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THE CONTENTS ,The Foreword iv,Message From The Commandant v. Message From The Vice Commandant v,The General Information 1. The CCAF Mission 1, CCAF Vision 1, Air Force Core Values 1. Accreditation 1, The History 1, The System 3, Administrative Center 3. Commandant 3, Affiliated Schools 4, Education Services 4.
Air University Board of Visitors 5, Advisory Bodies 6. Affiliated Schools Advisory Panel 6, Education Services Advisory Panel 6. CCAF Policy Council 6, CCAF Associate of Applied Science Degree 6. Student Learning Objectives 7, Entrance Requirements 7. Admission Registration 7, Degree Program Eligibility 7.
Subsequent Degree 8, Degree Time Limit 8, Statute of Limitation 9. Grading Policy 9, Award of Credit 9, Transfer Credit 9. Transcripts 10, Quarter Hour Conversion 10, Civilian College Courses 11. Department of Defense Other Service Schools 11, Regional and National Accreditations 11. American Council on Education Credit Recommendation 12. Credit by Examination 12, Professional Credential Credit 12.
Degree Program or Catalog Change 13, Advanced Standing 13. Candidacy Status Graduation 13, Degree Nomination Cut Off Date 13. Degree Award Date 14, Combat Wounded Ill or Injured Airmen Wounded Warriors 14. Washback Policy 14, 2017 2019 CCAF STUDENT HANDBOOK. ii, Degree Program Withdrawal 14, Student Rights and Grievances 14.
Degree Program Exception to Polity Process 15, No Fault Exception 15. The Educational Documents 16, The Document Update 16. The Fraudulent Documents 17, The Document Process 17. Privacy Act 17, The Information Release 17, The Transcript Request 17. The Student 18, Student Complaints 18, The Feedback 19.
Student Conduct 19, Student Services 19,Degree Programs 20. The Associate in Applied Science Degree 21, Degree Completion Requirements 21. Skill Lever Requirement 21, Residency Requirement 21. Technical Education Requirement 21, Leadership Management Military Studies Requirement 22. Physical Education Requirement 22, General Education Requirement 22.
General Education Goal and Learning Outcomes 23, Program Elective Requirement 24. The Program Codes 25,Professional Credentialing 29. Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On Line AF COOL 31. Joint Service Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council 32. Air Force Airframe and Powerplant Certification Program 33. FAA Certification Credit 34, Professional Manager Certification Program PMC 35. CCAF Instructor Certification Program CIC 36, Civilian Teacher Certification 37. Vocational Instructor Certification 37, Florida Professional Educator Certification 37.
Troops to Teacher Program 37, Instructional Systems Development Certification Program 38. Affiliated Schools 39,Terms and Acronyms 43, 2017 2019 CCAF STUDENT HANDBOOK. iii, THE FOREWORD , T his 2017 2019 CCAF Student Handbook is designed for you the student The primary aim of this. handbook is to acquaint you with the Community College of the Air Force CCAF and help you. understand the academic process during your pursuit of a CCAF Degree In this Handbook you will. be able to learn the background of the CCAF the history the system and the policies that are in place for. this unique college that exists for the education and training of the Air Force Enlisted members More. importantly you will find information about different Associate in Applied Science AAS degrees we offer . These programs are uniquely tailored to your Air Force Specialty Code . There are education service offices units at every base around the world to help you better understand the. process if you need help However it should be your goal to become familiar with the 2017 2019 CCAF. Student Handbook to understand its described procedures and to stay apprised of current graduation. requirements for your specific degree program While the provisions of this handbook will normally apply . the college reserves the right to change any provision including and not limited to academic requirements to. graduate without notice Contact your education services office or a representative in the CCAF Academic. Programs office for advisement and counseling that fits your program . The Community College of the Air Force Administrative Center is located at Maxwell AFB Alabama It is. an institution of higher learning dedicated to the enlisted members of the United States Air Force The. Community College of the Air Force is accredited through Air University by the Southern Association of. Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of SACSCOC 866 Southern. Lane Decatur Georgia 30033 4097 telephone number 404 679 4501 to award the associate in applied. science degree , The statements in this handbook are for information purposes only and are not to be considered as the basis of. a contract between you and the Community College of the Air Force . 2017 2019 CCAF STUDENT HANDBOOK, iv, STUDENT HANDBOOK.
MESSAGE FROM THE COMMANDANT , Welcome to the Community College of the Air Force Our college is a. federally chartered degree granting institution that serves the United States Air. Force s enlisted total force We partner with over 110 affiliated Air Force. schools 256 Education Service Offices located worldwide and more than. 1 500 civilian academic institutions to serve more than 300 000 active guard . and reserve enlisted personnel making CCAF the world s largest community. college system , We strive to meet the demands of the Air Force s increasingly expeditionary. environment and at the same time help Airmen achieve their educational goals. by capitalizing on job related training and education as part of flexible degree. completion programs , On the following pages you ll find information about our degree programs our certification and. licensure programs and our regional accreditation So whether you re a prospective or current student . an education counselor a recruiter or a commander we ve designed this website to provide valuable. information about higher education opportunities with CCAF . Lt Col Nathan J Leap,MESSAGE FROM THE VICE COMMANDANT . Welcome to the Community College of the Air Force Our team is proud to. serve you as you leverage the greatest training in the world into academic. credit and an associate of applied science degree in your Air Force. Specialty We look forward to continuing a relationship as you capitalize on. your experience and training in preparation for an outstanding career and. for life after Our Air Force continues to develop and take on emerging and. evolving missions and the accredited education and training delivered. through the Community College of the Air Force will ensure Airmen are. always prepared for any challenge no matter where in the world it arises . CMSgt Rye T Bavin, 2017 2019 CCAF STUDENT HANDBOOK.
v, STUDENT HANDBOOK,GENERAL INFORMATION , The United States Air Force USAF has always recognized the positive effects of education on Air Force. personnel and continually established various programs to meet the needs of the Air Force its personnel and. society as a whole One of the most notable programs is the Community College of the Air Force CCAF . The college is one of several federally chartered degree granting institutions however it is the only 2 year. institution exclusively serving enlisted personnel The college awards the associate in applied science degree. AAS after a student successfully completes a degree program designed for an Air Force specialty . The CCAF Mission, Offer and award job related associate in applied science degrees and other academic credentials that. enhance mission readiness contribute to recruiting assist in retention and support the career transitions and. professional growth of Air Force enlisted corps , The CCAF Vision for the future is to continue to be . The community college of choice providing a path to higher learning for those with a calling to serve . Air Force Core Values, Integrity First Service Before Self Excellence in All We Do. Accreditation, The Community College of the Air Force is a part of Air University Air University is accredited by the.
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges SACSCOC 1866 Southern Lane . Decatur Georgia 30033 4097 Telephone number 404 679 4500 to award associate master s and doctor of. philosophy degrees Air University achieved regional accreditation in 2004 Previously the Community. College of the Air Force was separately accredited by SACSCOC from 1980 2004 . The History, The Community College of the Air Force concept evolved in the early 1970s as a means of gaining. recognition for Air Force training Led by General George B Simler commander of Air Training Command. ATC Air Force visionaries recognized the need to enhance the skills of noncommissioned officers as. technicians leaders and citizens Representatives of Air Training Command Air University AU and the Air. Force Academy held a series of conferences in 1971 to discuss the need for increased development of. noncommissioned officers as managers of Air Force resources The conferees recommended the founding of. an Air Force community college and on 9 November 1971 General John D Ryan Air Force Chief of Staff . approved the establishment of the Community College of the Air Force The Secretary of the Air Force. approved the activation plan on 25 January 1972 and the college was established 1 April 1972 at Randolph. AFB Texas , The seven major Air Force training schools the five Air Force Schools of Applied Aerospace Sciences the. USAF School of Health Care Sciences and the USAF Security Service School provided the technical. portion of CCAF s credential when the college was activated The program model combined the technical. education offered by Air Force schools a core of general education from accredited civilian institutions of. higher education and management education from Air Force or civilian sources . 2017 2019 CCAF Student Handbook, 1, STUDENT HANDBOOK. The college mailed its first official transcript on 9 November 1972 and issued its first credential the Career. Education Certificate on 23 August 1973 As the college gained prestige increasing numbers of enlisted. people registered and more Air Force technical special and professional schools joined the CCAF system As. a result as many as 143 such schools have been affiliated with the college after meeting rigorous standards. for participation The SACS Commission on Occupational Education Institutions accredited the college on. 12 December 1973 , By the mid 1970s many civilian consultants were reporting that CCAF standards exceeded the minimum. requirements of associate degree programs in civilian community colleges and the Air Force sought degree . granting authority for the college from Congress President Gerald R Ford signed Public Law 94 361 on. 14 July 1976 authorizing the ATC commander to confer the associate degree . A site review committee composed of nationally recognized educators appointed by the US Office of. Education USOE evaluated the college in October 1976 After favorable recommendations by the. committee and successful public hearings in Washington D C the Commissioner of Education certified. degree granting authority in January 1977 before the USOE Success of the effort can mainly be attributed to. the testimony given in USOE hearings by Lieutenant General John Roberts Chief Master Sergeant of the Air. Force Thomas Barnes Dr Jerome Lysaught chairman of the CCAF Advisory Committee and Colonel Lyle. Kaapke The college awarded its first associate in applied science degrees in April 1977 . Since charter clarification in 1975 limited the Commission on Occupational Education Institutions to. nondegree granting institutions the college immediately began the transition to the Southern Association of. Colleges and Schools SACS Commission on Colleges After CCAF underwent a rigorous self study and. met accreditation standards the SACS Commission on Colleges accredited the college on 12 December 1980. to award the associate degree During this accreditation process the administrative offices relocated to their. present site at Maxwell AFB Alabama on 1 April 1979 The SACS Commission on Colleges reaffirmed. CCAF s accreditation on 9 December 1986 , On 1 July 1993 the Community College of the Air Force realigned under Air University which became the.
educational component of the redesignated Air Education and Training Command However the commander. of Air Education and Training Command AETC remained the degree granting authority for the college until. 28 October 2004 On that date degree granting authority changed to the Air University Commander when. President Bush signed the Fiscal Year 2005 National Defense Authorization Act . The college again underwent an extensive self study and visits from SACSCOC reaffirmation teams during. 1993 1996 Subsequently on 25 June 1997 the SACSCOC reaffirmed CCAF s accreditation until the year. 2006 The college participated in the Air University effort to gain regional accreditation by the SACSCOC . On 25 June 2004 SACSCOC notified Air University that their application for regional accreditation was. approved retroactive to 1 January 2004 From 2007 2009 CCAF participat. 2017 2019 CCAF Student Handbook is designed for you the student The primary aim of this handbook is to acquaint you with the Community College of the Air Force CCAF and help you understand the academic process during your pursuit of a CCAF Degree In this Handbook you will

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