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PCT Patent Application No PCT GB2009 000114, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 2 24 09 2009 15 15 19. This is the Product Manual for the Titon CME1 Q Plus. Introduction 4,Ventilation is Vital 5,How the System Works 6. How to Use the System 7,Product Features 7,Installation. Safety and Guidance 8,Transportation Packaging Storage 9. Inspection 9,Parts List 9,Preparation 9,Dimensions 10.
Component Identification 11,Ducting Best Practice 14. Ducting Connection 15,Quick Commission,Quick Commission Mode 20. Full Commission Mode 22,Full Commission Mode 22,Continuous Speed Setting 22. Boost Speed setting 24,Resetting the Controller 25. Maintenance,Cleaning 26,Declaration of Conformity 29.
Service Record 31, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 3 24 09 2009 15 15 19. Introduction, nterior comfort air quality and energy efficiency are vitally important considera. tions in buildings today The Titon CME1 has been developed to meet these de. mands by extracting stale polluted air from the building whilst fresh air is provided. by passive means, For the home owner or occupant this Product Manual explains. Why ventilation is vital for the good health of your home and its occupants. How your Titon CME1 system works,How to operate and maintain your Titon CME1. For the professional installer this Product Manual explains. How to install the Titon CME1,How to commission the unit.
How to maintain the unit, It is important to read this Product Manual to ensure your ventilation system is. installed commissioned and used properly and continues to operate effectively. Failure to follow the guidance provided in this manual can have an adverse effect. CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 4 24 09 2009 15 15 20. Ventilation is Vital, onstruction methods used in older homes resulted in uncontrolled ventila. tion via air leaking through the building structure such as small gaps around. windows and doors or between walls and floors These leaks allowed a large. amount of air to move through a home largely unnoticed by the occupants Other fac. tors such as open fireplaces people being at home more often and opening windows. to air rooms during daytime all helped maintain reasonable levels of air quality in. However because this form of ventilation was uncontrolled a large proportion of. heat escaped to the outside and more energy was needed to make up for this loss. Modern homes have greatly reduced air leaks and indoor air quality can deterio. rate rapidly without the use of products made to control ventilation Chemicals gases. and moisture produced by everyday,products and activities may lead to the. build up of excessive levels of pollutants,which are harmful to the health of the oc. cupants and may damage the building,Poor ventilation can be a major.
contributory factor of heart disease lung,disease mental illness and many more. threats to our health,The World Health Organisation and. responsible Governments around the, world recognise the vital importance Ventilation an essential ingredient. of good indoor air quality That is why, building regulations govern the way homes are designed and built Once homes are. occupied it is the responsibility of the occupants to make sure they use and maintain. the ventilation products following the guidance provided. CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 5 24 09 2009 15 15 20. How the System Works, he Titon CME1 works by continually extracting stale polluted air from rooms.
where most moisture is generated Fresh air is provided passively from outside. to habital rooms creating a flow of fresh clean air throughout the home The air. travels from terminals built into the ceiling which are connected by hidden ducts to. the unit The unit is usually installed in a roof space or cupboard. Each unit is commissioned individually so the amount of air moved is set to suit. the specific size and style of the home, Most systems will also have a facility to boost the extraction rate at times when. more moisture is being generated such as when bathing or cooking This may be. done automatically by electronic sensors or by a conveniently located boost switch for. manual operation,Extract Terminals,Typical system layout. DO NOT switch off the unit it is designed to run continuously If the unit is switched. off indoor pollutant and moisture levels may increase and become a danger to. your health and damage your house, It is important to follow the advice in this user manual and correctly maintain the. system to ensure a healthy indoor environment, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 6 24 09 2009 15 15 20. How to Use the System, he unit runs automatically and should not be switched off except for mainte.
nance If a boost switch has been installed it can be used to increase the extract. ventilation rate at times when moisture or pollutant levels are considered exces. sive You may have electronic sensors which detect high levels of moisture and pollut. ants which boost the system automatically, All ventilation units require periodic maintenance and this must only be carried. out by a suitably qualified and competent person See the servicing and maintenance. section for further details,Product Features,Boost Control. Compact low profile unit,Hidden installation fixings. All duct ports on one level,Accepts 204mm x 60mm or 110mm x 54mm ducting. Unit can be cleaned and serviced without disturbing any ducting. Straightforward installation, Versatile Low Voltage boost control accepts any one way switched input such as.
PIR humidistat or thermostat, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 7 24 09 2009 15 15 21. Installation,Safety and Guidance, The electrical installation of the appliance MUST be carried out by a suitably quali. fied competent person and all wiring must be in accordance with current I E E. Regulations and all appropriate standards and applicable regulatory guidance. The appliance must be connected to a local isolation switch with a contact sepa. ration of at least 3mm, The appliance is suitable for 230V 50 60Hz single phase with a fuse rating of 3A. Ensure that external grills are located away from any flue outlet in accordance. with relevant Building Regulations, Always ensure ducting is free from blockages before switching the unit on. We recommend a minimum distance of 200mm between the appliance and any. sharp bends in duct work, Installation of the appliance MUST be carried out by a qualified and suitably.
competent person and should be carried out in clean dry conditions where dust. and humidity are at minimal levels, The appliance is not suitable for installation to the exterior of the dwelling. Failure to comply with any of the above points may have an impact on the validity. of your guarantee, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 8 24 09 2009 15 15 21. Installation,Transportation Packaging Storage, Great care should be taken when transporting the appliance DO NOT drop as. damage may occur, The unit must always be stored in a clean and dry environment. Remove all packaging before installation but leaving duct port covers bungs in. place if fitted until connecting ducting,Inspection.
Inspect the appliance for damage,Check all accessories have been supplied. Parts List,CME1 Unit x 1 CME1 Screw Pack x 1,Port covers x 3. Product manual x 1, All shortages or damage must be reported to the supplier. Preparation, Important read these instructions fully before the installation of this appliance. NEVER install the unit in an area which does not have sufficient access for future. maintenance see Dimensions, NEVER install the appliance in an environment which contains.
Excessive oil or a grease laden environment, Hazardous gases liquids or vapours that are flammable or corrosive. Ambient temperatures above 40 C or below 5 C,Humidity levels above 90 or a wet environment. CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 9 24 09 2009 15 15 21. Installation,Dimensions, This diagram shows the overall dimensions of the unit and the additional space. required around the unit once installed to allow for future servicing and maintenance. Service Void,All dimensions in mm, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 10 24 09 2009 15 15 21. Installation,Component Identification,Cover Scroll Inlet Ring assembly.
Inlet ring,CME1 Unit components, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 11 24 09 2009 15 15 22. Installation,1 The CME1 must be securely fixed to a 260. smooth flat surface any orientation,is possible,2 Mark the four fixing hole centres. using the BASE as a template,3 Drill holes for fixings use 4mm. Pan Head screws Always use a,fixing type and length suited to.
the substrate type The unit weighs,approximately 5kg. 4 Mount the BASE ensuring it is not,distorted by the fixings or mounting. 5 Clip the MOTOR and LID assembly to,the BASE ensure that all 6 clips have. Do not use power tools to tighten,screws Tighten screws by hand. Do not over tighten screws, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 12 24 09 2009 15 15 23.
Installation,1 Unscrew the 2 retaining screws that. hold on the COVER and remove,retain the screws,2 Fit two screws through the pre. formed holes at the front of the,INLET RING to securely fix the INLET. RING SCROLL assembly to the BASE,3 Fit one screw through the preformed. hole in the back of the BASE to,securely fix the INLET RING SCROLL.
assembly to the BASE, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 13 24 09 2009 15 15 24. Installation,Ducting Best Practice, The use of flexible ducting must be kept to a minimum and it should always be. pulled taut, If applicable Fire Dampers must be fitted to duct work at appropriate locations in. accordance with Building Regulations, Ducting must be installed in such a way that resistance to airflow is minimised. Ducting terminal for Exhaust must be to the external air outside the building. We recommend a minimum distance of 200mm between the appliance and any. sharp bends in duct work,Ducting in unheated spaces must.
always be insulated to prevent,condensation forming within the. Additional guidance can be found in,the Residential Ventilation Associa. tion Instillation Good Practice Guide,and Approved Document Part F EXTRACT. Extract Port to Outside, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 14 24 09 2009 15 15 26. Installation,Ducting Connection,204mm x 60mm ducting fits inside.
110mm x 54mm ducting fits inside,the convertible port cover. All joints must be adequately sealed,using a suitable ducting tape or. silicone type sealant, CME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 15 24 09 2009 15 15 28. ventilation systems Product Manual Titon CME1 Q Plus Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit CCME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 1ME1 Q Plus Product Manual indd 1 224 09 2009 15 15 134 09 2009 15 15 13

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