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Sizing Selection page 3 Brakes, Clutch Brake Combinations Electro Magnetic Brakes Single Disc. Electro Magnetic Clutches Single Disc PBM VAR 00 page 52. PBM VAR 01 page 54,SFM VAR 00 page 6 PBM VAR 02 page 55. SFM VAR 10 page 8 E510 VAR 00 page 56,SFM VAR 01 page 10 E520 VAR 00 page 58. SFM VAR 11 page 11, E210 VAR 00 page 12 Electro Release Brakes Single Disc. E210 VAR 02 page 14 ERD VAR 00 VAR 02 VAR 03,E220 VAR 00 page 16 size 005 300 page 60.
E220 VAR 02 page 18 How to order,E220 VAR 05 page 20 size 005 300 page 62. E220 VAR 06 page 22 ERD VAR 00, Electro Magnetic Clutches Multi Disc size 500 3200 page 64. ERD VAR 03,E140 VAR 00 page 24 size 500 12800 page 66. Electro Magnetic Clutches Tooth Electro Release Brakes Dual Disc. E320 VAR 00 VAR 10 VAR 04 VAR 14 page 26 ERDD VAR 00 VAR 02. E320 VAR 504 page 28 size 120 6400 page 68, E320 VAR 05 VAR 15 page 30 ERDD VAR 00 VAR 02 VAR 03. E330 VAR 04 VAR 14 page 32 size 120 25600 page 70,E330 VAR 504 page 34 How to order.
E330 VAR 05 VAR 15 page 36 size 120 25600 page 72, Pneumatic Clutches Multi Disc Electro Magnetic Brakes Tooth. P130 VAR 00 VAR 02 page 38 E710 VAR 00 page 74,P140 VAR 00 VAR 02 page 40 E720 VAR 00 page 76. Pneumatic Clutches Tooth Pneumatic Brakes Single Disc. P310 VAR 00 page 42 P520 VAR 00 page 78, Hydraulic Clutches Multi Disc Pneumatic Brakes Dual Disc. H110 VAR 00 page 44 P620 VAR 00 page 80,Torque Limiters Centrifugal Brakes. Mechanical Torque Limiter Multi Disc FC G C410 page 82. L310 VAR 01 VAR 02 page 46 Hydraulic Brakes Multi Disc. L331 VAR 00 page 48,L331 VAR 05 page 50 H420 VAR 00 VAR 01 page 84.
Power Supplies page 86,Your REQUIREMENTS page 90,Customised Models. More than 60 of today s production is customized to meet specific client demands If we cannot fulfil. your requirements in any way with our standard product such as bore size improved IP ratings quiet. brakes mounting configurations more torque call us. DECLARATION OF CE CONFORMITY AND INCORPORATION,WE WARNER ELECTRIC EUROPE S A S. 7 rue Champfleur BP 20095 F 49182 St Barth lemy d Anjou Cedex. Declare under our sole responsibility that all products in this catalogue are exclusively designed for incorporation into a machine or to. be assembled with other machines to create a machine The operation of the product is submitted to the conformity of the complete. equipment following the provisions of the machinery directive 89 392 EEC and if electric to the EMC directive 89 336 EEC The. conformity of the electric units to the Low Voltage directive 73 23 EEC is supported by the full respect of the following standards. NFC 79300 and VDE 0580 8 65, The products presented in this catalogue have not been designed to be used according to directive 94 9 EC equipment for explosive. atmosphere ATEX Feel free to submit your inquiries. Clutches and Brakes Sizing and Selection, The sizing of a Warner Electric clutch or brake depends Method to determine the transmission torque for. on various factors The most common of these factors a Warner Electric clutch or brake This method. are shown below in chronological order enables you to proceed on the basis of the machine. characteristics and to accurately define the type of. Transmissible torque In Nm product most suitable for the application. Energy source Electric Pneumatic Hydraulic,or Mechanical 1 Calculate the load torque.
Actuation mode Static or Rotating This is the torque of the load and the friction of the. Operational environment Oil Dry or Mixed mechanism which the clutch has to overcome before. Heat dissipation Duty Cycle Inertia Speed etc rotation of the driven part is obtained The value is. Orientation of mounting Horizontal Vertical basically equal to the tangential force exercised on a. Inclined lever arm,Ml F R n2 n1, The majority of applications can be computed using. the formulas and calculation methods given below where. For special cases we recommend that you contact the MI static source torque in Nm. F force in N,R radius in m, Transmissible Torque n1 speed of the clutch or brake shaft in min 1. Calculation of the torque provides a first approximation n2 speed of the mechanism s shaft in min 1. of the size of Warner Electric device required The 2 Calculate the moment of inertia. various transmissible torque s are The moment of inertia represents the mass to be. Static Torque brought to speed or to stop until synchronism between. The maximum transmissible torque when components the drive shaft and driven shaft has been obtained. to be coupled are in synchronism Consequently this is directly related to the inertia. zero relative speed reflected on the clutch shaft Rotational and linear. inertia s are calculated utilizing following formulas. Dynamic Torque, This is the torque developed by a clutch or brake during Rotational Inertia. acceleration or deceleration until zero relative speed. Solid cylinder, between the driving and driven component is achieved. This torque is a variable as a function of the rotational J 1 2 m R2. speed the friction factor the type of friction material. Hollow cylinder,used the operating ambient and the acceleration.
or deceleration time required to obtain the desired J 1 2 m R2 r2. rotational speed,Residual Torque J in kgm2, Normally applies for multi disc devices only This torque m mass in kg. results from the friction between internal and external R outer radius in m. discs in a non energized device r inner radius in m. Next the total of the inertia s need to be referred to the. Nominal Torque shaft of the clutch as a function of the square of the. The nominal torque of a power source can be calculated speed ratios. utilizing the following formula,Jtotal J1 J2 n2 n1 2 J3 n3 n1 2. Mn 9550 P n,where Jtotal Total inertia in kgm2, Mn required torque in Nm n1 speed of drive shaft in min 1. P power in kW n2 speed of intermediate shaft in min 1. n speed in min 1 n3 speed of driven shaft in min 1. J1 inertia of drive shaft in kgm2, Calculation for Clutch Torque J2 inertia of intermediate shaft in kgm2. In case the nominal torque is unknown it is J3 inertia of driven shaft in kgm2. recommended to add a safety factor K as a function of. the type of drive source and the coupling mode single. disc multi disc or tooth This results in formula,Linear Inertia.
J 91 m v2 n2,Mn 9550 P n K where,J inertia in kgm2. For quick selection based on drive power use K m mass in kg. v speed in m s, 2 5 3 for electric motors n rotational speed in min 1. 4 5 for Diesel engines,5 6 for compressors, P 7097 WE A4 1 15 Warner Electric 33 0 2 41 21 24 24 3. Clutches and Brakes Size and Selection, Total Inertia under no condition can they withstand loads higher. This is the sum of all rotational and reflected inertia s than specified in their data tables contrary to a friction. including the inertia of the clutch or brake parts clutch the tooth clutch can never slip Therefore one. 3 Time to accelerate or decelerate,The maximum peak torque produced by the drive.
Md Jtotal n 9 55 t, system watch out for accel decelerations and inertia. where functions,Md acceleration deceleration torque in Nm. Jtotal total inertia in kgm2 The presence of shock and vibration in the drive. n speed of clutch or brake shaft in min 1 system,t acceleration deceleration time required in s. Since in many cases it is difficult to know these, 4 Time to accelerate or decelerate elements for devices engaged by power on a safety. Mtotal Md Ml factor K 3 should be applied For lifting motion use of. a tooth device is forbidden For friction based devices. except lifting for this kind of application please contact the torque ratings listed in our tables are based on. us run in conditions In new conditions the transmissible. torque may be below 50 of their nominal value, where Nominal ratings are obtained after se eral operations.
Mtotal in Nm with a differential speed above 1m s In order to obtain. Ml static torque in Nm a high positioning precision and rapid acceleration a. Md acceleration deceleration torque in Nm run in operation before use is recommended In such. The nominal clutch or brake s torque has to be always applications the use of a Warner Electric power supply. bigger than the torque calculated with this method with boost current will help to reduce the engage and. 5 acceleration or deceleration real time disengage times. t Jtotal n 9 55 Mn Ml Operating Conditions, where Lubricated For applications with high energy per. t in s cycle we recommend the use of a multi disc device in. Jtotal total inertia in kgm2 lubricated environment This will keep the surface wear. n speed of clutch or brake shaft in min 1 low and particularly the lifetime of the friction surface will. Mn nominal torque of the chosen clutch or brake be increased The lubricant used should have a viscosity. in Nm below 40 centistokes at 50 C without a high pressure. Ml static torque in Nm for a clutch for additive If possible do not submerge the devices. Dry Recommended operation temperature 25 C, Energizing Modes to 40 C The functional friction materials used in dry. The Warner Electric product line of clutches and brakes environments generally steel organic combinations. contains devices energized have a higher friction factor then those used in lubricated. Electromagnetically Hydraulically environments This results in a higher level of wear as a. Pneumatically Mechanically function of the energy per cycle As a consequence it is. important to correctly select the product as a function. They can be activated by of the operation parameters and heat dissipation. Applying power or pressure the friction surfaces are capacity Underrating will result in higher wear as well as. compressed when the force is applied deformation of the friction materials. Absence of power or pressure the friction surfaces. are compressed by spring force which makes these Mixed For use in mixed environments a protection. products suitable for use as security devices against grease and dirt particles should be taken into. The choice is also determined by the time of use in the. rotating or stop position Heat Dissipation, During clutching or braking the mechanical energy is. Engagement through friction transformed into heat This lost energy. When a speed difference between the drive and the needs to be absorbed by the clutch or brake without. driven axis is present only the use of single or multi causing damage In addition it affects its lifetime Use. disc clutches or brakes is permitted With zero speed the following formulae to calculate the heat dissipation. difference or engagement at standstill the use of a tooth Clutch or Brake. clutch or brake becomes possible W Jtotal n2 182 5 Mn Mn Ml. Usually toothed devices have smaller diameters D than where. disc devices of the same ratings Also they are normally W Work in Joules. activated by applying power To establish the torque Jtotal Total inertia in kgm2. rating of a tooth device one should understand that Mn nominal torque of the chosen clutch or brake. 4 Warner Electric 33 0 2 41 21 24 24 P 7097 WE A4 1 15. Clutches and Brakes Sizing and Selection, Ml static torque for clutch in Nm air chamber To avoid pressure losses in axial supplies. Ml static torque for brake in Nm the use of an air tight connection between the hub and. n clutch or brake speed in min 1 the shaft is recommended For radial supplies a flexible. connection without constraints is recommended,For vertical motion from top to bottom and are.
reversed Hydraulic The normal service pressure for Warner. Electric clutches and brakes is listed in the product. Torque limiter tables Di ferent service pressures meeting your oper. ating conditions can be used In order to protect the. W Md n t 9 55 gliding surfaces of the piston cylinder the use of filtered. where hydraulic oil with 10 micron grade and a viscosity suit. W in Joules able to the operating conditions is recommended For. Md slip torque in Nm the friction surfaces use of an oil with a viscosity up to. n speed in min 1 ISO VG46 and compatible for use with sintered bronze. t slipping time in seconds is recommended, Using the results obtained verify the heat dissipa Units. tion using the diagrams shown with each product Electricity. Capacity F Resistance, to see if the product selected meets this require Current A Voltage V. ment Inductance H Pressure bar,Mounting Position Mechanical. Acceleration m s2 Power W, In this catalogue each product has been clearly identi Angle o. Temperature o, fied for horizontal or vertical use In some cases devices Torque Nm Time s.
Force N Energy J, specified for horizontal use may be used in vertical posi Gravity m s2 Angular Speed rd s. tion Please consult factory for more information Length m Linear Speed m s. Mass kg Rotational Speed min 1,Power Supply Voluminal Mass. Inertia kgm2, Electric Our electric clutches brakes operate with. DC or rectified AC voltage The standard voltages are Material Density. 24 103 5 and 207 Volts Warner Electric offers power acrylic 1 2 iron 7 9. supplies to convert the AC voltage and to maintain a DC aluminum 2 7 iron cast 7 3. bakelite 1 3 magnesium 1 7, switching ensuring short response times brass 8 5 nickle 8 8. bronze 8 9 rubber 1 2,copper 8 9 steel 7 8, All power supplies meet the applicable CE standards glass 2 6 teflon .
P 7097 WE A4 1 15 Warner Electric 33 0 2 41 21 24 24 3 Clutches and Brakes Sizing and Selection The sizing of a Warner Electric clutch or brake depends

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