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Dominic Palmer Brown Chrisina Draganova,Elias Pimenidis Haris Mouratidis Eds. Engineering Applications,of Neural Networks,11th International Conference EANN 2009. London UK August 27 29 2009,Proceedings,Volume Editors. Dominic Palmer Brown,London Metropolitan University. Faculty of Computing,E mail d palmer brown londonmet ac uk.
Chrisina Draganova,University of East London,School of Computing IT and Engineering. E mail c draganova uel ac uk,Elias Pimenidis,University of East London. School of Computing IT and Engineering,E mail e pimenidis uel ac uk. Haris Mouratidis,University of East London,School of Computing IT and Engineering. E mail h mouratidis uel ac uk,Library of Congress Control Number 2009933042.
CR Subject Classification 1998 F 1 I 2 H 5 I 7 I 5 I 2 7 I 4 8. ISSN 1865 0929, ISBN 10 3 642 03968 5 Springer Berlin Heidelberg New York. ISBN 13 978 3 642 03968 3 Springer Berlin Heidelberg New York. This work is subject to copyright All rights are reserved whether the whole or part of the material is. concerned specifically the rights of translation reprinting re use of illustrations recitation broadcasting. reproduction on microfilms or in any other way and storage in data banks Duplication of this publication. or parts thereof is permitted only under the provisions of the German Copyright Law of September 9 1965. in its current version and permission for use must always be obtained from Springer Violations are liable. to prosecution under the German Copyright Law,springer com. Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009,Printed in Germany. Typesetting Camera ready by author data conversion by Scientific Publishing Services Chennai India. Printed on acid free paper SPIN 12744978 06 3180 543210. A cursory glance at the table of contents of EANN 2009 reveals the amaz. ing range of neural network and related applications A random but revealing. sample includes reducing urban concentration entropy topography in epilep. tic electroencephalography phytoplanktonic species recognition revealing the. structure of childhood abdominal pain data robot control discriminating angry. and happy facial expressions ood forecasting and assessing credit worthiness. The diverse nature of applications demonstrates the vitality of neural comput. ing and related soft computing approaches and their relevance to many key. contemporary technological challenges It also illustrates the value of EANN in. bringing together a broad spectrum of delegates from across the world to learn. from each other s related methods Variations and extensions of many methods. are well represented in the proceedings ranging from support vector machines. fuzzy reasoning and Bayesian methods to snap drift and spiking neurons. This year EANN accepted approximately 40 of submitted papers for full. length presentation at the conference All members of the Program Committee. were asked to participate in the reviewing process The standard of submissions. was high according to the reviewers who did an excellent job The Program. and Organizing Committees thank them Approximately 20 of submitted pa. pers will be chosen the best according to the reviews to be extended and re. viewed again for inclusion in a special issue of the journal Neural Computing and. Applications, We hope that these proceedings will help to stimulate further research and. development of new applications and modes of neural computing. August 2009 Dominic Palmer Brown,Organization, EANN 2009 was organized by the School of Computing IT and Engineering.
University of East London in cooperation with the Faculty of Computing Lon. don Metropolitan University,Organizing Committee,Chair Dominic. Palmer Brownn London Metropolitan University UK,Chrisina Draganova University of East London UK. Elias Pimenidis University of East London UK,Haris Mouratidis University of East London UK. Sin Wee Lee University of East London UK, Manolis Christodoulakis University of East London UK. Miao Kang University of East London UK,Frank Ekpenyong University of East London UK.
Terry Walcott University of East London UK,Administrative Support. Linda Day University of East London UK,Administrative Support. Farhanaz Begum University of East London UK,Administrative Support. Carole Cole University of East London UK,Program Committee. Chair Dominic,Palmer Brownn London Metropolitan University UK.
Graham Ball Nottingham Trent University UK,Chris Christodoulou University of Cyprus Cyprus. Manolis Christodoulakis University of East London UK. Chrisina Draganova University of East London UK,Frank Ekpenyong University of East London UK. Alexander Gegov University of Portsmouth UK, Lazaros Iliadis Democritus University of Thrace Greece. Miao Kang University of East London UK,Sin Wee Lee University of East London UK. James Allen Long London South Bank University UK,Liam McDaid University of Ulster UK.
Haralambos Mouratidis University of East London UK. Elias Pimenidis University of East London UK,VIII Organization. Kathleen Steinhofel King s College UK, Ioannis Vlahavas Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece. Carlo Francesco, Morabito University Mediterranea of Reggio C Italy. and SIREN Italian Society of Neural,Christos N Schizas University of Cyprus Cyprus. Terry Walcott University of East London UK,Abdullah Al Zakwani Muscat Sultanate of Oman.
Diego G Loyola R Remote Sensing Technology Institute. Antony Browne University of Surrey UK,Kaizhu Huang University of Bristol UK. Richard Dybowski University of East London UK,Aloysius Edoh University of East London UK. Marco Ramoni Harvard University USA,Stephen Rees Aalborg University Denmark. Bernadette Sharp Sta ordshire University UK,Peter Weller City University UK. Stefan Wermter Sunderland University UK,Hassan Kazemian London Metropolitan University UK.
J Fernandez de Canete University of Malaga Spain,Karim Ouazzane London Metropolitan University UK. Kenneth Revett University of Westminster UK,Sponsoring Institutions. University of East London UK,London Metropolitan University UK. International Neural Network Society INNS USA,Table of Contents. Intelligent Agents Networks Employing Hybrid Reasoning Application. in Air Quality Monitoring and Improvement 1,Lazaros S Iliadis and A Papaleonidas.
Neural Network Based Damage Detection of Dynamically Loaded. Structures 17,David Lehky and Drahom r Nova k, Reconstruction of Cross Sectional Missing Data Using Neural. Networks 28,I at A Gheyas and Leslie S Smith, Municipal Creditworthiness Modelling by Kernel Based Approaches. with Supervised and Semi supervised Learning 35,Petr Hajek and Vladimir Olej. Clustering of Pressure Fluctuation Data Using Self Organizing Map 45. Masaaki Ogihara Hideyuki Matsumoto Tamaki Marumo and. Chiaki Kuroda, Intelligent Fuzzy Reasoning for Flood Risk Estimation in River. Lazaros S Iliadis and Stephanos Spartalis, Fuzzy Logic and Arti cial Neural Networks for Advanced.
Authentication Using Soft Biometric Data 67,Mario Malcangi. Study of Alpha Peak Fitting by Techniques Based on Neural. Networks 79, Javier Miranda Rosa Pe rez Antonio Baeza and Javier Guille n. Information Enhancement Learning Local Enhanced Information to. Detect the Importance of Input Variables in Competitive Learning 86. Ryotaro Kamimura, Flash Flood Forecasting by Statistical Learning in the Absence of. Rainfall Forecast A Case Study 98, Mohamed Samir Toukourou Anne Johannet and Ge rard Dreyfus. An Improved Algorithm for SVMs Classi cation of Imbalanced Data. Cristiano Leite Castro Mateus Araujo Carvalho and,Anto nio Padua Braga.
X Table of Contents, Visualization of MIMO Process Dynamics Using Local Dynamic. Modelling with Self Organizing Maps 119, Ignacio D az Abel A Cuadrado Alberto B Diez Juan J Fuertes. Manuel Dom nguez and Miguel A Prada, Data Visualisation and Exploration with Prior Knowledge 131. Martin Schroeder Dan Cornford and Ian T Nabney, Reducing Urban Concentration Using a Neural Network Model 143. Leandro Tortosa Jose F Vicent Antonio Zamora and,Jose L Oliver.
Dissimilarity Based Classi cation of Multidimensional Signals by. Conjoint Elastic Matching Application to Phytoplanktonic Species. Recognition 153, E milie Caillault Pierre Alexandre He bert and Guillaume Wacquet. Revealing the Structure of Childhood Abdominal Pain Data and. Supporting Diagnostic Decision Making 165,Adam Adamopoulos Mirto Ntasi Seferina Mavroudi. Spiros Likothanassis Lazaros Iliadis and George Anastassopoulos. Relating Halftone Dot Quality to Paper Surface Topography 178. Pekka Kumpulainen Marja Metta nen Mikko Lauri and,Heimo Ihalainen. Combining GRN Modeling and Demonstration Based Programming for. Robot Control 190,Wei Po Lee and Tsung Hsien Yang, Discriminating Angry Happy and Neutral Facial Expression A. Comparison of Computational Models 200,Aruna Shenoy Sue Anthony Ray Frank and Neil Davey.
Modeling and Forecasting CAT and HDD Indices for Weather. Derivative Pricing 210,Achilleas Zapranis and Antonis Alexandridis. Using the Support Vector Machine as a Classi cation Method for. Software Defect Prediction with Static Code Metrics 223. David Gray David Bowes Neil Davey Yi Sun and,Bruce Christianson. Adaptive Electrical Signal Post processing with Varying Representations. in Optical Communication Systems 235, Stephen Hunt Yi Sun Alex Shafarenko Rod Adams Neil Davey. Brendan Slater Ranjeet Bhamber Sonia Boscolo and,Sergei K Turitsyn. Table of Contents XI, Using of Arti cial Neural Networks ANN for Aircraft Motion.
Parameters Identi cation 246,Anatolij Bondarets and Olga Kreerenko. Ellipse Support Vector Data Description 257, Mohammad GhasemiGol Reza Monse and Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi. Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural Network Design Using Parallel. Evolutionary Algorithms 269, Elisabet Parras Gutierrez Maribel Isabel Garcia Arenas and. Victor M Rivas Santos, New Aspects of the Elastic Net Algorithm for Cluster Analysis 281. Marcos Le vano and Hans Nowak, Neural Networks for Forecasting in a Multi skill Call Centre 291.
Jorge Pacheco David Milla n Ruiz and Jose Luis Ve lez. Relational Reinforcement Learning Applied to Appearance Based. Object Recognition 301,Klaus Ha ming and Gabriele Peters. Sensitivity Analysis of Forest Fire Risk Factors and Development of a. Corresponding Fuzzy Inference System The Case of Greece 313. Theocharis Tsataltzinos Lazaros Iliadis and Spartalis Stefanos. Nonmonotone Learning of Recurrent Neural Networks in Symbolic. Sequence Processing Applications 325,Chun Cheng Peng and George D Magoulas. Indirect Adaptive Control Using Hop eld Based Dynamic Neural. Network for SISO Nonlinear Systems 336,Ping Cheng Chen Chi Hsu Wang and Tsu Tian Lee. A Neural Network Computational Model of Visual Selective. Attention 350,Kleanthis C Neokleous Marios N Avraamides. Costas K Neocleous and Christos N Schizas, Simulation of Large Spiking Neural Networks on Distributed.
Architectures The DAMNED Simulator 359,Anthony Mouraud and Didier Puzenat. A Neural Network Model for the Critical Frequency of the F2. Ionospheric Layer over Cyprus 371,Haris Haralambous and Harris Papadopoulos. XII Table of Contents, Dictionary Based Classi cation Models Applications for Multichannel. Neural Activity Analysis 378, Vincent Vigneron Hsin Chen Yen Tai Chen Hsin Yi Lai and. You Yin Chen, Pareto Based Multi output Metamodeling with Active Learning 389.
Dirk Gorissen Ivo Couckuyt Eric Laermans and Tom Dhaene. Isolating Stock Prices Variation with Neural Networks 401. Chrisina Draganova Andreas Lanitis and Chris Christodoulou. Evolutionary Ranking on Multiple Word Correction Algorithms Using. Neural Network Approach 409, Jun Li Karim Ouazzane Yanguo Jing Hassan Kazemian and. Richard Boyd, Application of Neural Fuzzy Controller for Streaming Video over IEEE. 802 15 1 419,Guillaume F Remy and Hassan B Kazemian. Tracking of the Plasma States in a Nuclear Fusion Device Using. Massimo Camplani Barbara Cannas Alessandra Fanni, Gabriella Pautasso Giuliana Sias Piergiorgio Sonato and. The Asdex Upgrade Team, An Application of the Occam Factor to Model Order Determination 438.
David J Booth and Ruth Tye, Use of Data Mining Techniques for Improved Detection of Breast. Cancer with Bio eld Diagnostic System 444, S Vinitha Sree E Y K Ng G Kaw and U Rajendra Acharya. Clustering of Entropy Topography in Epileptic,Electroencephalography 453. Nadia Mammone Giuseppina Inuso Fabio La Foresta,Mario Versaci and Francesco C Morabito. River ow Prediction with Arti cial Neural Networks 463. A W Jayawardena, Applying Snap Drift Neural Network to Trajectory Data to Identify.
Road Types Assessing the E ect of Trajectory Variability 472. Frank Ekpenyong and Dominic Palmer Brown,Table of Contents XIII. Reputation Prediction in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using RBF Neural. Networks 485, Fredric M Ham Eyosias Yoseph Imana Attila Ondi Richard Ford. Dominic Palmer Brown Chrisina Draganova Elias Pimenidis Haris Mouratidis Eds Engineering Applications of Neural Networks 11th International Conference EANN 2009

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