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CM67 CHRONOTHERM,CM67 CONTROLS DISPLAY LAYOUT,SPECIFICATIONS. Batteries 2 x 1 5 V IEC LR6 AA Alkaline cells Temperature 0 5 K nominal 20 C 50 load. control accuracy 3 K hour,Battery life 4 years typical Duracell MN1500 for. applications with loads 3A Room From 0 oC to 40 oC. Temperature,3 years typical for electric heat,display range. applications 3A 8A,Control form P I Proportional Integral. Battery Program retained in EEPROM, replacement Minimum ON 10 of cycle time min one minute.
time adjustable to 2 to 5 min see installer set,Switch type SPDT potential free. Electrical rating 230 V 50 60 Hz 0 5 A to 8 A resistive. Cycle rate 3 6 default 9 12 Selectable through,0 5 A to 3 A inductive 0 6 pf. the installer set up mode,24 V 50 60 Hz 0 5 A to 8 A resistive. 0 5 A to 3 A inductive 0 6 pf Wiring Terminal block capable of accepting. wires up to 2 5 mm,Time display 24 hour or 12 hour AM PM format. Wire access Mains wiring rear left or below, Time keeping Typically better than 10 minutes per year Low voltage wiring rear left or below.
Dimensions 130 x 87R 82L x 29 mm w x h x d, Program 7 day with 6 daily time and temperature 130 x 172 x 29 mm w x h x d flap. level changes open, Time setting Time of day 1 minute Environmental Operating temperature range 0 to 40 C. resolution Program 10 minute steps Shipping and storage temperature range. o 20 to 55 C,Sensing element 100K 25 C NTC thermistor. Humidity range 0 to 90 rh non, Temperature Program 5 to 30 C in 0 5 C steps condensing. setting range Frost 5 C or equal to lower limit,o o Approvals Designed to meet European EN.
5 C to 16 C Frost protection does not,approvals EN60730 1 1995 EN55014 1. work in cooling mode,1997 EN55014 2 1996,EN0R 8498 R2 11 98 2. CM67 CHRONOTHERM,INSTALLER SET UP,To enter the installer set up mode. a Set the program slider to OFF,b Press and hold Info i button and press PROG 3 4. c The unit will display the first parameter of the installer. parameter group category 1 from n 1 to n 5,d Press TEMP or to change factory setting The.
display will flash indicating that a change has been. e Press INFO i button to confirm the change The display. will stop flashing,f Press or to go to next parameter. g Press PROG 2 button to go to Installer parameter group Abbreviated Set Up Description. category 2 from parameter n 6 to parameter n 16 e g OP Optimisation. h To exit installer mode move the slider in MAN or AUTO. Installer Set up Number,Press or to change,e g 1 Optimisation. Installer Set Up Mode,Selected 1,Factory Setting or New Choice. In Installer set up we can Press TEMP or to change. e g O Optimisation disabled, Set up specific applications 1 Optimisation enabled. Enable special features,Establish support for Optional Accessories.
Specific Applications Setting What do you need to change. Cycle Minimum Note, Hour ON time a To change Cycle Hour please go to parameter n 9 in the. in minutes installer set up mode, b To change Minimum ON Time please go to parameter n 2 in. the installer set up mode,Heating Gas Boilers 6 1 No action required. Oil Boiler 3 4 1 Set Minimum ON Time to 4 minutes,2 Set Cycle Hour to 3. Thermal 12 1 Set Cycle Hour to 12,Zone valve 6 1 No action required.
Electric heating 12 1 1 Configure the Chronotherm for electric heating set parameter. for applications n 7 in the installer set up mode to 1. 8A 2 Set Cycle Hour to 12, Air 1 For cooling application only set the Chronotherm to cooling. conditioning set parameter n 6 in the installer set up mode to 0. 2 For heat cool application set the Chronotherm accordingly to. required mode of operation,winter heating,summer cooling. by changing parameter n 6 in the installer set up mode Explain to. the end user how to implement the change over,Heat Pump 3 4 1 Set Minimum ON Time to 4 minutes. Air conditioner 2 Set Cycle Hour to 3,3 EN0R 8498 R2 11 98. CM67 CHRONOTHERM, Special Features Description What to do if we wish this.
Optimisation Variable The Chronotherm will adjust the start time in the Set parameter 1 in the installer set. Start Time morning afternoon so the desired temperature is up mode to 1. Adaptive Intelligence reached by the start of the program period e g Time. recovery TM 7 00 Temp 21 C The Chronotherm will monitor the. accuracy of the start up and use this information to. modify the calculation for the following day by, changing the ramp rate initial 3 K hr The system will. restrict the start time to a max of 3 hours,Optimisation will not work in cooling mode. AM PM 24hr Display Change display format default 24hr Set parameter n 3 in the installer set. up mode to 1, Pump exercise When enabled the Pump Exercise will switch the relay Set parameter n 8 in the installer set. on for 1 minute at 12 00 if the relay has not been up mode to 1. switched on since 12 00 the previous day, While in Holiday mode the Pump Exercise feature if. enabled will operate, Upper Temperature The normal upper temperature limit of 30 oC can be Set parameter n 11 in the installer set.
Limit reduced down to 21 C to save energy Useful for small up mode to the desired limit. commercial premises, Lower Temperature The normal lower temperature limit of 5 oC can be Set parameter n 12 in the installer set. Limit increased up to 16 C to protect the inhabitants from up mode to the desired limit. cold Useful if the inhabitants include the elderly. children or disabled, Temperature Offset If the Chronotherm is located in a hot cold location and Set parameter n 13 in the installer set. cannot be moved because of wiring then the measured up mode to the desired offset value. displayed temperature can be adjusted by 3 C, Useful if the homeowner wants the reading to match. another appliance temperature display, Proportional Band Width Can be adjusted up to 3 C default is 1 5 C to provide Set parameter n 15 in the installer set. better temperature control less overshoot up mode to the desired value. Useful for,a Well insulated homes with over sized heating.
b Air systems with fast response,Optional Description What to do if we wish this. Accessories feature, Outside Temperature An Outside Temperature Sensor can be fitted to your 1 Fit the sensor instructions. Sensor CM67 to allow the homeowner to display the outside included in the sensor package. temperate on the Chronotherm display by using the 2 Set parameter n 10 in the. INFO i button CM67 will read the outside temperature installer set up mode to 1. every 10 minutes Outside temperature display range is. from 30 C to 45 C The sensor can be connected up,to 50 meters from the unit. Remote Temperature A Remote Temperature Sensor can be fitted to your 1 Fit the sensor instructions. Sensor CM67 to allow the Chronotherm to control temperature included in the sensor package. from another room or space where it is inconvenient to 2 Set parameter n 10 in the. locate the CM67 It will read the remote sensor every 1 installer set up mode to 2. minute The sensor can be connected up to 50 meters. from the unit Useful for commercial premises where. the public may tamper with the product, Automatic Time Setting The ATS module picks up a time signal daily from a 1 Fit the ATS module. ATS Module European transmitter so you never need to set or 2 Set parameter n 4 in the installer. adjust the time set up mode to 1,EN0R 8498 R2 11 98 4.
CM67 CHRONOTHERM, Parameter Installer Set Factory Setting Optional Setting Installer Set. Up Number Up Category,Abbreviation Press keys,Press or PROG 1 or 2. key to to select,change 1 2,Display Description Display Setting Description. Optimisation 1 0P 0 Optimisation disabled 1 Optimisation enabled 1. Minimum ON Time 2 0t 1 1 minute minimum ON time 2 to 5 2 2 minutes 1. 3 3 minutes,4 4 minutes,5 5 minutes, AM PM 24hr Display 3 Cl 0 24 hr clock display 1 12 hr AM PM clock display 1. Accessory Module Type 4 At 0 No accessory module 1 2 1 Auto Time Setting Module 1. plugged in 2 Weatherstation Module, RESET Time 5 rP 1 Time Temperature profile set 0 Time Temperature are as 1.
Temperature Program to factory default programmed, Changes to 0 when one of the 1 To restore the factory profile. time temp profiles are changed set to 1, You must now press the PROG 2 key to enter the next section. Heat Cool Operation 6 HC 1 Heating Operation 0 Cooling Operation 2. Electric Heat 7 Eh 0 Applications 3A 1 Applications 3 8A 2. Pump Exercise 8 PE 0 Pump Exercise Disabled 1 Pump Exercise Enabled 2. Cycle Rate 9 Cr 6 6 cycles per hour cph for gas 3 9 12 3 3 cph 2. boilers zone valves and fan 9 9cph,coil 12 12 cph, Second Temperature 10 SS 0 No sensor fitted 1 2 1 Outside Temperature 2. Sensor Sensor fitted,2 Remote Temp Sensor, Upper Temperature Limit 11 UL 30 30 C Upper Temp Limit 21 to 29 21 C to 29 C adjustment in 2. Lower Temperature Limit 12 LL 5 5 C Lower Temp Limit 6 to 16 6 C to 16 C adjustment in 2. Temperature Offset 13 tO 0 No offset 3 to 3 3 C to 3 C adjustment in 2. 0 1 C steps, Pressure Offset 14 PO 0 No offset 99 to 3 99 mbar to 99 mbar 2.
needed for adjustment in 1 mbar steps,Weatherstation accessory. Proportional Band Width 15 Pb 1 5 1 5 C Proportional Band 1 6 to 3 0 1 6 C to 3 0 C adjustment in 2. 0 1 C steps, Return all Set Up 16 FS 1 All settings held are the factory 0 Settings are as modified 2. Features to Factory defaults Changes to 0 when above. Settings one of the parameter values 1,are changed To restore the factory profile. 5 EN0R 8498 R2 11 98,CM67 CHRONOTHERM,DIMENSIONS,INSTALLATION. The CM67 Chronotherm is the temperature control element. in the heating cooling system and MUST be located in a. position with good air circulation at average room. temperature on an inside wall 1 5 metres above the floor. level Do not position the CM67 Chronotherm near sources. of heat radiators hot air vents TV or lights near doors or. windows or in direct sunlight, The CM67 Chronotherm can be mounted directly on the wall.
surface or on an electrical wallbox, The CM67 Chronotherm is designed for fixed wiring only and. must be installed in accordance with latest l E E regulations. Ensure the wiring connection to the supply is via a fuse rated. at no more than 8 amps and a Class A switch having. contact separation of at least 3 mm in all poles, 1 The installer must be a trained service engineer. 2 Disconnect the power supply before beginning,installation. EN0R 8498 R2 11 98 6,CM67 CHRONOTHERM,ORDERING SPECIFICATION. Description Model Logo Literature Spec Sheet,NOTE The model shown opposite.
7 day T6667B1002 Honeywell English ENOR8498,can be ordered as samples to. programmable,establish the exact,thermostat,customisation requirements. Remote sensor T7043G1004 Honeywell Multi ENOR8496,Outside temp F42009537 Multi ENOR8495. sensor 001 Language,Automatic Q6667B1007 Multi ENOR8501. Time Setting Language,Module Europe, Honeywell Control Systems Limited http europe hbc honeywell com.
Newhouse Industrial Estate,Motherwell ML1 5SB,United Kingdom. The CM67 Chronotherm is designed to provide automatic time and temperature control of heating or cooling systems in villas and apartments It can be used as part of a system in conjunction with combi boilers oil burners and gas fired boilers circulation pumps thermal actuators zone valves and electric heat systems lt 8A The CM67 is designed with the installer in mind and includes a

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