for emergency funds to. stream is valued far below the gas oil cuts so most of touch with the fact that fossil fuels build a wall at the US Mexico border. performance and column pressure drop Lower flash and petrochemical products form the At the mid term elections in No. refineries look to minimize it Many vacuum columns zone pressure increases cutpoint until the tower shell underpinning of the global economy vember 2017 several warning signs. are also designed or revamped to produce a diesel cut C factor limit is reached at which point the packed and the products that make modern were evident for the Trump adminis. recovering diesel slipped from the atmospheric column life possible It is also out of touch tration and for the Republican party. beds begin to flood Vacuum producing systems are with what consumers want includ Two years into his presidency Presi. that would otherwise be downgraded to VGO product mysterious to many in the industry so a large number ing access to affordable reliable dent Trump still seems obsessed with. clean energy Thompson said playing to his shrinking base Wal. of refiners unnecessarily accept poor vacuum system We have to continue to collaborate lace said Of course no politician. Good vacuum column performance can maximize the, performance With technical understanding and a good and do our part to find an appropriate can win without supporting his base. profitability of downstream units by removing distillate path forward and engage in rational but Trump has done surprisingly. field survey the root causes of high tower operating conversations about the value of our little to expand his base and win over. hydrotreater feed diesel from FCCU or hydrocracker. pressure can be identified and remedied products to society and about climate his opponents At Monday morning s General Session award winning journalist CHRIS WALLACE left. feed VGO and removing VGO from coker feed resid change Through 2030 petroleum Hunkering down with less than and AFPM President CHET THOMPSON discussed the outlook for the petrochemicals and. products are expected to meet 90 of 40 of voters is a perfect way for refining industries the current political landscape and its effect on industry and the media. In columns with stripping trays stripping steam rate. One important measure of vacuum column, and tray performance are important Stripping steam.
performance is VGO resid cutpoint The cutpoint is the. temperature on the crude TBP curve that corresponds. rate is limited by vacuum column diameter C factor SCHEDULE OF SESSIONS Published by Hydrocarbon Processing. as three daily editions March 17 18,to the vacuum tower resid yield. and vacuum system capacity Any steam injected into. the bottom of the tower will act as load to the vacuum. AND SPECIAL EVENTS 19 and as an electronic edition on. March 20 If you wish to advertise in this,newspaper or submit a press release. Vacuum column cutpoint depends on three variables, system so vacuum system size tower operating TUESDAY MARCH 19 2019 117TH ANNUAL MEETING please contact the editor at Mike Rhodes. pressure and stripping steam rate must be optimized 7 a m 12 p m Registration. CONFERENCE NEWS HydrocarbonProcessing com,1 Flash zone temperature. together Depending on the design a stripping section 7 30 9 a m Industry Leadership Breakfast featuring. 2 Flash zone pressure, with 6 stripping trays can provide between zero and Gary Heminger CEO Marathon Petroleum Publisher Advertisers.
3 Stripping section performance if present Open to registered attendees only Catherine Watkins AFPM 19. two theoretical stages of fractionation which can drive 9 10 a m Concurrent Breakout Sessions Pulling Back the Curtain on AFPM Contacts. Athlon a Halliburton Service 13,Axens North America Inc 5. Flash zone temperature is driven by vacuum heater coil a big improvement in VGO yield Environmental Activism Global Oil Outlook Operational Jaime Zarraby BASF Corporation 17. Excellence Tech Sessions Diana Cronan DYNAMICS Scientific. Production Center USA Inc 1, outlet temperature COT Increasing COT increases Editor. Although the variables for maximizing vacuum tower 10 10 30 a m Coffee Break Gulf Energy Information. cutpoint Vacuum heater outlet temperature is typically Mike Rhodes Construction Boxscore Database 4. 10 30 11 30 a m Concurrent Breakout Sessions Future of Transportation Energy Web Atlas 14. cutpoint are simple manipulating them to maximize Contributing Editors. maximized against firing or coking limits When Tech Session Operational Excellence Tech Sessions HP Circulation 8. cutpoint without sacrificing unit reliability is not Adrienne Blume Haldor Topsoe Inc 15. processing relatively stable crudes vacuum heaters 12 2 p m Annual Luncheon SOLD OUT featuring Lee Nichols Honeywell UOP LLC 10 11. Contact Process Consulting Services Inc to learn how The Honorable Condoleezza Rice Johnson Matthey Process Technologies Inc 9. with better designs and optimized coil steam can avoid Former U S Secretary of State Production Manager OSIsoft LLC 12. to maximize the performance of your vacuum unit Angela Bathe Dietrich Process Consulting Services Inc 2. coking even at very high COT 800 F 425 C but Open to registered attendees only No tickets or same day seating. Shell Catalysts and Technologies 6 7, will be available onsite Hydrocarbon Processing W R Grace Co 20. 2 Greenway Plaza Suite 1020, 2 3 p m Concurrent Breakout Sessions Pulling Back the Curtain on Houston TX 77252 77046. HYDROCARBON PROCESSING,MARCH 2019 HydrocarbonProcessing com.
Environmental Activism What Lies Ahead for the Renewable 713 529 4301. MARCH 2019,3400 Bissonnet St 1 713 665 7046,PETROCHEMICAL. Fuel Standard Operational Excellence Tech Sessions TECHNOLOGY. PETROCHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY,How did asset utilization modeling. save Sadara 1 B in capital costs,Implement AI to predict the composition. of chemical plant feed,Triple lane layout for enhanced. cracking coil performance,3 3 15 p m Coffee Break,Suite 130 info revamps com.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT,The intelligent 3D model A game changer. in digital project execution,BUSINESS TRENDS,Petrochemicals 2025 Three. regions to dominate the surge,in petrochemical capacity growth. 3 15 4 15 p m Concurrent Breakout Sessions EMpower Tech Session. Houston TX 77005 USA www revamps com Operational Excellence Tech Sessions www HydrocarbonProcessing com. 117th Annual Meeting American Fuel Petrochemical Manufacturers Tuesday March 19 2019 3. Digital transformation Start simple to,generate low risk immediate returns. RICK KAISER and ROGAN JONES AIS Software, As digital transformation plays a spawned vast collections of stand that organizations must confront un communication across.
growing role in today s business de alone digital data Today Industry derstand and respond to independent work groups. cisions organizations must consider 4 0 along with its big data robotic How can the smaller refiners with Facilities using DA technology. what they hope to transform where process automation the Industrial fixed margins and limited manpower have seen significant and positive re. to invest their resources and what Internet of Things IIoT and sensor benefit from the digital transforma sults in daily operations and produc. technologies best serve their strate technologies are driving an ever ex tion movement while minimizing the tivity. gic needs Fifty percent of compa panding demand for new tools and associated high costs and risks The. nies see productivity goals improv refineries are looking to upgrade easiest solution with a proven return Examples Remote platforms in the. ing efficiency and operational goals Those who adopt these new technol on investment ROI is to install a Gulf of Mexico and North Sea as. reducing risks as the top factors ogies will realize a competitive ad data aggregation DA platform well as the world s largest floating. driving their digital transformation vantage over those who do not This sophisticated software resides natural gas production vessel use a. initiatives with more than 57 see on the enterprise layer of a facility s data rich process visualization and. ing most digital innovation occurring Determining investment levels Em IT network and interfaces with the worker collaboration DA platform. in operations and production bracing these new digital initiatives stand alone systems and extracts to monitor and manage production. The digital footprint in the refin requires not only a giant leap of faith information from a wide range of deliver job assignments maintain tar. ing business has been changing ever by management but also significant sources including gets create shift handovers and miti. since integrated digital instrument up front costs in equipment infra Data historians gate nuisance alarms A large refinery. and control systems began replacing structure and manpower While ma Alarm journals in Louisiana saw significant improve. A SUSTAINABLE, earlier pneumatic and analog sys jor downstream companies plan to Lab databases ment in safety metrics using simple. tems in the early 1980s Digitaliza invest an average of 30 of their op Handheld device databases communications apps that afforded. tion along with cheaper data storage erational IT budgets on digital trans Controlled document workers instant access to safety meet. formation many small to midsized management systems ing minutes and past safety audits. Data aggregation platform,refineries are unable to match this. investment level,No matter how large or small the,facility all refineries will eventually. Asset databases,Results are made available to us,ers via an intuitive and intelligent. human machine interface HMI as,as well as group text chat messaging.
duced Chris Wallace Host of FOX News Sunday During his 50 year broadcast career Wallace has won ev ery major journalism award Wallace called President Trump the biggest political stunner in US history and alluded to a looming split in the Republican party Addressing the border wall controversy Wal lace noted that 12 Republican sena

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